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Jaykay Enterprises Ltd

Here is a thread on Jaykay Enterprises Ltd, a part of the diversified JK Group

#Multibagger #nseindia
@kuttrapali26 @KommawarSwapnil @caniravkaria @AdeptMarket @drprashantmish6 @stockguruindian @manojgupta1979 #BSE #bseindia #stockmarkets #Jaykay #nifty50
Jaykay Enterprise Ltd is a small-cap company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The company is engaged in the manufacturing of construction materials, such as bricks, tiles, and cement.

#constructionindustry #Construction
The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Jaykay Enterprise has a market capitalization of ₹1.5 billion and a track record of profitability.

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The P/E Ratio: Explained🧵⤵️

#stockmarkets Image
What is P/E Ratio?

P/E Ratio tells us how much investors are willing to pay for each rupee of earnings generated by the company.

Let’s understand it with an example >>
Imagine you know a famous Nariyal Paani wala, and you wish that you could buy his business.

But how to know if his business is a good investment?

Let's calculate his P/E ratio!⤵️
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'और यहापे आपके साथ ये छोटासा प्रॅंक हुआ है' 🫡
आज शेअर मार्केटमध्ये अनावधानाने का होईना गुंतवणूकदारांसोबत prank झालेला आहे.
विषय असा आहे की आज मार्केटमध्ये अचानक बातमी आली 'Urja Global' नावाच्या जवळपास 650 करोड बाजार मुल्य असणार्या small cap कंपनीने 'Tesla' मध्ये गुंतवणूक केलीय Image
आणि काय धुर्रळा झाला 🔥
सगळे गुंतवणूकदार या कंपनीच्या शेअरची खरेदी करायला तुटुन पडले आणि आज २०% upper circuit मध्ये शेअर लाॅक झाला😍.
पण मुख्य विषय असा आहे की भारतातील एका छोट्याश्या कंपनीने मुळची अमेरिकेची पण जगविख्यात असणार्या टेस्ला कंपनीत कशी काय गुंतवणूक केली असा प्रश्न Image
सर्वांना पडला आणि तिथुन खरी गंमत बाहेर आली. भारतीय बाजारमधील महागुरू विजय केडिया यांनी याचा तपास लावला असता त्यांना समजले की ही टेस्ला अमेरिकेतील नसुन दिल्ली मधील टेस्ला पाॅवर इंडिया कंपनी आहे..😄
"I was thrilled to read the news about a listed Indian company "tied up" with Tesla Vijay Kedia (Indian Investor)
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Is the sensex currently overvalued? 📈

You can use the following metrics to find out.

A thread🧵⬇️
1/ Sensex is the benchmark index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).
Here’s how the Sensex has fared in the past decade.

To assess the index’s valuation, you can look at the following metrics⬇️
2/ Price-to-earnings (P/E)

If an index’s current P/E is higher than its median P/E, the index might be overvalued. Image
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#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 #prsunder

* Not Financial Advice* Just Analysis of A Share

Stock Name: Tyche industries

Mirco Cap

looking Fundamentals Good

Read Full Article Here

1. Company Overview market cap is only 184 cr. ...
2. Company Data: Tyche is a leading manufacturer of APIs & Advanced Intermediates of API’s for anti-retroviral, anti-depression, anti-arthritic, anti-diarrheal, anti-psychotic etc.

#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 Image
3. Company Qtr. results

See the Results margin also improving and same qtr. results also coming very good. Image
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#trading #nifty #banknifty #nse #wealth #investing #stockmarkets Image

SYMBOL: Underlying name (e.g., Banknifty, Reliance)
TENOR: Maturity type (Weekly, Monthly, LEAPs)
SL NO: Maturity priority (1st = closest weekly expiry)
EXPIRY DATE: Contract maturity date
TODAY: Recording date Image
Future v/s Straddle chart - The front month future (blue) and the straddle (red). Consider a strike price of call+put having the lowest premium.Roll the strike price dynamically to plot the premium for at-the-money straddle. Image
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Did you know ?

You can earn monthly rental income(between 1%-2%) from share market just like any house owner earns rent.

I have been doing this for last few years.

#OptionsTrading #Optionselling #coveredcallstrategy #stockmarkets #StockMarketindia #Nifty #Banknifty
Read on 👇
The strategy is Covered call strategy

Pre-requisites for the covered call strategy
1. You need to own a house. (Let's take #Nifty index for an example)
2. You need to own the complete house.
In our case, we need to own atleast 1 lot of Nifty.

