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The Queen's Speech contains laws that will remove your rights

Boris Johnson & the Conservatives are set to limit your freedom & control you. You must take this very seriously

We need to get together right now. Left or Right

Please Read & RT This Thread For Democracy🙏 👇

The new powers of arrest in the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill mean you cannot protest whatever Boris Johnson does next

It will be illegal with up to 10 years in Prison for being "serious annoyance", which all protests are by definition🤦‍♂️…

Tax Evasion will be legalised for the Super Rich #ToryDonors in the National Insurance Contributions Bill.

They will avoid contributing to Tax, damaging the #NHS and increasing your income taxes.

Remember, you will not be able to protest this👆…

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#ToryCorruption is successful because their propaganda has you all believing you have to choose a side, a colour, a flag.

Feeding poor kids, equality, having a job, enough to feed your family and medical care are HUMAN, not Left or Right

They don't want us together

I do.
That's why I want to ask you to #VoteCentre. To come together and focus on what we have in common, what we want:

1. End #ToryCorruption
2. Feed Poor Kids
3. Free Education
4. Save #NHS
5. End Privatisation
6. Retire at 60
7. Community
8. Get The Tories Out!

The enemy is not us
The #ToryDictatorship wants to push you to the 'Hard Left' and 'Far Right' when you just want more nurses or police officers.

We all want better hospitals, we all want less waste and to end misuse of public funds.

#ToryCorruption is doing it! Then telling us its each other.
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🔴 We reported on April 30th that people could access their #COVID19 jab status via the 'acute medication history' part of the #NHS app.

"Immunisation has no relevance for entering the UK" - what do you mean by this @SimonCalder?

🔴 Maybe @DHSCgovuk didn't get the memo about @WHO advising *against* #vaccinepassports.

@SimonCalder @Independent are misleading the public about Annex 6 info from the IHR (2005) regarding certified vaccination, e.g. #yellowfever. Image
🔴 Did @DHSCgovuk @SimonCalder *read* the WHO guidelines on an SVC?

Note the last line. Under the IHR (2005) these recommendations *do not exist* & *cannot* exist from EUA only & unlicensed, not fully tested jabs until the end of 2023.

These conditions of travel are *illegal* Image
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Hi @MindCharity @mentalhealth appreciate what you do for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek But...last year I highlighted a need for info to explain differences between good/poor mental health & living with a serious condition. It’s v upsetting when little is available on #NHS for SMI
People like myself (ves) have taken to National TV and Radio to try and raise awareness of the lack of #NHS support for diagnosis, therapy & proper crisis support for #DID & other Dissociative Disorders. It’s a national disgrace & a challenge the world over.
If you could do one thing for me (us) and on behalf of the community struggling with #DID as a result of childhood trauma. Please listen and share this interview I gave on BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show.…
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So here we are again.

A #THREAD on some lessons for @Keir_Starmer & @UKLabour from when John Smith became Labour leader back in 1992, after another humiliating defeat.

How does Labour become electable again?
When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party in July 1992 he introduced the ‘one member one vote’ system for electing the Party leader but otherwise wanted to minimise conflict within the Labour Party, which was still smarting from the general election defeat under Kinnock.
He wanted to heal divisions and focus instead on the unpopularity of the Tory Government.

Blair's henchman John McTernan stated John Smith and Labour were heading for “certain victory” in the 1997 general election.
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Good afternoon #PrimeMinister,
Reading the @Telegraph article below has caused me significant angst. As a healthcare professional who has seen just what #COVID19 can do, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind this decision.
Just as we are unlocking cautiously you want to risk the lives of more individuals by removing one of the few mitigations in secondary schools?
We know that #COVIDisAirborne & that we have several #VariantsOfConcern here already.
Have you seen this chart #PrimeMinister?
V few <40s will be vaccinated by May 17th & while their individual risk of serious disease or dying is low, their risk of #LongCovid is MODERATE!
Many parents & teaching staff are <40.
The numbers of #NHS & teaching staff w/ it already are horrendous. Why put more ppl at risk?
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1/7 This my patient, Bill - I made him cry today 😢

He's said it's OK to share his story

He's 56. 9 years ago Bill had a big stroke affecting his mobility
His weight⬆️⬆️, he struggled to get out of a chair, ate an unhealthy diet + developed type 2 diabetes

A short thread...
2/7 Bill burst into tears😢when I told him he had reversed his type 2 diabetes👏

He had worried about another stroke, wanted to ⬇️his risk + even reverse his T2DM if possible

It was!

