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No último #LesteOeste, na @SICNoticias, o @nrogeiro partilhou 4 fotos, uma das quais descreveu como sendo um dos barcos pneumáticos interceptados recentemente no norte de Moçambique, o que veio a comprovar-se ser errado. 1/
cc. @Politriks1 @emorier @xaixai71 @vmasmarques
Aqui, a partir dos 13m20s: “…Temos aqui o bote, o bote está ali à esquerda com um círculo em que se vê um homem em camuflado, ele foi interceptado por este navio moçambicano que aparece em baixo…”… 2/
O ‘homem em camuflado’ é certamente um elemento da guarda costeira líbia (de uma das milícias que à data desempenhavam esse papel) numa intercepção ocorrida em 2014, sendo a outra foto de um resgate no mesmo local/ano, como já #verificado aqui: 3/
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#FactCheck Pompeo's fact-twisting China speech versus the truth (21/26)
After HKSAR's return to the motherland, it enjoys executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudication, in accordance with the Basic Law of the HKSAR.
#FactCheck Pompeo's fact-twisting China speech versus the truth (22/26)
China is a socialist country with a strategic choice to follow the path of peaceful development, an independent foreign policy of peace, and cultural tradition of "valuing peace as the most precious".
#FactCheck Pompeo's fact-twisting China speech versus the truth (23/26)
The PLA is the people's army that loves and serves the people. Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out that our army is the people's army, and our national defense is the national defense of all the people.
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___ "I know how hard it is for folks who are sick, struggling, and wondering how they'll get through the day.

You deserve a president who will fight for you and lead our nation out of these crises. I'll get started on day one." Joe Biden
Biden's Bold Ideas..
"We aren’t just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is our opportunity to build back better than ever." Joe Biden

#BidenHarris2020 #issues

Joe Biden's platform🇺🇸
I recommend checking out this Joe Biden website on Biden's vision for America plus more, that these 2 created.. 🇺🇸
#JoeBiden #KamalaHarris
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.@MichelleObama, on Americans: “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages."

THE FACTS (AGAIN): The reference to cages is misleading and a matter that Democrats have persistently distorted. Image
Trump used facilities that were built during the Obama-Biden administration to house children at the border. They are chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants were temporarily housed, separated by sex and age. Image
Prominent Democrats have continued to cite cages for children as a distinctive cruelty of Trump. @AP #FactCheck Image
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@marcorubio No. A brilliant move is trying to demean actors & celebrities whilst overlooking the obvious fact that Donald Trump is an actor & celebrity.

Your boy Donald has 921 Film & TV credits (almost THREE times Eva Longoria’s career total).
@marcorubio #HOLLYWOOD #FactCheck

Donald Trump found success pretending to be a successful business man on a TV show called #TheApprentice.

He and his associates are showbiz people.

(1) Rudy Giuliani
@marcorubio (2) Ivana Trump
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MAFINDO's "Fact Check Competition" a year ago, one of our efforts for passing fact checking skills to the next generation. We've also include these youngsters as part of our "COVID-19 Task Force", one of our efforts to prioritize ... #LawanHoax #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/4)
and coordinate COVID-19-related fact check. And, to also forged their skill in a real-world daily fact checking operation, NOT just before or during the competition. (2/4)
"Kompetisi Periksa Fakta" MAFINDO setahun lalu, salah satu upaya kami untuk meneruskan kemampuan periksa fakta ke generasi yang selanjutnya. Kami juga melibatkan anak-anak muda ini ke "Gugus Tugas COVID-19", salah satu dari upaya-upaya kami untuk memprioritaskan dan ... (3/4)
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[EDUKASI] "Hoax: Apa dan Tips untuk Mengenalinya"

Saintif, / #LawanHoax #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/14)
Apa itu Hoax?

Berita yang seolah-olah benar tapi sebenarnya bohong. (2/14)
Kita tidak suka dibohongi, makanya kita harus bisa mengenali hoax. (3/14)
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Gira video postato dalla specialista in fake sui #migranti in cui sostiene che i cittadini di #Lampedusa monitorano il mare per impedire gli sbarchi. In realtà da una barca non fanno altro che gridare "alt" mentre quelli proseguono 👇🏽
Il video non mostra lo sbarco che nessuno ha potuto impedire perché la barca con i migranti era già oramai a pochi metti dalla costa . E perché nessuno può impedire ad una barca carica di persone di entrare a meno che non gli sparino addosso finendo incriminato per omicidio. 👇🏽
Dalla barca dei sedicenti cittadini lampedusani impossibilitati da qualsiasi legge a fermare quei poveracci si sente urlare "chiamate i carabinieri". I quali nient'altro potranno fare se non prendere atto che c'e un altro sbarco e portare i migranti in hotspot. Come sempre 👇🏽
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Indonesia's political polarization in a nutshell. Cebong: derogatory label for Jokowi supporters, Kampret: derogatory label for Prabowo supporters. Since 2014, even after Prabowo joined the administration ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/4)
[FALSE] "Apparently all the tadpoles are in a mental hospital"

