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How much do purpose, customers and people remain a anchor in your organisations - no matter what challenges are thrown at them ? #ukhousing #localgov #NHS
Do targets become your sole focus at all costs ? Or do you think about the consequences for your customers and involve them in your decisions ?
Do you understand that your customers are individuals, and that if not addressing their issues means you still hit your targets, the consequences of you ignoring them could be absolutely devastating for them ?
#ukhousing #localgov #nhs
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Krabben helpt niet… via @the_stinging

Wil je het hard @lientje1967: hier heb je het. De schets over @mzelst @ginnymooy en @Ammer_B

"Experts." Ik geef je alvast op een briefje: de zorg staat op instorten. Dat doet ie al jaren.
Al jaren hopen verpleegkundigen en dokters dat ze de winter weer ongeschonden doorkomen.

En de #NHS loopt op ons voor. Doordat verpleegkundigen er de brui aan geven, is er nu per saldo minder IC-capaciteit dan voor de #coronacrisis.…
Want het is niet de vraag óf het fout gaat, beste @lientje1967, maar wanneer.

En hoe erg het fout gaat. En dan kunnen jullie nu braaf met jullie meelmondjes naar @VanRanst @ginnymooy en @mzelst luisteren, en wat kritische vragen stellen.
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A managing partner of private equity firm Livingbridge, Oluwole Kolade, which has extensive investments in private healthcare, has GIVEN £859,342 to the Tories, & in March he was made a non-executive director & deputy chair of #NHS England for 3 years.😬…
Since 2005, Simon Blagden & companies he is associated with have GIVEN £376,000 to the @Conservatives.

He used to be a chairman of Fujitsu UK - which sued the #NHS - & was in April made a member of the UK Health Security Agency advisory board. 😬…
At the beginning of last year, it was announced that the new @BBC Chair was to be former Goldman Sachs banker Richard Sharp, who mentored rishi Sunak, & "gave" the @Conservatives more than £400,000 since 2001 - obviously not in return for anything. 😬…
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1) Are you taking parental leave or having a break from work to care for your children with #longcovid?

A parent asks -

“I am wondering how parents are managing their work life whilst their little ones are so poorly. So far I have juggled things and taken annual leave but
2) it’s difficult to see how this is sustainable with no end in sight.

@longcovidwork @DHSCgovuk @CitizensAdvice
are you able to help ?


"If my husband wasn't still working at home, I'd have to give up work. Daughter 17 but needs reminded to eat, drink etc"

#LongCovidKids @longcovidwork
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Is #NHS #dentistry beyond crisis? Like rest of #primarycare, .@NHSEngland in its dominant position as market regulator has failed to manage the market. #NHS manages contracts, funding, nhs regulations, clinical policy, nhs #tech +entry & exit of workforce .@guardian 1/19
There will be those out there that’ll say but number of registrants has increased. That’ll suit nhs policy makers. Doesn’t account for people leaving NHS, working less hours for NHS, taking a career break or going into private practice or people taking up other careers 2/19
Certainly my experience in London is that many dentists don’t want stress of high needs #nhs practice. Are less likely to work full time & don’t want to work on abysmal NHS rates on offer in places like London. Many won’t be able to pay their rent /indemnity/ travel costs 3/19
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Let’s take a closer look at some of the foundational ideological positions that the @Conservatives publicly claim to support, & how their actions & policies all too often run in complete & total contradiction to them.
They claim to support free speech - but criminalise protest & control what charities can say & do publicly in the 12-month run-up to elections.

They claim to be against ‘red tape’ - but gave Ukrainian asylum seekers a 100-page form to complete.
They claim to support a 'free press' - but support, appease & fear foreign billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who owns swathes of the UK right-wing media, non-dom billionaire Jonathan Harmsworth, who owns the Daily Mail, & non-dom billionaire Frederick Barclay who owns the Telegraph.
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Support Britain's veterans.🇬🇧

The UK Govt has ignored MPs' calls for an inquiry into our veterans' benefits system, which involves long waits, high rejection rates, low pay-outs & lengthy appeals, with many pushed into poverty, declining health & suicide.…
The Government's attitude to our brave veterans is a national disgrace.🇬🇧

The “Great Tommy Sleep Out” was held in March, where participants braved the cold for one night in support of the approximately 6,000 military veterans experiencing homelessness.…
In 2018, then @UKLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn pledged to end the “scourge” of rough sleeping among armed forces veterans & called on Theresa May to officially register the number of homeless ex-servicemen & women.…
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🚨 We've already told you that multi-million £ contracts have been awarded for the continued maintenance & development of Test & Trace incl. the #NHS #COVID19 app.

But it gets worse. @NHSDigital are hiring for *permanent* #COVIDPass management ⤵️…
🛂 The Govt removed their advice/guidance for the domestic #NHS #CovidPass on April 1st & that it would remain on the NHS app for a 'limited period'.

This is in stark contrast to the job opportunities from @NHSDigital

Now we know they don't want this going anywhere.
We maintain that it's naive for any individual or organisation to conclude that simply because the legal reqs to present an #NHS #CovidPass at certain events & venues were dropped, that it was finished.

