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And while you’re at it @piersmorgan @Peston @SamCoatesSky @maitlis & @krishgm can you explain to them that the virus won’t go away just because the “old & vulnerable” have been vaccinated. It will continue to spread through communities until ADEQUATE SAFETY measures are in place.
As we’re seeing now on “the frontline” WHOLE FAMILIES are infected. The combination of advice to #schools/#earlyyears & #Christmas/#NewYear created repeated family #SuperSpreaderEvents of monumental proportions.
There are young ppl who’re sick & in ITU. More cases = more v sick.
INDOOR workplaces are NOT #CovidSecure .
#Schools & #earlyyears settings are NOT #CovidSecure.
Too many ppl are travelling, to many work outside their home & are in education/childcare.
Look at the roads,the #Tube this morning.
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Here's Alex Azar #gaslighting on #COVID19 #vaccines & also appearing to shoot down Slaoui $MRNA half-dose idea.

Azar/Slaoui vowed 40M doses - enough to vaccinate 20M - by end of 2020. #Christmas was always part of their schedule. They failed but want to make excuse after excuse.
How much confidence should Americans have when Alex Azar says he's surprised there haven't been more glitches with #COVID19 vaccinations & brushes off everything that's gone wrong as expected? Really?… #vaccines $PFE $MRNA
The commitment was to have 40 million #COVID19 #vaccines doses - enough to vaccinate 20 million people -"distributed" by the end of 2020, not "available" as Azar is #gaslighting today & Slaoui/Perna tried to do same at last week's #WarpSpeed briefing. Azar failed on delivery.
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Thread - an open letter to @Keir_Starmer

Dear Keir,

I write to urge you to at least ask your party to abstain from the Brexit Trade deal vote. Many people are surprised that you said you would back it without even seeing it but I also understand ...
that you are fighting an untrustworthy PM. In such circumstances, it pays to learn from Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and the world’s best poker players, by not revealing your final strategy until you have seen #Johnson’s final position and voting intentions close to the vote.
I wrote this press statement for your elaboration, should you choose to abstain:

“On #Christmas Eve, I was minded to back Boris Johnson’s deal in the national interest. I acted in good faith, placing my trust in the PM and put my faith in the #Brexit deal as presented.
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There's the signal, sir.

@joshruben joins us to talk about the social commentary in his favorite #Christmas #horor film BATMAN RETURNS

Full episode:…

Also check out his film SCARE ME, now on VOD.

#podcasting #quarantine #mondaythoughts #mondaymotivation
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#Christmas may be over, but join @MichaelVarrati as we
talk ANNA AND THE APOCALYPSE; the greatest zombie Christmas musical ever.

Full episode here:

#horror #podcasting #Quarantine #Quarantinelife #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #Sunday
Filmmaker @AdamMarcus13 joins us to talk about his film SECRET SANTA. The epitome of a family full of secrets and hatred for one another.…

#horror #podcasting #Quarantine #Quarantinelife #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #Sunday
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Jesus was a Socialist

