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⚡Aeroelastic Flutter⚡

The Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster of 1940 attribute the collapse of the bridge due to aeroelastic flutter.

1️⃣ Flutter is a dangerous phenomenon encountered in flexible structures subjected to aerodynamic forces. Flutter occurs as a result of interactions between aerodynamics, stiffness, and inertial forces on a structure.
2️⃣ In an aircraft, as the speed of the wind increases, there may be a point at which the structural damping is insufficient to damp out the motions which are increasing due to aerodynamic energy being added to the structure.
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The #MI250 is misleadingly marketed as "one chiplet GPU" with 13312C, 90TFLOPs & 128GB @ 3.2TB/s.

But it is not. The 2 GCDs are 2 separate GPUs with 64GB each, like a K80 dual-GPU but in a socket. One #GPU can't directly access the other's memory.
To use both GCDs, the software needs to be multi-GPU capable. For many algorithms this is very difficult and for some it is entirely infeasible. The desire for large unified memory is huge.
The #MI250 promises exactly that with "128GB", but delivers only half.
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#ChicagoScanner #Chicago

And another marine distress call in the playpen

Coming in as
700 N on the Lakefront

Boat in distress

Might have hit another boat

To clarify, two separate incidents in the playpen, back to back

The new incident boaters see 6-8-8 from the previous rescue

A boat capsized and occupant(s) swam to a nearby boat
#ChicagoScanner #Chicago

Another successful save

Transporting wet but uninjured victims to the Bus turnaround at Navy Pier

All companies returning including helo 6-8-2
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(1/n) Our research work on drafting in #cycling summarized in one figure.
% = drag reduction. Work by @TUeindhoven @KU_Leuven @ANSYS with #CFD & #windtunnel
Without head/tail/cross-wind: #research always has limitations. @LeTour #TDF2022 #TDF22 #aerodynamics #science #TDFF Image
(3/n) Second study: team car following #cyclist in #timetrial. Why do you think there were so many bicycles on roof of car following Ganna? Our scientific study in 2015. Effect not known before.…
#CFD #windtunnel #cycling @LeTour #TDF2022 #TDFF #cycling
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#CfD results are in!!

£37.35 /MWh for offshore wind - securing 7GW
£42.47/MWh for onshore wind
[with correct numbers now!]…
Given commodity costs, uncertainty in the market and networsk charges (Scottish projects face particularly high costs), these offshore prices are, once again, amazing.
In chart form (onshore wind in 2024 gets abit lost in that cluster).
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Important new paper from the man whose work @thegwpfcom cites as evidence that offshore wind costs are not falling, clarifying that his work shows nothing of the kind…
Two years ago John Aldersey-Williams of @redfieldconsult and @RobertGordonUni showed that the apparent levelised cost of electricity from operating offshore wind farms, derived from company accounts, was in some cases higher than the strike prices agreed in recent #CFD auctions
That paper covered wind farms commissioned as far back as 2003 (North Hoyle), long before the current competitive #CFD auctions came in. It found no trend in costs, either up or down, instead concluding that costs varied between individual projects depending on circumstances
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My department at @polymtl seeks to hire a tenure track Prof in Computational Fluid Dynamics #CFD #academicjobs…
Eight reasons you should apply: 1/9
Teaching is done in French. Research is done French or English. Speaking French is not a requirement for hiring. We'll get you a private French tutor and reduce your teaching load to help you become fluent!
Tenure and promotion are fast as compared to elsewhere in North America. Tenure is normally granted after four years.
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CFD trading stands for Contracts For Difference and allows investors to trade on a wide range of markets.
But when it comes to choosing the right broker... What should you look for? What make a great and reputable CFD broker?
#cfd #cfdbroker #forexbroker Image
1. Regulation. Make sure your contracts for difference broker is regulated by FCA or other respected regulatory authority. Remember, you money could be at risk if you trade with a dodgy broker.
2. Competitiveness. Is your broker competitive enough when it comes to spreads and overnight financing charges? Remember, those charges will add up and drain your account so make sure you choose a solid broker.
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Are you already trading in CFD or a beginner? CFD is a popular derivative trading product. It allows you to speculate on the financial markets, which include shares, forex, commodities, etc.
This thread show the advantages of CFDs.
#cfd #cfdtrading… Image
Trading In Rising & Falling Market
When you can trade in both directions, it opens up more trading opportunities for you. For example, if you buy shares, you only make money when the price goes up. With CFD trading, you can also profit by selling shares when the price go down.
Invest In Range Of Markets
Traders get a chance to invest in various financial markets through one singular online trading platform. With CFD, trading in forex, shares, commodities, bonds, and others are possible from a single account.
#market #StockMarket…
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When it comes to CFD or forex trading, it's important that you deal only with reputable and regulated brokers; there's no need to cut corners and hope for the best, just go with the best.
Where's what you're looking for:
#CFD #cfdbroker #forexbroker Image
1. How are the spreads? are you satisfied? Shop around as there are so many brokers to choose from. A bit of leg work will save you time and money.
2. Happy with the range of markets? That's where you really have to dig in and investigate. If your CFD or forex broker does not provide the markets you trade then what's the point even if they have low spreads?
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You may often hear professional and successful CFD and forex traders talk about a trading plan. What what is it? Do you really need one?
The short answer is "yes", you need a trading plan.
In this thread we cover a few fundamentals.
#trading #cfds #forex… Image
1. You need to set up your trading targets. What do you want to achieve trading forex or CFDs (or any other financial market)? You need to set realistic and feasible objectives and adhere to your plan throughout your trading.
#forex #cfd #target
2. Once you're ready to trade, surely you'll need to employ some strategies, they might be short and long term strategies depending on the time you have but it's vital to come up with the strategies you'll be using for your CFD trading.
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Currently, there are over 100 forex and CFD brokers on the market, all with their offerings and trading platforms. So how do you find a great broker? What to look for and what what providers to avoid?
#cfd #cfdbroker #trading #trader Image
Regulation. Make sure your CFD broker is regulated by some prominent regulator such as FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), Cysec (Cyprus), or FSB (South Africa), your CFD provider should be regulated by at least one of those regulators.
Avoid unregulated brokers at all costs.
Range of markets. With so many CFD trading companies, you are spoiled with choices and have the right to go for a broker which offers all the financial markets you want to trade but remember, just because a brokerage offers over 10k markets doesn't mean it's the best.
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Washington and Dearborn


