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I don't like to rant without constructive suggestions on how to make change, so bare with for some useful thoughts NHS managers may find helpful... 🧵
Two of my loved ones have traveled across the country to specialist centres for appointments today. Neither has gone well...>
One drove 2 hours to spend 10 mins with a specialist who didn't examine them, for what could have been a phone call (which he would have preferred). He's having chemo, so infection is a risk, and he's tired. He spent as much time queuing for coffee as he did in clinic, and then >
drove 2 hours back, having left the house at 7. He's got to do the same again tomorrow for an even longer day, for chemo.
The other left the house at 10, train to London, appt at 2, sat in clinic and still not seen over 4 hours on. No information re projected wait, no food >
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OK, so @WHO have, in the space of a few weeks, confirmed that SARS2 remains a #PHEIC, then compared it to seasonal influenza...
Anyone else confused/astonished/outraged?
No, we are not in the same position as in 2020, and thank goodness that’s the case. But, it does not mean the
job is done. Consider if COVID emerged now as a new disease with associated harms, would we act? Of course we would.
Ironically, the fatigue many feel is due to mismanagement of the pandemic and swinging like pendulums from extreme measures to the total absence of restrictions.
This does not occur in many South East Asian countries, who brilliantly applied test, trace, support and isolate both prior to, and following the availability of vaccines.
I do not understand how a virus that continues to cause mass hospitalisation, longer term and latent health
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After a week of discussing @BBC impartiality, ANOTHER appearance from a representative of the opaquely funded ideologically extreme tax-hating #TuftonStreet lobbyists, the IEA.

There are more than 150 UK think tanks, yet the IEA is CONSTANTLY on the BBC.

#PoliticsLive Image
At least the @BBC say which organisation Reem Abrahim is from!

Blah blah blah, 'cut taxes', 'economic growth', 'red tape', 'deregulate', 'Brexit opportunities' - the same old failed mantra the anti-@BBC, anti-#NHS, & anti-Union IEA have pushed for decades. Here's a quote from me from this weekend's Sunday National:

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Pleased to be quoted in this @ScotNational article, discussing Govt pressure on the @BBC, #bbcqt, #BBCBias, Richard Sharp, & the 'tabloidisation' of the BBC.

'BBC 'pro-establishment bias' shown in first six months of Laura Kuenssberg show'.…
"Dr Russell Jackson, a senior media lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, penned an open letter to the @BBC in February raising concerns about bias on #bbcqt's panels & from hosts, BBC management's links to the Tories, & a tendency towards platforming dangerous rhetoric."
"Jackson told The Sunday National that the -astonishing response to that letter [which has now been read more than 210,000 times] suggests that a hell of a lot of people are very concerned about what is happening with the broadcaster."

#BBCBias #bbcqt…
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So, exasperated with the total lack of mitigations against a pandemic, I settled in to write one of my verbose threads...then realised I'd done it already and the situation hasn't really changed much...aside from getting worse!

We STILL have next to no

investment into the future of clean air, no public awareness of viral prevalence (SARS-CoV2, and its' mates), little ability to act altruistically because testing has evaporated and supported isolation remains a figment of most people's imagination...there's nothing safeguarding
our workplaces, schools, universities, public transport, shops or other public spaces, no masks, mis/dis-information is rife and anti-vax narratives now echo round the house of commons thanks to certain feckless mockeries of public representatives...

Most people think the COVID
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A Home Office immigration video is fronted by an ex-UKIP MEP. The Govt is silencing critics of its grotesque rhetoric. Even Priti Patel is concerned about the barbaric immigration Bill, which allows deportation of unaccompanied children.

