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Forex stands for FX market. It is also commonly known as the currency market. One can join to just exchange their currency for another. This kind of market is mostly made of traders who make assumptions on the rates just like speculating on how the stock market will move.
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1. You must be updated and learn about the markets local and abroad. Studying this could be done by reading resources that focus on currencies and financial topics.
2. Look for help from a trading professional. The professional will be able to guide you in the best steps or strategies to take. They will also be able to answer any concerns you may have regarding trading.
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Would you like to understand the way the FX trading works and employ it to your advantage to generate monetary assets? Here, we are going to discuss the basics of forex trading. This thread aims to supply useful info on learning the basics.
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Forex trading is the largest markets on the planet that handles trading with foreign currencies. This sort of market accounts for enabling currency conversion for trade and investment internationally.
How To Earn Money By Using Forex:
Nowadays more and more people engage into FOREX trading in the hope of getting additional income. How can you really make money in this sort of trading industry? In order to start earning today, here are some ideas you have to consider:
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ÔÇó TradingView izleme listesi nedir?
ÔÇó ─░zleme listesi (WatchList) nas─▒l olu┼čturulur?
ÔÇó Haz─▒r izleme listelerini otomatik eklemek
- ├ľrn: Binance Spot & Binance Futures USDT Perp
ÔÇó Haz─▒r izleme listeleri Drive linki

#Bitcoin @tradingview Image
ÔÇó TradingView izleme listesi nedir?

TradingView ─░zleme Listesi, anl─▒k olarak takip etmek istedi─činiz pariteleri "Kategorize ederek" izlemek, d├╝zenlemek ve y├Ânetmek i├žin kullan─▒l─▒r.

- #Binance Spot Market
- Binance Futures USDT Perp
- #XU90
- #Forex
ÔÇó Bu izleme listesi ├╝zerinden, listedeki paritelerin veri s├╝tunlar─▒n─▒ y├Ânetmek, sembolleri listeler aras─▒nda ta┼č─▒mak ve sembolleri istenilen kriterlere g├Âre s─▒ralamak m├╝mk├╝n.

- Alfabetik S─▒ralama
- % De─či┼čim
- ─░┼člem Hacmi
- De─čer
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Many of the reasons some people use to avoid giving the forex market a try may have some merit, but most of them are excuses. I know the forex market is a good alternative. Lets take a look to some of the main excuses.
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1. I don't have money to save and invest.
You don't need to be rich to trade the Forex Market. One of the main advantages of currency trading is the minimal capital needed to open and fund your account. You might be able to start trading with only $10 dollars.
2. Trading is too risky.
There is the same amount of risk involved in trading the forex market as there is on anything else in life. As long as you are prepared you can keep your risks under control.ÔÇŽ
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Danske Bank 1/4: #EURUSD finished last week slightly below 1.19, having rallied since Easter. This week, focus will likely turn to US inflation, which is set to accelerate towards 2.5% as well as a number of #Fed speeches.
#forex #forextrade #forextrading #fxstreet #trading
Danske Bank 2/4: Naturally, market will also focus if dollar weakness can be sustained further. With inflation set to rise and the theme of repricing yields having stalled, there may be scope for Fed to push the dollar lower here.
Danske Bank 3/4: In our base case, though, we see levels above 1.19 as good for selling #EURUSD.
#EURGBP continues to trade below 0.87 amid AstraZeneca issues, lower vaccine deliveries, Northern Ireland riots and the upcoming Scottish Parliament election on 6 May.
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Credit Suisse 1/5: TodayÔÇÖs #Forex highlights
#EURGBP not only maintains a base above .8643/65 but the close above .8574 on Friday has also seen a bullish ÔÇťreversal weekÔÇŁ established to reinforce the likelihood for a deeper recovery to .8732 initially, then .8851/61.
Credit Suisse 2/5: #GBPUSD maintains a bearish ÔÇťreversal dayÔÇŁ to keep the risk lower in its range with supp seen at 1.3641, then 1.3514.