Another wake up call for everyone that we're not done with this yet.
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📅 One year ago today - the UK Govt began to relax #lockdown restrictions while telling us a COVID-status certification system would be developed.

Even though the majority of Coronavirus Act regs have dropped, surveillance continues to be maintained.…
🛂 Many businesses were legislated to either use the #NHS #COVID19 app or allow customers to 'sign-in' for Test & Trace.

But of course this wasn't about your health, this was measuring citizens compliance re: #vaccinepassports & #DigitalID
🦠 If we're supposed to be 'Living with COVID' & restoring freedoms, then why do we need to maintain these surveillance measures that will do nothing to limit the spread of a now endemic virus.
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Margaret Thatcher: a thread 🧵
So when she died, a girl I was at uni with told me off for posting on Facebook that I was glad she was gone. Usually, I would not celebrate the demise of a fellow human being, but we are still seeing the legacy of her cruelty and worship of greed today.
When Thatcher said "There is no such thing as society" she paved the way for the destruction of the social contract. The idea that, fundamentally, we are all responsible for making our society a good place where people are cared for and nurtured.
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📢 Scarlet fever is usually a mild illness but can be serious if left untreated. It's highly contagious and mostly affects young children.

We're reminding parents of the symptoms following a rise in cases across the country. 🧵👇

The first signs of #ScarletFever are flu-like symptoms such as:
🤒 High temperature
😖 Sore throat and swollen neck glands
🕜 A bumpy, rough feeling rash usually appears after 12 to 48 hours on the chest and tummy.
If you think your child is showing signs of #ScarletFever it's important to contact your local GP or #NHS111.

Stay away from nursery, school or work for 24 hours after taking the 1st dose of antibiotics.
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Let’s recap recent economic management by the #Tories 1/

NI tax ⬆️ Corporation tax ⬆️ Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax & Income Tax all ⬆️ by stealth due to a freeze so not keeping pace with inflation, Council Tax ⬆️ Reduction in Pension LTA - effectively a pension tax ⬆️
2/ VAT ⬆️ and kept at 20%, Dividend tax ⬆️ and yet if we believe the figures we’ve got record low unemployment, some of the highest job vacancies on record while at the same time an exponential rise in food bank usage (now with an ever increasing number of households in work)
3/ In April - June 2020 Trussell Trust had an 84% increase compared to the same time the previous year. No one can get a GP appointment, teachers aren’t getting the payrises they deserve, doctors and nurses are leaving their profession in droves, the NHS is at breaking point..
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US billionaire John Malone has more money invested in British media assets (inc GB News) than Rupert Murdoch. His company Discovery is likely to buy @Channel4 & he's former Chair of the dangerous & influential Libertarian (Koch-funded) think tank, Cato Institute.
Discovery, AT&T & Warner Bros will create Warner Bros Discovery, pending a $43 BILLION merger. Discovery CEO David Zaslav will lead the new company, & John Malone will be on the Board.

"Take back control" - & hand it to foreign libertarian billionaires.

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Let's have a little look at the @Conservatives' record since #GE2019:

Ignored warnings & let 180,000 people die

Broke rules & laws that everyone else had to follow, then repeatedly denied doing so

Handed £BILLIONS of OUR money to THEIR mates for CRAP products that didn't work
Killed off social mobility

Steadfastly ignored the plight of disabled people

Sold off to overseas investors almost everything left to sell off

Relentlessly demonised asylum seekers, refugees & migrants

Overseen the biggest transfer of wealth from poor to rich in living memory
Continually lied to voters

Announced their intention to destroy Human Rights

Funded their Party with dirty money from Russian oligarchs

Attacked as 'anti-British' some of our greatest institutions, such as the @BBC, the @RNLI, the @nationaltrust & the @England football team
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Good to work with @ProfNGreenberg & team on this Mental health of #NHS staff probably wasn’t very good going into the pandemic. I say probably because before #Covid19 there was very little data tracking psychological health of the workforce. 1/
But in this survey with > 6000 respondents, across three time points, the scale and severity of mental health symptoms reported is hard to ignore. 2/
During the peak of the pandemic in Jan 2021 more than 50% of all staff met threshold criteria for at least one of the following: severe anxiety, severe depression, harmful use of alcohol or probable PTSD. 3/
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The situation in the #NHS is as bad as I’ve ever known it.

Multiple HCWs in our area are off sick with #COVID - nurses, consultants, GPs…all likely to be triple vaxed so they should avoid serious illness but still a risk of #LongCovid.

The impact on ALL HEALTHCARE is HUGE!
Operations, procedures, investigations, treatments, therapies….are delayed & cancelled every single day.

Waits for urgent care in A+E/UTCs is ⬆️, pressure on the ambulance service⬆️.

Care ACROSS the #NHS is being negatively affected by staff absences & a lack of beds.
Care in some areas is no longer safe, in many it can only be described as ‘adequate’.

As @RachaelMaskell points out, hospitalisations are ⬆️….A LOT! Even admissions for other problems will be made more challenging if the patient has #COVID19.