We now have a far-right Govt.
The @Conservatives' political survival strategy could not be clearer: they have lost the trust of the overwhelming majority of the British people; Ministers are happy to lie; & their economic & social policies are an abject failure - all they have left is divisive culture wars.
The only people the Govt care about are themselves, their donors, the right-wing press & media which have propped them up for a decade, & the small minority of multimillionaires & right-wing voters who are fed a diet of polarising culture war & far-right scapegoating rhetoric.
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I promised a thread on the NHS Staff Survey 2022. Here it comes... [1/15]
🧵 #NHSStaffSurvey #NHS @pickereurope
First: thank you to all of the 600,000+ staff who completed the survey, the largest published workforce survey in the world. It is a credit to the NHS and its leadership that we do employee feedback at this scale and with this level of transparency. [2/15]
What do the results show? Declines in morale, greater intention to leave, and - most alarmingly IMO - a steep drop in satisfaction with the standard of patient care. But many specific questions are actually steady or slightly improved. [3/15]
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On Monday night, Rishi Sunak argued that his new barbaric immigration bill would “take back control of our borders, once & for all”.

This vague, flexible, yet highly effective slogan was formulated nearly a decade ago, by short-sighted Dominic Cummings.…
In 2014, Cummings - who was to become Vote Leave’s campaign director - conducted some focus groups to assess attitudes to a possible IN/OUT Referendum from floating voters. The analysis he produced was never published, but Jason Farrell obtained a copy.…
Quotes from the pre-#EUReferendum focus groups:

“If Cameron’s so weak that he can’t get control of immigration, then I’m OUT”

“If we leave the EU we'll save a fortune & we can spend that on the #NHS or TAX CUTS”

“We’ve lost control, because of Europe.”

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After hearing the @NickFerrariLBC interview with a man claiming his ‘healthy stepfather’ died from #Omicron, even though it wasn’t registered by #NHS Northamptonshire - we’re very skeptical about callers like ‘Raj’.

And here’s the #NHS denying it happened.…
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Dr. Mike Yeadon is convinced that over 100,000 people were deliberately killed by government protocols of Midazolam and Morphine. @MattHancock #MidazolamMatt #Midazolam_Morphine #midazolam #CovidLeaks @RishiSunak

#lockdownfiles #NHS
‼️The curves of midazolam injections match excess mortality in the UK 1:1!
@MattHancock @NHSEngland #RishiSunak #MidazolamMatt #midazolam #CovidLeaks
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@JerrySoucyRN @jade_w08 Agree with @JerrySoucyRN. Think about ‘colourful hair’ = difference. Black hair is a huge political issue. Kids get sent home for traditional afros or Black hairstyles being viewed as inappropriate. Same at work, people being told they are ‘unprofessional’. The professional >
@JerrySoucyRN @jade_w08 > hairstyles are often viewed as relaxed, closer to Caucasian type hair or short enough to hide the hair as much as possible, especially on men. The different colour uniforms denote hierarchy and power level and they are worn by more Black people at lower Bands and less as you >
@JerrySoucyRN @jade_w08 > go up the hierarchy. This is why the WRES survey has been brought out, to capture this and record it as fact. The issue is the culture - the top level nurses @JerrySoucyRN showed we’re all blonde White women. Why not have people who think differently - be that from a cultural >
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Let me take you through the journey of writing this research paper that documents that #EatOutToHelpOut was causing more #COVID19 infections at a time when a vaccine was in sight.

I usually dont do this because as an academic, the politics should be
"irrelevant" to me. The timing of all of this #whatsappleak is dubious. My interpretation as a "citizen" (in quotes because of #Brexit I cant become British without giving up my German nationality), is that this is an attempt to attack PM Sunak who found a #Brexit compromise
on Northern Ireland with EU. My comments are much more around the process of how as a society we are handling data/evidence/research. And we need to develop a more healthy relationship with research and evidence and "empower the experts". After we had a decade of ...
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#BREAKING: Liar & hypocrite Nigel Farage admits he broke lockdown laws.
In 2017, Farage claimed Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, & Bahrain refused to take a single refugee or displaced person from Syria.

2-3million Syrians in the Gulf countries. Since 2011, the Saudi Govt has hosted 2.5M refugees & given permanent residency to hundreds of thousands of Syrians.
Nigel Farage claimed that 70% of the laws in the UK are made by the EU. The real number is difficult to quantify, but the independent House of Commons library put it at just 13.2%.
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Analysis of data from >30 million people finds that one in ten early deaths could be prevented if everyone managed at least half the @NHSuk recommended level of physical activity.

