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@DanyLouise What a disingenuous resignation letter. Please remove Labour from your profile as you have now resigned. As for the conspiracy theorist allegation I do not know the person in question but since when is questioning the events of 9/11 a crime? @silverrich39 @FightingGran
@DanyLouise @silverrich39 @FightingGran Oh and here is a fact Your conspiracy theorists have secured a Grand Jury Hearing. Are you an architect or engineer?
@DanyLouise @silverrich39 @FightingGran This is the primary broadcast referred to By Guido Fawkes and co in regards to Alex Samuel Scott. He does not appear with David Icke or any guests denying the Holocaust He speaks from about 26 minutes about the state of the #NHS @upsadaizy @oneoflokis
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Now reading the the #TopolReview report - Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future. It's an illuminating read #DigitalHealth
It's clear that a lot of effort has gone into the #TopolReview - it paints a glorious vision of what healthcare would look like over the next 20 years (for both staff and patients) - enabled by technology such as #genomics, #AI and #robotics
For me the #Topolreview has too narrow a focus. It's been commissioned by healthcare, yet we know that with an aging population, many people with long term conditions have to rely upon #socialcare as well. We need joined up thinking, imho.
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I keep being asked what #Dickens would have made of #Brexit. Charles & Catherine Dickens took their family to live in #Genoa, #Italy for a year (in 1844-1845) – something Brits will no longer be able to do after 29 March. #travel
Before moving to #Italy, Charles #Dickens employed Antonio Gallenga, a political #refugee from #Parma who had migrated to #London, to teach him Italian. In #Brexit Britain, Gallenga would no longer be allowed to work legally.
#Dickens wrote a #travelogue about his year in #Italy. ‘Pictures from Italy’ details the family’s travels through #Europe to their new home in #Genoa, & Dickens' #travels around the country. In #Brexit Britain Dickens would no longer have the right to work in another EU country.
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I’ve recently had to use my adopted country’s private healthcare system, and it is *not* like the NHS back home. It’s so weird I feel like it needs a thread. So...

Public vs Private healthcare: The small but surprisingly important differences that nobody ever seems to mention.
1/ First things first: the big differences, like having to actually get money out to pay for healthcare, and wrangling with your insurance company, etc etc, get talked about on every #MedicareForAll post. This thread is not for that. It was the little things that surprised me.
2/ It starts off in a pretty similar way. Call the hospital, make an appointment, go to the hospital. Enter through the main foyer (past the guy on the grand piano, which I grant you is a bit weird) get in the lift and go find your specialist clinic. Just like home.
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1. A short story of #Brexit in four acts. Act 1) in 2010 Coalition comes to power and presses on with dramatic #austerity, wrecking the UK's social compact... causing massive economic harm...leading to 2015 General Election
2.... in which Cameron promised an #EUref, while secretly speculating on another hung parliament with #LibDems blocking such a referendum… Yet, Act 2) lots of #austerity disgruntled #LibDems & 2010 non-voters, along with some Cons voters switched to..
3. #UKIP in 2015 General Election. #LibDems got wiped out, #Cons gained 27 seats from LibDems (out 28 overall seat gain), while #Labour lost massively to #SNP -- allowing Cameron to go alone, being pushed by #Brexiteers in #Conservative party to go ahead with #EUref.
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Today's shift has been a rollacoaster of emotions which ended in a very sombre yet stark reminder of the importance of team work,effective communication & most importantly the value of life.#biomedicalscientist #pathology #NHS #Haematology #transfusion @IBMScience

I started my late shift today at 12pm, I am a Biomedical scientist and I work in the haematology and transfusion laboratories at a busy urban general hospital. I started in the haem dept helping process full blood counts, reviewing results & running countless add on tests.
This is normal for a busy large hospital. I was then asked to pop into the transfusion lab to review my training for manual crossmatches which has now been approved to carry out on analysers. I get as far as starting my crossmatch at 2.15pm, where upon I get a call from
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Artificial Intelligence & Health: On my way to a round table on how the UK should plan, manage and grow its capability. Let me know your views to share. #AI #health #ehealth #mhealth @OfficialNIHR @NIHRIOUK

My personal views in 4 tweets (I have many more shared over coffee!):
1) Create world leading annotated datasets (with the right governance) to build #AI tools to deliver value back to the #NHS these are vital to ensure the quality of outputs and also dataset for us to standardise understanding effectiveness. A #UKBioBank for data?
2) Use these datasets to create a world leading regulatory environment to ensure value back to the #NHS The lack of regulation of AI prevents it being used in the #NHS before we even start with local implementation and change management (which is vital).
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Tories solve money-laundering problem by not investigating money laundering...
Tories solve climate-change problem by accepting donations from fossil-fuel bosses...
Tories solve social problems by cutting local-council funding...
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As we begin 2019, I want to give a shout-out to our great NHS - and all the inspiring staff that keep it running during the holidays and throughout the year. Last year the NHS turned 70. We must fight to secure its future for the next 70 years and beyond. (1/)

The Tories have wrecked and ravaged our vital health and social care services for 9 years. Their ‘10-year plan’ is a sham. All the numbers add up to is disaster - insufficient funds, inadequate staffing and lack of foresight.

