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@TumorBoardTues @jane_meisel @MPishvaian @JohnEbbenMDPhD 1/17 #TumorBoardTuesday #BreastCancer #OncTwitter @JasmineSukumar @DrGattiMays
👩🏽 65 yo post-menopausal
🔺Triple-neg MBC, germline BRCA1 mut+, PD-L1 neg
👉On carbo/gem for 6 cycles

🩻NOW: Scans show progression in liver

🤨What 2L treatment do you recommend?
@TumorBoardTues @jane_meisel @MPishvaian @JohnEbbenMDPhD @JasmineSukumar @DrGattiMays 2/17 #TumorBoardTuesday #bcsm

🤨 Poll: What percent of all people diagnosed with #BreastCancer carry a germline BRCA 1 and/or 2 mutation?

🤔Are there features that might make you more likely to suspect a patient is a mutation carrier?

@StoverLab @sardesai_sagar @OncoAlert
@TumorBoardTues @jane_meisel @MPishvaian @JohnEbbenMDPhD @JasmineSukumar @DrGattiMays @StoverLab @sardesai_sagar @OncoAlert 3/17 #TumorBoardTuesday
👩🏽‍🏫Mini tweetorial 1👩🏻‍🏫

📌BRCA1/2 mutation

🔸Repair double-stranded breaks thru HRR
🔸Unable to fix 🧬 when damaged ➡️ add’l muts ➡️ cancer
🔸~5% of #BreastCancer;⬆️w/ TNBC
🔸Assoc w/ 40-65% of BC dx in 🚺, ≤ 9% in 🚹
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@TumorBoardTues @NarjustFlorezMD @ShrutiPatelMD @MPishvaian @LatinxOncology @dawood_findakly @LungAssociation 2/3 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀


✅3 agents (pembro, atezo, cempilimab) 👍🏽PD-L1 TPS >50% in 1L
– No head to head ICI comparisons
✅OS BETTER w IO alone vs chemo
✅💰tox huge problem!
📚We captured the convo in this moment:…
@TumorBoardTues @NarjustFlorezMD @ShrutiPatelMD @MPishvaian @LatinxOncology @dawood_findakly @LungAssociation 2.5/3 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

Key factors to choose ICI (in absence of head to head trials):
- Pt experiences/preferences
- Dosing schedule
- $$$ toxicity

The good news: across 3 separate agents (pembrolizumab, atezolizumab, cemiplimab) OS is BETTER w IO alone vs chemo Image
@TumorBoardTues @NarjustFlorezMD @ShrutiPatelMD @MPishvaian @LatinxOncology @dawood_findakly @LungAssociation @esinghimd @jacobadashek @KinhHoangMD @RenoHemonc @tanyawildes @OncBrothers 3/3
Thurs Case🎀

Thanks for joining us for #TumorBoardTuesday!

Some scheduling notes:
@jane_meisel’s #BRCA case is rescheduled for 12.20.22

➡️Please be sure to join us on 09/20/22 when @maryam_lustberg @JasmineSukumar present a case focused on PIK3CA inhibition in #mBC 😀
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@TumorBoardTues @dradityabardia @ArielleMedford @Latinamd @EricaMarieRomn1 @HillStirSci @ErikaHamilton9 @stolaney1 @PTarantinoMD 2/5 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀


✅BRCAm= 10-20% of TNBC!
✅PD-L1 CPS>10= PFS & OS benefit w/ IO in mTNBC
✅PARPi= PFS benefit
✅Biomarkers, side effects, pt pref key

📚We captured much of @dradityabardia @ariellemedford’s discussion:…
@TumorBoardTues @dradityabardia @ArielleMedford @Latinamd @EricaMarieRomn1 @HillStirSci @ErikaHamilton9 @stolaney1 @PTarantinoMD 3/5 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thursday Case🎀

How do you choose IO vs PARPi in #TNBC w #BRCA mutation? Check out the summary and algorithm below!
Important to know there are more 2L options as well, including sacituzumab-gov & other ADCs. New trials evaluating IO+ PARPi–stay tuned!
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@TumorBoardTues @CharuAggarwalMD @ADesaiMD @Latinamd @PTarantinoMD @LealTiciana @NarjustFlorezMD 1/8 #TumorBoardTuesday
🔬🧬@CharuAggrawalMD @ADesaiMD taught us about EGFR mutations in #LungCancer–specifically, new 2L strategies for EGFRexon20m.

