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He @Booker4KY, want any ammo to go after @RandPaul for stuff that's useless? Because this can help.
I mean from a Self-declared "#Libertarian", who seriously isn't he's #SocialConservative at best, it's not hard to dig up dirt on @RandPaul of his Voting Records. Like the 2016 Tax Bill that gave more money to the #Rich, Supports Banning #Abortion (which isn't Libertarian),...
Opposes #LGBTQIA Rights like Same Sex Marriage & wanted it to be banned, Rand is inconsistent on #MilitarySpending of sometimes leaning to not for it or for it in offensive wars (which many Libertarians call that out & believe in Defense of a Direct Threat of an Attack)...
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Dixon Technologies Ltd. is the largest home-grown design-focused and solutions company engaged in manufacturing products in the consumer durables, lighting and mobile phones markets in India?

Follow this extensive thread.

#dixon #stockmarkets #fundamentalanaysis
1)It is also a leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of lighting products, LED TVs and semi-automatic washing machines in India.
As an ODM, it develops and designs products in-house at its R&D center.
2)It manufactures and supplies these products to well-known companies in India who in turn distribute these products under their own brands.
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Why am I bullish on Eureka Forbes?

Demerger + New Promoter - Metamorphosis

A thread ⏬
“One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity.”

Debt-laden SP group had to reduce its debt and most of the group`s businesses were not in good shape. The group’s inability to repay the debt post the Sterling Wilson listing made things tough
ultimately, forcing them to sell out the crown jewels and one such jewel is Eureka Forbes Ltd, the iconic water Purifier brand, the OG water purifier found in the majority of the Indian households.
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The largest development center of Bosch Ltd. outside Germany is in India, for end to end engineering and technology solutions?
It is a flagship company of Robert Bosch Company in India.

#bosch #fundamentalanalysis #stockmarkets Image
1a)Business Areas:
Mobility: Whether for private or commercial vehicles, multimodal transportation services, fleet management, or smart transport infrastructure, Bosch brings together vehicle technology, the data cloud, and services to offer complete mobility solutions.
1b)At home: Bosch offers individual solutions for home to make life a bit easier every day.
Industry and trades: Bosch offers innovative products and services for industry and trades.
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When one wants to start trading in NSE Currency Derivatives, one is faced with an important question?

What's the process to follow to increase the odds of making money in currency derivatives?

A>>> Understand the currency market
Books: Currency Trading For Dummies &
2/ Ashraf Laidi's Book: Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis

Understand futures and options


Which tools to USE to identify long/short trades in futures and options or option strategies

Tools are:

1) Technical

2) Macro eco & fundamental data analysis

Technical Analysis is based on price & participation:

(i) Chart based analysis
(ii) Statistical analysis

Here, price and participation (volume & OI) becomes the input for analysis

for eg. the following chart of USDINR
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Came across an interview of @sidd1307 conducted by @varinder_bansal.

The one hour was packed with learning both related to #stockmarkets and daily life.

Below is the thread about key learning which i found important.

Like or retweet if you found it worthwhile.
Intro of Siddharth bhaiya

(a) he has completed CA.

(b) Entered into the stock market in early 2000's as analyst covering FINANCIALS

(c) Currently running Aequitas Investment Consultancy.

Importance of stock market

Human like any other animals, performs 4 core activities in his lifetime;

(a) Searching for food
(b) Protecting themselves from enemy
(c) Occupy territory
(d) Sex/mating

In modern world, all these activities are dependent on money.
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When traders made a profit out of the 9/11 Attack
A thread🧵👇(1/7)
#AlQaeda #stockmarkets #invest
Days before the attack, a surprisingly high number of ‘put’ options were purchased on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks (that were hijacked during 9/11).
*Put option: The prices would fall *Call option the prices would rise
On 6th & 7th September 2001, the Chicago exchange handled 4,744 put options for UAL stock compared with just 396 call options. The put-to-call ratio would normally be 1:1 but on that day, it was 12:1.
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Jab bhi investment ki baat ho, we Indians always seek #Advice from ‘experts’ around us.

"Bata yaar kis stock mein invest karoon?"
"Reliance kaisa lag raha hai?"
"Chart kya bolta hai?"

We created STOCKEDGE CLUB to make these discussions easy, reliable & fun!

💡Here’s why-
🤗To make you self-dependent

The expert can be our friend, that uncle or celebrity investor on TV or social media sharing #Tips.

We trust them. But there is no #Accountability. And no one explains us WHY.

We did few things in StockEdge Club to solve this.

💡Here’s what-
📈24/7 Technical Analyst

Our #SEBI registered team of analysts will help you decode the price movement in any underlying and #guide you at every step of your trading #decision.
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Common price action trading mistakes that cost me lakhs of rupees:

A thread 🧵

1. Front running the market based on my analysis:

Any analysis we do should be proved by market as correct before we jump into a trade.



Mr. X marked 1500 as a strong support in HDFC Bank. Next day, stock opened at 1510, came down and hit 1500.

ABC went long in the stock. A few minutes later, stop got triggered. What went wrong here?

1500 is support for HDFC bank as per Mr. X but he did not wait to check if market validated his opinion.

At supports and resistances marked by a trader (you), wait for market to show the stock is actually taking support/resistance at those levels.

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IPO Alert - Windlas Biotech Ltd. IPO is all set to launch. Here is all you need to know.

#IPO #stockmarkets Image
Offer details: Image
IPO timeline: Image
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IPO Alert - Devyani International Ltd. IPO is all set to launch. Here is all you need to know.

#IPO #stockmarkets #devyaniipo Image
Offer details: Image
IPO timeline: Image
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A long thread and a rant:

It has become fashionable to see many traders tweet their months old stock picks which have given 2x-3x.

