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Despite the fact that over 70% of the financial spread betting traders lose money, it is still a popular form of trading for retail traders.
In this thread, there are a few tips to become a bit more successful spread bettor.…
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Importance of discipline. Whenever you trade you need to make sure you follow your strategies and stick to your trading plan. Too after short term positions become long term, in the hope the financial market will move in the way you hope it will.
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Keep leverage under control and don't over leverage. Recent ESMA margin requirement changes made it much more difficult to over leverage but it's still possible. Ideally, you shouldn't put more than 1%-2% of capital at risk per trade.
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What makes CFDs so popular amongst retail traders? What makes them so difference from the other trading options such financial spread betting, options, futures, or conventional share trading?
In this thread, we cover some differences.
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CFDs vs Options
One of the main advantages of options (not binary options) is that unlike CFDs, they offer the prospect of receiving the ownership of the underlying instrument at a specified price giving you all the rights of shareholders.
Contracts For Difference vs Spread Betting
By far the greatest advantage of financial spread betting over CFDs is the tax treatment as spread trading involves no CGT on the profits you make from trading the financial markets. Both options are stamp duty exempt.
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Financial spread betting might sound something of the past but they do offer their benefits in the modern trading and particularly for the UK and Irish traders.
This thread will cover some of the main benefits.
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1. No taxes. This is the main and the vital benefit of financial spread betting as you get to pay no tax (no tax, no CGT, no stamp duty) on any profits you make from the financial markets.
It means you get to keep all your profits but can't offset it against your tax.
2. Leverage. It played an essential role in the growth of financial spread betting. No more you need all the money to trade the markets but you can use the leverage and benefit.
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Financial spread betting is still a popular trading option as it is tax-exempt and a leverage product.
But what makes some spread bettors successful? What makes them to stand out from the masses?
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1. Don't over-leverage. Leverage is one of the pillars of financial spread betting and should be treated with caution; it can amplify your profits but it can do the opposite as well if not treated with respect.
Keep your leverage in check.…
2. Don't over-trade. Just because spread betting is available 24/5, it doesn't mean you should trade all the time and make as many trades as possible.
Do your own research and only trade when you think it's the right time.
Control your trading risks.…
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Financial spread betting offers many benefits so it's no wonder it's a very popular form of trading in the UK and Ireland.
Before looking at the benefits, make sure you understand the RISKS -…
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1. Leverage: leverage plays a vital roles in derivative trading and spread betting is no exception. Leverage is like a double edged sword; you can amplify your profits but you can also lose more than you would like. Treat it with caution.
2. Probably the biggest advantage: no tax, no stamp duty, and no Capital Gains Tax. Yes, it's true, you have to pay nothing in tax and all your profits are tax free.
A word of caution you can't offset your CGT liabilities against spread betting losses.
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