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I am a doctor in the #NHS.
Every scrap of evidence I’ve seen points to total disaster if #NoDealBrexit comes to pass. We must #StopBrexit - here is why. /thread
Thus far I’ve tried to focus solely on the facts, and the facts alone. Informed consent is the bedrock of medicine- I don’t believe anyone knew the consequences of leaving EURATOM or the EMA for example when they voted. Feel free to prove otherwise. /1
It’s not my job to tell people what to do. And I am not. If you still think Leaving with No Deal will be good for the NHS after absorbing all of the above, then that is your decision. You are wrong, but it’s your right to be wrong. /2
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It is sad that the positive case for the EU has not been made more loudly. But equally dumb that few understand quite how brilliantly we have exploited the EU - we truly have rolled over Jonny Foreigner & stitched him up like a kipper.
We secured opt outs from the most toxic crap like “Ever Closer Union” & the Social Charter. We are not in Schengen and we will never join the Euro. We maintained the most flexible labour market in Europe. We did ALL this whilst ALSO having unfettered access to the Single Market
As a result, two truly great things happened.

1. We totally dominated EU capital markets. Today, governments and companies all over Europe are totally reliant on the City. We make an absolute mint out of this, it props our economy up. Pierre & Fritz HATE this, but there is
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Thread: How are UK online news outlets covering #Brexit in 2018? More analysis, with more data and charts!

Part 4: **Is news outlets’ focus on abstract concepts a reason voter opinions are slow to shift?**

(AKA ‘Who cares about Brexit’s impact on the media industry anyway’)
I also did an analytical piece on whether it was plausible that overspending swung the EU referendum result – if you’re interested, it’s here:

TLDR – the answer is “it’s certainly possible”
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"#OrganDonation is an altruistic act that should be celebrated..." (p6)

So why not do that, and devote more resources to making donation easier - an approach that has delivered measurable results - instead of a regressive move to #OrganHarvesting?…
Describing a *significantly narrowing* shortfall (cf. graph, also p6) in available organs is not a justification for a change to #OrganHarvesting; nor are emotive appeals. This reads like #PolicyBasedEvidenceMaking.
"We want... to change the culture around organ donation in this country in the longer term." (p7)

Stopping it being a gift, freely given, and instead the State 'deeming' you to have given permission will certainly change that! Presumption ain't 'donation' and will erode trust.
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I find this @Telegraph story today the most bewildering story of #Brexit vs #NHS yet. Will Brexit solve staff shortages? @SteveBarclay says yes. The facts say otherwise. /thread.
Firstly, what was said and where was it said? The @Telegraph and @lauradonnlee seem to suggest Health Minister @SteveBarclay gave these comments in @christopherhope Brexit Podcast. Here:… /1
Now I've listened to this Podcast. My favourite bit is where @christopherhope suggests NHS staff have been "holding back" more British nurses and doctors to protect their wages and their interests. I kid you not. Here is the transcript: /2
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Random #Brexit thread by middle-aged, white, Northern, working-class guy...
1. Before #EURef I knew little about EU. Decades of negative UK media had made me a bit sceptical. But I was not really “political”.
2. Got a Polish partner. Been together 18 years. Long before #EURef she’d started getting snarky comments from folks about being “over here” & “going home” etc. This got steadily worse & was kinda shocking.
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Tory attacks: The British Medical Association
Tory attacks: The Speaker of the House of Commons
Tory attacks: former Tory Prime Minister
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[THREAD] Over the weekend, I ran a poll on initiatives aimed at improving access to #NHS #primarycare. While respondents probably aren’t representative of the wider population, I think the results are striking: what people want most is convenience. (1/5)
@harrylongman’s much larger survey of patients of 12 GP practices using @askmygp shows that only 15% of patients prefer face-to-face appointments as the default. (2/5)
Meanwhile, @GPatHand – while hugely popular with its patients – breaks the NHS’s traditional #placebased funding model.… (3/5)
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The legacy of @Jeremy_Hunt, UK Secretary of State for Health, 2012-2018.

