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🖍️A propos du film « Athena » de Romain Gavras : mise au point salutaire par Louisa Yousfi auteure du livre « rester barbare » 🖍️

On vous partage cette critique à propos du dernier clip, pardon « film » de Gavras.

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« Par curiosité, je visionne Athena sur Netflix, parce que ça parle de violences policières, d'émeutes de banlieue, que c'est présenté comme le film événement, parce qu'un média m'a ITW pour faire le lien entre mon livre et cette esthétique de la "violence épique" des émeutes -
à laquelle je réponds simplement, sans avoir vu l'oeuvre mais dont je comprends naïvement qu'il est question de parler d'un film qui rendrait beau le fait de se révolter par les moyens de la violence face à un système conçu pour broyer les êtres....
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#Shitcoins glory days passed on BSC/Pancakeswap, guess??
It didn't die completely.
It went from #SOL, to #AVAX, to #ALGO and to #FTM.

With Andre Conje's exit, guess where I figured the money going??
Should be a joke right?

$MAIA @MaiaDAOMetis having been seriously established is launching the Hermes Protocol, which is similar to what $SOLID (Solidly) did on Fantom before Andre's exit on the 10th.
Money would flip sides.

Happy that everyone is waking up to the Metis Chain.
If you doubt, you win!.
$METIS, a is an underated layer-2 protocol. But with NFTs, Yield Farming, and Degen Plays all primed to kick off, and following the Fantom Opera Network's fallout.

I'm going to be focusing on Degen Plays off the METIS network.

And would be concentrating on picking out some gems
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Today is the first #newmoon after the summer #solstice meaning it's 1 Hekatombaion - Athenian New Year! The Athenians had a number of calendars in use; Hekatombaion was the first month of the lunisolar 'festival calendar'.
New holders of civic offices would be sworn in, swearing oaths, with the gods as their witness, to fulfil their duties in a manner befitting the office. Athenian #democracy relied on its citizens' (free Athenian men) direct participation in the councils, assemblies and courts.
The latest batch of #ephebes - 18-year-old sons of citizens - were called up. They'd swear an oath to defend Athens and never shame the city. Two years of training would start turning boys into well-disciplined #hoplites; they gained a cloak, a spear, a shield and #citizenship.
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@opropriolavo @BonySky #Éris vive frustrada, solitária, infeliz, angustiada, esquecida, odiada e desprezada. Ñ à toa: sua estúpida interferência no banquete olímpico (p/o qual ñ havia sido convidada), jogando a maçã de ouro "p/a+bela", gerou só desgraças: o rapto de #Helena (por Páris) e a guerra...
@opropriolavo @BonySky (e destruição) de #Tróia.

Hoje, seus #descendentes vivem em agonia eterna, sem paz, nem amor; seu #karma é o de respirarem, sofregamente, o pouco da #pseudovida que lhes resta, tal qual como foi para #Medusa🐍, uma das 3 #Górgonas:
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I haven't given many #Athena updates lately, since that would be a daily occurrence now.

But let me sum it up by saying I just got off the phone with 911 after she ran out to the parking lot fully naked in a snowstorm to fight with her criminal bf as he tried to drive away.
Goddammit if I don't get an award-winning essay out of this ORDEAL.

Gotta spin this into gold somehow.
Probably the moment I overlooked all day long was when the 911 dispatcher asked me, in a hushed tone, "Do you know these people?"

Which graciously allowed me the dignity to distance myself from them, and in the moment I was relieved, but right now I'm so grateful to her.
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The Terminatrix has a size advantage, having superior weight and reach. She's the size of an adult human, while Athena is the size of a child. However, Athena more than makes up for this with superior fighting skills. Indeed, she has been programmed to know Tae Kwon Do
(Raffey Cassidy, the actress who played her, was trained in Tae Kwon do for the film). Meanwhile, Terminatrix' fighting style is...something to be desired. Indeed, she had a penchant for letting Terminator hit her several times before fighting back, which is amazingly stupid
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Finished reading the excellent "Instrumenting distributed systems for operational visibility" by @dyanacek… adding my two cents + mini summary
1/ Using instrumentation for understanding how a system works is great idea, today's tools are even able to create a real map of the various resources that interact with each other.
2/ You can't use cat, grep, sed, and awk on your #Serverless application, you definitely need another set of tools
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