Let’s think about getting three more wagons and more incident teams.

Michigan and Tribune Tower

More units

They’re trying to break down the barricades
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When it comes to financial markets and CFD trading, it makes you wonder how some traders manage to consistently make profit while so many around fail miserably.
This thread looks into what successful CFD traders have in common.
#CFD #investing #stockmarket… Image
Successful traders tend to specialise and know their traded markets upside down, just think of hedge funds, each fund specialises in 1 particular market and thoroughly researches it.
Know your market
#market #cfdtrader #trader…
Manage the risk. CFDs and other leveraged products are very risky and thus should be treated as such. Never underestimate the risks and tread with caution. Risk management should be high on your agenda if you want to consistently make money on the financial markets.
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We keep talking about the benefits of Contracts For Difference (CFDs) but barely ever mention the risks associated with them.
So we decided to correct the mistake and answer 3 questions in this thread:
1. Is leverage good?
2. Are CFDs risky?
3. Can I easily make money with CFDs? Image
Is leverage good?
You will read on many websites that leverage is a double edged sword. It means it can bring you good profits and CAUSE BIG LOSSES.
You have to make sure you keep the leverage in check and learn how to use it to your advantage.
Are CFDs risky?
A simple answer is YES. CFD trading is risky.
If you want to see the proof then visit any CFD broker and you'll see that on average over 70% of accounts lose money. Thus more traders lose money than gain.
#cfdbroker #investing
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Currently, there are over 100 brokers to choose from to trade Contracts For Difference (or simply CFDs) but comparing them all is a hard task. So which CFD broker should you use?
In this thread we list vital characteristics of a reliable provider.
#broker Image
1. Regulation. Broker regulation plays an important roles. Who would you rather trade with, a reputable and heavily regulated broker or unregulated one? Two, probably, strictest regulators are FCA (UK) and ASIC (Australia).
Stay away from unregulated brokers.
2. Range of markets. Some CFD brokers offer just 100 or so financial markets whereas others can offer over 10,000 instruments. When selecting a trading platform, make sure you check what markets they have on offer.
#cfd #markets #trading
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CFD trading offers a range of benefits and there's a reason why it's become so popular among retail traders.
But... there are also disadvantages and costs associated with CFDs and in this thread we will see how CFD brokers make money (the charges).
#CFD Image
1. The first cost in incurred by the long term traders and it's the overnight financing. This is the the cost a trader has to pay every night for holding his/her position (it's usually around base currency borrowing rate + 2%).…
2. The spread. The spread is the difference between ask and bid prices or the difference between the prices you pay to buy and sell your market instrument.
Traders incur this cost with every single CFD trade they make.
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Great to have our work on bacterial attachment in stent-on-chips published in @micromach_mdpi at…!
👇summary thread below👇