Dr Leandro Garcia and colleagues report today in @BJSM_BMJ.…

@NHSuk @BJSM_BMJ @SorenBrage @The_MRC @tessastraining @Cambridge_Uni @CamBioCampus @PA_Researcher @LGAWellbeing @SedBehaviourRN Physical activity reduces the risk of #heartdisease & #cancer.

#NHS recommend adults do at least 150 minutes moderate-intensity activity - e.g. brisk walking or slow cycling - or 75 minutes vigorous-intensity activity – e.g. running, swimming or fast cycling - a week.

To examine how differing levels of physical activity alter the risk of heart disease, cancer and premature death, the researchers looked at data from 94 large cohort studies, totaling more than 30 million participants.…

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The UK vaccine programme commenced 8th Dec. 2020

A week later, Matt Hancock declared #Alpha (Kent) as the first significant Variant of Concern VoC (🟣on📈)

After the second peak of cases appeared to roll over end of November, 2020, a third peak of cases took off mid Dec 2020
The #Alpha VoC was said to contain mutations within the ‘S’ gene which meant the S gene could not be detected in the PCR #SGTF

This changed the way PCR ‘positives’ would be declared & with it, increased the proportion of positive results declared

Increased false positive?

Daily 🇬🇧UK #COVID19 case numbers jumped from 15,000 pre 8th December, to a then record 75,000 daily ‘cases’ by end of December 2020

A large proportion of those positives were in the JCVI priority groups 1&2

Were the vaccines making people more susceptible to testing +ve?

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🚨 Rate of All-cause mortality higher in the Vaccinated than Unvaccinated

🚨 Rate of Covid-related mortality higher in the Vaccinated than Unvaccinated

Figures provided by age group, population adjusted per 100,000

England 2022

Mortality #ONS
Population #UKHSA
All-cause mortality, by vaccination status,

1/1/2022 - 31/12/2022

445,000 total deaths
40,000,000 population

18,000 total deaths
9,000,000 population

Source: #ONS #UKHSA #NHS

Non-Covid mortality, by vaccination status,

1/1/2022 - 31/12/2022

418,000 Non-Covid deaths

16,000 Non-Covid deaths

Non-Covid mortality rates are higher in the vaccinated across all age groups. Why ?

Source: #ONS #UKHSA #NHS

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🚨🚨All-cause mortality rates, by age & vaccination status, per 100,000 population for England 1/1/2022 - 31/12/2022

The #Unvaccinated have a LOWER all-cause mortality rate than the vaccinated across all age groups

Age 18-39 shown below. Others age groups to follow in 🧵

🚨All-cause mortality rates, per 100,000 population, England, 2022

Age 40-49

Why would the #Unvaccinated have a lower mortality rate for non-Covid deaths, than the vaccinated?

🔵 Unvaccinated
🟠 1 dose
🔘 2 doses
🔴 Booster dose+
📈 Ever vaccinated

🚨All-cause mortality rates, per 100,000 population, England, 2022

Age 50-59
#Unvaccinated have a lower mortality rate than the vaccinated

🔵 Unvaccinated
🟠 1 dose
🔘 2 doses
🔴 Booster dose+
📈 Ever vaccinated

Death data from #ONS Vaccination pop. % data from #UKHSA

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Our #NHS is in crisis

Privatisation is partly to blame

Today we join @We_OwnIt ‘s action highlighting the avoidable deaths an @UniofOxford study attributes to the impact of outsourcing.

#NHSprivatisation Kills…
@We_OwnIt ‘s action highlights these 557 deaths to draw out a bigger narrative… (here’s #63)

Record level 7 million patients on waiting lists

Doctors and nurses taking industrial action

Excess deaths at their highest levels since 1951

#TooManyDeaths #SOSNHS
The crisis is partly because private involvement has hollowed out the NHS

Outsourcing delivers worse outcomes for more money, costing the NHS

Outsourcing reduces NHS capacity

Plus outsourcing, competition by private companies draws staff away from NHS
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🚨 EXCL: We queried DHSC on the total cost to the taxpayer for the development & implementation of the #NHS COVID Pass system before/after launch on 17th May 2021 until present.

