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We often hear "live with it, just like the flu"...

My response is, and always has been, DO NOT play virus top trumps - it's daft.
As @covidinquiryuk continues, one thing I hope we can take forward, it's how to do things better, rather than how it's "normally done"... brief🧵
Influenza A virus has been the top of the list for potential pandemics since time immemorial, not JUST because of the 1918/19 pandemic and its aftermath, but because of all the other pandemics of the 20th and 21st centuries that are less familiar to many:… Image
What followed each pandemic was the dominance of that particular virus for many years after, causing seasonal flu. Note, seasonality is complicated, it doesn't really occur in tropical regions and is not just driven by our behaviour...…
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Is it trauma informed care or retraumatising care? ✍️🏽
#psychology #mentalhealth #nhs #dclinpsy #socialjustice Image
Despite multiple trainings and workshops encouraging trauma informed care, many of our systems and actions do quite the opposite.
Bouncing servive users around services, telling them they are not 'appropriate' for a treatment, excluding those with a personality disorder diagnosis or 'flagging' them on the system as 'high risk' and therefore to avoid.
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Please read this👇🏼 Prime Minister,

@MatthiasMuell15 summarises brilliantly exactly how so many of us feel & why it is vital that you allow #BaronessHallett access to ALL the WhatsApp messages she has requested 🙏🏼.

@RishiSunak @10DowningStreet @covidinquiryuk
We will never forget the fear that caring for patients with #COVID in DIY PPE engendered & knowing that govt decisions over PPE contracts denied 1000s of us adequate protection is particularly disturbing.

Have you really forgotten the weekly claps of 2020?

#PPEScandal #NHS💔
Our friends/colleagues & loved ones died in their 1000s from COVID, because of COVID & as a result of a very poor UK government pandemic response & countless extremely bad decisions…

#WilfulNegligence #LetTheBodiesPileHigh
@MattHancock @Jeremy_Hunt @sajidjavid @SteveBarclay
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#InstitutionalBetrayal is failure to prevent or respond supportively or take appropriate action to protect employees from wrongdoings within institution wrt inequity, discrimination, bullying & retaliation

Commonly happens to #NHS staff

Outcome is psychological & physical harm ImageImageImageImage
I believe that #SamirahShaikh, #MichelleCox, #ValentineUdoye & #OmerKarim & many more people in our #NHS experienced the most *horrific* #InstitutionalBetrayal from ⤵️


THIS‼️ is just the tip of the iceberg
#InstitutionalCourage™ is antidote to #InstitutionalBetrayal. It includes #accountability & #transparency. It’s a commitment to seek truth & engage in moral action despite unpleasantness, risk & short term cost. It’s a pledge to protect & care for staff.
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Black women are four times more likely to die while pregnant or just after childbirth than white women.

Although this report only includes data from 2019-2021, previous reports show maternal mortality rates have been largely unchanged for a decade.…
The reason for this racial disparity still isn’t fully understood. It’s likely due to a combination of many factors, including socioeconomic status and pre-existing health conditions.…
Numerous reports have also shown that black women receive poorer maternity care compared with women from other ethnic backgrounds, which may further contribute to poorer health outcomes.…
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When asked about the important issues facing the UK today, the most reported issues continue to be:

▪️ the #CostOfLiving (92%) 🛒
▪️ the #NHS (87%) 🏥
▪️ the #economy (73%) 💷
▪️ climate change and the #environment (60%) 🌍

➡️… Graphic stating Public opin...
Around 3 in 10 (29%) working adults reported they would describe any part of their job as a “green job”, (for example, a job that helps to protect or contribute towards the environment, such as helping to combat climate change or improve the natural environment) 🌳
Around 1 in 7 (15%) working adults reported that they work for an organisation that does specific green activities, but their own work was not directly related ♻️
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.@BBCr4today The significant reduction in road transport #AirPollution and its associated #health impacts that #ElectricCars enable should reduce #NHS demand lowering government spending that will partly offset lost fuel duty revenue. #r4today ImageImageImageImage
.@BBCr4today Toxic air pollution particles found in lungs and brains of unborn babies

Particles breathed by mothers pass to their vulnerable foetuses, with potentially lifelong consequences… #r4today
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Sometimes in our services the 'entry requirements' or 'refferal criteria' can be quite rigid and exclusionary.
#nhs #mentalhealth #psychology Image
We know from research that a lot of mental health issues are complex with multiple layers of different difficulties, from trauma to eating disorders to substance misuse.
There are some services that exclude people who have a substance misuse problem, a forensic history, a personality disorder diagnosis, unstable housing situation, physical health issues and so on, as they deem it too 'complex to treat' or in need of other specialist input.
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🧵 “We now need to explore whether the lack of implementation is due to a lack of commissioning of services, or whether it represents centres choosing not to follow the guidance & use alternative strategies without evidence base.” @DocStrain

#MECFS #NHS… Image
“It is important that decisive action is taken to address these issues and ensure that #MECFS patients receive the appropriate care they deserve,

#PostViralIllness #Disability #Health Image
With > 2 million people living with Long Covid, and > 50% said to meet the criteria for #MECFS and therefore @NICEComms guidelines communities must stand together to ensure safe rehabilitation & care.

