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Finally got a chance to listen to @emorwee's Heated podcast with @AliVelshi.

Velshi was awesome—smart, honorable, and remarkably forthright—freely admitting that "our [mainstream] media is not built actually to acknowledge" the #ClimateEmergency.

Some takeaways in a thread...
Velshi sees the #ClimateSilence of TV news, rightly, as a symptom of the systemic power of the fossil-fuel industry, which makes its message simply what passes for news & information.

"You may not know you're getting [its message] all the time, but you're getting it."

Compounding that, the punchy, visual, crisis-driven aesthetic of broadcast news has also seemed to constrain its capacity to cover climate.

"We have [ways] of doing things, and they don't lend themselves to large conceptual discussion."

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The obvious difference here is that people fear that coronavirus is going to kill *them*, but they believe that climate change is going to kill millions of *other people*.
I think this difference presents 2 challenges for the climate movement. We must:

1) show people that climate change actually does threaten the lives of everyone under the age of 30

2) use shaming to make climate action a social norm, whether people feel obligated to help or not
I would also argue that fewer people than you think actually believe in the first place that climate change will kill millions of other people, even if they know that climate change is real.

I mean, have you ever heard a scientist really say such a thing flat out? In the media?
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The candidates in last night's #DemDebate were eager to talk about the #ClimateEmergency, but the moderators kept shutting them down.

What kind of press corps knows less about politics than the candidates they're holding accountable?

@brianneDMR from the @DMRegister should learn that trade policy IS an arm of climate policy.

@CNN should train @wolfblitzer & @abbydphillip to see the ways #ClimateChange intersects with jobs, health care, national security, foreign policy, and economic sustainability.

@brianneDMR @DMRegister @CNN @wolfblitzer @abbydphillip #ClimateChange is not a discrete issue for its own silo.

#ClimateChange is remaking the only planetary system that supports our civilization; solving it involves every sector of our economy & politics.

#ClimateChange links to everything discussed in any political debate.

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Think of this OpEd as climate denial meets peak concern-trolling:

"There is a real danger that the climate debate is deteriorating into a game of name-calling, with oil and gas companies all too often portrayed as opponents of climate progress."…
As if oil and gas companies were just "portrayed" as blocking climate policies from being passed.

As if they weren't ACTUALLY working extremely hard and spending large sums of money to campaign against, oh I don't know, the carbon price @JayInslee attempted to pass in WA.

The man who wrote this OpEd heads the @TheCLCouncil founded by neoliberal economists, corporations, and oil and gas companies including BP, Shell, Exxon, etc.

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Over the past 30 days, @ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC and @CNN have done 95 segments on the #AustraliaFires, which have killed 17 people and 500 million animals so far.

Only two of those segments mentioned #ClimateChange.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN On the 29th, @GarrettHaake interviewed @KendraWrites on @MSNBC's morning show about the links between Australia's bushfires & climate.

It was a great segment; Haake asked excellent questions and Pierre-Louis gave clear, compelling answers.

Too bad it was a total outlier.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN @GarrettHaake @KendraWrites And then on the 31st, @CBSEveningNews patched in a segment on the fires from their Aussie affiliate, which mentioned only in passing that Morrison has been "criticized for his lack of action on climate change."

No explanation for the link between climate and fire. Zero.

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I wonder how many Americans outside of climate Twitter really understand that the Australian fires have been fueled by climate breakdown, which is only barely getting underway and will destroy almost everything if we don't end the fossil energy era right now.


I wonder how many of our elected leaders understand the #ClimateCrisis?

Less than 50%?

More than 50%?
My #NewYearsResolution and my mission for the coming decade is to bring those numbers up as close to 100% as humanly possible.

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This👇is the most important datapoint in climate change politics.

According to @YaleClimateComm, only 42% of Americans think climate change will affect them personally.

Before the Federal govt will act, this number must rise.

And it's 100% a communications issue.

@YaleClimateComm Even when people are damaged by climate change, they don't always realize that climate change is hurting them.

That's becuz understanding your lived experience is a matter of interpretation, of framing your life in terms of tribal norms. Understanding happens in *language*.

@YaleClimateComm Without clear and repeated communication from climate campaigners, the news media, schools and faith institutions, influencers, and "tribal elites," people will simply not understand that climate change is hurting them, even when it's hurting them.

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This is why we need a #GreenNewDeal:

Because climate change is not a marginal but systemic problem, solving it by definition requires transforming our extractive system in which people are allowed to die in service of a rising GDP.

But this is not just a moral position....

The #GreenNewDeal is what is known as a "Christmas tree." There is something in it for everybody.

And this is politically PRAGMATIC. Some might even say politically "realistic."