The Conversation: ""Tadpole" versus "Kampret": Political polarization after 2019 presidential election is getting sharper" (2/4)
Gambaran sekilas polarisasi politik di Indonesia. Cebong: label merendahkan untuk pendukung Jokowi, Kampret: label merendahkan untuk pendukung Prabowo. Sejak 2014, bahkan setelah Prabowo bergabung di Kabinet (3/4)
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"Dosen Universitas Nadhlatul Ulama Surakarta Ahmad Faruk menjelaskan, dalam perspektif agama Islam tidak ada makanan Syariah, akan tetapi lebih kepada halal atau haram dan toyiba atau tidak. ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/3)
Ahmad Faruk yang juga Sekretaris Pengurus Cabang Nahdlatul Ulama Solo menegaskan “ Kalau dalam agama Islam itu bukan makanan syar’i, tapi lebih kepada apakah makanan ini halal atau haram.
unggahan tersebut suatu bentuk parodi yang mana ... (2/3)
sebenarnya masyarakat tidak perlu memperdebatkan dan membatasi diri untuk berkomentar yang dapat menyinggung orang lain. (...)"

Duta Damai Jawa Tengah, (3/3)
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#FACTCHECK: Many people are spreading #MISINFORMATION about #ProtestRights. You have NO RIGHT to participate in a #RIOT, it is NOT constitutionally protected #FreeSpeech - neither is engaging in CRIMINAL ACTS while protesting...
1.) Time, Place and Manner Restrictions Apply to "Protected #FreeSpeech" (protesting) - if local law requires a permit, you must have one -- especially if you are using or occupying public roadways or buildings or lands...…
2.) If police issue a "#dispersal" order, or declare a "#riot" - you MUST FOLLOW POLICE COMMANDS TO LEAVE THE AREA OR SURRENDER. Failure to do so is a criminal felony act called #RIOTING:…
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Thread | #BEEF it OR not
Man used to eat meat, before 10000 BCE, however, as Man started Grains cultivation in Indian History, their preference on meat as food decreased. And virtually it was NIL till ~1500 AD
Let us see how it evolved through antiquity

TEETH are first indicators of whether an animal is #HERBIVOROUS or #CARNIVOROUS
Look at the teeth sets of a human dating BCE 7000, They were NOT meat-eaters.
A study conducted on Jaws from Upper Palaeolithic to Bronze Age shows that dental (crown) dimensions and mandibular dimensions between HUNTERS & FARMERS shifted to sedentism & agricultural subsistence thousands yrs ago.…
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False information normally exploits the current trend, otherwise it's likely will not get enough traction from the public since they don't care about the topic. Since for the past several months public interest is about ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy #CoronaVirusFacts (1/6)
COVID-19, so is the topic for false information. Using classic context twisting, not always related to COVID-19 itself. This one is a combination between fear of the pandemic itself and exploiting Indonesian's religious beliefs. ... (2/6)
NO, people in Wuhan DID NOT scream uncontrollably: (3/6)
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This is my point by point rebuttal to Taapsee Pannu's recent "befitting reply" to #KanganaRanaut :

1. Taapsee claims that Kangana has made "mockery out of outsiders" How? By fighting against the malpractices, bullying and abuse that outsiders have been facing for years? 1/11
@taapsee She was the one who raised the nepotism issue, that too on Karan Johar's own show! Did you support her when she raised that issue? The answer is a resounding NO. Rather you belittled her as someone who is just using Nepotism as an excuse to justify lack of work. 2/11
Now tell me who is the real "bully" and "harasser"?? Who is the one making a "mockery of outsiders"?? You talked about being "logical" but I fail to see even an iota of logic in your statements! 3/11
#FactCheck 👇👇
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Helaas wordt er op sociale media veel onzin en mythes verspreid. Onderstaande is daar een voorbeeld van. Mocht u deze beweringen tegenkomen en zich afvragen waar het over gaat, bij deze de #factcheck:
Het bewuste debat in @DeBalie ging NIET over "de uitzetting van moslims". Het onderwerp was een boek dat door een verzameling auteurs was geschreven en ging over de beweegredenen en achterliggende sentimenten van jihadisten en ander religieus tuig dat zich op grond van die ...
... opvattingen gerechtvaardigd voelde om aanslagen en andere misdaden te plegen. In het boek trachtten de auteurs om, op hun eigen manier, antwoord te geven op de vraag "Waarom haten ze ons eigenlijk?", wat eveneens de titel van het boek was.
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The religious aspects of societies, including Indonesian, is often exploited for false information. NO, the call for prayer is NOT related to the black cloud in the video: #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/2)
Aspek-aspek relijius dari masyarakat, termasuk masyarakat Indonesia, sering dieksploitasi untuk informasi salah. TIDAK, Adzan TIDAK ada kaitannya dengan awan hitam di video ini: #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (2/2)
Not just religious belief, superstition belief is also exploitable. For Indonesian, a fireball falling from the sky is traditionally believed as a sign that something big is about to happen.

