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A short thread of the non-recovery of the global #economy.

Let's start on the PMI -fallacy.

With the PMI:s all figures above 50 signal overall increase, compared to previous month, while figures below 50 signal a decrease. 1/10
During the lockdowns, PMIs crashed to range of 20 to 40, signalling a massive decrease in expectations and production.

Now, the PMIs are mostly in a range from 50 to 60. What does this imply?

The easiest way is to consider PMIs in terms of percentage changes. 2/
So, when index dives to 30, it signals a decrease of (roughly) 40 percent.

How long does it take for the underlying series (production, sales, new orders, etc.) to recover to the level it was at before the decline?

Note: All percent changes are relative. 3/
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With so many trading investment and trading options available to retail clients it might be a bit confusing and overwhelming.
This thread quickly recaps the most common trading products and instruments and what advantages and disadvantages they have to offer.
#trading #investing Image
1. CFD trading offers a wide range of markets to choose from and is a leveraged products so you don't need much capital to trade CFDs.
Because of the leverage you'll have to pay overnight financing charges and carry higher risks.
#cfds #cfdtrading
2. Financial spread betting is also a leveraged product and practically the same as CFDs, offering a wide range of markets and you can go short as well as long.
Spread betting is only available in the UK and Ireland and it's tax free.
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(1/n) NSE Listed universe ownership trends:
- Total promoter ownership in NSE-listed #stocks⬆️by ~110bps (QoQ) to near 5 yr high of 50.9%
- FII ownership⬇️133bps (QoQ) to a 5 qtr low of 20.8% (highest sequential decline on a qtrly basis over last 19 yrs)
Src: NSE

(2/n) Top 20 companies by value of shares bought by promoters in the March quarter.

#investments #investors #stockmarkets #stocks #NSE #economy #lockdown2020
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by TOTAL market cap over last 3 years &
Ownership trend across key stakeholders by FLOATING stock over last 3 years

#investing #stockmarkets #investments #stocks #Nifty50 #Nifty #equities #trading
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Stock market is not for faint hearted. It involves taking risks and doing research on your own. It's not something where you can start growing money on the trees in the hope it'll eventually work out.
#StockMarket #stocks #stockmarkets…
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Who trades shares? And what are the main participants of stock markets and why trade shares?
1. Private investors play a vital roles.
2. Funds and institutions.
3. Predators.
Traders of all backgrounds participate and it's vital to pay attention to see who is ready to pounce.
How do the stock markets work?
Stock market works like any other market, it just matches demand and supply and and makes sure that buyers and sellers come together to "exchange" their shares and try to find the best value for their money.…
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Many seem to be unwilling or unable to grasp the dire economic consequences of the #COVID19 pandemic.

In this thread I try, based on the evolution of our thinking, to explain, why we are heading to a deep and prolonged depression.

First, an intro and a reminder. 👇1/17
The situation in the world #economy would not be so alarming without this. 👇

We have lived in unprecedented economic expansion with stagnated productivity growth!

I cannot stress enough, how strange and troubling this is. 2/
We analyzed its implications thoroughly in the March 2019 issue of our Q-Review.