Yet @sajidjavid does nothing?!
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1/🧵about #NHS culture and being liberated;many of you know me or follow me for leading the #Bolton #covidvaccine programme. What many don’t know was that on March 23rd 2020 the day we went into first #lockdown I stepped up from deputy To interim clinical director @BoltonCCG
2/working from home armed with a laptop and a mobile like many I began to meet and run meetings with the ‘system’ to respond to the #pandemic. At the start we met daily. All of us apprehensive. First task? Empty the hospital beds. I thought it was all a bit dramatic. At first.
3/battled for #PPE we didn’t have,thought of imaginative ways to pipe more oxygen into wards, we increased homecare beds to get people moving quicker, planned for mortuary space we soon were to need; we were doing #NHS things we’d never imagined at a speed never before possible
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On Mar 7th we contacted @HumzaYousaf re: domestic #vaccinepassports in #Scotland, we've received a response.

◽️ No indicative timescale clarified as to whether domestic, voluntary COVID-status certification will end. All we're told is it will 'therefore remain'.

◽️ Even though @scotgov advised businesss' who opt to use voluntary certification to be clear about their objectives checking COVID-status, doesn't make the scheme *itself* justifiable or proportionate to continue.

◽️ Intl #CovidPass will remain for 'at least' another year.
◽️ 'Helping customers feel safe' is an example of creating an artifical, nonsensical 'demand' for certification, which does *nothing* to prevent spread of #SARSCoV2.

◽️ Blaming a virus for 'inequality' is ridiculous. Govt overrection caused more damage than #COVID19.
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#NHS facilities in #LordsQs from 2.35pm. Lord Balfe questions the government on services such as hospital visiting and GP appointments returning to pre-pandemic levels.
📺 Watch online…
#LordsQs continues from 2.45pm as Baroness Coussins presses government on the economic value of the UK speaking other languages.

📺 Watch live…
In #LordsQs at 2.55pm, @LordStorey quizzes government on the teaching of creative subjects in schools since the introduction of the English Baccalaureate.

📺 Watch later today…
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We don't understand why some groups continue to declare #vaccinepassports have been 'seen off' or 'gotten rid of'. Yes, the legal req. is dropped, but here's the reality:

1⃣ Domestic COVID-status remains on the #NHS app for a 'limited period'...

We've asked @DHSCgovuk for how long this 'limited period' is. No response yet.

2⃣ Domestic COVID-status remains under voluntary use in #England #Scotland #Wales & #NothernIreland after April 1st.

3⃣ Certain #NHS trusts continue to request #vaccinepassports from visitors.
Contracts have been awarded by @UKHSA for continued maintaince of the #NHS #COVID19 app as well as £212m awarded to @SercoGroup for another two years of Test & Trace.

So this remains very much a 'live issue' & we must not be naive about what's going on in the background.
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The 1945 @UKLabour Party election manifesto, which led to the unexpected landslide victory for Clem Attlee, is still a cracking read, spelling out many of the progressive policies that the people of Britain once again desperately need today.
"So far as Britain's contribution is concerned, this war will have been won by its people, not by any one man or set of men, though strong and greatly valued leadership has been given to the high resolve of the people in the present struggle."
"The people made tremendous efforts to win the last war also. But when they had won it they lacked a lively interest in the social and economic problems of peace, and accepted the election promises of the leaders of the anti-Labour parties at their face value."
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International nurses working for #NHS trusts & private care homes have clauses in their contracts that require them to pay up to £14,000 if they try to change job or return home early.

This, & P&O, is the stark reality of post-Brexit Cruel Britannia.…
It's cruel, greedy, exploitative & unfair for employers to pass recruitment costs on to workers, when hiring internationally can save them huge sums.

It costs £10-£12,000 to recruit an overseas nurse, but employers can save £18,500 in agency nurse costs in the first year alone.
By comparison, it takes three years to train a nurse in the UK and costs about £50,000 to £70,000. The government does not pay tuition fees, but provides maintenance grants of £5,000 a year.

Unison knows of cases where nurses were “trapped by unethical contracts”.
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Leaked emails suggest Tory peer Michelle Mone lobbied a health minister on behalf of a company seeking Covid contracts – five months after the point at which her lawyers said she had stopped doing anything for the firm!

But who is she? Well...…
In October 2020 it was revealed that PPE Medpro, a company led by Anthony Page, a business associate of Mone & her husband Doug Barrowman, had been awarded a contract for £122MILLION to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to the #NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In October 2020, a spokeswoman for Mone stated she "has no role or involvement in PPE Medpro", adding: "Mr Barrowman is also not involved in the company PPE Medpro & is not a Director or Shareholder." It later emerged that a second contract for £80 million was awarded to Medpro.
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This is the WPUK written submission to the review of NHS mixed sex accomodation.

Representatives of WPUK also attended a meeting with other stakeholders which we were invited to at very short notice.… /1 #NHS #SexMatters
As well as outlining concerns about any move away from single-sex provision, we raised concerns about the process of consultation and engagement with women stakeholders and organisations. /2
Providing single sex accommodation is provided for by the Equality Act 2010 and is cited as an example of a legitimate use of the exceptions in the Act.… /3
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