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Why WHY spreading #FakeNews like this, so easy to disprove, why?

This is deliberate.
To make us all look stupid.

More sauce:…
è il team Wayfair.

Non c'è nessun Bill Hutchinson/Hutcherson.

#FakeNews #FakeNewsAlert #FactCheck #FactsMatter #TruthMatters ImageImage
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The claim that Tolkien's Ruling Ring was inspired by a ring at the Vyne in Hampshire and a curse-inscription at Lydney in Gloucestershire is doing the rounds yet again. It's tenuous, as I argue in THE WORLDS OF JRR TOLKIEN. Here's why…
#Tolkien #FactCheck
Tolkien wrote a paper for the 1932 report on REM Wheeler’s excavations of Romano-British remains at Lydney, Gloucestershire. But Tolkien only dealt with one aspect of the curse tablet there, the divine name Nodens (on which he mostly summarises existing knowledge)…
His paper shows no sign that he considered the content of the tablets, and makes no reference to the curse or to the ring mentioned in it…
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Este es un ejercicio que he hecho comprobando como ha ido evolucionando el tema de las conspiraciones sobre el 5g en Twitter
Es muy sencillo y mi intención es que uds vean un método para comprobar el contexto temporal de la info que recibimos
#factcheck #osint #5g
Abro hilo :
La forma que he utilizado de visualizar como ha ido es utilizar una búsqueda muy sencilla acotando el periodo anterior hasta el Estado de Alarma (11M) y avanzar semana a semana hasta hoy
Para calificar de relevante he usado un mínimo de 400 RTs a un tweet
En la búsqueda he usado los parámetros
since:aaaa-mm-dd (desde tal fecha)
until:aaaa-mm-dd (hasta tal fecha)
lang:es (en español)
min_retweets:400 (con mínimo 400 rts)
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Again. And.

Again. And.

Again. And.

Again. And....

On a continuous loop.

#AmericaOrTrump ?
#LincolnProject ✊ 🇺🇸

What or who do you choose?

Thanks 🙏@gtconway3d @jwgop @TheRickWilson @SteveSchmidtSES @reedgalen @NHJennifer @madrid_mike @RonSteslow
cc: @realDonaldTrump 👆🏻
The # of trump troll replies to this tweet is inversely correlated w/ the factual accuracy of it.
Code the replies as a binary variable.
Code the truth meter on this tweet as binary variable as an index (0-1) based on fact checks.
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I simply don't get it. How is tweeting "when the looting starts, shooting starts" promoting violence compared to people coming out saying "shoot the white folks" or promoting death to the president? Contrary to what Biden said I'm black and support @Donald
What has changed the political landscape? Obama called Baltimore rioters thugs.…
Twitter is acting as a publisher.
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Hoy voy a mostrar , en estos ejercicios que pretenden ilustrar conceptos como Huella digital o la importancia de contrastar quiénes nos cuentan las cosas en la red, otro ejemplo de cómo desde una fake news podemos descubrir una historia
#factcheck #osint #huelladigital
Abro Hilo
La noticia en cuestión la tienen en la imagen, y pertenece al medio que pueden observar.
Vemos una firma : Joaquín Abad y un libro al lado
Todos los datos que muestro SON PÚBLICOS. Los puede ver cualquiera. No desvelo nada privado
El primer paso , aunque ya tenemos información, es buscar el dominio. Siendo .es está registrado con su propietario
En este caso Cibeles Group CCL
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1. News: BREAKING: Rioters Set AutoZone on Fire Near Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct - why do this so suffering businesses? In their own neighborhoods even?

How does this help?


Thread 5/28/2020

2. News: ‘George Floyd’ Protesters Destroy Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct
#riots #protests
3. News: ‘George Floyd’ Protests
– Cops Deploy Flash Bangs and Tear Gas #riots #protests
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Hoy les voy a hablar de uno de los digitales (y son muchos) que esparcen odio y bulos en las redes
El Diestro
Veamos quién está detrás de él
Estos datos SON PÚBLICOS . No cuento nada que cualquiera NO pueda ver
Sirva de ejemplo de como comprobar las cosas
#factcheck #osint
Lo primero que vamos a ver es quién está detrás
Para ello buscamos el Dominio. Siendo .es está obligado por la ley española a su identificación
Resultado un nombre
Angel Campos Rufian
Si buscamos ese nombre no es difícil encontrar su cuenta en Twitter
Aquí mantiene un perfil bajo, moderado. Taurino y demás. Pero no tiene nada que ver con la línea editorial y demás
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