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Police in Karachi claim to have solved the case of the seven-year old boy whose stripped body was found in a graveyard in the New Karachi area of the city.

#DSTV #child #GangRape #police #karachi #Pakistan
In a joint press conference addressed by District Inspector General (DIG) West Nasir Aftab, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Malik Murtaza and Superintendent of Police (SP) Investigation Shaher Qureshi,
authorities revealed that the boy was killed over a personal enmity.
DIG West Nasir Aftab said that two of the three suspects have been arrested, while the third was already in jail for selling drugs.
“He [third suspect] will be arrested from the jail,” he said.
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A court in Rawalpindi has sentenced to death a 26-year-old woman for blasphemy.

The woman, a resident of Islamabad, was accused of spreading blasphemous messages through WhatsApp.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
She also sent a "blasphemous message" to the complainant on his WhatsApp number, according to the detailed verdict issued by a cybercrime court in Rawalpindi.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
According to the detailed verdict, the woman told court that she got in touch with the complainant after he joined her PUBG group and asked her to be "friendly" with him "because we were Pakistani" but she refused.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG
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Syed Farzand Ali Zaidi, who shot and killed a newly-wed man in Karachi’s Kashmir Road area in a robbery bid last Wednesday, was an on-duty cop who was on bail in a previous robbery case as well as three other criminal cases, it has emerged.

#DSTV #Karachi #NewlyWedsMurder
Farzand, who was posted in the investigation wing of Karachi’s West Zone Police, allegedly shot himself dead when police conducted a raid to arrest him.

#DSTV #Crime #Police #KashmirRoad
According to DSTV’s investigations, Farzand was on bail in four similar cases registered against him — robbery and possession of illicit arms in 2017 — and possession of narcotics and illicit arms in 2019.

#DSTV #Pakistan #News
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نکاح کے بعد دلہا اپنی دلہن کی طرف رجوع کرتا ہے لیکن ہرمرتبہ ایسا نہیں ہوتا

کراچی کے دو نئے نویلے دلہا نکاح کے بعد اپنی دلہن کے بجائے جماعت اسلامی کے دھرنا میں پہنچ گئے

#DSTV #Karachi #JIDharna_SindhAssembly
جماعت اسلامی 31 دسمبر سے سندھ کے نئے بلدیاتی نظام کے خلاف سندھ اسمبلی کے باہر احتجاج کررہی ہے

نوشادی شدہ نوجوانوں نے حافظ نعیم احمد سے ملاقات کی اوردھرنے کے شرکا سے یک جہتی کا اظہار کیا
جماعت اسلامی اور دیگر شہری جماعتیں صوبائی حکومت سے مطالبہ کررہی ہیں کہ شہری اداروں اور میئر کو بااختیار بنایا جائے
نئے قوانین کے مطابق صحت اور تعلیم کے أمور ایک بار پھر صوبائی حکومت کے تحت کردیا گیا ہے
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FACT CHECK: On May 24, a hashtag started trending on Pakistani Twitter, demanding #JusticeforSunitaMasih.

@DailyScoopTV1 verified the news and found it to be misleading and false.

#FakeNews #Pakistan #viral
The image of a 14-year-old was widely shared on social media with the claim that she was gang-raped before being forced to convert to Islam in Faisalabad.

The news was published on local media & retweeted by celebrities demanding #JusticeForSunitaMaseeh

#FakeNews #DailyScoopTV
Faisalabad's SSP told DSTV that there was no such incident reported in his area. He added that the case may have occurred in Sukkur.

We then reached out to the SSP office in Sukkur and they too denied any such incident having taken place.

#FakeNews #JusticeForSunitaMaseeh
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Human beings are usually not rational.

So, don’t be surprised or disappointed when a jobless person is contributing N10,000+ (his or her entire savings) towards a $100K #GoFundMe for someone that is penalized for a bad behavior.
Yes, that person might never contribute to any cause to help a dying friend or relative (that they know), but the euphoria of the moment would make them contribute to a hype for someone they got to know on a show that is still less than one month running.
Would they contribute any amount for their classmate or colleague that is starting off a small business in Mowe? No! There is no crowd effect in that.
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I am thinking of buying a Benz G63 AMG but the price is high. Can FG help me order Benz Place to reverse prices to their 2015 prices?

FG can increase fuel prices and VAT, but it’s not okay for Multichoice to increase #DSTV prices? It’s okay. 🤣
Sebi @NTANewsNow is supposed to be competing with @CNN based on Lai Mohammed’s plan? Why are we still bothered about the prices of @MultiChoiceGRP’s DSTV? 🤷🏽‍♂️
I remember @gossyomega calling it #ChampagneSocialism - a market system where you want luxury goods and services for free.

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