The Tories just can’t be trusted with our NHS. (2/)
It has taken a government obsessed with slashing budgets and cutting corners, a government hell-bent on imposing deadly and devastating levels of austerity, a government slammed by the UN for its unfounded cruelty, for cracks to appear in our mighty NHS. (3/)
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Misunderstanding of the Day. A thread.
"People with autism don’t understand standard rules and conventions therefore if they have to wait for an appointment they can shout and get agitated". I found that extraordinary sentence on a London Council page, talking about #autism /ctd
Firstly, autistic people are amongst the best of the best at understanding rules and conventions, so that is simply wrong. But, let's look at the reasons why autistic people might become distressed if kept waiting in NHS settings. Here we go... /ctd
Here's a photo. On the left, how you might see a medical room. On the right, how my brain processes it, under intense flickering fluorescent lighting, surrounded by deafening machinery noise and overwhelmed by the stench of medical chemicals. It is blinding, painful. /ctd
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The #NHS Long Tem Plan highlights what nurses across primary care have been declaring for a while - ‘Make better use of existing staff nurses, physios, pharmacists need a far greater role’.
@NursingTimes @RCNGPNForum @WeGPNs @WeNurses @VoiceofNursing_ @NAPC_NHS @rcgp
2. Successful change & innovation requires all professionals to be valued & enabled to practice at the top end of the skill set. Structures & culture within #NHS sometimes minimise this.
3. Successful implementation requires a mindset change from organisations & the media that it is a ‘team’ of professionals’ with differing skills & strengths working together. True multi-professional.
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I agree with the sentiment but I cannot emphasise enough that #homelessness, #foodbanks, #ChildPoverty, #HostileEnvironment all existed before #brexit. They are not a consequence of #brexit but #Conservatives policy. It doesn't have to be this way, it's a political choice ->
Before someone from #FBPE jumps in and says "that's because focus has been on brexit" ... not it isn't. This is #Conservative policy. The privatisation of #NHS, the changes in #Education, reductions in #LegalAid ... where has the #EU been in stopping all this? It hasn't.
There has been a constant drive to reform society from health to education, none of which is about addressing the issues of inequality.

Labour demands inquiry into how GCSE reform has benefited private schools -…
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I'm with someone who works in the NHS. They are sharing some terrifying facts about the impact of Brexit on an already overstretched #NHS.

1. Government have asked drug manufacturers to build a 6 week stockpile. That is costing £1,846,153,846 in England alone.
2. They are being advised that drug supply may be affected for up to six months.
3. The government is struggling to find RORO freight capacity to get drugs into the UK.
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THE DECEIT SYNDROME by Dr Paul Hobday is the big #NHS book we are working on at the moment. With a publication date set for 6th March 2019 so watch this space! Thank you.
All proceeds from sales of this book will go back into campaigning to #SAVEOURNHS and supporting whistleblowers. We need to start talking about this book! I’ll be looking for reviewers soon😊
(Date of Publication: 06/03/19)
An ideology has been dictating all our lives for decades, but few have even heard of it. Even fewer could explain it. Most have been brainwashed that it is the only way. Neo-liberalism has taken over the world.
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US billionaires helped back #Brexit & are pushing attacks on NHS.

While the world is worried about Russia meddling in Western elections, the US has been actively backing attacks on Western allies and democracy.…
Expert called the relevation “extremely disturbing and quite sinister”. Martin Moore, of King’s College London, said that “undisclosed support-in-kind is extremely troubling. It undermines the whole basis of our electoral system, that we should have a level playing field”.
“We have no idea what people were being shown or not, which makes it frankly sinister. Maybe it wasn’t, but we have no way of knowing. There is no possibility of public scrutiny. I find this extremely worrying and disturbing.” - Expert #Brexit #NHS
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@UKLabour Policy idea thread:
Yes, the #NHS is inefficient and ineffective. Yes, education provision is uneven in quality and quantity. Some suggestions:
- Abolish internal market
- Cut bureaucracy and excessive management
- Bring back NHS Trusts into public ownership
- 40% tax on net profits of private hospitals directed to NHS
- NI wage and salary payments fall to 10% for £162 - £892 band
- NI payments rise to 10% for earnings > £892 per week
- The above two combined to pay for free prescriptions
- Resume student Nurse bursaries
- Every NHS trained doctor or nurse employed by private sector, that corp must pay 75% costs of their training / education
- 25% charge of costs for private health insurance holders using NHS services
- NHS card for all citizens & secure NHS intranet record of treatment history
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There an awful lot of extremely right wing Conservatives, with links to the libertarian think tanks based on Tufton Street, commenting on @BBCNews at the moment... #Brexit #ConfidenceVote
So far this afternoon/evening... Jacob Rees Mogg (GLOBAL BRITAIN), Michael Gove (VOTE LEAVE, THE NEW CULTURE FORUM), Owen Paterson (BRUGES GROUP, UK2020), John Whittingdale (VOTE LEAVE), Chris Grayling (VOTE LEAVE)... plus Nigel Farage (LEAVE . EU)... and someone from OPEN EUROPE
plus... Andrew Bridgen (LEAVE MEANS LEAVE)
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The draft #Brexit deal will make Scotland poorer, according to @scotgov analysis.