Just the numbers. /thread
£577m was the NHS surplus in 2012.
-£6 billion is the projected NHS deficit for 2018. /1…
2015 was the year Jeremy Hunt suppressed NICE guidance on minimum nurse ratios. /2…
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When discussing the #NHS in terms of privatisation I always think it's useful to equate what neoliberals and the private sector are doing to it as akin to a parasite infecting its host. The goal of a parasite isn't to kill its host but to extract energy to allow it to grow. 1/11
Ultimately the parasite seeks to reproduce and spread, much the same as private providers offering and supplying public services has spread and increased over the years. So what is the "energy" these parasites are extracting, and how do they know they won't kill their host? 2/11
The energy source in the case of the NHS is the Treasury, the "energy" itself is the national currency. These parasites know that the currency issuer (government) has an unlimited ability to create the currency, and provided the public doesn't learn this fact, they can 3/11
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THREAD : #Brexit ain't what they promised:

1. It's costing us a fortune - not saving the £350m they promised we’d save and give to the #NHS…
2. We won’t "take back control", we’ll lose it. We used to make Europe’s rules. #Brexit means following them without a say:
3. We were the fastest growing economy in the G7. Now, we’re the slowest - and that’s before we’ve even left.…
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If you have an interest in #AI, #HealthTech or #PatientSafety - then please read this evidence based thread which tells the story of @DrMurphy11 & an #eHealth #AI #Chatbot.

Read on, or see single tweet summary here👇0/44
is not a 'nerd'; he's a pretty typical NHS consultant with an interest in #PatientSafety.

On 6th Jan 2017 a tweet about an #eHealth #AI #Chatbot in #NHS trials caught his attention, so he thought he'd take a look. 1/44

Evidence here 👇
Dr Murphy downloaded the @babylonhealth App & tried the #Chatbot with a few simple clinical presentations. It quickly became apparent that the #Chatbot had flaws, raising the question if the App had been validated as a triage tool?

As evidenced by👇 2/44
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I want to address this tweet and the comments that followed. It seems that some of you did not get the point.

#NHS #StopBrexit #FBPE #PeoplesVote
The point is this:

The UK has access to technetium-99m because it's a member of an international treaty facilitating its trade & movement. Without it, treatment & detection of certain cancers is much harder, waiting lists will grow and people will die.

The further point is this:

There are 9.5 months to go until the UK drops out of EURATOM. 9.5 months is not enough to negotiate a brand new treaty or to join an existing one on another continent.

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Dad = 3 heart attacks, mystery neurological condition & recent brush with non malignant skin cancer. Over last 30 years, he’s had quadruple bypass, 4 x stents, life-saving therapies, drugs & consistent, 1st class care. Cost to him? A small % in taxes. I ❤️ the #NHS. @NHSVoices
Mum = Atrial fibrillation for 20+ years, many 999 calls for the times it got out of hand, followed by catheter ablation and regular follow ups by a super-skilled cardiac team. Again, no worrying bills sent, just a small % deducted from her wages during every year she worked.
Me and sibling = yearly checks to ensure we’ve not inherited any of the above. A few blips here and there, but so far, so good. ❤️
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Words not deeds. Commemorating @Jeremy Hunt: the UKs longest running health secretary. A thread by an #NHS doctor. /1…
Let’s start with his boss.
Words: “There will be no more pointless NHS reorganisations.” /2
Deeds: Biggest reorganisation of the NHS in history. At an estimated cost of at least £3billion.… /3
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1/ Vitally need foreign investment has come to the UK because it has been the "gateway to Europe". What happens when the UK becomes a "gateway to nowhere"? The answer is we'll have to slash taxes on business & the rich, and scrap many regulations & workplace rights.
2/ This is why the Tory Brextremists crave the hardest Brexit possible, because the harder the #Brexit the more Britain will be pushed towards becoming a #BrexitTaxHaven, the low tax, low regulation, low workplace rights, low welfare state Brextremists have been dreaming of.
3/ Here's Daniel Hannan revealing his dream of the UK as a "buccaneering, offshore, low-tax nation", and Brexiters Dominic Raab, Liz Truss and Priti Patel calling for Asian style low-taxes (for the rich) and an Asian Style work ethic to kick lazy British workers into line.
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This video has had nearly 30K views 👍🏻
In it @JessicaOOTC describes her experience of being locked in a psych ward after being diagnosed with #MyalgicE by the Bristol centre

