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#US Moves Flying #Nuclear Command Post to #Iceland (Home of TID) | March 1, 2023
- The #E6B #Mercury air command post has landed in Iceland to conduct operations in Washington’s #European Command zone…
The #US is preparing a trap for us in #Ukraine for an inevitable “#postponed war” | Feb 28
- #Nuland: seriously discussing with allies.. sending to #Kyiv fifth-generation multipurpose fighter-bombers #F35.… Image
#TikTok-#Nazis. Proxy Of #Ukrainian #Intelligence Directorate Claimed Responsibility For #Bloody PR Operation In #Russia | Mar 2
- all these crimes were committed so that Ukrainian TikTok warriors could film a seconds-long video on the Russian territory. Image
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Looking forward to our #BlueSky seminar this afternoon on 'Starting young: How does #education shape #criminal #justice'?

See you on Zoom 4-5pm UK time!👏
Dr Ryan Motz kicks-off with results from the @ERiskstudy showing that the twin in touch with the criminal justice system had higher #deliquency score, and #official #crime at 18y, compared to the twin that did not come into contact with CJ system. #labellingargument
"Does contact with the justice system lead to more deliquency?"

"We need to recognise that justice system made be biased and we need to offset this.."

"Let's focus on what works."
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Let’s talk about mental health services and #autistic children shall we? A 🧵1/9
Fact: #Autistic children are human, they have emotions, they experience pain, love, joy, anger, fear. HUMAN EMOTIONS. 2/9
Fact: #Autistic children have different #sensory and #communication experiences of the world than #neurotypical children. The world is set up for neurotypical people but autistic children will often try very hard to fit into the world around them. #Masking 3/9
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1. Thread on #Albanian #child #asylum seekers...
Listening to @bbc5live this morning I feel commentators are wrongly describing the situation - which involves a staggering number of children. My thoughts:
Many are not fleeing anything in Albania - making asylum moot. However...
2. Most will have been groomed and recruited in Albania by OC groups ahead of travel to the UK. Their reality is not "child asylum seekers" but "child victims of human trafficking" - who need safeguarding, not 'processing'.
The fact so many go/have gone missing is inevitable.
3. But they are not conventionally missing, they are under the control of the very OCGs that trafficked them to the UK. And if children - they are abducted in that context.
Further complexity, many will also be 18+ and misrepresented as children. For those U18, a matter of time.
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आज के तारीख़ मे भारत Cambridge Medical School, London को भारतीय लाश बेच कर वहॉ के मेडिकल छात्रो को सफ़ल डाक्टर बनवा रहा है।वह देश आज़ादी के 75 साल बाद संसद मे "जनसंख्या बिल" का ड्रामा कर रहा है,जो लाश बेचता है।

यह लोग अपने को
क़ाबिल और दूसरो को जाहिल समझता है।जिस मूल्क के लोग अरब देश, सिंगापुर, मलेशिया मे काम कर $100 billion विदेशी मुद्रा भेज रहे हैं वह मूल्क दो बच्चा से ज्यादा पैदा करने पर सरकारी नौकरी नही दें गें का बिल ला कर लोगो को डरा रहा है।

#जिस मूल्क की राजधानी दिल्ली मे आज भी डेंगू,
मलेरिया का मछ्चर है, जहॉ AIIMS, दिल्ली का server एक हफ्ता काम नही करता हो वह मूल्क आबादी कम कर विश्वगुरू का सपना देखा रहा है।स्वास्थ सेवा दो, आबादी कम हो जाये गी।

#आज जिस मूल्क की राजधानी मे दिल्ली नगर निगम (MCD) का चुनाव गंदगी और कूडा को मुद्दा बना कर लडा जाता हो,
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#OrangeTheWorld - A thread on reproductive control, coercion and entrapment 🧵

