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Read the thread. But the question wasn't "did she finally payout the money once she became the candidate?" The question was "was it rigged"
The answer is "YES it was rigged". The DNC 💰should have never gone to the HVF a year before the primary ended. That person tries to make the
argument that "if Bernie had dropped out earlier that money could have gone to states that needed it". Point it HVF should NEVER have been
Holding onto that 💰 to begin with. State parties needed that 💰for their primaries too & the ONLY reason HVF held it & didn't pay out until
After officially cinching the nomination is July was bc it would expose them if they paid it out before she officially won. That's SHADY
And their shady dealings meant the down ticket Dems suffocated during the primaries while waiting for that money to come back to them.
As for the topic of "rigging" - it absolutely was rigged. There is a whole lawsuit about it with tons of evidence to show how the election
Wasn't just rigged (less debates, primary date changes, voter rolls purged & polling stations closed in pro-Bernie areas, ballots found in
boxes stuffed in closets after votes counted, votes being siphoned off of other candidates like Roque De la Fuenta & given to HRC right
Before our own eyes. We saw busses of people & unions being incentivized to go caucus for Hillary in NV, people walking in to caucus without
Showing ID to prove they were even registers to vote for her. AP Fallon CA for Hillary before most people in CA even had a chance to vote!
Hell there was even an email in the #DNCleaks that discussed covering up the fact they closed poling stations in RI - a pro-Bernie state.
And the media was complacent the entire time. Like AP calling CA for Hillary before many voted. Or calling AZ before lines of people voted.
Or.. my favorite.. cancelling exit polls toward the end of the primary bc we were onto the fact that exit polls weren't matching results
Which is a clear sign of election fraud & ANY other time would trigger an investigation by the DOJ to check for election fraud. But luckily
For Hillary & the DNC the DOJ looked the other way. Wonder if a certain tarmac meeting with Bill & Lynch helped put an end to that... 🤔
So there you have it. The RIGGING was absolutely real & anything I mentioned above you can go back & see live tweets from many of us Bernie
Supporters watching it go down first hand. Or you can see it all listed out in the copy of the #DNCLawsuit here: electionfraud2016.wordpress.com
As for the HVF & DNC working together to fundraise- she HELD that 💰during the primary bc if she released it 1) it would expose the unethical
Agreement she & the DNC made together. 2) She probably knew the power it gave her over the DNC & state parties. The problem isn't Bernie not
Dropping out soon enough. We had a candidate under FBI investigation up until our convention. He had every right to stay & wait it out.
The problem was Hillary & DWS manipulated the DNC. Colluded behind voters & donors backs & the backs of DNC chairpeople & staffers too.
They lied. Siphoned money from state parties in order to funnel it back into her campaign then paid them back when they did what she wanted
Which was to endorse her & shill for her while trashing Bernie. That's bribery. That's collusion. That's manipulation. That's WRONG.
Theres NO getting around the fact that your girl is shady, always doing shit that skits the boarder between legal & illegal, she's downright
Unethical & sneaky & we now know SHE is not only the reason we have POTUS Trump, but why Dems don't control congress either. Be mad at HER.
& just to get ahead of it since I know it's coming (same argument every time) we know Bernie wasn't/isn't a Dem & that doesn't change things
Bernie is an Ace & you guys think he's worthless but it's bc you're playing the game wrong. He's the most popular congressman in the country
& was the most popular before he even ran in 2016. He's loved & respected by a majority of his constituents & gets the highest approval
Ratings from them. He brought more people into the political process to vote. He is a favorite among Independents which is the highest voter
Bloc in the country now. No side can win without their support. But instead of being excited to welcome Bernie into the party in 2015
Dems treated the party like membership to a country club. God forbid Bernie be an independent despite caucusing for Dems & siding with them
On most major issues for decades he's been in politics. Despite raising 💰 for them for years. But that wasn't enough. He didn't have a title
& this is why the Dem party is imploding. You're not just broke, you're in debt. You lost the WH & control in congress & you had a candidate
That filled sports arenas, gymnasiums, fields, etc. He had overflow crowds for almost every event. New voters were signing up Dem just to
Vote for him. But Dems said "eh, we prefer Hillary. She's been a Dem all her life" (WRONG). That woman could barely fill a school gym for
Her rallies yet somehow we're supposed to believe she's the savior of the Dem party? Wake up. Hillary isn't a Dem either. Not a FDR or JFK
Dem. Hillary, along with Bill & Obama, are NEW DEMS. Bills election to POTUS pushed the Dem party more center & you all say by while the
The party of FDR & JFK turned into a neoliberal, war machine, that loved the big banks more than their constituents. That now cuddles up to
People like John McCain & GWB while calling Bernie & his supporters the problem with their party. Stop projecting. Bernie tried to help
Give your party CPR but Hillary, DWS, & all the Dems that let her manipulate them as well as the voters who supported her & trashed Bernie
For trying to bring the party back to life. You guys are all complicit in the party's death. Everything from here on out is on YOU. Not us.
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