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Happy #Guccifer2_Day everyone! To celebrate (if that's the right word), I'm making the kindle version of my book "Loaded for Guccifer2.0" FREE for the next few days. It exposes the real story of how, and why, the Russiagate hacking hoax began in earnest six years ago today. (1/?)
On the 15th June 2016, a character calling himself Guccifer2.0 burst onto the internets claiming he was the guy who'd hacked the DNC. He produced documents that had been *purposefully* altered to include "Russian fingerprints." It allowed grateful intelligence agencies to (2/?)
link him to Russia with "High Confidence." Yet, Guccifer2.0 wasn't a cyber-spetznatz. He was a moron. The deeper you went into the story, and files, the more superficial the Russian "fingerprints" became. At a bits and bytes level the prints came from pro-Ukrainian hands. (3/?)
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Looks like Aleksej Gubarev of Webzilla fame has quietly dropped their ongoing defamation suit against Buzzfeed. Wonder why? #SteeleDossier
Again i ask when has Kremlin put out a supporting narrative at the same time they were trying to run away from it aka #Guccifer2 #SethRich #wikileaks #UkraineCrowdstrike. Feed #disinfo to strengthen the Trump / Russia collusion narrative? 5D chess? Not buying it. #SteeleDossier
Our May thread on some of the highlights of the #SteeleDossier and how most has been borne out to be true
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Imaad Shah Zuberi, a lobbyist and political donor to both Democrats and Republicans, pleaded guilty to falsifying records to conceal that he was working as a foreign agent, evading taxes, lobbying on behalf of foreign entities, and illegal campaign contributions.
He ran a venture capital firm called Avenue Ventures and solicited foreigners and foreign government reps by claiming he could use his influence in the DC swamp to change US foreign policy and create business for himself and clients.
Clients gave him loads of money for various political campaign contributions and for investing and consulting fees. He also hired lobbyists to get access to US officials, "some of whom took action in support of his clients." Some did, but most didn't.
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I don't think "I told you so" will cover the last two years of work telling the truth about #Russiagate, #Russianhacking, #Collusion, etc., and now being proven right. Much less the work of @with_integrity, the #Forensicator & more debunking #Guccifer2, or @CJBdingo25 on #Mifsud.
A thread of the important work done by all of the above debunking multiple aspects of the #Russiagate madness. In no particular order.
@with_integrity has consistently asked questions about "#Russianfingerprints," #Crowdstrike, and more re: #Guccifer2.
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Latest from the #Forensicator:

When USB’s Fly: Recent Research Supports Forensicator’s Controversial Theory…
#Forensicator: When USB’s Fly: Recent Research Supports a Controversial Theory

Forensicator's latest discusses findings from @bleidl @ClimateAudit which happen to push back against conspiracy theories touted by @dcampbell_iptv…
From the article by #Forensicator:

"In August of 2018, Forensicator came under fire for suggesting a sequence of events that might explain a one hour difference observed between the files in one of the archive files published by #Guccifer2 and another."…
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#Russiagate In Flames: No Evidence Of #Collusion, New Findings Challenge #DNCHack Narrative…
"As long as the legacy press continues to use #Russiagate to gaslight the public from focusing on domestic election interference, it remains imperative to point out that Russiagate, to date, has no basis whatsoever in fact."
In the last few weeks, we have witnessed two pillars of the #Russiagate narrative continue to disintegrate and erode.

First, a bipartisan inquiry admitted that they have yet to find evidence that the #Trump campaign coordinated with #Russia in '16.
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‘Media Bias Fact Check’ Smears WikiLeaks, Supports Western Propaganda Machine…
Within days of this outlet’s coverage of the #IntegrityInitiative, the website ‘#MediaBiasFactCheck‘ produced an updated page appraising Disobedient Media as right-leaning, supportive of conspiracy theories, and “supportive of #Guccifer2.0.”
In characterizing @DisobedientNews as a hard-right news source, a smear lands on not only the writers producing work with this outlet, but also those whose stories this outlet has covered.
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Merry Christmas everyone.

Powerful synthesis of the evidence thus far on #Guccifer2 from @with_integrity:

Guccifer 2.0 Game Over – Year End Review…
A Christmas present that everyone who appreciates the truth will thoroughly enjoy.…
Discussing the #Forensicator's first analysis of #NGPVAN:

"That study has been the subject of some controversy, although mostly built on conflating the findings with various interpretations of them, and with reporting on the study conducted by third parties."
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The #Forensicator has published a new post:

"#Guccifer2 Returns to the East Coast"…
Forensicator was kind enough to provide @DisobedientNews with an introduction to his latest post, available here:

Forensicator: #Guccifer2.0 Returns To The East Coast…

"In this post, we announce a new finding that confirms our previous work and is the basis for an update that we recently made to #Guccifer2’s Russian Breadcrumbs."…
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The #Forensicator has published a brand new report: Analyses further information pointing to the intentional insertion of "Russian" metadata into all of #Guccifer2.0's batches of documents.