As a #trapped populations scholar, I have lately spent a lot of time thinking about reproductive #coercion, #control and #entrapment. (i)
The #familycourts appear to fail to understand, acknowledge and interrupt these dynamics of #coercivecontrol in their current system. (ii)
Many perpetrators of #coercivecontrol will already begin to put pressure on or introduce the idea of a child during the early love bombing phase. (iii)
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Just IN: Father Of 6-Month-Old Girl Subjected To #FGM To Remain In Custody💪🏽
#Kenyan: A couple who subjected their 6-month-old daughter to female genital mutilation in Leparua, Isiolo North, last week had rushed her to a local hospital with a severe fever before she was sent to ImageImage
Isiolo Referral Hospital, where health workers discovered that she had been “cut”.
Ms Linda Kiruki, a clinical officer at Isiolo Referral who handled the case, said the #child had a deep wound and her genitals were covered with tea leaves to ostensibly reduce bleeding.
before Isiolo Chief Magistrate Lucy Mutai, Ms Kiruki said the child’s clitoris had been cut and that the labia majora had a deep wound that showed the illegal procedure was carried out with a blunt object.
“The child cried uncontrollably while we assessed the wound. The severe
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"Introducing a playground would minimise their fear, anxiety and suffering. It would make their hospital visits a seamless experience."

#Kids #Love #HappyChildrensday #Child #HappyChildren #Donate #SpreadASmile
To create a child-friendly healthcare system, the Paediatrics Department of the #RajindraGovernmentHospital in Patiala has started a toy bank initiative at the Mother and Child Healthcare department.
"This will help increase a child’s ability to cope with the fear of hospital visits and admission. It will also reduce stress and anxiety, which ultimately assists in healing.", says Dr Harjinder, who conceptualised the idea of a #toybank.
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"Many children did not have education access, so we started with a drive to collect unused stuff from the houses. I reached out to many family members, friends and residents of apartment complexes.
Many volunteers came forward and helped us in the initiative, donating cell phones, laptops, books, toys, blankets and clothes.", says 10-YO Avni, who started 'Project Avni' during the pandemic.
With a digital and, toy & stationary bank, over 30 electronic gadgets and 50-300 books have been donated.

This #ChildrensDay, spread the joy and #BeAToyFairy to bring a smile to the kids' faces.
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Learning from toys is a dream as they can't even imagine possessing one. Spread the joy and #BeAToyFairy to bring a smile to their faces this Children's Day.

#Childrensday #Kids #Love #HappyChildrensday #Child #HappyChildren #Donate #SpreadASmile Image
Please Donate:
✔️All kinds of soft toys, cars, bikes, board games, and puzzles.
✔️Toys or games which are clean and in good condition. They may be used or new.
✔️Stationery items like crayons, books, colour paints, watercolours, etc.
To make your donations, you can visit the drop-off points or courier at the address mentioned below:

Location 1:
Mahim West (Jagruti Industrial Premises)
105, Jagruti Industrial Premises, Mogul Lane, opposite Polycab, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400016
Timing: 10 am to 5 pm, Mon - Fri
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@oikeuskansleri Korjaus: 1 miljardi US dollaria onkin 10 VR -lavallista.
Tuho -#demarit -rahayksikkö on rekka-autollinen, eli 1 miljardi.
- #Ruisrock 2022 tuli maksamaan suomalaisille 11 täyttä rekka-autollista tiukkaan pakattuja satasia.
@oikeuskansleri Tämä on ollut vuosikymmeniä #demarit -mentaliteetti, eikä se lähitulevaisuudessa ole muuttumassa.
- Päinvastoin röyhkeys vain kasvaa #CIA'n kontrollissa, #vaalirikos'ssa ja jauhoissa.
@anttirinneexpj - "Puhtaalla valehtelulla saattaa pärjätä myös politiikassa."
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#DariaDugin, daughter of #AlexanderDugin, has been #Assassinated via #CarBomb near #Moscow.

#AleksandrDugin is a prominent #Russian strategist sometimes called #PutinsBrain. He’s thought to have inspired #Putin to pursue the annexation of #Crimea, the... [1/2]
...#SpecialMilitaryOperation in #Ukraine, as well as the concepts of #Novorossiya and the #FairWorldOrder.