#EURCHF continues to weigh heavily on the bottom of its recent range at 1.1004/1.0994, below which would confirm a top & a correction lower.
Credit Suisse 3/5: #EURUSD continues to struggle to clear its 200-day average at 1.1896 and the current strength stays seen as a temporary and corrective move higher.
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Whether you are looking to switch away from a current career or planning to pursue Forex currency trading after graduation, proper preparation is essential. You need to know how to make money with it, but you also need to understand what it means to go into business in investing. Image
Regardless of whether you're in college or currently in another career, take a currency trading course and start pursuing your new goals on the side. One of the best ways to get started is with simulated exchanges.
Working alongside others who are focused on Forex can greatly improve your own chances of eventual success. This is especially true if you can find someone who is both a good teacher and a skilled trader.
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#forex #forextrading #WagwanXFallForMe #Laycon #FreePamilerin Paystack Flutterwavve
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DBS Private Bank 1/12: #AUDUSD: Upside pressure persists on bullish flag pattern
Chart 1 (weekly chart) shows without a moving average convergence divergence negative decline, #AUD merely pushed lower to 0.7564 but clung tightly to a major trendline support that connects from
DBS Bank 2/12: the major 0.5510 lows through last NovemberÔÇÖs 0.6991 lows. A bullish flag is being formed, which implies AUD retains its underlying bullish tone.

Chart 2 takes a look at #AUDÔÇÖs supporting cast. ChinaÔÇÖs iron ore inventory (in red), together with iron ore prices
DBS Bank 3/12: (in green; SGX TSI Iron Ore CFR China Index prices), remain in good stead with coal prices (in blue; Newcastle coal prices). #AUD is holding up well as its terms of trade remain buoyant as AustraliaÔÇÖs trade squabble has not seen China inhibit iron ore & LNG imports
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Credit Suisse 1/4: TodayÔÇÖs #Forex highlights:
#GBPUSD has pushed to a new high for the year and above trend resistance at 1.3788, which should reinforce the existing major base for a move to 1.4000, ahead of 1.4302/77 and eventually our core objective at 1.49/1.51.
Credit Suisse 2/4: #EURGBP maintains a bearish ÔÇťoutside dayÔÇŁ to reinforce its existing large bearish ÔÇťhead & shouldersÔÇŁ top and we stay bearish for .8609.

#USDJPY has seen a decisive rejection as expected from our first objective of the 200-day average at 105.57 and we see scope
Credit Suisse 3/4: for a deeper setback to the near-term uptrend at 104.20.

#EURUSD maintains its recovery after the bullish ÔÇťreversal dayÔÇŁ from our 1.1945/14 target ÔÇô the 23.6% retracement of entire 2020/2021 rally ÔÇô & we continue to look for a recovery from here to test 1.2104
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Credit Suisse 1/5: TodayÔÇÖs #Forex highlights:
#USDJPY remains capped as expected at our first objective of 200-day average and November high at 105.59/75 and a pause is looked for here. Big picture,with a bullish ÔÇťwedgeÔÇŁ & ÔÇťreversal monthÔÇŁ in place we continue to look for a break
Credit Suisse 2/5: in due course, with the ÔÇťwedge objectiveÔÇŁ at 106.95/107.05.

#AUDUSD reverted sharply higher from the 55-day average, posting a bullish ÔÇťreversal dayÔÇŁ and is now pressuring against the ÔÇťnecklineÔÇŁ to its top at .7683.
CS 3/5: #EURUSD has posted a bullish ÔÇťreversal dayÔÇŁ from our 1.1945/14 tget ÔÇô 23.6% retraceme of entire 2020/21 rally ÔÇô & we continue to look for a near-term recovery from here.
We continue to watch #EUR in outright terms closely though as an important top may be close to forming
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@ArmitageJim @premnsikka 1/ Some quite astonishing replies from Graeme Biggar (Head, UK National Economic Crime Centre) to extremely focused + knowledgeable questioning from Dame Eagle on the endemic levels of #Fraud & #MoneyLaundering in the UK + links to ...
2/ organised crime. This Treasury select committee session caught the headlines for the infamous ÔÇťonly 1%-3% positive outcomes from ActionFraud reportsÔÇŁ but before being cut off by Dame Eagle was Mr Biggar really going to deny that there are often links between organised crime .. Image
3/ + pensions/investment scams?. Mr Biggar would go on to compund this by poopooÔÇÖing reported comments from front line NCA officers who reportedly stated they ÔÇťbelieve that targeting corrupt businessmen with expensive QCs + claims of private wealth is a waste of timeÔÇŁ. ImageImage
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1.23'deyken, fiyat─▒n ne tarafa gidece─čini biliyor musun?