How do we do that ? Read next
3. #Nifty is currently at ~18000 & it has a lot size of 50.
We need to own Nifty ETF worth 18000 * 50 = 9,00,000

Nifty Bees is the most liquid ETF & we get 90% amount after pledging as collateral margin.
So you get 8,00,000 back as collateral as well if you need more margin. Image
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#MarketReport 2023/04

1) In this thread, I'll cover comparative performance of

📌 #Stock Indices
📌 #Exchange Rates
📌 Treasury #Bills and Government #Bonds

both for April and since pandemic. Image
2) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, at their own currency:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
3) #StockMarkets

MoM returns in April, based on USD:

➡️ #SPX #IXIC #DJI #DAX #NI225 #XU100 Image
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#GujaratGovt’s directives on dividends & buybacks is a big bad negative for the state’s 7 PSU stocks! 📛📛

Here’s why I booked profits in 2 of those, with no plans to reinvest 👇 Image
Here's how the share prices surged in the last week 🚀🚀

📈 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (11%)
📈 Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd - India (23%)
📈 Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (29%)
📈 Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (9%)
📈 Gujarat Mineral Development Corp (18%)
📈 Gujarat State Petronet Limited (8%)
📈 Gujarat Gas Limited (3%)
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#BreakoutStock DE Nora India Ltd

Market Cap - ₹574 Cr.
ROCE - 28.4 %
ROE - 20.7 %
Strong Volume📈

Mukul Agarwal ji has recently bought about 1.4% stake or ₹7.9 Cr in this company (Q4).

#stockmarkets #trading #StocksInFocus Image
Shot up +7.85% today 🔥🔥🔥
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Puma's India sales in FY22 > Adidas + Nike + Reebok + Skechers + Asics combined 👏👏

But, that domination is about to change, courtesy of Metro Brands, which is gearing up to bring in some disruption in the premium athleisure segment with FILA.

Let’s start with the basics 👇
Metro Brands is India’s most profitable (net margin wise) and fastest-growing listed footwear retailer in India.

It operates brands like:
Metro Shoes, Walkway, daVinchi, Cheemo, Fitflop, Mochi & Crocs.
But, hey! That was the list until Oct ’22 when it acquired Cravatex Brands, with which it bagged the sale & distribution rights of FILA across all physical and online channels in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan.
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I sliced & diced Delhivery’s biz & financial metrics for last 8yrs.

And what I learned is what every investor should know 👇👇 Image
Sahil Barua led Delhivery’s journey can be divided into 3 phases:

1️⃣ From start to a year before IPO (Until FY21 end)
2️⃣ From then to the IPO, particularly FY22
3️⃣ Post IPO
It primarily earns from 5 separate businesses. Here is the wtd avg yearly rate at which they grew during the 1st phase:

🔰 Express Parcel: 54%
🔰 Partial Truck Load (PTL): 93%
🔰 Full Truck Load (FTL): 81%
🔰 Supply Chain Services (SCS): 52%
🔰 Cross Border Services (CBS): 18%
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@DineshAgarwal led 26-year-old @IndiaMART is truly killing it! 🚀🚀🚀

I sliced and diced the platform’s mind-blowing numbers over the last 3 days.

Here is all that I learned 👇
In last 4yrs,
👏 Revenue/month: Rs 80cr | Up ~85%
👏 Profit/month: Rs 27cr | Up ~185%

Outstanding jump in paying subscribers:
✨ 80% up in the Top-8 cities (~1.1L users)
✨ 60% up in the cities with >5L people (~53k users)
It has also begun attracting paying subscribers in cities with <5L population.
✨ 50% up in last 2yrs alone (~33k users)

More importantly, growth in paying users hasn’t meant lower quality.

It has been able to onboard big fishes & grow their biz.
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Mukesh Ambani’s AJIO Luxe is such an unbelievable growth machine! 🚀🚀

But, most people don’t know that Luxe & @AJIOLife are two separate platforms.

Here is all there is to know 👇
AJIO was launched in FY17, and it grew at a decent pace until Covid happened.

It saw:
⚡ 4x growth in revenues
⚡ 3.5x growth in web visits
⚡ 6x growth in no. of brands
⚡ 4.6x growth in no. of products

It was promising.
Most importantly, it threw out some strategic pointers:
💡 AJIO recorded >70% of orders from Tier-3 & beyond
💡 It carried the image of a bargain-hunter’s paradise
💡 It hadn’t been able to crack Tier-1 & Metros as well
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An avg @dominos_india outlet does the same sales today, as 4yrs ago. It has no option but to keep adding new stores ⚡⚡

I deep-dive into the numbers of #JubilantFoodworks. This is what I learned 👇
The company operates multiple chains like Dunkin' Donuts, Hong’s Kitchen, Popeyes, Ekdum Biryani etc, almost all its business comes from Domino’s outlets in India.

