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#Trump And I have heard for many years -- what's the worst trade in the history of sports? Babe Ruth,19-year-old pitcher, for $100,000 and a 35-year-old third baseman

He was 24 not 19
He cost $125,000
No 35 year old third baseman was included in the deal.

Babe Ruth was "drafted" as a pitcher.

#FactCheck There was no draft in Ruth's era.

Ruth hit his home runs in the "dead ball" era.


The dead ball era famously ended with Ruth's emergence as a slugger.
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It is very ignorant for anyone to say they took people out of poverty just because they gave them handouts that the high cost of living and economic downturn will devour in a matter of weeks. Poverty is lack of productivity, purpose & fulfillment not lack of money. #FactCheck
There are many people in government who are suffering from abject poverty going by the above construct. They have conditioned themselves to stealing public funds in billions through inflation of contracts and budget padding. All they have is money but poor still.
Such people are known by their attachment to power and public office. They can not be productive in anything but grafts and heists, they are not fulfilled despite all they have stolen and fruitfulness is not in their dictionary in any ramification. We should be saved from them.
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Kindly pardon me henceforth if I don’t respond to partisan jibes and rhetorics. The acronyms have no meaning to me. The political elites, enlitened (educated) elites, upper class with generational wealth & the people in general are the known classes in Nigeria in the real sense.
So permit me as usual to provide the missing perspective on national issues void of partisan coloration. I’m well aware that those whose sentiments are not caressed will always scream blue murder but my tweets will hit the conscience of those it’s meant for (HNIs & the Rational).
A few colleagues abroad were briefing me on the #Amistice and I notice a few citizens were wondering why our President wasn’t in the picture with other world leaders. No worries. We weren’t invited period. Our President was only invited to the Paris Peace Forum. #FactCheck
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Here is an update to fact check our dear VP and Prof on his speech a year ago while flagging off FG’s Food Distribution Programme in Maiduguri. #FactCheck #AskQuestions…
The question here is how the Billions were appropriated. We must note here that Silos weren’t rented for storage. The grains were stored in FG Silos. So where did the billions go without due process? Are we being told re-bagging & logistics cost consumed the Billions he took?! 🤔
Also to avoid misinformation, when the Presidency released an info through Femi Adesina on declaration of state of emergency on #WASH the data was manipulated.
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@SushantBSinha #Fact check extended :

Cash holding:
2016: 17.00 lac crore
2018: 19.30 lac crore
Valuation of rupee :
2016: 65/$
2018: 75/$
Liquidity : #IL&FS crisis
GDP growth: Fall by 2% (tag of fastest growing economy lost)
Bank fraud: Constantly increasing
Chip: Not found😂
@SushantBSinha Continuation....

#Naxalite insurgency:

Civilians killed:
2015: 90
2017: 110
Security forces killed:
2015: 60
2017: 75

#Demonitisation #FactCheck
@SushantBSinha Continuation.....3

Stone pletting in kashmir
2015: 730
2017: 1261

But godi media is tweeting figure as per their convenience !!!

#Propaganda chalta rehna chahiye ! #FactsAreFacts

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For MAGAts spouting "most domestic terrorists are liberals" bullshit: I'm gonna hit you with some #FACTS. The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) includes systematic data on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2017. It includes domestic, transnational and... 1/7
international terrorist incidents. The GTD is →THE MOST← comprehensive unclassified database on terrorist attacks in the world, covering more than 180,000 cases. It includes the date & incident location, weapons used, nature of the target, number of casualties, and when... 2/7
identifiable; the group or individual responsible. According to the GTD; globally, terrorist attacks dropped from about 17,000 in 2014 to 11,000 in 2017, including a 40% DECLINE in the MIDDLE EAST, but the U.S. had a surge of terror-related violence in 2017 with 65 attacks. 3/7
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1) God förmiddag! Jo, det blir en tråd igen men inte så lång denna gången. Tänkte bara göra er uppmärksamma på något som kan vara bra att veta om det dyker upp i era flöden.

Något som kommer från den sida som gärna idiotförklarar allt till vänster om Nya Moderaterna.

2) Inatt upptäckte jag en gammal återanvänd "nyhet" med inslag av islamism á la ISIS, som utan tvekan är en avskyvärd sekt med en avskyvärd ideologi. I detta fallet skrämmer twittraren upp sina följare med att en viss läkare kan finnas på en vårdcentral nära dig!