Why is the #GreenNewDeal politically "realistic"? Because it's a *fantasy* that privileged people will give up the joys of the fossil fuel economy in great enough numbers to produce the transition. That a carbon tax will shape "demand" in time to save us.

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Apparently @andersoncooper #ClimateTownHall just cited my & @NaomiOreskes's peer-reviewed study showing how #ExxonKnew about the global warming dangers of its products decades ago, then turned around & orchestrated a massive disinformation campaign to mislead the public. THREAD.
2/n: First, it's pretty surreal (& brilliant!) to have @CNN suddenly covering the s*** out of the climate crisis, helping to #EndClimateSilence. Less fantastic is that it's behind a pay wall, meaning many of us (including moi) can't actually watch it.
3/n: Second, & even more surreal: Who could've imagined presidential candidates in any previous election out-bidding one another to call out the fossil fuel industry as a bad actor that must be held legally, financially, & socially accountable for their climate denial & damages?
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So last month @NOAAClimate announced that July 2019 was the hottest month in all of human history.

The world is sailing into uncharted territory, where humans have never existed.

So how did the television networks report this news? Mostly?


@NOAAClimate @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNightlyNews, produced by @Matthewfrucci, failed to mention the historic and hugely important fact that July was the hottest month in human history. They performed full on climate silence.


@NOAAClimate @LesterHoltNBC @NBCNightlyNews @Matthewfrucci To our surprise @jaketapper @TheLeadCNN also failed to mention the historic and hugely important fact that July was the hottest month in human history. He also performed full on climate silence.


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This week there was no mention of climate change on @ThisWeekABC @MeetThePress @FaceTheNation or @CNNSotu, which all focused on the Muller hearings and Trump's racist tweets.

Meanwhile one of the first climate change "positive feedbacks" has begun...

@ThisWeekABC @MeetThePress @FaceTheNation @CNNSotu The Arctic is on fire. Over 100 peat blazes since June 1st, releasing smoke-plumes visible from space. Last month alone Arctic fires emitted 50 megatons of CO2, “equal to Sweden’s total annual emissions.”…

@ThisWeekABC @MeetThePress @FaceTheNation @CNNSotu So hot and dry now, Greenland, Siberia, and Alaska are burning like California, releasing carbon into our atmosphere and increasing the amount of heat that will be trapped in our planetary system, drying out forests and peat even further, and so on.

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Start of summer thoughts. In 2019:
🔥 Who will burn?
🌊 Who will drown?
🌡️ Who will bake?
🐝 Who will go extinct?
📺 Will the media connect the dots to the climate crisis?
🙋‍♀️ Will people be spurred into action?
📉 Will it be enough to matter? Will emissions stop increasing?
🌡️ Who is already baking:
🇯🇵 Japan…

🇮🇳 India…

Neither of these articles mentions climate change. #EndClimateSilence
Without the media connecting the dots from the impacts to the cause (man-made climate breakdown) to the actions necessary to prevent things from getting much, much worse (ramping emissions down to zero within the next 2 decades), we have no hope for positive change.
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Oh hi Sunday News Shows! Enough surreal and insane business as usual.

It's time for you to start talking about the #ClimateEmergency and the #SixthExtinction.

We are in danger.

No more excuses.

@ThisWeekABC We'll start with you.



.@jonkarl You asked @SenBooker about his gun policy & Medicare for All. Why didn't you ask him where his climate policy is?

Don't you know that we have 12 years to halve and 30 years to end CO2 pollution in order to have merely a > 66% chance to halt warming at 2C?

Don't you know that a billion people will lose their marine sources of food even at 2C? (…)

Don't you have a professional & moral responsibility to be informed about both the greatest threat we've ever faced and the fact that we are out of time?

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We are thrilled to see this @CJR piece recommending that #climatechange be part of every journalist's beat!

This is what we've been calling for since our founding in September.

Hear hear! Climate change is not a story just for the environment or the science section.

Yes! @ClimateComms here advances precisely our solution: journalists at every desk should mention climate change in the stories they're already reporting about its effects.

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We at are calling for reporters and anchors to mention climate change in the stories they are reporting about its effects.

We also ask reporters and producers not to suppress their efforts!

Here's the background: in conversation with a reporter on a national beat at a major newspaper, we learned that this writer once tried to mention climate change in a story but was told by their editor that doing so would be "political."

The reporter was ordered to take their mention of climate change out.

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We at want reporters to mention climate change in the stories they're already reporting about their effects.

But how can these reporters be confident in linking their stories to climate?

This thread offers some tools....

Your first resource is the 4th National Climate Assessment, specifically the "Report Chapters" on particular US "Regions."