Jesus was a socialist, this is not open for debate.
See the epic giveaway? That’s the giveaway.
Be it time; be it deed; be it goods; be it creed.
There’s no exception.
Now if Jesus veering left, should cause you some upset,
Consult your nearest Bible, exorcise the tribal.
Love gives time; love does deeds; love is good; love’s a creed.
Love lies in action.
Now my lip service argues that your words just won’t do.
It’s actions that speak loudest; they exact a price.
Love is hard; love demands. Love’s not gripped, in our hands;
Misers hold only things.
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Top U.S stocks making #investors very #rich
Despite #Bitcoin having touched a new milestone on #Christmas day by hitting a new all-time high of $24,600 with yearly gains of about 236%, it still lags behind a handful of listed #American stocks in terms of yearly returns
The leader of the pack remains #Chinese car company, #Nio, often tagged the Chinese #Tesla. Nio has outperformed by 11-fold gain this year alone, pushing the #car company’s market value past car giants like American based #GeneralMotors
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#Pope Honorius I (625-638) was condemned and excommunicated for heresy by the sixth general council in 680. Stephen VI (896-89) had the body of his predecessor Pope Formosus exhumed and put on trial (this is the famous cadaver synod) for his unbecoming conduct during his tenure.
Stephen had Formosa's papal vestments removed and two fingers from his right hand cut off. Formosa's' body was thrown into the Tiber. After the synod, public opinion turned against Stephen. He was deposed in an uprising and strangled to death.
Then there was John-12 (955-964) who died a mysterious death, after having been accused of adultery & turning his pontification into a whore house. However, he had more than his match in Benedict-9 to the only man 2 have served as Pope for 3 discontinuous periods, beginning 1032.
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In the 13th century, Pope Gregory IX (#Pope from 1227-1241), believed that cats had Satan himself within them . Following a Papal Bull (essentially laying down #Church doctrine), virtually everyone in Western Europe began to exterminate cats. #Christmas #Christianity
Thousands were accused of #witches or devil worshipers, and either tortured, killed or both. The cat genocide petered out following Gregory death, but the gory tradition remained alive. #Christmas #Christianity
During another witch hunting frenzy in the late 1400s, cats were killed en masse again, as a part of Church’s war against #Satan. Killing of cats on such a massive scale, resulted in a huge increase in rat population in #Europe. #Christmas #Christianity
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However, #Pope Julius l decision to steal a pagan event and re-launch it under a Christian brand didn’t go well with a large section of devout #Christians. There were instances, when Christian authorities put a stop to #Christmas celebrations.
In 1659, the Massachusetts Bay colony banned #Christmas, as in subject to criminal prosecution and a fine of five shillings (now, about $ 8000) as part of its efforts to "reform" and 'Purify' the church by purging it of the idolatry and ceremonial excesses.
Earlier, in the 1640s, #England underwent a revolution that drove king Charles I from his throne (and ultimately to the headman's block) and established a #Puritan Commonwealth.
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This is history repeating itself. ET's have a nickname for our planet: "The Slave Planet". The same sadistic wealthiest groups of people are trying to control the population by enslaving them through systems: financial, Healthcare (sickcare), pharmaceuticals, education, debt...
Suppressing knowledge such as the full table of elements, ETs & IDs, dimensions, our etheric body, the quantum realm, advanced ET technology that can cure any disease or ailment, for quantum travel and to provide zero-point free unlimited energy, our true history, staged events..
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🎄🖥 Anàlisi del discurs de Nadal de Her Majesty The Queen:

#protocol #Christmas #QueensSpeech

1.𝗟𝗼𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗶𝘁𝘇𝗮𝗰𝗶𝗼́: Castell de Windsor🏰.

Allà és on la reina ha passat el Nadal amb el Duc d'Edimburg.
Només ells i el personal del castell.
2. 𝗘𝘀𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗼𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗳𝗶𝗮:
- Una taula amb el discurs a sobre,
- una foto del Duc d'Edimburg
- l'arbre de Nadal amb els colors tradicionals 🎄(vermell, platejat i daurat) amb moltes petites llumetes,
- la finestra oberta,
- les cortines verdes💚 (esperança)
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Dear friends: Let's be honest: This is a strange #Christmas, maybe the strangest any of us have ever experienced. Most of us are far from our homes, far from our friends and families, and those who are able to be with their friends and families are afraid, worried or nervous...
In the past few months, all of have faced the prospect of suffering, illness and death, and many of us have experienced great economic hardships.