"Because zombie companies can fail at any time, ..., they create a huge risk for both private investors and the global asset markets." 3/…
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Corporate earnings across sectors may deteriorate in next 2-3 quarters. This would weigh on #stockmarkets & #mutualfunds. Expect subdued returns for next few months. #Investors must recall markets history & it rewards those who exercise patience & make the best of opportunities.
Opportunity to deploy in #mutualfunds & create #wealth for future at attractive valuations with better margin of safety, if #investors have investible surplus & long tenure. #investing #MMFA @Sanjay_69 @NileshShah68 @iRadhikaGupta @Anand_1969 @sundeepsikka @MFBALA @fifaindiaorg
#Investors must remember that some process-driven #mutualfund houses have the ability to beat #stockmarkets & #benchmarks over a period of time & can create significant alpha. @FTIIndia @hdfcmf @abcabslmf @MiraeAsset_IN @SBIMF @NipponIndiaMF @invescoindia @KotakMF @amfiindia
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European and U.S. #stockmarkets witnessed a drastic decline in early March, meanwhile #Ashares was seriously undervalued. With the #epidemic in China well under control, people tend to believe that China is becoming a safe haven for international capital.…
Currently, the number of infections in the United States has been setting new records, while the capital market fluctuated significantly. However, global capital has been flowing to the United States on a large scale. Who is the safe haven after all?
China's #GDP per capita still lags behind the global average, which means that the share of China in the world economy will rise further, and the share of Europe, U.S. and other countries will probably decline.
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MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: #Italy now more cases than #China .. but see 101 yo man #Recovered and sent home. 5MIN Test now available from @ABBOTT Runs on #IDNOW Machines .. @CDCgov CHANGES MIND advises everyone wear masks. @maddow @ursulafaw56
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: The man, identified as “Mr. P,” was admitted to hospital last week and was released on Thursday, Gloria Lisi, the deputy mayor of the city of Rimini, told local media.
Mr. P was born in 1919 amid the that year’s historic flu pandemic,
MAR 28 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 3: @CDCgov NOW SAYS TO WEAR MASKS. @maddow @CNN @MartyMakary @drsanjaygupta @RepAOC @RepJeffries AND 5 min TEST Now available (ships next week. Runs on #ABBOTT #IDNOW machines Get em tested and get em #QUARANTINED #NYC #Chicago
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******What not to buy *******

Don’t buy psu stocks - Govt does charity, not for profits

Don’t buy low PE stocks - Market give low PE for some reason (cyclical, CG, low growth, poor mgmt, unscalable, sector headwinds, etc.)

#Lessons #StockMarkets
Don’t buy infra stocks - market leader L&T gave negligible returns in last decade, low margins, sector headwinds

Don’t buy commodities stocks - it is for traders, cyclical, hard to buy at bottom and sell at top


#sensex #nifty
Don’t buy high dividend yields stocks - if the company is paying all profits as cash, it implies that they don’t want to invest in company due to low growth

Don’t buy stocks where promoter holding is quite less - it should be minimum 50 to 60% if not 75%

#nifty #stocks
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Many are calling for a rate cut on the #Fed, but there's very little central banks can do at this point.

A thread on, why #centralbanks will be unable to stop any repercussions from the #CoronavirusOutbreak .

We naturally start with the balance sheets. 👇1/12
Which are just massive.

The very role of any easing (quantitative or normal) is to push interest rates down.

In addition, it was the purpose of QE -programs to also create a "wealth effect", by increasing the values of financial assets and making people feel "rich". 2/
We detailed the channels of effects of QE programs in the Q-Review 1/2018. 👉…

Even today, the effects are not understood by all, but they depend heavily on the ability of the programs to push down (converge) the yields of bonds in different classes. 👇 2/
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It's rather baffling, why so many think that #recession of 2020 could be avoided.

Yes, the #Fed has cut rates aggressively and started to support the #stockmarkets and hedge-fund leverage, but it will not save the real #economy. 👇

#recession thread. 1/…
We first warned of the impending #recession in March 2019. Then, before the aggressive rate cuts and Not-QE, the timeline for its onset was Q1 2020.

In our recent forecast, the onset has been postponed between Q2 and Q3 due to the aggressive stimulus. 2/…
Why so little has changed in our forecast?

First, it should be noted that the #repo -panic of the #Fed was justified. It's evident that there are serious problems in the financial plumbing.

Without Fed's swift response, we'd be in recession already. 3/…
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A thread explaining, why we are likely to see some 'green shoots' concerning Sept./Oct. data, which are unlikely to last.

In Q3, China enacted record-breaking stimulus:
"Shadow banking posted the biggest quarterly increase since the Beige Book began." 1/…
And the likely reason for this? The 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Chinese leaders (most likely) wanted the economy to 'stabilize' before the festivities. 2/…
What can we expect China to do after?

Yes, there's going to be stimulus (there has been continuous stimulus since 2009), but crackdown against excessive lending continues, which is likely to curb lending and thus continue slowing global growth. 3/…
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