Supported by his wife, he reversed his diabetes in only 11 weeks by cutting out sugar #LCHF 👍
3/7 With @lowcarbGP our little practice (9,800 patients) in Southport 🇬🇧has helped nearly 100 people reverse their Type 2 diabetes in the last 5 years
It's not rocket science 🚀

It's simply about cutting out the sugar + starchy carbs (cereals, bread, pasta, rice + potatoes)
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🔵 We'll demonstrate how easy it is to access private information on the @NHSuk @NHSuk #COVID19 vaccination booking system.

🔵 For this example we'll use the name, date of birth, & postcode of an individual we know who's already received two jabs.
🔵 The safest & most secure method would have been to only allow access via a patient #NHS number, unique to them.

🔴 Anyone can pull information from the electoral register & phish online.
❌ Even though we were screened out at this point & because the individual we know is over 75, we should have *never* have been able to retrieve such information.
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This is an absolute disgrace by @NHSuk @NHSX & complete failure of patient data confidentiality.

How can anyone in #Britain trust the use of the #NHS app on your phone as a #vaccinepassport when this is what is happening.…
We have been trying to make the public aware for many weeks regarding datasec issues & the use of #vaccinepassports technology:

The #NHS app was also leaking #COVID19 exposure information (GAEN) through its logs as far back as February. Google did nothing until put on the spot:

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Boris Johnson's brother Joseph Johnson made director of Dyson on 18th February 2020

After Coronavirus reached UK 23rd January & before James Dyson was awarded a #Ventilator contract on 16th March

Then he got tax laws changed🤦‍♂️

#ToryCorruption #TorySleaze #NeverVoteConservative Joseph Edmund Johnson made Director of Dyson February 2020
Companies House shows when Joseph Edmund Johnson was made a director of DYSON TECHNICAL TRAINING LIMITED.

18 February 2020

The brother of the Prime Minister appointed, at the start of the #Covid pandemic, to Director of a Dyson company🤦‍♂️

This came THE DAY AFTER Boris Johnson refused to disagree with his Special Adviser who said

"Black People are mentally inferior"😲

Even Lozza (sometimes) goes 24 hours without being racist AND getting his brother a #ToryDonor job🤦‍♂️
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May I request authors of #SewellReport who have claimed #NHS as a success story in race issues to read this thread

Recent survey of Primary in Humberside region shows very disturbing findings discrimination in NHS of 2021 /1

@rcgp @KailashChandOBE @CNagpaul @riddell_marcus
Is it acceptable that in #NHS of 2021 ability to train in ones chosen career is affected by ones ethnicity, culture and #racism #discrimination ? /2

@rcpsglasgow @RCPLondon @rcpsych @RCOphthPres @terry_moran1 @AntonEmmanuel2 @Prerana_Issar @MichaelMarmot @NHS_RobW @NHS_RHO
How can we allow🤔 in 2021 a trainee to be told by a senior trainer

'we do not accept people who are not from around here' /3

@NHS_HealthEdEng @anilkjain61 @PeaPeaspot @adamson0901 @shekhawatgp @NLaGNHS_Doctors @northlincsccg @surashsurash @Halima_Begum @Manuel_Cavazza
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UK's richest 1,000 wealth increase since 2009:

571 MILLION💰💰💰

Crony contracts given to Tory donors:

2.4 MILLION 💰💰

Investment in Andrew Neil's #GBeebies:


Average additional annual income from nurse pay rise:

0.4 +👏
The wallpaper cost £840 a roll.

