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There are some false reports doing the rounds of a very large asteroid, 2022 AP7, "certain" to strike Earth.

2022 AP7's orbit is well known 100 years into the future and it will not strike Earth or even make a close approach (atleast for a century.)

This doesn't mean it will strike in 101 years! Only that our #PlanetaryDefence experts calculate asteroid orbits for the next hundred years. Any asteroid with even a tiny chance of impact is added to ESA's #AsteroidRiskList, and becomes the focus of intense observations
New data improves our understanding of its orbit and reduces any uncertainties, after which point it usually becomes clear it will not strike and its removed from the list

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Here's the replay of the DRACO camera view of the #DARTMission impact onto Dimorphos, the moon of Didymos earlier today. Now time for me to play with some images...
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OK y'all #DARTmission post-impact press briefing is live now here:
"Once we got a look at Dimorphos, we were very confident we were going to hit." (If Dimorphos had been a contact binary like comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko or New Horizons' target Arrokoth, a nearly direct hit on its centroid could've turned into a miss. Fortunately, it was round.)
I tried to call in to the press briefing to ask a question about image release plans, but, technical difficulties. There was one question on the briefing about LICIAcube plans... 1/n
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NASA is just over 10 minutes away from smashing a spacecraft into the asteroid Dimorphos, in a planetary defense demonstration.

Watch the #DARTMission impact live:
The #DARTMission
launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket last November – here's some background on the mission:…
From the live DART camera, the larger asteroid Didymos alongside its smaller compatriot (and tonight's target) Dimorphos: Image
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Thar they are! Right now Dimorphos and Didymos are both this bright dot of light. They’ll separate into two dots in a little while. #DARTMission

I’ll add photos on to this thread periodically as approach continues.
At the moment, this is the only source for the approach images. If they have not appeared on a website by the time of the post-impact press briefing scheduled for (I think) 5pm Pacific time, I will ask! #DARTmission
So one hour prior to impact, or roughly 35 minutes after this tweet, the #DARTmission photos should start separating the two components of the Dimorphos system.
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Less than seven hours til #DARTsmash! Live countdown and links to official streams are on the mission website here:
And I’ve got you covered with links to background information on the mission to answer all your questions about #DARTMission #DARTsmash on my Patreon:…
Just six hours to #DARTMission #DARTsmash now. The live feed from DART's DRACO camera will pick up at 2:30pm California time, a little more than 4 hours from now. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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NASA will on Monday attempt a feat humanity has never before accomplished: deliberately smacking a spacecraft into an asteroid to slightly deflect its orbit, in a key test of our ability to stop cosmic objects from devastating life on Earth #DARTMission Image
#BREAKING NASA spaceship strikes asteroid in landmark test of planetary defense: livestream Image
#UPDATE NASA's DART spaceship on Monday struck the moonlet asteroid Dimorphos, in a historic test of humanity's ability to prevent a cosmic object devastating life on Earth. Image
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Warning: emotional #thread about #DARTMission.
It was 9 years ago when I started to work on @esa's Asteroid Impact Mission. This was the first time I met #Didymos. Since then, Didymos and its small moon #Dimorphos (back then it was Didymoon) became a huge part of my career.
Many things happened in my life during these 9 years. Didymos always followed me all around the globe.
I worked on engineering aspects of missions to Didymos (AIM and Hera/Milani), as well as on scientific ones, as a member of the DART&Hera Investigation Team.
I was mission analyst for AIM at @polimi (designing AIM's interplanetary transfer and MASCOT-2 landing on Dimorphos), then PI of projects to study rubble-pile dynamics of Didymos at @NASAJPL and @unibern, and back to trajectory design for Hera/Milani cubesat at @polimi
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Here’s the order of play for my #JWST look at the Orion Nebula & Trapezium Cluster over the coming week.

35 hours of observations spread over 6 days, generating ~3,500 images & ~140GB of data.

Probably worth a bit of background explanation.

First things first.

Most astronomers would think of Orion as something to be observed in December. That's when it's opposite the Sun in the sky & is visible most of the night, culminating around midnight. I've spent many December nights observing Orion from Hawai'i & Chile.

But things are different for #JWST, in orbit around the Sun-Earth L2 point, 1.5 million km from here, not tied to the rotation our planet.

And because of the design of the observatory, #JWST can't actually look in the anti-Sun direction to where Orion is in December.