Etraf─▒ndaki goygoyculara kulak veriyorsun:

Kimisi "a┼ča─č─▒" diyor, kimisi "yukar─▒".

1.23'den pozisyon a├žmak zorunda m─▒s─▒n?

Belli ki s─▒k─▒ld─▒n, i┼čleme giresin var.

O halde beni dinlemelisin.


Kafana g├Âre buldu─čun 1 noktadan i┼čleme girme sebebin, ortalamalar─▒n art─▒k tamamen yukar─▒ d├Ânmesi olabilir.

Pivotlar─▒n ├╝zerinde olabiliriz, belki de uyumsuzluklar vard─▒r.

Ortal─▒k yerden i┼čleme gireceksen ve hedefin 30 pips ise, mutlaka 15 pips stop kullanmal─▒s─▒n.

20 pips hedefliyorsan, 10 pips stop deneyebilirsin.

Bu konuda mutlaka 1 hesab─▒n olsun.

1:2 risk / kazan├ž oran─▒ makul olabilir.

Bu konuda fiyatla inatla┼čmaman─▒ ve stratejiyi tamamen durdurman─▒ ├Âneririm.

Riski katlayarak sistemi y├Ânetmek can─▒n─▒ s─▒kabilir.

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Times are tough at present, so your approach to fields like Forex trading should be a reflection of the times. To be more specific, you should realize that trading in the foreign exchange market requires you to be well informed of the current state of the market at all times. Image
You need to understand the market and gather as many tips about it as you can. It is best for you to use insider tips because the public knowledge that you gain will not be of much assistance to you.
#forex #forextips
Indeed, you need to master the most important aspects of the Forex market because even the competition and trends can influence how much you will make in this industry on top of its volatile, luck-based nature.ÔÇŽ
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Sevgili dostum ─░zzet;

Uzun ara┼čt─▒rmalar─▒m sonucunda senin neden Forex'de ba┼čar─▒l─▒ olamad─▒─č─▒n─▒ buldum.

Sevgili ─░zzet;

FX'in, sistem ve disiplini olmayan oyuncular─▒ piyasadan silmeye ├žal─▒┼čt─▒─č─▒n─▒ ke┼čfetmi┼č bulunmaktay─▒m.

Bu mektupta seninle bunu konu┼čmak istiyorum.


Disiplinsiz, sistemsiz ve y├Ânetemedi─čin psikolojinle FX'de bir s├╝re ilerlemeyi ba┼čard─▒n, ancak oyunun sonuna gelmek ├╝zeresin.

Forex, elindeki, avucundaki paray─▒ alarak seni bu piyasadan silmek istiyor.

Bu i┼č buraya kadar kadim dostum,

Oyun bitti!

Havaya madeni 1 para atarak, yaz─▒ turan─▒n sonucuna g├Âre i┼člem a├žsayd─▒n, neler olurdu, ─░zzet?

Hi├ž bunu d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝n m├╝?

Yaz─▒ geldi─čini d├╝┼č├╝nelim,

Al─▒┼č i┼člemi girerdin.

Tura gelseydi, sat─▒┼č i┼člemi.

Sistem haz─▒r, kurallar belli.

Yoruma b─▒rak─▒lacak bir durum yok.

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Sizin i├žin kumar masas─▒ m─▒?

Uzun soluklu ve d├╝zenli bir gelir kayna─č─▒ m─▒?

├çay─▒n─▒z─▒, kahvenizi al─▒n gelin, Forex'te uzun bir yola ├ž─▒k─▒yoruz.

Avustralyal─▒ profesyonel trader "Curicial Point" kalemi ve @eseckal yorumuyla.



─░nsan psikolojisinin temelini alg─▒ davran─▒┼č─▒ belirler.