@MEActNetUK #MEAwarenessMonth #pwme #PACETrial #stopGET #MillionsMissing
Despite(/because) her ME diagnosis they interpreted her low weight as anorexia. The gut/digestive issues as a result of ME go ignored. She isn’t the only #pwme to have experienced this. It is particularly tricky as an advocacy issue if people are sectioned for ‘anorexia’ not ME
It is a high priority for Dr education and I wonder if for new #NICEguidelines we need gut issues included as core to ME, rather than the current wording of IBS as a comorbidity issue?
Locking people in psych wards for this has to stop!
@exceedhergrasp1 @jenbrea @keithgeraghty
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Good to see that individual members of the public overwhelmingly share our concerns about current trends in #NHS Gender Identity Services.…
Also good to see that the public is aware of the number of teenage girls with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria #ROGD and the cultural pressure on young lesbians and gays to ID as trans. And the call for #NHS to publicise organisations with a more critical perspective.
Well done to everyone who pointed out that current #NHS professional training is provided by lobby groups such as GIRES who have no qualifications, and that training should obviously be provided by clinical professionals.
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@neil_parish Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton & Honiton
You voted to initiate A50, Ken Clarke didn't.

The UK is a founding member of the EASA which Rolls-Royce uses on a daily basis.

Will Rolls Royce be moving to Spain due to your vote?…

@neil_parish Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton & Honiton
You voted to remove the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights & it's
enshrined constitutional protection for:
Citizens rights

Ken Clarke didn't.

@neil_parish Neil Parish, MP for Tiverton & Honiton
You voted to initiate A50, Ken Clarke didn't.

Now that the @Conservatives have
stopped being the: "party of business" and are now the "erstwhile party of business” what should SME's do?

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5th July 2018 will be the 70th birthday of our beloved #NHS.

This THREAD argues that it is in severe danger under this #Toryshambles government, with #Brexit posing an imminent & particularly invidious threat.

To #SaveOurNHS we must work tirelessly together to #StopBrexit.
1/ Today's devolved #NHS is a complex federation of tens of 000s of orgs employing some 1.7m workers. It's combined annual budget is just shy of £150bn. It handles, overwhelmingly successfully, almost a million patients daily.

With each box maybe 000s of orgs, & England only:
2/ Unresolved public health issues & a fast-expanding multi-morbid elderly population, coupled with chronic underfunding & the blowback from the butchery of social care since 2010 means the #NHS is pressured as never before.
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. @neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50 you knew that the
Govt ref. leaflet sent to every household did not mention the
Good Friday Agreement & how leaving the EU will impact it.

Why did you vote to trigger A50?
Ken Clarke MP didn't.

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that regulatory alignment would be required for
Northern Ireland, as highlighted by the phase 1 report from 2017,
requiring both the SM & CU.
Does it not make sense to stay in the CU & SM?

@neil_parish MP for Tiverton & Honiton

When you voted to trigger A50
you knew that it would have customs implications for everything from cars to fresh food.

If there is no deal how long will supermarkets have fresh produce on their shelves?…

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Tell you what, Nick. When you and various colleagues can interview a politician whose views they might not share without interrupting every few seconds to force their own views in, let’s talk again about impartiality.
When you can at least mention tens of thousands of people demonstrating monthly against brexit, and to save the #NHS, maybe we’ll be able to agree there’s more balance.
When you can actually challenge the ridiculous assertions of some Tory politicians live on air, in full possession of the facts, maybe you’ll be doing the job of reporting as impartially as you can.
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The violence in London appalls and terrifies me. A thread by an #NHS Doctor (and #Tottenham resident and father) /Thread
1. I’m a hospital doctor. My wife is a surgeon. We see first hand the raw catastrophic damage this violence is wreaking on these children.
2. Major trauma, whether that’s gun/knife/car, is dealt with at amazing units like the Royal London. The surgery can be brutal: chests are split like clams, abdomens incised within minutes, even whole arteries clamped shut. Anything to stop the bleeding, to save a young life.
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