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$AEE to provide clarity on possible outcomes: #uranium 3yr returns
At 56c = 2.0x 2025/26 CF > 3x return

At 28c = 1.0x 2025/26 CF > 7x return

At 14c = 0.5x > 14x return

Plenty of incoming catalysts over 2023 and 2024.
Note assuming Haggan coming on line in 2028, then the Cap/CF at 28c drops to <0.3x = >20x upside
The best time to buy #AuraEnergy was at 2.6c, the 2nd best time will be at the incoming cycle lows as #Equitymarkets & #Commodities bottom out. When will this be you ask? Likely between 3-9 months post the Pivot.

What are we doing?
Scaling into plays trading on 200% CF 3yr out
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#auraenergy $AEE the global $1 party is looking set for 2H 2024, entry for those with 1m shares plus

Who is joining us?

Cost A$26k at the bottom

Will cost A$335k today

Will be A$1m 2H 2024

......perhaps A$4m through 2028

The power of sitting and compounding $AEE #uranium
Who wants to join the next wealth compounder with us from day one?

What to expect....
A) likely sub $20m starting cap
B) a huge Scalable NPV....50x buy in cap
C) a down and out rear vision mirror picture
D) twitter hate
E) under the radar, no promotion
F) no institutions
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We provided full guidance on this opportunity over this period....while many were overpaying for explorers and high AISC plays, we did the opposite and shared this widely. $AEE #uranium

The weighing machine works in the end, the voting machine has a shorter life.
Tiris resource will grow to a major deposit within 4 years due to nearology, new DFS out this month....

Haggan a monster mix of battery metals and #uranium has a very low AISC due to the monster credits.....Sweden moving to pro-mining this Month.

Total NPV per share > $4
How did you miss this opportunity?
- you didnt read the DFS or Scoping study
- you went for the over-promoted plays and overpaid
- you listened to those with marketing agendas as opposed to those open for the best value plays in the #uranium space
- you didn't relate NPV to sp
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$AEE outperforming #uranium again today +30% in the last week.

- few have read the Haggan Scoping Study < $20 AISC
- Sweden is going pro-mining
- Tiris updated DFS pushes the NPV up massively
- #auraenergy is underexposed Vs peers
When we entered into this potential 100 bagger we read everything we could get our hands, as the price fell 65% we tripled up and tripled up again, why?

- it was by far the best value of the whole sector with 2 great #uranium projects
- we worked hard to create alignment ...
....of interests between the board and shareholders to ensure future success.

- we exposed the opportunity to those that had objectivity of thinking

- 2023 will be transformational

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#AuraEnergy incoming Tiris NPV upgrade > 150% & Sweden pro-mining move adds an NPV > 10x the current cap back into the mix.

Which #uranium stock has a resource over 850mlbs and is trading at less than US$140m?

The Tiris NPV will scale up to > US$1.2bn over 5years due to nearology.

Haggan NPV will be US$2-5bn over the next 7 years with full credits included.

Cap US$140m
2025 NPV $2.0bn
2027 NPV $3.5bn
2029 NPV $5.0bn

No high risk exploration drilling required, just execution of Tiris into production, followed by moving Haggen to the DFS project level.
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#AuraEnergy initial #uranium reserve expansion, we expect this to move from 30mlbs to over 70mlb within the next 30 months. In the next few weeks expect the initial substantial lift in NPV as the project capacity increases to 3mlbs and the AISC falls to around $20. $AEE
30mlb reserve NPV at $75 pricing = A$400m or 60c per share

70mlb NPV = A$1.0bn or $1.30 per share

$AEE #uranium
Swedish assets with pro #uranium mining add another $2-5 per share NPV through 2027.

Note the $2 per share value in #molybdenum, #Vanadium, #nickel
And #zinc at current spots alone.

$AEE #auraenergy
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#AURAENERGY $AEE approaching it's 9 month high, only 15% off it's 36 month high with a massive upgrade in NPV incoming....

Sub $20lb AISC on 3mlbs of capacity with project implementation 18 months = 200% catch up relative to peer group valuations over the next 15 months.
This #uranium case study for us started back in 2018, cap low in 2019 was around $6m....

On entry we valued the opportunity at around 15x avg entry price.

This has been upgraded as further research has lead us to much higher resource levels at Tiris on lower AISC assumptions...
....also we believe the Swedish assets will have significantly higher valuation impact than applied to the original valuations.

For Tiris the nearology resource expansion will likely be material Vs the current 56mlb (5x is possible), that can push the full NPV up to A$2bn.
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Post today's AGM, we have to say that $AEE will likely be better than $BOE in terms of project matrix.

Sub $20/lb AISC
On a full resource exceeding 100mlbs of recoverable #uranium
Coupled with lowest quartile capex

It going to be hard to achieve a full resource NPV of <$1.80
SP targets on delivery of the following:

40c +60% = $60 spot + Revised Project matrix (29% full resource) achieving 70-85c NPV per share = 1H 2023

60c +140% = $65 spot + Tiris Project Financing completion + runway to 100mlb resource = 2H 2023


80c +220% = $75 spot + 6 month away from cashflowing on 3mlb of capacity = 2H 2024

$1 +300% = $80 spot + massive resource/reserve increase > 100mlb + Optimized Cashflow run rate > $100m = 2H 2025

$2 +700% = combo >$110 spot + implementation 5mlb capacity + >120mlb resource
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$AEE AGM about to start, join and become enlightened. Tiris #uranium project cashflowing 2025, scaling production through 2027.
56mlb resource increase to 120mlbs at Tiris > $1.6bn NPV or $1.80 per share. WOW #Uranium $AEE #auraenergy
1600 holes drilled for expansionary resource and reserves = huge above expectation data incoming #uranium

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