Wondering if the latest science has established a link between climate change and an extreme event? Start there.

The next step is to check out the "Extreme Weather Toolkits" on this @ClimateCentral page.

These can help you formulate your language for talking about the links between extreme weather and climate.

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As Director of @EndClimateSilence, I thank you for amplifying our tweet thread.

Glad to see we're making you nervous.

But I must also say that you, blatantly lying, misrepresent both our position and the science in your attempted rebuttal.

Let's begin, shall we?

First of all, we've never called for anyone to "blame global warming" for any extreme weather event. That's a lie.

We call for reporters to mention climate change in their stories about extreme weather.

Climate change is part of the context for those stories.

Despite your claims, science *has* identified more extreme precipitation events & flooding as an effect of AGW in the Northern Great Planes of the US.

Here are 4 examples from what you call "US Climate Assessment" [sic], in the section about the N Great Planes themselves.

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This is one of the most shocking cases of #climatesilence we've ever seen.

@adeelnyt writes an entire article in the @nytimes about the context of the #NebraskaFloods and fails to mention climate change even once.…

Newsflash! The midwestern floods from the bomb cyclone ARE linked to climate change.

@gaarder in her @OWHnews article made those links clear, quoting both James Hansen and @MichaelEMann. She is a model to reporters everywhere.…

Hassan wasn't the only @nytimes reporter who failed to mention climate change.

@mihirzaveri wrote an entire piece veritably humming with #climatesilence.…

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How broadcast TV networks covered climate change in 2018. TLDR version: really shittily, like hardly at all. New analysis from the @mmfa climate team. #EndClimateSilence #CoverClimate
We found a 45% DROP in climate change coverage on broadcast networks’ nightly news and Sunday morning political shows from 2017 to 2018 -- from a total of 260 minutes in 2017 down to just 142 minutes in 2018.
Remember that 2018 brought us crazy extreme weather around the world (wildfires above the Arctic Circle! firenado!), an IPCC special report, a new National Climate Assessment, and a whole lot of other compelling reasons to cover climate change.
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After chatting about climate w putatively progressive parents at 3 different kids' birthday parties this weekend 😐, I will report anecdotally that even folks who think they accept the science sometimes don't want to take action on climate change.

Why not?

2 reasons:

First, it seems to me, they have no faith that collective action--people rising up en masse and using techniques like civil disobedience, general strikes, public critique, "consumer voting," etc--will do anything to influence government policy.

They seem completely convinced that the political process is so corrupted by money--and that "power" in general is so unimpeachable (thank you, Foucault)--that Democracy is essentially a sham that allows the rich to run the world as they wish.

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The Trump gang is trying to bury this big national climate report by releasing it mid-afternoon on black Friday.

If you'd prefer to not let them get away with that crap, please retweet.

#ClimateFriday #EndClimateSilence

I'll thread good coverage below.
Here's the Guardian's coverage: "Heating the planet well beyond [2ºC] would create a 'totally different world... It would be indescribable, it would turn the world upside down in terms of its climate.'"

While not directly about the report, this piece is essential context

"In the past 30 years we’ve seen all 20 of the hottest years ever recorded... 'I’ve never been at a climate conference where people say "that happened slower than I thought it would."'"

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I cannot stop thinking about @PeterBrannen1's gorgeous & harrowing article on the Carnian Pluvial Episode.

That climate change produces rainfall powerful enough to wipe away the topography of all the Earth's landmass is shocking even for me.

2. That climate change this powerful was triggered by warming roughly equivalent to what's projected for our current pollution emissions trajectory is ... almost too much to bear.
3. Right around now many of my friends are making their winter holiday plans, buying tickets to fly all sorts of lovely places around the world. All of these people claim to understand the reality of climate change.
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Can we talk about the global "we"?

"We" is a big word in climate discourse. Just today I've seen a number of responses to #SR15 that use it, as in "we're fucking this up."

I'm here to say that this "we" is a fictional construct: ideological, obfuscatory, and dangerous.

Who is this "we"? Does it include the nearly one billion people who live on less than 2 dollars a day?…

Does it include the +/- 5.5 billion people who live on between 2-10 dollars a day?…

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Yesterday, at an interesting #ClimateWeekNYC panel on fighting denial (organized by @ColumbiaClimate, @Sallan_Found, @earthinstitute, & @ClimSciDefense) @jeffnesbit made some excellent points I want to circulate.

First point: Nesbit reported that his research shows that trying to inoculate teenagers against tobacco advertising by telling them that smoking will make them die before their time doesn't work. But....

Telling teenagers that they're being targeted and manipulated by tobacco companies who are shamelessly trying to addict them actually *does* make them much less likely to take up smoking.

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