Guccifer2’s Russian Breadcrumbs…
We also published Forensicator's introduction, with permission, via Disobedient Media:

#Forensicator: #Guccifer2.0’s Russian Breadcrumbs…
While the #Forensicator's analysis is technically intense, we are honored to publish the introduction to his work, as it is precisely the type of observation that should have been made two years ago, by MSM tech writers.
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This may be the biggest pile of steaming horseshit that the @washingtonpost has ever published.
Some of the disinformation re: #Guccifer2.0 can be easily debunked by reading articles like the following:
The linked article here, authored by @with_integrity, also debunks claims made by the Mueller indictment which are cited in the above WaPo piece.…
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"In view of the more recent work published by the #Forensicator regarding potential media collusion with #Guccifer2.0, we are inclined to revisit an interview given by #WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief #JulianAssange in August of 2016.."

"The significance of revisiting #Assange’s statements is the degree to which his most significant claim is corroborated or paralleled by the #Forensicator’s analysis."
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New from the #Forensicator on their latest analysis (reprinted with permission)

Forensicator: The Campbell Conspiracy…
#Forensicator's full analysis, including the preface aggregated above, can be found here:…
"The Forensicator’s latest analysis of Duncan Campbell’s smear piece, though technically intensive, is worth reading by everyone – not only the technically literate – who wish to understand the numerous inaccuracies in Campbell’s work from the #Forensicator’s perspective."
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Her comment comment, in turn, led to a twelve-hour lockout.

To provide additional context on Caitlin’s suspension, we return to the infamous @Shareblue and events earlier this month, when @DisobedientNews and others who have reported on the fallacies surrounding #Guccifer2.0 became the subjects of a disingenuous smear piece.
That attack was rapidly amplified by none other than Caroline Orr, a writer and Editor of Shareblue, who spread the hit piece to her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, many of whom appear to be part of a massive botnet.

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Jaap Titular, commenting at Climate Audit,… has interesting take on key Indictment paragraph about word searches in Moscow yielding breadcrumb trail from #Guccifer2 - a key new link outside G2-DCLeaks "bubble".
2/ Jaap points out that exact wording of paragraph doesn't make sense if you watch the pea (as we've learned to do in climate). The sentence as written rolls easily, but Jaap asks why you would log into a Moscow "server" to do a Google search.
3/ Jaap then observes that supposed reason why you searched your Moscow server for these words is "because you use those exact same words later in some piece that you are writing. ??? Does that even make sense ???"
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Bill Binney states in this new video, just as he said to me in the wake of the publication of Duncan Campbell's travesty: "#Guccifer2.0 was a fabrication."

Not the #Forensicator, as @dcampbell_iptv dishonestly implied.
Duncan Campbell (@dcampbell_iptv) should retract his false claims regarding Binney's "change of heart" immediately.

I reported honestly on what Bill Binney told me, in this article.…

I was called a liar, will the same continue to be said now that we can hear it in Binney's own voice? Will @JesselynRadack and others correct their statements?

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A British IT manager and former hacker from Darlington ran a disinformation campaign that duped former US intelligence agents and provided Donald Trump with manufactured “evidence” to deny that Russia interfered with the US election…
"The campaign is being run from the UK by 39-year-old programmer Tim Leonard, who lives in Darlington, using the false name “Adam Carter”."
"Starting after the 2016 presidential election, Leonard worked with a group of mainly American right-wing activists to spread claims on social media that Democratic “insiders” and non-Russian agents were responsible for hacking the Democratic Party."
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Link to today's hacking-related indictment against 12 members of Russian intelligence, for those who are curious. #Guccifer2 #DNCLeaks…
Hey, @wikileaks? Are you by any chance "Organization 1"? #StuckInAnEmbassy
Whoever #Organization1 is, they appear to have approached Guccifer2 on at least one occasion seeking more material. The "within a week" of July 18th comment lines up with the July 22nd release by @wikileaks.
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Forensicator's explanation for one-hour offset between #Guccifer2 NGPVAN and CF timestamps was copy onto thumb drive in Central (US) time, physical move of thumb drive to computer on Eastern time prior to July 5… Someone from MISDepartment most logical?
2/ MISDepartment was in Chicago, with an office/connections in Washington. MISDepartment were Bernie bros. They were bullied out of DNC by Crowdstrike and then imploded. Website and webpages gone by July. Motive, opportunity for DNC hack/leak and to misdirect to avoid detection
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#Guccifer 2.0’s American Fingerprints Reveal An Operation Made In The USA…
#Forensicator has found some incredible evidence in his final segment of findings…
The Forensicator’s earlier findings stated that Guccifer 2.0’s NGP-VAN files were accessed locally on the East Coast, and in another analysis they suggested that a file published by Guccifer 2.0 was created in the Central time zone of the United States.…
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1. if these DMs published by @kevincollier are genuine, they are the best evidence that there was NO dark conspiracy with #Russia: @wikileaks was trying to get important docs from alleged #Guccifer as other journalists were doing the same…
2. it's entirely possible that @wikileaks received mutiple dumps or leaked/hacked DNC/Podesta emails, and in this case they do use different dumps to assess sources and files.The reason for NOT mentioning #Guccifer2, IF they ever received the files from #Guccifer2,could be (cont)
3. very obvious: if the dumped/hacked #DNC and #Podesta actually came from #Guccifer2, that would have been "receiving stolen goods": it would have been demented to admit it publicly.
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All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence…
Each of these strands of UK-tied elements of the Russiagate narrative can be substantially dismantled on close inspection. This untangling process leads to the surprising conclusion that UK intelligence services fabricated evidence of collusion to create the #TrumpRussia.
Mifsud strongly denied claims that he was associated with Russian intelligence, telling Italian newspaper Repubblica that he was a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Foundation.…
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