➡️Here's this week's Thursday Case🎀
Pick up your 🆓#CME
CME eval🔗:
@TumorBoardTues @CharuAggarwalMD @ADesaiMD @Latinamd @PTarantinoMD @LealTiciana @NarjustFlorezMD 2/8 #TumorBoardTuesday
Thurs Case🎀

We discussed #EGFR mutations in #LungCancer
✅Not all EGFR mutations are the same!
✅Osimertinib=tx for most activating EGFR mutations
✅…but exon20insmut more resistant to TKIs
✅Amivantamab, mobocertinib= 2L strategies
@TumorBoardTues @CharuAggarwalMD @ADesaiMD @Latinamd @PTarantinoMD @LealTiciana @NarjustFlorezMD 2.5 / 8 #TumorBoardTuesday

📚We captured as much of @CharuAggrawalMD @ADesaiMD’s discussion as we could in this moment:…

CRITICAL point: if you don’t look, you won’t know! RNA based NGS recommended for 🫁cancer cases to identify actionable mut
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@TumorBoardTues @MPishvaian @HeekeMd 1/14

#TumorBoardTuesday #bcsm

Join us to discuss a personalized approach to BC tx in pts with ER+ #bcsm

A 53 yo👩 with HR+, HER2- IDC, very large grade 3 tumor, multiple + nodes

@OncoAlert @BurrisSkip @KalinskyKevin @matteolambe @Dr_RShatsky @maryam_lustberg @drsarahsam
@TumorBoardTues @MPishvaian @HeekeMd @OncoAlert @BurrisSkip @KalinskyKevin @matteolambe @Dr_RShatsky @maryam_lustberg @drsarahsam 2/14

#TumorBoardTuesday #bcsm

She has 3👨‍👦‍👦,🚭, no comorbidities

FMHx: maternal aunt had gastric cancer & paternal cousin had CRC

Tx with neoadjuvant AC ----> T with some response but significant residual disease. 😥

What info would you need to treat this patient?
@TumorBoardTues @MPishvaian @HeekeMd @OncoAlert @BurrisSkip @KalinskyKevin @matteolambe @Dr_RShatsky @maryam_lustberg @drsarahsam 3/14 #TumorBoardTuesday #bcsm Mini-Tweetorial 1

Only 12% of ♀️ in general population develop BC, BUT 55-65% of ♀️ with inherited BRCA1 can develop BC! Image
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Bird’s-eye view 👁 on what to look out for @WCGIC #WorldGI2020.
Opening remarks on important data 📺 @myESMO - by Dr. Eric Van Cutsem @UZLeuven.
🟩Good to see more #PrecisionMedicine🧬
🟥#Immunotherapy #Immuno-#oncology
🟦TNT & other chemo strategies
@Annals_Oncology #OncoAlert
🆕#ctDNA #liquidbiopsies 🩸🧬
👀 👇🏾at the number of #clinicaltrials cropping up in this space‼️
We have 2🇺🇸studies open. #CRCSM #WorldGI2020
#WORLDGI2020 This is 🆒 ☢️ 32-P EUS-guided implantation in #pancreascancer #PANCSM @myESMO @WCGIC @Annals_Oncology.

Still miles to go. OS median of 16 months pointing again to the systemic nature of disease. Need to piggyback these local approaches to better systemic. #OncoAlert
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A stern warning about the risk of #cancer associated with alcohol
by @theNCI's @Bill_Klein_NCI @pbjacobsen… @JAMA_current w/ the curious trade-off of less heart attacks… @TheLancet 1/x
But 👇
@theNCI @Bill_Klein_NCI @pbjacobsen @JAMA_current @TheLancet 1. All this work relies on observational studies with drink diaries and shaky recall, and, at best, associations (not causality)
2. The naïve assumption is that all humans are equally responsive to #diet and beverage intake, which is reductionist and flawed 2/x
@theNCI @Bill_Klein_NCI @pbjacobsen @JAMA_current @TheLancet 3. We know the major predisposition genes for #cancer and can sequence these inexpensively to identify people who are at risk for both the monogenic types (#BRCA, Lynch syndrome, etc) and common, polygenic types (risk scores for breast, prostate, colon cancer. 3/x
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@SenSanders @ninaturner @fshakir @AriRabinHavt Why health insurance companies are awesome.🙄 A true story. Once upon a time there was a young woman with breast cancer. The first time she was diagnosed, she had three different health insurance companies due to employer made
changes of her now ex-husband. With each change came time spent by the patient and oncologist to update referrals and get approvals. The doctors and medical facilities would not allow treatment to continue without a letter from the new insurer with the second change in less
than twelve months because it would be over a month before the young woman had a medical insurance card. The day before the final chemo, the letter, finally, came. Fast forward two months to time for radiation therapy and the young woman gets a call that unless she pays
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