I am happy for them....But

While re-tweeting them each time they make a new high and upgrading the targets and potential over and over again,

Traders seeing their feed would jump in and buy at any price running on the tape.

Understand that the traders tweeting it may be holding it, may tweet it for their ego boost or for their own feel good moments.

But it doesn't mean you should get enticed seeing the run up of a stock and buy at any random prices.

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SZSE ChiNext Price Index, CSI 300 Index and Shenzhen Component Index fall more than 1% in the early trade.
#China #StockMarket ImageImage
FTSE China A50 index futures about 2% in the morning trading.
#China #FTSE Image
Hang Seng Index falls more than 1% in the early trade; SZSE ChiNext Price Index extends losses to 2%, dragging by beverage manufacturing and insurance sectors.
#China #HongKong #StockMarket ImageImage
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Clean Science & Technologies⚗️ IPO

🧵Some interesting Key Points:-

🏭Manufactures functionally critical speciality chemicals

💰~65-70% revenues from exports

📈Heavy Growth in PAT Margins(~33% in FY20)

💸EBITDA margins of ~44% in FY20

🟢Easy Raw Material Procurement

❌Company Logo is not registered

🇮🇳Co. Applied for initiation of Anti Dumping Investigation concerning imports of DCC from China🇨🇳

❌Full OFS. Company will not receive proceeds

➕Diverse Customer Base

🏢Company may look at Strategic Acquisition Opportunities.

🏗️2 new plants should get operational in future in addition to existing 2 plants

⚗️Company focuses well on R&D

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I lost my job in the first pandemic lockdown and was looking out for a source of income. And the easiest thing that one comes across is the #stockmarkets but what happened later made me almost think of killing myself. Contd…
Unfortunately this isn’t abt any #trading tip but an #alert for all you folks, especially those who believe money can make more money.
One day I approached the only bank that I deal with @KotakBankLtd for a loan on my car, as that was doing the rounds in this category and for someone like me, sounded apt
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#WhatCongressHates 1/n
#NarendraModi of course!!
#WhatCongressHates and why I want #CongressMukTBharat 3/n
@myogiadityanath @CMOfficeUP
because of the colour of his clothes and because he headed a #Hindu temple trust
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Quick thread on understanding buybacks.

1) Why is it done:
If a company is cash rich and has no foreseeable deployment opportunity in its own business it can go for big dividends or use that money to buy back its own shares (1/8)
2) How does buyback help:
When a company purchases its own shares, its outstanding free float in the market reduces. So just assume if a company had 100 shares in the market and it takes back 10 from the market, the available base is now only 90 shares. (2/8)
3) How does reduced equity base help:
Suddenly all the key ratios of the company will start looking better. EPS (Earnings/Outstanding shares) will rise as the denominator will decrease. PE (Price/EPS) ratio will look more attractive as the EPS no increases
#EPS #earnings #Q4FY21
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FTSE China A50 Index futures -1.17%
Nasdaq Index futures -1%
Hang Seng Index opens down 1.95%, dragged by nonferrous metal and pharmaceutical sectors.
Blockchain-related and tech stocks go down.
#HongKong #StockMarket #tech #Bitcoin
Shanghai Composite Index -1.15%
Shenzhen Component Index -1.8%
ChiNext -1.81%
#China #StockMarket
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FTSE China A50 Index futures extend decline to 1%.
Shanghai Composite Index -1%
Shenzhen Component Index -1.7%
ChiNext -2.4%.
Hang Seng Index -1.2%
#StockMarket #China ImageImage
The 10-year #Treasury note yield rose 5.6 basis points to 1.469% after ECB officials saw no need for drastic action to prevent bond yields from rising, as they felt changes to communications or maintaining the flexibility of its pandemic emergency purchase program: MarketWatch
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Thread on sideways market:

Sideways price action or consolidation is a phase where institutional players are silently building their positions transacting in smaller quantities.

What we need to understand is that big players have huge amounts of money and one major disadvantage of having such large cap is that they cannot transact in big quantities without being spotted (aka volumes)
In order to minimize this disadvantage to an extent, they will begin building their positions with many smaller blocks of orders to look like multiple small players and to not alert other market participants much.
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One of India's money managers explained ‘the mother of all bull runs’ using @SrBachchan-starrer Amar, Akbar, Anthony…

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF

By @jainrounak
@SrBachchan @NileshShah68 @KotakMF @jainrounak Indian benchmark stock indices have nearly doubled since crashing in March 2020. However, the economic situation might leave you confused if you compare it with the stock market performance.

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF #BudgetInsider
@SrBachchan @NileshShah68 @KotakMF @jainrounak But there is a reason why the #stockmarkets are on a bull run while the economy hasn’t picked up pace yet. Nilesh Shah, the managing director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management company explains this phenomenon using a simple analogy.

@NileshShah68 @KotakMF #BudgetInsider
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I hope these filters can help you save time, money and energy as these have helped me in great sense to pick the best of best stocks.
The retailer friends waste time and money on finding the stock tips hence these filters solve their problem in right manner.
Please support my work by liking, retweeting and following my twitter handle. I'd try to add value to your lives and help you create wealth with great stock performances.
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(1/n) Today we will discuss the BAF model of @EdelweissAMC called Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund.
Fund Manager – Bhavesh Jain, Bharat Lahoti and Gautam Kaul
AUM – 1429 crores
(2/n) The scheme follows a pro cyclical investment approach where the fund managers allocate more to equity in a bull market and reduce equity in bear market cycle. The in-house propriety model takes into account quantitative factors along with fundamentals.
(3/n) The fund consists of a core equity portfolio and a high qualitive debt portfolio or special situation ideas. Currently the equity exposure is around 50-60% of the portfolio.
determine the unhedged equity allocation.
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