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I will soon see an ice age scale >100ppm CO₂ increase within my life.

My life in CO₂

Birthday: 326 ppm
High school graduation: 356 ppm
College grad: 365 ppm
Marriage: 366 ppm
PhD: 375 ppm
1st child: 376 ppm
Postdoc: 380 ppm
2nd child: 381 ppm
Tenured: 397 ppm
Today: 415 ppm
My kids can’t afford to see my same CO₂ change.

By the time my kids are 80-90yrs, they’re on track for 2-4C (4-8F), 475-800ppm.

Scientists urge a limit of ~430ppm (1.5C = 2.7F).

At 1.5C coral reefs decline 70-90%.
At 2.0C coral reefs are gone, >99%.…
Just like anti vaxxers and flat Earthers, climate deniers also choose to ignore, obfuscate, and/or confuse the science.

NASA, every STEM university on Earth, Nobel Laureates, all understand the science and evidence underpinning the influence of burning fossil fuels on climate.
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We at are calling for reporters and anchors to mention climate change in the stories they are reporting about its effects.

We also ask reporters and producers not to suppress their efforts!

Here's the background: in conversation with a reporter on a national beat at a major newspaper, we learned that this writer once tried to mention climate change in a story but was told by their editor that doing so would be "political."

The reporter was ordered to take their mention of climate change out.

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This is one of the most shocking cases of #climatesilence we've ever seen.

@adeelnyt writes an entire article in the @nytimes about the context of the #NebraskaFloods and fails to mention climate change even once.…

Newsflash! The midwestern floods from the bomb cyclone ARE linked to climate change.

@gaarder in her @OWHnews article made those links clear, quoting both James Hansen and @MichaelEMann. She is a model to reporters everywhere.…

Hassan wasn't the only @nytimes reporter who failed to mention climate change.

@mihirzaveri wrote an entire piece veritably humming with #climatesilence.…

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Can we talk about the global "we"?

"We" is a big word in climate discourse. Just today I've seen a number of responses to #SR15 that use it, as in "we're fucking this up."

I'm here to say that this "we" is a fictional construct: ideological, obfuscatory, and dangerous.

Who is this "we"? Does it include the nearly one billion people who live on less than 2 dollars a day?…

Does it include the +/- 5.5 billion people who live on between 2-10 dollars a day?…

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1. I happened to listen to @NPR for a few hours this morning, and I heard three stories that are very much connected to #climatechange without anyone on the radio mentioning climate change even once.

It was surreal and disturbing.

2. The first story was about the current drought in Oregon. It focused on a rancher who is currently paying to have 18,000 gallons of water a day trucked in to water his livestock. (Yes, you read that right.)
3. The story discussed how much this water and its transport was costing the rancher; how long this drought has affected ranching in the West; and what the ranchers might do if the weather doesn't eventually return to normal (as if it would one day return to normal).
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