So what does it mean to say "Merry Christmas"?...
This is the entrance to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. It's a tiny opening, no more than five feet high. Originally it was much larger, but it was made smaller and smaller to ensure that succeeding waves of invaders would not be able to enter the church easily....
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#PizcachitaDeArte 🎨
Las diez tarjetas navideñas que Salvador #Dalí diseñó para Hallmark, y algunas otras. Solo dos fueron publicadas y retiradas muy pronto. Hilillo 🧵⬇️
Felicitación de Navidad, 1961 (con la Infanta Margarita de Las Meninas)
Felicitación Navideña, 1962. (La primera Navidad astronáutica)
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#ChristmasEve Mass from the Vatican was really depressing & strange in the way of 2020. Perhaps it would have been unseemly in a year when so many have died to be too celebratory. But Pope Francis seemed deeply sad. And had restricted the gathering, which is usually thousands.
Pope Francis had limited the number of people to 100 with the number of cardinals at only 30. The effect in the world's largest church was sparse and austere. Francis used one of the small side altars. There were none of the intl readings there usually are each Christmas.
There were only a handful of children. None of the delegations from other countries like usual. Pope Francis's homily was about the metaphor of #Christmas as our rebirth in Christ. It was also about his consistent themes of helping the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.
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[DAY 24/24]
#MerryChristmas ✨❄️🎄

The whole Let's STEAM consortium is wishing to the great #STEAM community, #parents, #schools, #teachers, #kids, a very merry #Christmas!

May your holidays be filled with #joy, #food and #creativity 🥰🤩
Congratulations to all the amazing people and organisations thanks to whom we have so much inspiration in the field of #STEAM, #equity, #creativity and #education!

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As it is #Christmas today, will keep content light, jolly.....

All those hitting at my Archbishop, the pseudo intellectuals like OO @OfwonoOpondo , I will spare you today, but dare repeat the accusations 'outside today' ...then you will 'know' 😅😆😁
@OfwonoOpondo #Google, like the governments from the West in the case of @nickopiyo , want to dictate how we live our lives, what choices we make, what we can & cannot do....until they met South African former Deacon, freedom fighter & poet Mzwakhe Mbuli ! 😅😆😁
@OfwonoOpondo @nickopiyo FULL VIDEO
"For every Goliath, there is a David out there"

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Listening to Christmas albums on vinyl as @wspittman wrap gifts and get ready for Christmas morning.

First up: @celinedion's "These Are Special Times." #Christmas
The first song on this album is O Holy Night, and it's my favorite versions of one of my favorite #Christmas albums.

O Holy Night is an abolitionist Christmas song (written by Adolphe Adam in 1847, translated to English by unitarian John Sullivan Dwight).
Many singers (like Mariah) omit the abolitionist verse. Céline keeps it:

🎶 Truly He taught us to love one another
His law is love and His gospel is peace
Chains shall He break, for the slave is our brother
And in His name, all oppression shall cease 🎶
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For my final Pre- #Christmas Tweet thread
I'd like to express gratitude to my friends & family for their support during this very difficult time,

Ur help & kindness made a big difference this year & helped keep me going through hard challenges

#ChristmasEve2020 #gratitude
There are too many to count on this platform, but thank you one & all
also, express gratitude to my Savior for His comfort & Mercy,

nothing short of a miracle that my Granpa survived COVID & recovered so much from his Stroke,

Having him home for Christmas means everything
#ChristmasEve2020 #christmas #holidays2020 #COVID19
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Merry #ChristmasEve to all the Twitter followers.

Have a lovely holiday...

And, If Santa was black: Many white people would phone the cops, and, complain that a fat, black dude was on the roof -- the middle of the night screaming "Ho ho ho".
"Even as an adult I find it difficult to sleep on #ChristmasEve.Yuletide excitement is a potent caffeine -- no matter your age."

~Terri Guillemets
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Just learned this awesome factoid:

According to the BYU channel the world record for fastest skateboarding canine belongs to Jumpy the dog 🐕
#dogs #doggo #ChristmasEve2020 @JonahDispatch @JonahRemnant
Jumpy the Dog holds world records for jumping and intelligence

Jumpy the dog is a superhero🐾🐶

#dogs #DogsofTwittter #puppy #animals @JonahDispatch
I didn't have an opinion before this, but now I really want to meet Jumpy the Dog
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#GSM20 Tennis Championship in @oyostategovt
Pictures of players in action
Akin Alabi
#GSM20 Tennis Championship in @oyostategovt
Pictures of players in action
Akin Alabi
#GSM20 Tennis Championship in @oyostategovt
Pictures of Players in Action
Akin Alabi
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