├çevrenizin tehdit edici oldu─čunu alg─▒larsan─▒z, ona g├Âre hareket edersiniz.

Tehdidi alg─▒lama bi├žiminize g├Âre harekete ge├žersiniz.

├çok a├ž oldu─čunuzu ve ├Ân├╝n├╝zde k─▒zarm─▒┼č bir pili├ž oldu─čunu hayal edin.

Onu yer misiniz?

Evet ya da hay─▒r?

Bu se├žim, k─▒zarm─▒┼č pili├ž hakk─▒ndaki alg─▒n─▒za ba─čl─▒ olacakt─▒r.

B├╝y├╝k ihtimalle onu yiyeceksiniz.

├ç├╝nk├╝ alg─▒n─▒zda pili├ž, tehdit unsuru ta┼č─▒maz.

Peki ya size bu pilicin zehirli oldu─čunu s├Âyleseydim?

Yine de yer miydiniz?

Elbette hay─▒r!

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A┼ča─č─▒daki Fibo Expansion'lar fiyat geri ├žekildikten sonra nereyi hedefledi─či konusunda size bilgi sunmay─▒ ama├žlar.

L├╝tfen a┼ča─č─▒da verdi─čim g├Ârselleri inceleyin.

Anlamas─▒ zor de─čil.


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Bug├╝n i┼čleme girmeyece─čim.

Biraz ders ├žal─▒┼čal─▒m, ufuk a├žal─▒m.

Fiyat nereye gitmek ister, nerelerde dinlenmek ister, bunu tespit etmeye ├žal─▒┼čal─▒m.

Hem de sadece Fibonacci ile.

Kanal falan kullanmayal─▒m.

Hemen ba┼člayal─▒m.



Haftal─▒k grafikte ┼ču b├╝y├╝k Fibo'yu ├žekebiliriz.

Tepkileri de─čerlendirelim.

F236'y─▒ hedeflemi┼č.

O noktay─▒ g├Ârd├╝kten sonra F382 hedeflemi┼č ve oray─▒ da g├Ârm├╝┼č.

Noktalar gayet adrese teslim ├žal─▒┼čm─▒┼č.

Bu grafik dursun.

G├╝nl├╝─če ge├želim.

Haftal─▒─č─▒n ├╝st├╝ne g├╝nl├╝─č├╝ att─▒m.

Haftal─▒k 38.2 d├╝┼č├╝┼č├╝nde g├╝nl├╝k Fibo de─čerleri yine adrese telim ├žal─▒┼čm─▒┼č.

Durak noktalar─▒ ve bu noktalarda al─▒nacak extra riskler gayet g├╝zel g├Âr├╝n├╝yor.

Bu Fibo'ya da dokunmayal─▒m.

├ťst├╝ne bir k├╝├ž├╝k zamanl─▒ Fibo daha atal─▒m.

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G├Âr├╝yorum ki Twit dizilerini seviyorsunuz ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ

Bir "maymun" hikayesi anlataca─č─▒m sizlere ­čÉĺ

─░├žindeki maymun avc─▒lar─▒n─▒ hemen tan─▒yacaks─▒n─▒z.

Toplan─▒n yamac─▒ma.

Hemen ba┼čl─▒yoruz.


Mark ad─▒nda bir adam Afrika'da bir k├Âye gitmi┼č.

Ahaliyle tan─▒┼č─▒p samimi olduktan sonra t├╝m k├Âyl├╝n├╝n topland─▒─č─▒ bir g├╝n, herkesin yakalad─▒─č─▒ maymunu ona getirmesini ve her getirilen maymun kar┼č─▒l─▒─č─▒nda 20 dolar verece─čini s├Âylemi┼č.

Bir├žok maymunun bulundu─ču bu k├Âyde, b├Âyle bir habere t├╝m k├Âyl├╝ler sevinmi┼č.

Ba┼člam─▒┼člar maymunlar─▒ toplamaya.

Her g├Ât├╝rd├╝kleri maymun kar┼č─▒l─▒─č─▒nda 20 dolar─▒ derhal cebe indiriyorlarm─▒┼č.