That’s a mature biz & I studied its numbers for last 4 years.
No. of outlets:
🍕 1.8k | 56% up 👏
🍕 It has an avg of 4.5 outlets per city, and this number has been within 4.3-4.7 range since forever
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Tech had always been HDFC Bank’s big weakness. And, @bhavintu led Zeta is set to change that forever! ✅

HDFC Bank’s apps & website have earned a serious reputation for bugs & recurring outages.

Here is all there is to know its Digital 2.0 project meant to solve this 👇
The project was meant to rebuild its consumer-facing tech 🤳🤳

For this, it brought in Zeta with the precondition, that it won't take any new project from another Indian bank for a set timeline.

But, what’s Zeta?
It’s an 8-year-old banking tech startup that has previously worked with likes of RBL Bank, Axis Bank & IDFC FIRST Bank.

However, HDFC Bank’s mandate is Zeta’s most consequential project ever.
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Acquired by Mukesh Ambani in a hostile takeover, #Milkbasket is growing on steroids 🚀🚀🚀

Who knew #Reliance could turn it around & expand so well, so quick!

Let’s start from the beginning 👇
Founded in 2015, Milkbasket raised ~$40 million in its lifetime 💰

It shot to attention after Vani Kola of Kalaari Capital invested in it.

Kola was known to have the Midas touch. Thus, marquee investors like Blume Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Unilever Ventures & many more followed.
Milkbasket would let people order till midnight & then deliver by 7am.

By mid-2019, it was doing >1L orders/day.

But, it had burnt a lot of funds to get there, and was facing difficulty in convincing investors anymore 😓
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How to find out if the stock is Undervalued or Overvalued?

One method is DCF valuation.

Let's understand it. 🧵
The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation method is a way to estimate the intrinsic value of an investment by calculating its future cash flows and discounting them back to the present.

Sounds complicated?

We have built it for you in ticker. 💙
This method can be used to value stocks in the Indian stock market by following the below steps:
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"Suicides shake India's broking community" News headlines in 2001.

Dalal Street saw people lose their jobs, leading brokerages lose trading rights & the 'Bombay Bull' broker, Ketan Parekh, facing fraud charges.

"The Same Gang is back"

#HindenburgReport #StockMarket #stocks Image
"The Gujarat earthquake was rattling, but for many, their real earthquake came afterwards", a broker.

Many people who gambled with other people's funds, with their knowledge or without, could finally smell the money - but unfortunately it was the smell of money burning.
But the better prices are too late for the players who lost so much, and thought DEATH was their only option.

Markets recovered later, Regulators vowed to tighten up trading rules & a parliamentary panel to investigate the sell-offs.

"But they were good at it,
N they are now"
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Morning update:

Yesterday, we saw a rally in the #stockmarket and this was expected. What was surprising is the fact that the #crypto market did not follow the move until major tech companies reported disappointing earnings results and we saw a drop📉…
Yesterday proved to us that the market is becoming totally irrational. Bed Bath & Beyond failed to make interest payments on its bonds just weeks after the company warned it was considering filing for bankruptcy, yet the stock is surging higher🤦‍♂️ #BBBY…
Insanity at its finest😂 At some point, the stock was up 25%🚀 Image
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Things which made huge positive changes to my trading:

1. Removing daily profit targets:

Having a daily target puts unnecessary pressure on performance.

The goal of a trader is to execute their plan in best possible way.

Having daily profit targets put pressure on mind and a trader will not be able to focus on their plan

2. Setup hopping:

Instead of trying different tools and setups, I focused on one or two. It opened up insights about those tools which were missing before.

3. Journaling:

Maintaining records of our trades gives us deeper insights into us as traders, behavioral patterns.

More importantly, it helps us identify what is working and what is not working.

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Best #intraday setup

If you are struggling to take entry at the right spot, this will be very helpful for you

Read all below messages.

🧵 1/3
Use below mentioned parameters at your charting platform (tradingview).
1. Previous day's close
2.Today's open
3.Previous day, Week & Month High
4.Previous day, Week & Month Low
5.Camerilla pivot level (Only R3,S3)
6.EMA : 9&32
🧵 2/3
In charts, Colours used for:

PINK- R3, S3

🧵 3/3.
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Investing Is Easy
Is It Easy Then Trading ?

A Thread 🧵
Like And Retweet!
Swing trading in cash is one the best trading for working class people.

Cash is king👑

Only few hold stocks for the long term and depend on person to person.
The most difficult skill in Investing is NOT the ability to find a great stock.

It is to know WHEN to sell the stock

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