3) Som synes har tweeten retweetats 87 gånger och gillats 107 gånger, utan att någon har gjort någon #FactCheck. Anledningen till det är antingen ren lathet, ointresse då det inte gagnar agendan eller ovetskap om att det faktiskt finns appar där du lätt kan söka på bilder.
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@manu1154 @kaltimevel @IamAlok_INC @GenZinfrenzy @Mayavi101 @The_veenaD @ANI @vxtandon1 @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @e_postmortem “The Hindu–German Conspiracy “ was a series of plans between 1914 and 1917 by Indian nationalist groups to attempt Pan-Indian rebellion against the British Raj during World War One 🤔

If you have not read about it in school- RT
Google to know about it 🙏🏽...,+
@manu1154 @kaltimevel @IamAlok_INC @GenZinfrenzy @Mayavi101 @The_veenaD @ANI @vxtandon1 @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @e_postmortem +...and the outcome was British planted MKG in 1915 to sabotage & delay agressive freedom struggle by Bal Pal Lal,by projecting him to be the best Hindu in India who was non violent,as well.
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I'm working one some new political features for you, but in the meantime, here is a quick #niagaravotes2018 #factcheck. Today, we look at the campaign literature of Niagara Falls regional councillor and @NiagRegPolice board chair Bob Gale. Here is the back of his flier. (Thread)
One of the things to note is the police budget increases from 2003 to 2014 which he pegs at 14% to 30%, where as in his tenure as chair, it is much lower. This is true as far as it goes, but it lacks critical context.
One of the things to point out here is that in the early 2000s, the NRP expanded its size by hiring more officers. This was after years of either reductions or effective hiring freezes. There has been no comparable expansion in many years, naturally stabilizing budget growth.
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@ShekharGupta let’s do some #FactCheck for your article. Hope you care to clarify, as there are abundant errors. I’m afraid journalism is getting fact-averse in order to glorify the choice. Cc @vivekagnihotri @RatanSharda55 @RKpanday1977 @amitmalviya
2/n You attribute Indira G for Green Revolution & for appointing C Subramaniam as Agri Minister. But wasn’t it Lal Bahadur Shastri who brought in Green Revolution and C Subramaniam? Forgot slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kishan’? You speak of Farmers only in terms of Farm Growth rate.
3/n but isn’t NaMo gov bringing in a paradigm shift wrt to Agricultural Sector. Few such innovations are : Pradhan Mantri Fasal Beema Yojana,E-NAM Portal,
E-rakam portal 2017,Agri UDAAN 2017,Modi government launched negotiable warehousing receipt in e-format etc and many to name
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Dr @MehreenFaruqi, the first female Muslim senator, is about to give her first speech in the @AuSenate less than a week after Fraser Anning praised the White Australia policy and endorsed a ban on Muslim immigration.
"We are gathered today on stolen land."

Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi kicks off her first speech with a bang.
Faruqi: There is still a reluctance among many to acknowledge that we are a settler colonial society. It is a simple fact. Aus is a nation built on the invasion & colonisation of sovereign nations. It surprises & saddens me that that this reality is still denied, often vehemently
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Always wondered what this seemingly random document in the Glenn Simpson exhibits meant. Is this the $400 million? 133 million shares in what? Tied into Cheney? #BillBrowder…
Plot twist! Those are Manaforts notes from the Trump Tower meeting...
This is fascinating. Apparently this isn’t breaking news at all, Bill Browder has been working with the Ziff brothers three billionaires that bank the Democrats? Move over Soros. This is what Russian layer chick was obsessed with.
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Thanks Distinguished, I have spoken to his Lawyer and have gathered the material facts of the issue. I will speak to the PC of FCT and see how it pans out from there before we begin putting pressure. The bias of an individual shouldn’t be justified in legal matters. #AmINext
I need the public to know for certain that we have a thorough checks and balance mechanism to ascertain claims before we swing into action. We can’t be biased. @PoliceNG know better than to abuse the rights of a lawyer especially given the ongoing advocacy. This begs the question
Is the alleged “Barrister Ephraim Emeka Ugwuonye” still a Lawyer? Is he still parading himself as one? If his rights are being infringed upon, this one can query but the fact of the case he is involved in will have to follow the course of Law. Thanks. 🤔 #FactCheck
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Dear @NGRPresident, Your statement is false and Wrong

"For the first time, 30% of the budget was earmarked for capital expenditure which ..."

In 2013, capital component of the budget was 31.9%

Promising to spend is not the same thing as spending.

In 2016, only N173bn was spent on capital items representing 3.94%
capital spending in 2016 at 3.94% is the lowest since 1961...

data-savvy people can fact-check here:……
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Are we really discussing whether or not Carter Page should have been monitored?

& The Dossier Origin

Trump and those Carrier Jobs..
The Nunes Memo says The Dossier was not responsible for investigation-

Rachel @maddow highlights.
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