Scotland's interests are best protected by staying in the EU or, failing that, the European Single Market and Customs Union.

Here's a thread setting out our position on the proposed deal. ⬇️
The proposed deal ends free movement of people, and yet all of the population increase needed to grow our economy over the next 25 years will come from migration.

EU nationals provide vital support to help us meet the need for workers in key sectors such as research and care.
The impact on the NHS in Scotland is particularly concerning.

Ending free movement of people will make it harder for skilled and experienced health professionals from EU 27 countries to work in our #NHS, where they fill vacancies in hard to recruit specialisms and regions.
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@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews Let's look at A's reasons for voting #Leave:
"Us being able to fix our our problems. I think the #NHS, our teachers are underpaid, and I believe that we put so much money into the EU."
a) We CAN fix our own problems. Public services are 100% managed by own Govt —

@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews — except the bits Govt privatised! The EU does not interfere with how our Govt runs the NHS or its education policy or the police force, etc.

The competences of the EU are defined by treaty. They tend to be issues that extend beyond national borders.

@VictoriaLIVE @ProfRWinston @Aisleyne1 @BBCTwo @BBCNews Typical areas include trade, environment & security.

Think about it. When was the last time you heard the #NHS complaining to the EU abt underfunding? Or schools complaining the the EU abt kids going hungry? Never. They complain to our Govt cos' OUR GOVT is responsible.

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People feeling sorry for Theresa May? Why?
1. May tried to cover up the Litvinenko Inquiry ...
2. May suppressed reports showing positive effects of immigration ...
3. May covered up UK's part in "rendition" ...
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This week we'll be looking at 5 key challenges affecting the #NHS & #SocialCare workforce. We want to hear YOUR views through our #TalkHealthandCare platform on how we can improve your experience working in the sector. The first challenge explores whether staff feel empowered…
🎯CHALLENGE: Staff don’t always feel in control or empowered about the decisions regarding the care they provide, leaving them feeling unsupported by their colleagues. We want to create an environment where staff can fulfil their potential. Have your say:
📊 More than 70% of staff feel their manager values their work [Source: NHS Staff Survey’17] – but we want EVERYONE to feel supported & empowered. How can we ensure this happens? Join the #TalkHealthAndCare conversation:
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The stocks and flows of public money from the public purse keep the economy healthy and fit for public purpose. #MMT
“Understand spending chains and you understand a fair chunk of Modern Monetary Theory.
When the government spends into the economy it initiates a sequence of financial flows in the non-government sector. The first recipient of the spending is likely to re-spend some or all of it”
“Subsequent recipients will do the same, and so on.
That’s a spending chain.

Two things stop the money being used indefinitely: tax and savings.

Most of the spending chains initiated by spending into the public sector result from spending on healthcare.”
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“ You are worth saving” #thread

This week’s #10ThingstoKnow on Burnout is by Simon McCormick @DrSimonMc an EM Consultant at Rotherham. Simon spends most of his time teaching as he is in his 2nd spell of ‘burnout sabbatical’ but is slowly working his way back to clinical medicine
Simon has incredible blog site, the Broken Toy ( where he writes about his experience with burnout, some thoughts on wellness and what he has been up to in medical education. Here is Simon’s #10ThingstoKnow about Burnout @DrSimonMc

#burnout #thread
1. What is Burnout?

There is no specific agreed definition so this can make it difficult to diagnose. It isn’t about having the occasional bad day, or even bad week, at work but instead usually involves a sustained negative change physically, emotionally, behaviourally.
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UK Problem/Solution thread...
UK Problem: we only got our way 98% of the time in the EU.
UK Solution: quit EU & compare it to USSR.
UK Problem: skills gaps & staff shortages.
UK Solution: scrap freedom of movement.
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