#NHS nurses will receive a pay increase worth less than half a roll of Downing St wallpaper this year – despite their heroics in guiding the country through a deadly pandemic resulting in 150,000 largely avoidable deaths.…
#GBeebies investors may be more interested in #INFLUENCE than financial return: £60 MILLION was raised with help from Libertarian billionaires #Cato's John Malone & #Legatum's Christopher Chandler, & hedge funder Paul Marshall who bet big on #Brexit chaos.
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In Hyde Park on Saturday, Police officers were punched and kicked by right wing #antilockdown protestors

#BorisJohnson said he'd see #BodiesPiledHigh before we #lockdown again

#VoteLeave riled them up for #Brexit

It won't be the Left that storm No 10 😓
2 arrests were made. Police officers were unprepared, ill-equipped with no back-up

When the #FarRight protests #BorisJohnson and #PritiPatel send in officers in shirtsleeves. When some "woke left vegetarians protest", it's riot gear🤔

8 Police Officers were injured. With only 2 arrests made, neither were in Hyde Park.

That means the people you see punching and kicking Police Officers were allowed to walk away freely.

Couldn't we even arrest the people who injured the Police Officers?…
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#THREAD about Boris Johnson, dead bodies, Brexit, & Andrew Neil's TV Channel & power.

The news is full of claims that last year, Boris Johnson said “No more fucking lockdowns: let the bodies pile high in their thousands”, which our sociopathic Govt dismissed as "comedy gossip".
Boris Johnson, 2017: "I look at Libya... There's a group of UK business people... want to invest in Sirte on the coast... They have got a brilliant vision to turn Sirte into the next Dubai. The only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away!"
The speech was given to the #Legatum Institute (originally registered in Cayman Islands) a well-funded free-market think-tank specializing in disaster #capitalism, which in 2016, jointly sponsored a report called 'The Road to Brexit'. The foreword was penned by Iain Duncan Smith.
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Boris Johnson has said that he would rather 'Let the Bodies Pile High' than impose another #Lockdown.

After he was washing his hands, keeping Tory Donors businesses open while our loved ones died.

@Conservatives must go now! 🚫

Tweet your MP about No 10…
"No more ****ing lockdowns – let the bodies pile high in their thousands."

The @Conservatives Libertarian Vote Leave Cabinet oversaw one of the highest #COVID19 death rates in the World.

Boris Johnson lied, loved ones died. He refuses to speak to victims…
#COVID19 gave Boris Johnson and the @Conservatives opportunity to make more money

The more old and shielding people that died, the less pension/ #NHS expenditure the Exchequer has

The more to spend on #ToryCronyism.

Billions that cannot be used for #NHS…
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We don't want charity.

We want a society that can afford to look after it's people.

Let's start with the @Conservatives paying back the £35Bn they gave to their friends to Track & Trace that did not work. #NHS
Then let's move on to suing the @Conservatives for the £5 Billion in trade a week our economy lost in #Brexit.

That should help cover the £350M they promised (and never existed)
Then we can align our Tax Avoidance law with European law and get back the £70 Billion a year we lose in Tax Evasion and Avoidance in the Cayman Islands.

You know, where all the Tories have their Trusts and Offshore Funds

That's adding up to a lot now.. I think we can lower tax
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Today, the Times (where Michael Gove writes) wants us to believe that when Dominic Cummings was in No 10, he warned the PM that using £58k from Tory Donors to do up his flat was

"unethical, foolish & possibly illegal"

Cummings. Ethics?

Pull the other one.. it's got bells on 🤦‍♂️ Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson
What is actually happening is that the pressure of #ToryCorruption stories are damaging the Conservative Party & the plan is to switch Boris Johnson & Michael Gove.

They're trying to bury the story of Jennifer Arcuri, Steve Bannon, Matthew Elliott & the Nationalist 0% Tax agenda Steve Bannon
But we don't need to campaign against them. We can campaign FOR them👇

The TaxPayers alliance wants 0% Tax. Everyone pays for their own health, police, fire, refuse, school and roads

If you don't have enough money, you die. If you are disabled, society won't help.