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A venir, mes aventures avec un #ForexScam toujours en cours :D
Ok alors tout commence sur Tinder o├╣ je match avec quelqu'un qui se dit ├¬tre en Chine et qui apr├Ęs quelques messages, souhaite passer sur Whatsapp. Pour l'instant rien de particulier quand on ne conna├«t pas. Image
On parle de tout et de rien, pis de fil en aiguille on arrive ├á parler TUNE d├Ęs le lendemain. La personne en face ├ętant bien loin je ne m'engage en rien donc je parle assez librement. Image
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1000 dolara sahipseniz ve 1 lot olarak i┼člem yap─▒yorsan─▒z %99 ihtimalle batacaks─▒n─▒z demektir.

Peki 0,10 lotla i┼člem yap─▒yorsan─▒z durum ne olur?

Ya da 1 milyon dolar─▒n─▒zla 0,01 lot ile i┼člem al─▒yorsan─▒z batar m─▒s─▒n─▒z?

Risk Y├Ânetimi'ni bu a├ž─▒dan ele ald─▒n─▒z m─▒ hi├ž?


├ço─čumuz Forex'e ilk girdi─či zamanlarda, i┼člem a├žarken bunu hi├ž d├╝┼č├╝nmemi┼čizdir.

Bunun bir ayar─▒ varsa da ayarlamak i├žin pek vakit harcamad─▒k.

Hemen ve kolayca para kazanmak varken kim u─čra┼č─▒r ki bununla!

Gelin, kazananlar ve kaybedenler penceresinden bir hesap yapal─▒m.

100 dolar bakiyeniz varsa ve 0,1 lot ile i┼člem a├ž─▒yorsan─▒z riskiniz kesinlikle ├žok b├╝y├╝kt├╝r.

1 milyon dolar─▒n─▒z varsa ve 0,01 lot ile i┼člem a├ž─▒yorsan─▒z riskiniz yoktur.

FX kumard─▒r diyen arkada┼člara ikinci se├žene─či sundu─čunuzda,

"0,01 lot ile ne kazanacaks─▒n─▒z ki" derler.

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Forex'deki kald─▒rac─▒n cazibesine kap─▒l─▒p bu piyasaya ad─▒m atm─▒┼č, zengin olma hayalleri kuran arkada┼člar─▒m─▒z var.

10 ki┼čiden 9'unun kaybetti─či bir ortamda, hi├žbir sistem ve stratejiye sahip olmadan, bahis mant─▒─č─▒yla yap─▒lan i┼člemlerde sonu├ž her zaman "h├╝sran" oluyor.


Piyasadaki riskleri g├Âr├╝p, ba┼čar─▒l─▒ olmak i├žin ├žabalayan arkada┼člar─▒n genel sorunu ise, ne yapacaklar─▒n─▒, nereden ba┼člayacaklar─▒n─▒ bilemiyor olmalar─▒.

─░┼čin daha da tuhaf taraf─▒ ise, b├╝y├╝k bir ├Â─črenme iste─čine ve a┼čk─▒na ra─čmen neyi ├Â─čreneceklerini bile bilmiyor olu┼člar─▒.

Bu b├╝y├╝k bilinmezlikler i├žinde d├╝meni ├žo─ču ki┼či, en kesin ve kolay y├Âne ├ževiriyor:

Sinyal Gruplar─▒.

Sinyal Gruplar─▒, tamamen "k├Ât├╝" diyemeyiz.

Gelen sinyaller, ger├žekle┼čme olas─▒l─▒─č─▒ y├╝zde 50'den fazla olan senaryolar.

Grubu domine eden ki┼či genelde "tecr├╝besiz" de─čil.

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The successful transition to a free-floating exchange rate regime for #RMB requires sound monetary and fiscal discipline, says Jin Zhongxia at the IMF...
With a flexible exchange rate system, China should avoid large macroeconomic imbalances and risk accumulation in the financial system, esp external sector&fiscal imbalance e.g.continuous large current account deficits, overreliance on short-term capital inflows & external debt...
The core of macro-prudential management under a clean floating exchange rate regime involves 3 tasks: controlling aggregate money supply, controlling public debt, especially net public debt, and controlling total external debt including short-term external debt...
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