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What makes CFDs so popular amongst retail traders? What makes them so difference from the other trading options such financial spread betting, options, futures, or conventional share trading?
In this thread, we cover some differences.
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CFDs vs Options
One of the main advantages of options (not binary options) is that unlike CFDs, they offer the prospect of receiving the ownership of the underlying instrument at a specified price giving you all the rights of shareholders.
Contracts For Difference vs Spread Betting
By far the greatest advantage of financial spread betting over CFDs is the tax treatment as spread trading involves no CGT on the profits you make from trading the financial markets. Both options are stamp duty exempt.
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A short coverage of CFD trading markets and how it all began. How Contracts For Difference managed to become so popular and now available in the most of the countries for retail traders and investors?
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As most would guess, CFD trading started in the City of London in the early 1990's as a type of margined equity swaps. At first, they were only available to institutional traders and investors such as hedge funds.
Leverage and no UK stamp duty made it happen.
Late 1990's and Contracts For Difference were finally introduced to the retail traders, first in the UK and in early 2000's to all retail traders around the world.
Once again the leverage played a vital role in growing popularity.
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Why most of CFD traders lose money?
When you visit your broker's site, you will see how many accounts lose money, this figure will likely be over 70%; thus over 70% of CFD traders lose money.
Ever wondered why?
Let's see in this thread.…
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Reason 1: Gambling. Gambling is probably the most common reason why so many CFD traders lose money. People get drawn into trading in a hope of making a quick buck and then end up losing money due to gambling and hoping for a lucky break.
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Reason 2: Over-leveraging. Leverage is tricky as it is one of the pillars of CFD trading but at the same time most of the risks are associated with it. Try to keep the leverage in check and never put much of your capital at risk.…
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In this section we will have a look why many traders use CFDs and how CFD trading is different from other trading instruments.
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1. CFDs vs Options: both are derivative products are the main difference here is that options have pre-defined expiry date.…
2. CFDs vs Futures: once again, both products are very similar as they are both margined but unlike futures CFDs offer much more markets.…
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In this this CFD trading guide for beginners, we will have a look at the main characteristics of the Contracts For Difference.
Here we will show what makes CFDs the perfect instrument for traders all around the world.
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1. Leverage offers a great advantage for retail trader but it comes with its own benefits and risks. Leverage "technically" allows you to borrow money from your broker and thus you don't need to pay 100% value of the underlying instrument.…
2. Range of market. With CFDs, you can "virtually" trade anything, you name it, but the most common products are: stocks (shares), forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.…
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