#ToryBritain Matthew Elliot, TaxPayers Alliance
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Gove, Cummings, it doesn't really matter who leaked the text messages. What matters is:

1. The Government is #Corrupt
2. They all undermined democracy
3. They lied
4. We need a General Election

Remind every Conservative MP every day.. their party is the problem

This news is being leaked by #Corrupt media, which means it's all part of the message. Controlled

The problem is #ToryCorruption

They are trying to distract you from the story. They conspired to break the law

All of them, they are the Conservative Party

#GTTO #MajorCorruption
The story they don't want you to talk about is Steve Bannon.

Jennifer Arcuri links to him, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jacob Rees-Mogg. Dominic Cummings. Michael Gove. Nigel Farage, Arron Banks, Robert Mercer, Koch, Brietbart, National Front, racists

Boris Johnson


That's the story National Front Steve Bannon
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Did you behave with selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty & leadership when you had sex on your sofa in your marital home with your mistress you helped get money & lied about it?

Boris Johnson: "Yes" 🤦‍♂️

#TorySleaze #ToryLiars #DowningStreet Are affairs and lying are open and honest?
Here is @paulwaugh's question about Jennifer Arcuri..

..Boris Johnson answered one word


The PM seems to have had the first ever affair with honesty & integrity 🤔

#TorySleaze #ToryCronyism #ToryCorruption #ToryLies #ToryHypocrisy #ToryShambles
Jennifer Arcuri says her romance with Boris Johnson - who was Mayor of London at the time – lasted from 2012 to 2016, while he was married to Marina, mother of their 4 children.

He spoke at her events & she went on to receive £126,000 of taxpayer money 😲…
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2nd dose AstraZenica and within the 10 week interval.

The extended interval likely to improve the effect of the booster shot.

Will stay careful to keep everyone safe.

My T cells should be cooking on gas.

Thank you #NHS@GlosCCG

Very friendly. Super efficient. Image
Grateful to the scientists who developed it and all those who helped manufacture it.

Grateful to those who supported the logistics of supply.

Very conscious of the fact that I am more fortunate than so many in many countries that have not seen a vaccine yet.
Happy to report that I didn’t (so far) experience the unpleasant side effects that I did after the first one. No headache or tiredness. No racing heart. No lying in bed feeling I’d been given a massive caffeine shot, no nausea

Just a slight kidney ache today. Lots of water!
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1/ Yesterday was my last day working in the #NHS. I loved my job and my team but we need to stop normalising working for stat services being a lifestyle choice and not just a job. We deserve a life outside of work too. (a thread)
2/ The NHS recruits the best people. Passionate people who care about others. With the best values. And they give their heart, their soul and their life to their work because of that. They will do what it takes to keep their NHS and the people they support afloat.
3/ this year I learnt it doesn't matter. It will never be enough. They will see you suffer, pat you on the back (or give you a clap) and tell you to crack on. It doesn't matter how resilient you are (though they'll make you think it does), how much you care or how hard you work
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This thread provides the facts to prove unequivocally that The Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party is a #farright, racist party - overflowing with violent, racist and extremist members and supporters #Senedd21 #seneddelection #Savewales #WeareAbolish #senedd2021

Martyn Ford (candidate 4 #CynonValley & 4 South #Wales Central) "condemns diversity" was the author of this horifically racist leaflet when he was a member of another far-right party - UKIP @VikkiHowells

2/32 Image
James Cole has been selected by the Party as candidate for #Swansea West after making this racist white supremacist 'great replacement theory' diatribe! @JulieJamesMS @DaiLloydAS  @ChohanSamantha

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England #NHS region vac. chart based on today's (12-Apr) report.

1st doses have increased by 37K since yesterday to 27.1M.

2nd doses are up by 160K to 6.3M.

Approx. 61.2% of the 18+ population has now received a 1st dose.
Same view for 2nd doses.
Charts plotting rates per 1M population to allow relative comparison.
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Anecdotal incidents.
'No change to my wife’s blindness today after receiving the #AstraZeneca vacc. It’s now 30days since she started loosing her sight. Pls retweet & follow to help people with the same side affects come together #nhs #keyworkers'

Apr 11
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