The full article can be seen here.
Thanks @ABrokenBattery

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#Covid Spring booster. I’ve got to smile - this morning we attended for the jab. Told to wait in crowded corridor with maskless public and maskless volunteers. Heating on and it’s 20 ° outside. We found the windows could be pushed open, there was a door we could open, so we did.
We are not medical staff, we’ve had no infection control training, we have just educated ourselves on account that the Government in 2020 told my husband to shield because he has leukaemia and is at high risk. We found that #COVIDisAirborne so don’t breath it in if possible.
Over 3 years on we find that the Gov only vaccinates elderly and immunosuppressed but when those at high risk take responsibility and turn up, the #NHS Infection Protection Control team have learned nothing. Can’t even open a window or make everyone wear a mask.
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1/8 Lets unpack the Labour health briefing document that was published yesterday ⬇️.
#NHS #healthpolicy Image
2/8 👍There are some promising elements - like an increased focus on staff numbers, a much-needed shift to prevention, and an emphasis on bettering pay and conditions within social care. But….
3/8 ❗️….the briefing reiterates a commitment to private sector delivery, particularly to cut waiting lists. This means further erosion of public provision and privatisation of our healthcare services, and your taxes flowing out of the NHS to boost profits. #NHSPrivatisation
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So, a LOT of arguments currently around #Covid in kids, both long and short versions, and kids vax. @LongCovidKids is something I feel strongly about, as is kids vax.
I have been criticised by some...who say criticism of policy isn't acceptable 🤦‍♂️...well, tough.

Feels to me that
some of the arguments have become so polarised that the rabbit holes that follow are inescapable, for both "sides". We need to focus on the bigger picture, which, in my opinion, paints this whole situation around COVID in kids as totally absurd, especially compared to other 🦠s.
So, some observations and thoughts on things in no particular order. No jokes, no gifs, no, you can find your own data sources...

1. Has there EVER been another kids vax policy/rollout that was a) offered, then withdrawn, b) endorsed as "non-urgent", optional, etc c) had SUCH a
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🧵 Living and exercising with #DID #ukrunchat
3 weeks ago we pushed the pace whilst out running. Hadn’t done any speed work or hills etc for months as was too worried about my injury prone body. Had several months of steady miles & strength training under my belt & felt ready.
My head was beyond full from everything we are managing - marriage breakdown, prospect of moving home, menopause and of course living with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder - The symptoms for which are just so vast and debilitating that we are too exhausted to try and explain.
That Saturday morning we NEEDED to run hard. Had our mind set on max perceived effort, an out and back of 20 mins each way & ran alongside an experienced and fast runner. So this is where the ability to dissociate becomes dangerous and some might say was an act of #SelfHarm
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2 years ago I had my 2nd @ASTRAZENECAUK #COVIDVACCINE
Within hours there was a burning feeling going from my trunk towards my face
An increase in intense itching, pins & needles
Vibrations in my foot, leg & thigh
Tight feeling going around my chest, ribs & back

Nerve pain down my neck, I thought I had shingles
shooting pains in my legs, arms & face
Increase in joint pain
Increase in fatigue
A sort of trembling inside my trunk
My thinking got worse, I was having to practice in my mind what I want to say
& other symptoms I can’t remember
Why did I have the 2nd #COVIDVACCINE after having problems after the 1st?

Initially a lot of the original symptoms were thought to be caused by my #diabetes so I was advised to have the 2nd one

But after the increase in symptoms after the 2nd, we knew..
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This is a #THREAD about propaganda, right-wing populist nationalist Christian authoritarianism, @BBCr4today, Sebastian Kurz, your health records, the NatCon conference, & Libertarian billionaire, Peter Thiel. I know this sounds like the introduction to an Adam Curtis documentary. Image
Radio 4’s Today Programme has lost 800,000 listeners in the past year as they switched to podcasts & rival talk radio shows.

