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🔺 Update: It's time for Plan B in England

Boris Johnson announces the return of work from home guidance from next week, tougher rules on facemasks and the introduction of Covid passports in a bid to slow the “extraordinary” spread of Omicron…
In an eagerly anticipated #DowningStreetBriefing, the prime minister said Britain must be “humble in the face of the virus” as he announced a series of measures intended to slow the spread of the Omicrom variant of coronavirus ahead of Christmas…
The new restrictions:

🎭 From Fri: Facemasks required in most public indoor venues, ie. theatres, cinemas, restaurants

🏠 From Mon: Work from home, if job allows

🗒 From Weds: Mandatory Covid passports, either vaccination status or negative lateral flow, in large crowd venues
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Plan B is the first step to lockdown. A variant that has caused no deaths and the scaremongers and socialists win.
Really disappointing to see the U.K. government action. There WILL be new variants every year. We will only know how severe variants are weeks after they are identified (like flu). Does that mean the UK will now introduce economic restrictions every Xmas?! #DowningStreetBriefing
Extraordinary that the U.K. socio-economic life now revolves around the likely future number of vacant hospital beds (which have always been overflowing with patients)….The U.K. now exists to serve the NHS….
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We haven't done one for a while so shall we have a #BriefingDrinkingGame for the #DowningStreetBriefing in a bit?

Let's try and guess the buzzwords

- Next Slide Please
- Plan B
- Personal Responsibility
- Save Christmas
- Protect the NHS
- Sports Analogy
- Jabs In Arms

More #BriefingDrinkingGame #DowningStreetBriefing buzzwords

- Schools are safe
- World beating
- Something about Brexit and Vaccines
- Flu
- We're better than the EU
- Some really complicated looking graphs
- Probably blame Nightclubs for something

Even more #BriefingDrinkingGame #DowningStreetBriefing Buzzwrods

- Something about Pubs to appease Weatherspoons
- NHS not under pressure
- R Number
- Blame the North of England for something
- Moan about Scotland, N. Ireland & Wales
- NHS doing a wonderful job

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Prediction Complete

Took a while but they finally got back to mass infection and acceptable deaths as official strategy, and most media are busy telling this is the only sensible course to take

Very March 2020
#DowningStreetBriefing @ToryFibs
"Some of you shall die so the rest can be free (a bit quicker at less cost)"

How we ended up here, compare to April 2020 prediction
Why is this predictable?

State Capture ⬇️
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We predicted this wave, everything is going according to plan

If schools going back is such an issue for removing other restrictions why don't they do something about it like ventilation or vaccination?

#edutwitter #DowningStreetBriefing #JohnsonVariant
What they are really saying is

"We have to go now because in September we plan on letting the virus rip through as many children as possible in hope of blunting a winter wave a few months later"

"Why are we doing this? Well one factor is the vaccine programme is starting to struggle, asking for help would expose this so to save face we will sacrifice peoples health"

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OK let's see how many times Matt Hancock refuses to answer this question:

Did you tell government figures that people were being tested when they went from hospitals to care homes.

He's ignored ONE from Laura Kuenssberg so far...
Oh my god this is a goddamn train wreck!! 😂😂😂😂
You can see Laura Kuenssberg still trying to ask the question again as Matt Hancock moves on, then @carldinnen tries again...
And it's just amazing!
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With 100,000 Covid deaths, Journalists better mention that Boris Johnson:

Said he wanted UK to have the loosest reaction to Coronavirus.
Skipped 5 Cobra Meetings.

Told people to shake hands
Allowed mass crowds

Denied the Stay Home order existed to save Cummings
This was a #DowningStreetBriefing SPECIFICALLY on how we ended up at 100,000 Covid deaths!
None of you journalists mentioned this!?!

NONE OF YOU mentioned this!?
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UK virus-tracing app switches to Apple-Google model.

How many millions, how many months & how may lives will have been lost by the government's obdurate reliance on British exceptionalism & crony corporations run by mates of Dominic Cummings?…
It was obvious many weeks ago that the govt's approach to its contact tracing app was deeply flawed. I set out the reasons why in this thread on 3 May.

It's worse than mere incompetence. The whole sorry business stinks of corruption at the highest level.

Those world-beating contact-tracing system criteria in full:

☑️ Multi-million £ contracts to Vote Leave cronies
☑️ Multi-million £ contracts to corporations recently found guilty of massive fraud (Serco)
☑️ Multi-million £ contracts to Tory donors (Deloitte)

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here's the bit from yesterday's #DowningStreetBriefing where deputy CMO Jenny Harries fields a question about how people would know that a call from the Track & Trace service was legitimate and not a scammer

her answer essentially boils down to "they'll sound professional"

i want to stress here that i have a lot of sympathy for Harries - she's a *medical* professional

she's not infosec, or a criminologist, or a barrister, but her answer reveals serious underlying issues in the ways we are taught to think about scams, credibility, and honesty

i am willing to bet money that given an hour's prep, i could pass myself off as a legitimate Track & Trace official on the phone

(if you want to know what my voice sounds like, listen to my podcast - yeah that's right i plugged it)

why is that?

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PM Boris Johnson tells #DowningStreetBriefing he believes the government "we will be in a position to move to step 2 of our plan", which involves the phased reopening of schools
Johnson says government intends to go ahead with plan for early years, reception, year 1 and 6 pupils to return on June 1, and then year 10s and 12s will start to receive some face to face contact from June 15
"By opening schools to more pupils in this limited way, we’re taking a deliberately cautious approach, and this comes after a constructive period of consultation with schools, teachers and unions led by the education secretary Gavin Williamson"
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I'd wonder if any journalists will ask #DowningStreetBriefing what the evidence is that Apple Map requests is in any way indicative of *actual journeys taken*? Because without that these are meaningless. Image
From the nots in the dataset
"This data only includes journeys searched for using Apple Maps, and therefore does not include users searching through alternative journey planners."
"In many countries relative volume has increased since January 13th, consistent with normal, seasonal usage of Apple Maps."
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