After reviewing awarded contracts, the final amount is likely to *far exceed* what we were told.
Two of the biggest contracts were awarded to both @netcompany_uk & Teleperformance Ltd for both £18m & £25m.……
Since February 2022, our organisation continued campaigning for the domestic COVID Pass system to be scrapped after legislation was relaxed, as well as for intl use in late 2022, in consideration of how many countries were unrestricted at their borders.
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After last night's appalling episode of #bbcqt, today I've emailed @BBCR4Feedback to express my concerns about Fiona Bruce's inability to properly or fairly chair @bbcquestiontime panels, & about the disproportionate number of right-wing panellists.

Full email below:
"I'm a @BBC supporter & appreciate that @BBCr4Feedback makes an important contribution to society in helping to maintain the BBC's public service ethos & hard-won reputation for providing impartial, high-quality & distinctive output & services which inform, educate, & entertain."
"I'm writing to raise concerns - articulated and shared by thousands on social media - about @bbcquestiontime.

My concerns are twofold:

First, Fiona Bruce's chairing of BBC Question Time is, at best, unacceptably poor."
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#Authoritarians dislike novelty, diversity, & complexity.


"Don't call us far-right - we are just talking COMMON SENSE!"


'WHITE middle-class TEACHERS are a PROBLEM!'

(This is what far-right common sense looks like).
Things that are "common sense" to right-wingers:

Demonise & scapegoat asylum seekers

Cut taxes for very richest people

Allow raw sewage in our rivers

Criminalise protests & strikes

Reintroduce death penalty

Downplay climate change

Sell off #NHS

What right-wing extremists REALLY want: no welfare; no public sector; no taxes; no consumer, worker, or environmental protections; no food or other standards; no limits on Party funding; no lobbying restrictions; no unions; no protest; & no human rights.

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Predictably, in light of the stitch-up Review, the Telegraph claims #PREVENT is 'politically correct'.

For years, the GROWING threat of far-right extremism is consistently played down by the UK Govt, the billionaire-owned press, & right-wing think tanks.
Political rhetoric & news framing has dragged public discourse so Far Right, that the @Conservartives' rhetoric is virtually indistinguishable from the BNP & National Front of the 1970s - their "invasion" rhetoric is reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jew rhetoric.
And speaking of anti-Jew rhetoric & the use of antisemitic tropes & antisemitic conspiracy theories, it was NEVER @UKLabour MPs or Corbyn who used this grotesque language, it was - & still is - @Conservatives & Boris Johnson:
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The apathy repeatedly demonstrated by govt, certain health leaders & HCPs as our #NHS collapses around us resulting in the normalisation of ‘avoidable death/harm’, is staggering.

I never thought I’d see the day that #FirstDoNoHarm became utterly meaningless!
When we look back at this time & reflect on the thousands of lives that didn’t need to be lost & the millions more that suffered bc of unnecessary bereavement/#LongCovid/#NHS neglect/the end of public health messaging ETC…& wonder how this happened in a civilised society…
….& why we seem to have learnt absolutely nothing from our collective pandemic experience?

Why can’t @DHSCgovuk @NHSEngland see the unacceptable harm done by actively encouraging an individual response to a novel🦠, reinstate a #MasksInHealthcare mandate & upgrade staff😷s?
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We need to Run Faster than Diseases Progress in Patients.

So much #NHS Hospitals can do to unblock A&E & Wards without waiting for more Social Care - #CutTheCrap

@mnt @BBCr4today @BBCNews @TheIHI… for those who prefer video to podcast - starts at 12:04pm #NHS Drowning in Paperwork
@DrGrumble @rakeshspatel

Not to mention


No wonder there are queues of patients everywhere in #NHS

Doctors want to Doctor
Nurses want to Nurse
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