It has also had to deal with Rishi Sunak’s government cutting access to government ministers as part of a deliberate communication strategy. Image
An expert on right-wing authoritarianism, Ruth Wodak's February 2023 article, 'Analyzing the shift to the far-right: the Austrian case', is Open Access (free to read), & helps explain @BBCr4today's loss of listeners, & recent developments in #propaganda.…
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@CrossgateCentre Javad MARANDI
Azerbaijan - Glasgow** - Seychelles > Pakistan
#moneylaundering Avromed is a UK - Azerbaijani registered company #glasgow @theSNP Image
@CrossgateCentre @theSNP AvroMED
Hilux Services LP
Name change and no people info .
Polux Management LP dissolved by Solberg business wh has BVI & Seychelles companies ImageImageImage
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@WelshGovernment @SeneddWales @vaughangething @PrifWeinidog @Eluned_Morgan

When are you going to start looking into this

You have had plenty of time now

Why have groups like @ukcvfamily & @VIBUK1 have to campaign to get us heard ?
Ive had email correspondence with my MP, who informs me that healthcare is the responsibility of @WelshGovernment , also Welsh Gov are responsible for the rollout of the #covidvaccines in #WALES

MP writes to Térèse Coffery & despite reminding her, there’s no reply
MP goes on to write, he hopes that I get a better response from @WelshGovernment

Yeah right!!!

I raised I’d had health problems after @ASTRAZENECAUK by email to Eluned Morgan April 2022

She didn’t want to know…
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Whether you're Left, Right, or Centrist, #GC, #TransRights, #BlackLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter, pro-#NHS, anti-#lockdown, #Republican or #Monarchist, the Govt's draconian, antidemocratic, & anti-free speech Public Order Bill should concern #EVERYONE. 🇬🇧
GENEVA, 27/04/23:

The Public Order Bill, which has now been passed by the UK Parliament, is deeply troubling legislation that is incompatible with the UK’s international human rights obligations regarding people’s rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly & association.
“This new law imposes serious & undue restrictions on these rights that are neither  necessary nor proportionate to achieve a legitimate purpose as defined under international law.”
- UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk.
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GP ‘plan’ - phone lines but no REAL people

2000 Fewer GPs than 2015 when Jeremy Hunt promised 5000 more by 2020

GP Practices & Pharmacies are closing

Contracts that don’t pay enough

Being navigated to a struggling service will increase unhappiness for all Image
Steve Barclay rightly says GP practices are providing 2 million more appts a month than 2019

Consulting with half the population of the UK a month

GPs have done this with below inflation funding for the past 5 years

GPs are leaving in increasing numbers

Contracts handed back Image
GP is one of the most technologically advanced in #NHS

Embraced online forms of communication during the pandemic

Provide 20% more appts than 2019

Govt obsession with face-face appts undermines this very initiative

Tech is NOT the problem

GP numbers, funding, bureaucracy are Image
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'It's not a fetish'. 🙄 🚩#Trans #AGP #NHS @NWAmbulance
@LGBTfdn Image
@againstgrmrs this is #trans identified @Freda_Wa11ace who drives an ambulance for the UK National Health Service. Image
@NWAMB_Inclusion @NWAmbulance were singing Freda's praises recently too. Image
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🧵When US @Surgeon_General talks about an epidemic of #loneliness & social isolation and the impacts on #health, it definitely grabs the attention.

This important intervention shows that #loneliness is, unfortunately, still a huge issue for our societies, UK included... 1/
Back in 2018, the @JoCoxLoneliness Commission headed by @RachelReevesMP & @SeemaKennedy published a report calling for action on #TacklingLoneliness, which led to the creation of a Loneliness Minister in Government & a strategy to combat #loneliness 2/ Two women outside number 10
Many organisations across civil society, from tiny community organisations to huge businesses, worked together to build social connections and support people of all ages to reconnect with others, recognising the negative impacts of #loneliness on individuals & wider society 3/
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Well now, this is v worrying…

Part of the triage process for unwell kids presenting to secondary care includes a ‘#COVID section’.

That’s good obvs, but wait till you hear what the questions are.

@IndependentSage @RCPCHtweets @UKHSA @NHSEngland @DHSCgovuk
1 - has the child or a family member recently travelled abroad?

2 - has the child or a family member recently tested positive for #COVID?

3 - has anyone in the child’s home been asked to isolate for #COVID19 recently?

& it gets worse…much worse.
So if a child/parent/caregiver answers NO to all 3 Qs they’re categorised as ‘#COVID✖️’, which is then handwritten on the front of the paper notes & entered into the computer (presumably for data collection).

NB This information INFORMS other HCWs seeing the child re risk etc
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