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#TestTrackAndTrace is being launched. I'm gathering my thoughts as to how effective it will be:

These thoughts are all my own, and whist a member of @RenewParty they do not necessarily reflect their position.

Hope you enjoy the read.

We needed ventilators, so we ordered them from a tractor maker & a vacuum maker.
We cancelled the orders when we realised it was easier to order them from ventilator makers.
We needed large amounts of #PPE to be distributed so we drafted in the Army.
We then realised we didn't have the PPE to be distributed and blamed nurses for using too much of it.
Individuals stared making scrubs from home.
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Sadly not one journalist asked about need to protect every locality#s #NHS #ITU capacity in #cummingspresser. This is why #NoSecondHome #StayHome is important and will continue to be throughout #summerholiday. A very important issue to keep live as #lockdown releases
@Fox_Claire this is an important issue and I was sorry it wasn't asked. This hasn't got through and will matter for a long time to come.
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Two things: 1) totally buried that Johnson today doubled down on decision to re-open schools on June 1. Despite report from @IndependentSage saying it’s not safe, major concerns from unions & every single one of *govt’s own models* showing schools opening=R rising above 1
2) Cummings cannot become a reason to break lockdown rules. We weren’t obeying them for the sake of the govt. we were obeying them for the sake of each other. In the face of a govt that’s not prepared to put our interests first, it’s down to us to protect ourselves & each other
We did it for #NHS. We did it for each other. And we know people will die if we follow Cummings’s example. That’s why this row cannot be allowed to drown the public health message. We have to be better than them because our lives - & those most at risk - depend on it
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1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@RichardGrenell .@GOP

How do #FBI #InfraGard #DHS & #FusionCenter personnel engage in federal felonies & domestic #terrorism on a daily basis?

1) Place innocent Americans on a secretive, extrajudicial watch-list without any due process.
2) They then engage in slander campaigns (Hoax Threats) against the extrajudicially watch-listed individuals in order to mobilize family members, neighbors & employees at commercial locations to engage in acts of aggression, assault & overt stalking.
3) According to the #FBI "Hoax Threats are Serious Federal Crimes," much like yelling fire (when there isn't one) in a crowded theater.

Per the FBI "Hoax threats are not a joke, and they can have devastating consequences .... Hoax threats ... [are disruptive and] ....
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Whilst we welcome news that the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will be scrapped for NHS and social care workers - WE MUST GO FURTHER ⬇️⬇️ 1/
Since it’s introduction in 2015, we have called for an end to the IHS for ALL 2/
It acts as a form of double taxation on people who already pay to use the NHS through their taxes, penalising people simply because they weren’t born here 3/
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As an #NHS cancer consultant , I have a public duty to raise the alarm that the Government is failing cancer patients during the #COVID19 crisis. A key cancer treatment that will be crucial to tackling the upcoming surge in cancer cases is still being rationed by NHS England 1/
Stereotactic radiotherapy (#SABR or SBRT) is a method of radiation delivery that can accurately deliver very high doses of radiation to localised cancers. It’s used to treat a wide variety of cancers including lung, prostate, kidney, and liver cancers. 2/
SABR requires fewer outpatient visits (typically 1-5) compared to conventional radiotherapy (20-30). It frees up radiotherapy capacity, reduces #COVID19 exposure, and is more cost-effective. This is crucial in #COVID19 era, because more patients are going to need radiotherapy 3/
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We're planting trees around UK hospitals to say thank you to @NHSuk key workers and to support their long term mental and physical health. We spoke to hospital staff about how access to nature is crucial for their wellbeing. A thread /1 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek 🧠
“After a difficult shift I feel stretched, rushed and head buzzing with a million things to do before I finish.” - Rachel, wellbeing specialist at Cornwall Partnership Trust. /2 #nhsheroes #ClapfortheNHS
“Being outdoors in nature makes me and my family happier. I think this initiative is fantastic and will really support our staff, many of whom do not have nice indoor spaces for breaks.” /3 #nhsheroes #NHS
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Everywhere you look, not only has COVID19(84) exacted its most terrible toll almost exclusively on the very old and chronically sick, but care home deaths represent a high proportion of those, whether thru’ unconscionable negligence or active discharge of hospital patients thence
And this despite the fact that these avoidable ‘casualties’ have been obvious and widely documented.
Are they victims of the fetishization of Health services (“Our” #NHS) -which is like saying soldiers must go into battle unarmoured for fear their bullet-proof vests get damaged?
Is it yet one more example of crass, government incompetence, false priorities, and an ingrained political horror of admitting error?
Is it even worse? Are expensive to care-for, small-c conservative values, Trump/Brexit/Climate skeptic old folk subject to casual euthanasia?
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I want to talk a bit more about my @RainbowNHSBadge tweet & the sudden rise in rainbow symbolism with the COVID pandemic

I understand, it's a visible sign of hope, but I want to share a few of my experiences over the past year or 2 whilst the NHS #lgbt rainbow badge was young
1. At a previous Trust, we were told that we (the LGBT network) would not receive funding for badges because of "the current feeling in the community" meaning that wearing the badge might put staff at risk of violence from others.