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!Quedan 44 días!. La nave espacial #DARTMission intentará desviar el asteroide binario Didymos y su pequeña luna Dimorphos. La sonda impactará en Dimorphos a una velocidad de 6,6 km/s (23.760 km/h). @NASA
Dimorphos fue elegido porque su velocidad alrededor de Diydmos es relativamente más baja que la velocidad de los gemelos alrededor del sol.
Esto ayudará a determinar el impacto cinético de #DARTMission de manera más efectiva.
#DARTMission se lanzó a bordo de un cohete SpaceX Falcon 9 en noviembre de 2021. Ha sido desarrollado y operado por el Laboratorio de Física Aplicada de John Hopkins, bajo la dirección de la Oficina de Coordinación de Defensa Planetaria (PDCO) de la @NASA.
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From landing on Mars to launching the powerful @NASAWebb, it’s hard to beat the monumental achievements we’ve had this past year. But in #NASAScience our momentum doesn’t just stop, it keeps going! Here are 10 things I look forward to in science this year: ImageImageImageImage
#1: First Images of @NASAWebb
Soon we will #UnfoldTheUniverse, looking to the first stars and galaxies formed over 13.5 billion years ago. I am so excited to see what this powerful telescope will uncover about our universe this year.
#2: Celebrating 50 years of Landsat and the start of Landsat Next
Last year we launched @USGS/@NASA_Landsat 9, adding to the legacy of satellites tracking changes on Earth from space. Now, we celebrate the progress we've made as we continue to better understand our home planet. Image
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It's 2/2/22! For this day of 2️⃣s, here are some iconic pairs in our solar system. Some asteroids come in twos, such as Ida & Dactyl, as seen by the Galileo spacecraft. This year, our #DARTMission will perform its test at another pair, Didymos & Dimorphos: an asteroid and its tiny moonlet against the blackness of sp
Two small moons of Saturn, Janus & Epimetheus, share very similar orbits around the planet, and they regularly swap positions. This series of images was captured by Cassini.
Pluto and its largest moon Charon, seen here by the #NewHorizonsMission, are sometimes described as a double planet, since they orbit around the common center of gravity between them. smaller Charon and larger Pluto in space
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🚀 DidYouSeeIt?Here’sThe #dartmission SeenFrom StudioCity. TheNASA MissionWillAttemptToCrash IntoANear-EarthAsteroidTo TryToChangeItsMotionIn Space.TheLtestOn @CBSLA At11pmWith @Patharveynews
Science. OneGenome OnenessConcept
NASAemploysNearly17,000 PeopleWithDverse Backgrounds.72%of NASA EmployeesAreWhiteOr Caucasian,1%AreAmerican Indian.I am concerned with
wastage of Man-power,&
MoneyPower i.e 23.3Billions.Can’tBeUsedTo Set-upSmallScaleIndustryTo GiveEmploymentTo Unemployed.Aren'tThere
2/n SS[1],
2DaysAgoNasa'sDART MissionWillTryAndDivertAn AsteroidWithA... According To @NASA TheTotalCostOf TheDART-MissionIs$308 Million
My suggestion is #NASA
is just wasting hard earned money in undue projects[1]
NASA'sBudgetForFiscal Year(FY)2021 Is23.3Billion.
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Luck favors the prepared! The #DARTMission has lifted off to begin its journey to a double asteroid, where it will test techniques to deflect an asteroid if someday one presents a hazard to Earth. Ride along here and at rocket lifting through clouds, setting them aglow
The #DARTMission spacecraft has separated from the @SpaceX rocket, and is on its way to the Didymos double asteroid system, where it is expected to arrive late next year. video still frame showing spacecraft against the blackness o
@SpaceX More updates will be available here, from @AsteroidWatch, and at

Learn more about DART, asteroids, and the science that is searching out their secrets:
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ماموریت دارت #DARTMission: حمله ناسا به یک سیارک و تغییر مدار آن!
تقریبا نیم‌قرن است که می‌دانيم سنگی بزرگ به ابعاد ۱۰ کیلومتر حدود ۶۵میلیون سال پیش باعث انقراض دایناسورهای عظیم‌الجثه روی زمین شد. در یک قرن گذشته هم برخوردهایی کوچک باعث شده که هراس نابودی بشر در اثر برخورد …/۱ Astroid Impact
مشابه، امری جدی تلقى شود. سال ۲۰۰۰ مجله دیسکاور @DiscoverMag فهرستی از ۲۰ تهدید جدی تمدن و بشر را منتشر کرد. از آن به بعد مجله‌های پاپ‌ساینس فهرست‌های مشابه زیادی منتشر کرده‌اند که نابودی بشر دراثر برخورد سیارک یا سنگ آسمانی همواره در صدر آنها بوده‌است /۲…
روزانه صدهاتن سنگ آسمانی کوچک در ابعاد چند سانتی‌متر به زمین برخورد می‌کنند. در تصویر زیر تعداد برخوردهای مشاهده شده سنگ‌های ۱ تا ۲۰ متر در طول ۲۰ سال دیده می‌شود. غیر از برخورد ۶۵میلیون‌سال پیش، اثر حداقل ۵ ابربرخورد (سنگی با قطر حدود ۱۰کیلومتر) روی زمین تایید شده‌است. /۳ Small Astroid Impact
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🧵Fui revisitar um #factcheck antigo e tropecei noutro #disparate do #LesteOeste da @SICNoticias a propósito deste “vídeo do exército do Azerbaijão com militares bem maquilhadas da ala feminina das operações especiais”, como descreveu @nrogeiro:… (12:43) 1/ Image
#Factcheck: a única mulher no videoclip é a cantora #NarminKarimbayova, claramente identificada na ficha técnica do vídeo, tal como o cantor #CeyhunZeynalov e a banda Nur: 2/
A cantora azeri já tinha participado (com a mesma banda) num videoclipe anterior do Serviço Nacional de Fronteiras do Azerbaijão: .
Entretanto fui espreitar outros #LesteOeste no site da @SICNoticias e facilmente encontrei mais casos de #gatoporlebre 3/
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