The #Assassination of the #FWO strategist’s daughter #DariaDugina is comparable to elimination of #NWO strategist #HenryKissinger’s daughter. [2/2]
The elimination of #DariaDugin represents a potential #Escalation between #NewWorldOrder and #FairWorldOrder. If #Russia assesses that #NWO actors are involved, the #Russians are likely to pursue #TitForTat. If #Washington’s proxy in #Kiev is determined the perpetrator... [1/2]
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Our paper is out!
Current #adaptation projects do not automatically enhance #gender equality | need to be intentionally brought in at planning & implementation stages.

23authors|9sectors|17739 literature|countless meetings

Delighted to have brainstormed👇figure with @Joyashree9
Embedding gender considerations and facilitating #women’s participation in project design and implementation along with #inclusive #policies, training, information access, planning, and monitoring is needed
Additional course correction for #SDG5 is needed.
Our #SDG5plus (SDG5+) approach takes into consideration #intersectionality and gender aspects beyond #women alone, & can help #adaptation actions move towards meeting #genderequality and other #climatejustice goals.
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These are the 23 reasons why #TikTok is problematic in terms of #manipulation, #addiction and #privacy & why #children and #teenagers should be kept away from it:

(for those interested: the full article about the topic, with all relevant links:…)
1- Reduced space for #autonomy and #choice; videos are pushed to the user since 1st use. In a web that respects human dignity, people - especially #children and #teenagers - should get used to choose and think about what they want to be exposed to
2- Increased potential of #manipulation and #exposure of younger and more impressionable audiences, as the content will be pushed to them and they will be hooked by age-inappropriate content (and be recommended more content like this)
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1/59 Λίγο μετά τις αρχικές αποκαλύψεις για την δράση του #ΒΙΑΣΤΗΣ_ΕΙΝΑΙ #Λιγνάδης (πρώτη μύνηση 05.02.2021) η #Μενδωνη_παραιτησου καλεί συνέντευξη τύπου 2 εβδομάδες μετά στις 19.02.2021 με ερωτήσεις...μεσω chat...και την Παναγιωταρέα απέναντί της για live coaching σχετικά με…
2/59 …την υπόθεση Λιγνάδη. Λίγες μέρες πριν έχει κυκλόφορήσει το αμύμητο SOS SOS memo στην @ertofficial_ για το ταξίδι του #μητσοτακη_ξερεις_εσυ στην Ικαρία αλλά και υπενθύμιση για τα πλάνα του Λιγνάδη "με άλλους"...
3/59 Σας το είχα υποσχεθεί εδώ και πάρα πολύ καιρό το θρεντάκι αυτό για την #Μενδωνη_παραιτησου, τα βιντεάκια είχαν κοπεί από πολύ νωρίς (thanks team!) αλλά λόγω πολύ αυξημένων υποχρεώσεων (κοντά στα 30,000 μίλια με ταξίδια-αποστολές σε Ταιλάνδη, Κολομβία, Νότια Αφρική κτλ)…
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Thread: This drawing was inspired by my 4y old niece & her favourite Halloween costume. She’s a bit of a character & very direct. I was capturing a child’s love of the wonder of things & how they treat the exceptional with complete acceptance. It’s about the magic of life!
This original ink drawing is on paper & is 29.7 x 42cm [11.7 x 16.5 inches]. A3. Click the link below for detailed specifications. I ship via registered post or courier. It’s just €149/£133

It is available to purchase before June 30th.
You can purchase the work in my Etsy store. Click the image below for more details & to buy:

#gardening #Flowers #Hare #Rabbit #Magic #Child #FairyTale

The Little Girl & the Hare (2022)
Buy here:
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#UkraineWar #Terror

Refugees from #Mariupol:

- Shot at your car?
- Our car was shot at without warning.
- Where was this?
- Azovstal hotel. We wanted to leave the Left Bank [this is the eastern part of #Mariupol city]. And in the area of #Azovstal Hotel two cars were fired at without warning.
We were shot at the legs. I was driving the car. I [was] shot at the bottom [of the car] apparently they wanted to hit our legs, and the back door [of the car] was shot completely.
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I want to start out by saying, you folks are in a tough position, being PUBLIC SERVANTS of WE the People. I would like to believe that you truly have the best interest of our children and the community in mind, but you are factually acting outside of your delegated authority...
by practicing medicine, imposing unlawful medical interventions, and by simulating legal process.
That being said, our forefathers put together one of the most powerful and amazing documents in our history. The #constitution, which was drafted to protect individual rights!
They did this in an effort to make sure we didn’t end up under #tyranny again, and yet, here we are with individuals and Agencies operating outside of both their delegated authority and outside of the law. I’d bet my LIFE (emphasis added), if any one of them were alive today...
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1/ Bill, l #Australia is NOT "the answer" to the next #pandemic if all countries responded the same

#disease, #poverty, #child dev dont go on vacation for a #pandemic. All of these will always lead to > death than the pandemic if Australian measures are enacted

We'll explain...

1) #UNICEF has >500M in severe poverty due to measures advocated by you and #Australia and NZ. 1:10 will die from severe poverty

Conservatively, that is > 10M deaths. & If all had done that millions more would die for just poverty

And #children die the most from poverty
2) 15M #cancer #patients need #Treatments. Over 50% aren't compliant & new diagnoses are down ~70%

Combined, we have ensured from #COVID19 measures the deaths of 5-10M cancer patients, conservatively

Those #s increase with a global #Australian / NZ response
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"The @KyivIndependent recently did a spotlight on many different charities across #Ukraine."

▪Charities that help the war effort, children, elderly, animals... for blood donation and more.

All are linked in post. Please RT.

#UkraineWar #UkraineInvasion…
This list was published by Forbes Magazine

10 Ways To Help The People Of Ukraine Right Now via @Forbes…
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Police in Karachi claim to have solved the case of the seven-year old boy whose stripped body was found in a graveyard in the New Karachi area of the city.

#DSTV #child #GangRape #police #karachi #Pakistan
In a joint press conference addressed by District Inspector General (DIG) West Nasir Aftab, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Malik Murtaza and Superintendent of Police (SP) Investigation Shaher Qureshi,
authorities revealed that the boy was killed over a personal enmity.
DIG West Nasir Aftab said that two of the three suspects have been arrested, while the third was already in jail for selling drugs.
“He [third suspect] will be arrested from the jail,” he said.
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I still remember the day my parents bought me a geometry box when I was in school. That's when I squealed with joy and showed it to my classmates. I felt that I was the happiest person on earth. There will never be another moment like that in our lives.
Eventually, we grow up. Our joy when purchasing new pens, backpacks, and geometry boxes will never be matched by the items we purchase today, no matter how big or small.
Life changes as we mature. People are rarely aware of it. As we age, the kid inside us also grows. This child is immortal. As we grow older, stress, responsibilities, failures, worry, overthinking, pressure, and other factors drive the child to become increasingly isolated.
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The 24 Gurus in our life....a #Thread

In general, humans work hard to nurture religion, economic progress, sense satisfaction, and spiritual knowledge, with the goal of extending their lives, gaining reputation, and enjoying material riches.
श्रीब्राह्मण उवाच
सन्ति मे गुरवो राजन् बहवो बुद्ध्युपाश्रिता: ।
यतो बुद्धिमुपादाय मुक्तोऽटामीह तान् श‍ृणु ॥

Many spiritual gurus have protected me. I now travel the planet in a liberated state, having obtained transcendental wisdom from them. Pay attn as I explain them to you.
पृथिवी वायुराकाशमापोऽग्निश्चन्द्रमा रवि: ।
कपोतोऽजगर: सिन्धु: पतङ्गो मधुकृद् गज: ॥
मधुहाहरिणो मीन: पिङ्गला कुररोऽर्भक: ।
कुमारी शरकृत् सर्प ऊर्णनाभि: सुपेशकृत् ॥
एते मे गुरवो राजन् चतुर्विंशतिराश्रिता: ।
शिक्षा वृत्तिभिरेतेषामन्वशिक्षमिहात्मन: ॥
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