2. When finally signing up for my badge
At my current Trust I had to sign a disclaimer- one that stated I understood the significance of the badge. It directed me to resources on the such as @stonewalluk & @Mermaids_Gender so that if I was approached by someone in need, I could direct them safely to information
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#Thread for #MEAW2020

So it's #MEAwarenessDay #MEAwarenessWeek. That's the disease #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis if you don't know.

My Queen @NicolaCJeffery lives with this. We've been treating her for 15 months now at a cost of thousands of pounds, because the #NHS won't help 1/7
2/7 Or rather it will help, but only by telling the 250k+ people who live with #MEcfs in the UK that it's 'all in your head'.

Today was a milestone for Nic. We've now reduced her from 78 tablets & 9 oral solutions a day to 40 and 4.

I'm not sure many people really 'get it'
3/7 Can you imagine taking 78 tablets A DAY? That's what it's taken to try & get her better. But it's come at a huge cost.

It's been the hardest thing me & her have ever done & our lives have been HARD. #Lockdown? Hard? You've no idea. Some people helped with fundraising, so TY
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Even the estimable Steve Baker falls for the quasi-religious (alternatively: cod totalitarian) formula: Protect 'Our' #NHS

The reason the state spends ~£500 million A DAY on this monster is so IT can 'protect' YOU. Nosocomials & non-#COVID19 empty wards suggest it is not.
This may be a tad unfair. Mr B has been one of the few consistent voices of compassionate sanity in all this. Aside from his occasional public dissent, I'd guess he privately winces at much of what his colleagues do and say but feels he must reserve his ire for the worst excesses
More to the point, the article being referenced by Prof Tim Evans is a masterpiece of constructive criticism.
It is refreshingly NOT a piece of #NHS hagiography, nor does it degenerate into a blanket condemnation of past errors.
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1. 12th May, International Nurses Day, is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. In honour of her and our profession, we celebrate everything it means to be a nurse.
Most will remember her as ‘The Lady with the Lamp' and her pioneering work in the Crimea, but Florence was also ..
2...highly educated expert health administrator and statistician. Her meticulous data collection and analysis was vital to reducing morbidity and mortality, as was her scrupulous infection control and improved nutrition...
3... Fast forward 2020 and the era of Covid 19: Florence would be proud of the advances in nursing knowledge, clinical practice and research.She would not be surprised at the extraordinary efforts of nurses, working shoulder to shoulder with the others risking their own lives ..
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This is my personal, first-hand experience of COVID19 testing in the UK at a Regional Test Site. A thread. #COVID19 #Covid19UK (1/31)
I never expected to be the first person I knew to have a COVID19 test, so I was surprised to get an email inviting me to take one. Here in the UK testing is relatively scarce, accessible only to frontline health workers / people with severe symptoms. I’m neither. (2/31)
The email stated the UK Department of Health was inviting me to have a PCR swab test to confirm whether I was currently positive or negative. I was chosen as I was using the COVID Symptom Study app, developed by @KingsCollegeLon and health science company @Join_ZOE (3/31)
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Mega Dump

Manufacturing a crisis

#UseDiscernment #ThinkForYourself
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up: How a Little Newspaper Solved the Biggest Scientific and Political Mystery of Our Time…
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic Cover-up Volume Two: The Origins of Totalitarianism in Science and Medicine…
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This is the contract that was given to Dominic Cumming’s mate’s brother for £250,000,000 with no tender no competition no oversight no process.

Numerous security experts are pointing out the opportunity for data harvesting.
#IDOX, one of the companies given HUGE contracts for #NHS Data in a VERY short period of time with almost no oversight has a very familiar name in the Companies Register ...
Can't say for sure if related to Demonic 'Short' Cummings, but ... what are the odds ?
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The crisis has dispelled so many #NHSmyths

I genuinely hope when we reflect on this period & take the opportunity for an #NHSreset around regulation

@NHSConfed @gmcuk @TheBMA @shanecarmichael @gavin_larner @NHSE_Danny @Prerana_Issar @DrSarahHal

Here are a few...
Thread (1/6)
Previously we haven't accredited the experience doctors brought from jobs abroad, or from outside of formal training programmes.

There has been widespread deployment to new posts during #COVID19; the competencies count now.