With @GarethLuTheryn @aliizzzzz94 @AMosayyebi @Center4Biofilm @MiNaTherGroup @uos_bioengsci @ukbiofilms @UoSEngineering 1/7
Obstructions of the ureter can be caused by a number of factors and affect the physiological flow of urine from kidney to bladder. To overcome this issue, ureteral stents which have side-holes bypassing urine from ureter to stent and viceversa, are clinically implanted. 2/7 Image
However, stents are prone to complications leading to infection. We employed microfluidics to mimic flow dynamics in ureteral stents in different obstruction (obs) conditions: 1) unobstructed 2) obs at proximal side-hole 3) obs in between side-holes 4) obs next to side-hole. 3/7 Image
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A short coverage of CFD trading markets and how it all began. How Contracts For Difference managed to become so popular and now available in the most of the countries for retail traders and investors?
#cfds #investing #trading #cfdtrading…
(it is a thread) Image
As most would guess, CFD trading started in the City of London in the early 1990's as a type of margined equity swaps. At first, they were only available to institutional traders and investors such as hedge funds.
Leverage and no UK stamp duty made it happen.
Late 1990's and Contracts For Difference were finally introduced to the retail traders, first in the UK and in early 2000's to all retail traders around the world.
Once again the leverage played a vital role in growing popularity.
#Leverage #CFD…
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Why most of CFD traders lose money?
When you visit your broker's site, you will see how many accounts lose money, this figure will likely be over 70%; thus over 70% of CFD traders lose money.
Ever wondered why?
Let's see in this thread.…
#forex #cfd #trader Image
Reason 1: Gambling. Gambling is probably the most common reason why so many CFD traders lose money. People get drawn into trading in a hope of making a quick buck and then end up losing money due to gambling and hoping for a lucky break.
#cfdTrading #CFD
Reason 2: Over-leveraging. Leverage is tricky as it is one of the pillars of CFD trading but at the same time most of the risks are associated with it. Try to keep the leverage in check and never put much of your capital at risk.…
#Leverage #tradingrisk
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CFD and trading is never easy and requires a lot of discipline and time dedicated to be a successful trader. What is the difference between a gambler and a real and successful CFD and forex trader?
#forex #cfd #trading #success Image
It is vital but equally difficult to keep your emotions in check but emotions can cloud your judgement and you can rush into spontaneous and irrational decision; whether it's a CFD trading entry or closing your positions at the wrong time.
Discipline plays an important role in CFD trading as well. Once you've chosen your strategies and trading signals (if you use any), make sure you stick to the plan and discipline yourself to follow the plan to the end.
#discipline #tradingpsychology…
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What makes Contracts For Difference so special? Why are they so popular?
Let's see what makes CFD trading so different.
CFD trading is not for everybody and should be treated with care as it's leveraged product.
#CFD #trading #stocks #forex Image
Leverage: CFDs are a leveraged product and thus should be treated as a risky instrument. Treat leverage with respect and it will respect you. Never over-leverage and keep your trades under control.
Markets: Reputable CFD brokers offer a wide range of markets covering stocks, forex, commodities, indices, bonds and interest rates, crypto, and many more.
Make sure you learn the market you want to trade, just because you can trade, it doesn't mean you have to trade.
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Although it is difficult for many people to see the point in trading within a virtual environment where there are no tangible rewards, opening one or more CFD demo accounts is highly advisable for two reasons:
#cfd #cfdbroker #forex Image
1. It gives those that are new to derivative trading the chance to put the intricacies of CFD trading into practise within a risk free environment. If you are a beginner then there is much to learn and it is pointless diving in at the deep end and risking your hard earned cash.
2. There are so many CFD companies on the market that it can be difficult to decide on which one to trade with. Most brokers provide demo accounts and by ‘testing the water’ it is possible to decide which one ticks the boxes that are important to you.
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In this thread we will quickly revisit how CFDs are different from other trading instruments and see why and how Contracts For Difference became so popular amongst retail traders and investors.
#cfd #investing #forex Image
1. CFDs vs Financial Spread Betting: the main difference between these two is that spread betting is CGT-free; thus you don't need to pay tax on any profit you make, at the same time your losses can't be offset against future gains.
CFDs vs Futures: in this case both look similar and you can actually trade both futures and CFDs with your broker.
An important difference is that futures have an expiry date while CFDs don't, on the other hand futures don't carry overnight financing cost.…
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