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#JohnBrennan's #CIA kicked off the entire polarized, partisan divide in our falsifying information to invent phony #Russiagate.
#Trump, like an idiot, overreacted--in an effort to expose phony #Russiagate--he tried to coerce #Assange to reveal his sources, to prove Assange's and his innocence.
#Assange felt it would violate his journalistic integrity to expose his actual sources & refused offer to be "pardoned" by #Trump, in exchange for revealing his sources.

Assange announced it was not Russian govt. & all signs point to murdered #DNC insider, #SethRich was source.
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#JulianAssange hearings Part 2 - Day 3 (Thread)

Court is expected to sit from 10:30 am rather than 10am to offer #Assange the opportunity to meet with his lawyers due to the defence team's inability to access their client after the end of each day.

via @SputnikInt
John Shipton - #JulianAssange's father - arrives on his birthday to observe the third day of his son's substantive extradition hearings.

He gives @SputnikInt his brief view as to the events of yesterday's hearings.

.@suigenerisjen (one of #JulianAssange's lawyers who will testify Trump admin offered a pardon to #Assange via congressman Dana Rohrabacher in exchange for proving that Russia was not the source of the #DNCLeaks…) arrives w/ @StellaMoris1 Assange's partner
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One person who could EASILY do a lot RIGHT NOW to help secure the freedom of Julian Assange is @DavidLeighx, the former Guardian editor who published the #Cablegate password in his book.

He blocked me years ago but I've been checking his tweets...
In May 2017 @DavidLeighx foolishly suggested that that UK police would turn a blind eye if Assange tried to escape the embassy and flee to Ecuador. I can only assume this was some kind of sick joke.
In April 2019 former Guardian EIC @arusbridger said Assange should not be extradited to the USA. @DavidLeighx responded to his brother in law (and ex boss) by saying Assange should be "extradited to Sweden first" (so UK can wash its hands of him).
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I don't expect @realDonaldTrump will pardon Julian Assange but here are some reasons why he SHOULD do it and drop the DoJ prosecution of the @wikileaks founder...
1. Trump's enemies claim he is anti-media but they still don't speak up for Assange. He calls the MSM Fake News. Pardoning Assange would give him credibility & expose their double standards.
2. Many Trump voters from 2016 had favourable views of WikiLeaks. Many are just tuning back into politics now and will be confused by Trump's DoJ extradition case. It looks hypocritical. It is.
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EX-CIA Ray McGovern Drops BOMBSHELL:


#SethRich w/ a Thumb Drive, Physical Access

& #CROWDSTRIKE added Metadata w/ CIA #Vault7


@POTUS: Let #Assange Prove it!


Flashback to Sy Hersh on Seth Rich:

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I bring up how Bernie was cheated in the 2016 elections then I ask Tulsi if she will be our voice and protest if and when she and Bernie gets cheated again next year. The democrat club leader didn't like that and took the mic from me and tried to obfuscate my question.
The second part of the video. I understand that Tulsi can't exactly come out and heavily criticise the democratic party she has to be diplomatic so I guess I will leave it at that. I imagine she would have responded differently if she wasn't at a democratic club. It's like a cage
The last bit. I understand Tulsi says she wants to lead with love but at some point she will need lead as a warrior. The democratic party is playing nice a little bit right now but they are going to crush her like a bug if she isn't prepared to push back hard.
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Powerful synthesis of the evidence thus far on #Guccifer2 from @with_integrity:

Guccifer 2.0 Game Over – Year End Review…
A Christmas present that everyone who appreciates the truth will thoroughly enjoy.…
Discussing the #Forensicator's first analysis of #NGPVAN:

"That study has been the subject of some controversy, although mostly built on conflating the findings with various interpretations of them, and with reporting on the study conducted by third parties."
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Anyone familiar w/ propaganda techniques will see right through this article's lies, & figure its true intentions.

We will deconstruct it for you, lie by lie, falsehood by falsehood, by tomorrow (Sunday) - stay tuned! 😉…
Sorry to begin w/ the end of the article, but this is to show how crappy a job @abcnews is doing: they already had to fix a serious 'mistake' where they 'only' made their readers believe Assange is facing charges when he is not.

Way to go @abcnews... but we're not done yet!
Exposing the lies & manipulation in this article is like entering a long sewer: there's poop everywhere you look.
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Link to today's hacking-related indictment against 12 members of Russian intelligence, for those who are curious. #Guccifer2 #DNCLeaks…
Hey, @wikileaks? Are you by any chance "Organization 1"? #StuckInAnEmbassy
Whoever #Organization1 is, they appear to have approached Guccifer2 on at least one occasion seeking more material. The "within a week" of July 18th comment lines up with the July 22nd release by @wikileaks.
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After more than 6 months of watching people get scammed by the #QAnon phenomena, I'm going to make the below thread to explain to you exactly why it is an intelligence agency-backed psyop, what techniques are being used, and why you need to stop people falling for it.
1. I referred to #QAnon today as a 'Pied Piper' operation. What I meant by this, is that the operation exists to round up people that are otherwise dangerous to the Deep State (because they are genuinely opposed to it) usurp time & attention, & trick them into serving its aims.
2. To achieve this, the operation moves through three phases.


It does this by appearing to leak insider information to the #QAnon audience. Making them feel that they are getting access to information that they otherwise wouldn't be privy to
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interesting stuff in this thing when looking for #DNCleaks hastag #@GUCCIFER_2 #@DCleaks_ #@wikileaks or the 2700 IRA accounts we know about.
here is one for #DNCleak and #DNCleaks…
dataset stats with all the election related sets selected and looking for those 2 hashtags.
735k total
First tweet: 2016-07-22 15:46:59
Top 2 users are suspended
2 accounts have been deleted.
leaving just these accounts
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1) #SaveTheKids Now that I have a following, I am a single, threaded 27-point story of the #Treason against the US committed by #Hillary, #Obama, and the #Cabal, starting w/ #UraniumOne and #IranNukes deals.…
2) Trump was recruited by #Patriots/#Military as the only outsider (not part of establishment) who could really #DrainTheSwamp, which is much worse than the aforementioned #Treason. He is protected by the #Marines in particular.…
3) #SethRichMurder The #Cabal, which includes corrupt Dems/GOP, never expected #HRC to lose. They owned #FakeNews #LSM (lying socialist media), rigged #DNC primary for #Hillary, and unsuccessfully rigged actual election w/electronic voting…
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Read the thread. But the question wasn't "did she finally payout the money once she became the candidate?" The question was "was it rigged"
The answer is "YES it was rigged". The DNC 💰should have never gone to the HVF a year before the primary ended. That person tries to make the
argument that "if Bernie had dropped out earlier that money could have gone to states that needed it". Point it HVF should NEVER have been
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