All experience should be counted. #NHSreset (2/6)
Revalidation to ensure professional development? The absence of revalidation has not disincentivised staff reflecting & developing their practice in the face of this crisis. Are there negative implications from giving staff more breathing space? (3/6)
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COVID-19 is making us believe that there are trade-offs required in modern #technology. You can have #privacy or you can have functionality but you cannot have both. Well, here are 4 Myths of Modern Privacy that we believe need to be debunked. +…
Myth #1:
You’re always private on the edge (but don’t you ever leave it!).

Keeping #personaldata on the device is very #privacy-friendly. But software is emerging now which can be owned by the individual and created in the cloud...
#Personaldataservers such as these combine #privatedata storage with the advantages of cloud functionality, and for the first time are making truly private application-building a new paradigmatic technology architecture.
#privatecloud #technology +
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We still had time to get things right - we needed 20 sets of #PPE per patient per day- the Govt was told this, & when #COVID19 first appeared at the start of February @BorisJohnson & his govt did nothing
The Govt has delivered through the whole crisis only 1,358,518 gowns but the #NHS needs 100,000s a day, when panic set in they used spin to say ‘we followed the scorn so a total utter lie & criminal negligence
Many #frontline staff are angry at the Govt, one ICU nurse said calling us heroes just makes it ok for us to die
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Thread: This week @traversepeople interviewed people about their experiences of healthcare during #Covid19 to understand how non-covid specific care was being affected. Full report out next week, but some initial findings here:
The primary reason people are avoiding seeking care (and they are avoiding it, even for conditions as serious as stroke) is that they don't want to be a burden to the NHS. Fear of contracting coronavirus was a secondary concern for almost everyone we spoke to. #NHS
Communication is crucial to the experience of care. The people we spoke to understand why care is disrupted and are prepared to wait, but not knowing when to expect more information causes anxiety and a feeling of being "at their mercy" #mentalwellbeing #shareddecisionmaking
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1. I'm going to do the unthinkable in this time of #Covid19 and talk a little bit about Brexit. Please bear with me.
To be clear from the outset, we are leaving the EU. The only uncertainty is how.
2. #Covid_19 has really highlighted a few things:
• cooperation is better than going it alone
• the EU aren't punishing us
• we need more time to prepare
• supply chains are fairly easily disrupted
3. If you voted to leave, please don't think this is a veiled attempt to stop Brexit. That's impossible, we've left. It's over. You won.

This is a heartfelt plea for support for an extension to the transition period.
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1. @itv's @Peston has been holding feet to flames about the UK's lack of #TestingForCovid19 and shares this per capita league table. UK comes last, amongst 20 countries. But he's getting flak themed: "what's the point in testing "mild" cases"?
2. Speaking as a doctor in the @NHS, and with public health training, I can't see any way to exit lockdown without a BIG increase in public health infrastructure. I think community testing is a key part of that. #TestTestTest
3. However, this seems to be a genuine question people are asking. Why #test? E.g. a few times when I've been driving to or from work @NHSGGC, @Nigel_Farage has been arguing he doesn't see the point. Many @LBC callers share his view; they can't see benefit in testing mild cases.
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Stopped for a sandwich a few days back & started conversation with guy in queue. He is an importer/supplier of #PPE.
He told me he has tried several times to make contact with government & never received any response despite having a large amount of #PPE in stock./1
This #PPE supplier was contacted by the Health service (HSE) in Dublin recently & sold them a large quantity of #PPE after just one quick call and an emailed photo of the pallet of stock. Again the UK government did not respond./2
This #PPE supplier sold stock to two intermediaries who sold some equipment on directly to 2 NHS Trusts at a profit. His further attempts to offer stock to local & national government/Trusts directly were unsuccessful./3
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Regarding those 128 fake #NHS Staff accounts posting for 'Herd Mentality' and support of the Govt that were set up by @DHSCgovuk or their marketing agency ...

Posts were sent using Hootsuite, a mass-posting tool. Account registered to 1 person with 4 assigned contributors.
@DHSCgovuk The one person has been identified.

Despite the @DHSCgovuk reply to my queries of 'no comment' (and that's all she wrote), that person is a contracted Government employee temporarily assigned to this department.
@DHSCgovuk I offered to provide all data to the @DHSCgovuk for purposes of internal investigation.

They declined.

I asked to deal directly with their Soc Med and Comms team to work through the data.

They declined.

Our digging continues.
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@MattHancock ancock - owner and sole shareholder of supply chain coordination ltd - private ltd co. He holds 21000001 shares - nominal value - £1 each. The company provides procurement of PPE to the NHS etc. 1/4… Hancock funds company with revolving credit for which interest is payable. He has not declared his interest in the company here… 2/4
Do not know whether he is or needs to be registered with the FCA in terms of providing credit facilities.
Thw company was originally called Friars 728 ltd.
Emily lawson is one of his directors recorded at companies house 3/4
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