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#Pakistan foreign minister visits Chinese citizens injured in bus blast, with #China Amb, at military hospital. This #thread includes observations on China's keenness to get involved militarily in combating terrorism, its policy shortcomings, & FM+Amb statement. /1
After the blast, #China is emitting signals that it is exerting pressure for more antiterror action in #Pakistan, including possibly joint missions with Pakistani forces. /2
One example is how quickly #China recast the bus incident as a terrorist attack after #Pakistan initially downplayed the incident. And quickly floated Chinese security assistance "if #Islamabad has any need to combat terrorism." /3
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Daughter of Afghan ambassador Najibullah Alikhil kidnapped, tortured& released after some hours today in Islamabad.
Informative thread on the incident details in Islamabad (Not sure from which source the info was obtained/how credible it is):
Afghanistan reportedly called all diplomats in #Islamabad back to #Kabul for their safety.
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#Breaking:#Afghanistan’s ambassador NajibullahAlikhel's daughter in #Pakistan kidnapped from Jinnah supermarket #Islamabad.

#Pakistan now using criminal methods to target #Afghanistan govt.
Statment by the #Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the abduction/ Kidnapping of the daughter of the #Afghan ambassador to #Islamabad, #Pakistan.
English version of statment
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Rapist #UsmanMirza Image
So if this monster #UsmanMirza had access to all types of pleasure, why was he moral policing others? Or how can people still say that what he did was a result of sexual frustration? Or that he was punishing the couple? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #HarTarafMunafiqat
Update on #UsmanMirza Case:
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Next is "HM Furniture" in Lahore , issuing invoices with no GST # or Sales Tax Amount, asked authorities to check if they are even registered for Sales Tax?
2ndly Aren't they a Tier-1 Business? Shouldn't they be linked with POS already?

149/n ImageImage
Complaint on 08 Apr, Reply on 01 Jun

Notice has been served to Business to explain their position on both accounts.

150/n ImageImage
Next "Hungers Den" at Kashmir Road #Karachi

Asked #FBR if the Restaurant is registered for Income Tax? As SRB officers visited for Services Sales Tax complaint the owner didn't produce any NTN

151/n ImageImage
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#Pakistani Premier Rules Out Normalization Of Ties With #India

" Normalizing Ties With #NewDelhi At This Point Means Betraying #Kashmiris ," Says Imran Khan
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday ruled out the possibility of normalization of fraught trade & diplomatic relations with longtime rival India , saying it will be tantamount to " #Betraying " Kashmiris .
" Normalizing ties with India at this point means betraying Kashmiris . #Pakistan will never compromise on Kashmiris blood ," #Khan said in a live telephonic conversation with citizens .
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'#Taliban as proxies in #Pakistan's endless war' is a cliché from the 2000s. It's outdated. Time to take stock of new realities in Pakistani military thinking because the #US #NATO & #Pakistan must prevent a new civil war in #Afghanistan. /1

No one can win in #Afghanistan. Not even the #Taliban. Some actors would love to see a permanent Afghan war of attrition that engulfs #America+#Pakistan+#Afghanistan. Make no mistake: a new #Islamabad+#WashingtonDC blame game will expedite such a war. /2

What's happening in #Afghanistan is by no means #Pakistan's proxy war. But it is the proxy war of multiple actors who want Afghanistan to be a permanent bleeding ground for #America #Pakistan #NATO. /3…
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#Lavrov in #Islamabad after 9 years, in a balancing act after first visiting #India, but also to mark strides in ties between the old Cold War adversaries #Russia & #Pakistan. These days #Afghanistan is a strong point of convergence where Pk+Ru are cooperating with #US #China.
An official handle of #Pakistan's MFA quotes a couplet from #Russia FM #SergeyLavrov's poetry, indulging him as he visits Pak to talk #Afghanistan. Lavrov did take a backhanded swipe at the #US during a presser but the visit aligns with 🇺🇸 interests.

#Russia & the #US are working closely on #Afghanistan despite friction on other issues. FM #SergeyLavrov's visit to #India+#Pakistan is part of that US-Russian coordination. Hard to see how this visit is part of some anti-US move as some Pak media suggest.
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🔴Severe Weather(21 - 24 March)

🔴Strong Western Disturbance will effect Western Himalayan region from tomorrow morning.

➡️(Peak/Main) intensity will be on:- (21 morning/afternoon - night)

& ⚠️(from 22 March afternoon - 23 March late Night)⚠️.

⬇️Read more THREAD⬇️

➡️Under the influence of this weather system,most parts of J&K will receive
⚠️ moderate - heavy(rain/snow)thundershowers,lightnings, gusty wind, hailstorm.⚠️

➡️Heavy snowfall is also expected over Pir Panjal, Zanskar range.

➡️Northern parts of #Pakistan(KPK,#Mardan, #Islamabad #Peshawar,#Lahore,#Chitral etc), North western #India(#Gurdaspur, #Amritsar,#Jalandharetc) will receive heavy thundershowers,hailstorm, Gusty wind,Lightnings.

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COVID-19 cases are rising exponentially in #Islamabad and Pakistan. All Federal Government departments are doing their best to contain the spread. It is our duty as citizens to follow SOPs. We urge you to:
Maintain #SocialDistancing
Please #WearAMask to protect yourselves and your loved ones. This is the first line of defence against the coronavirus pandemic. Image
Please #WashYourHands properly, and inculcate good hygiene habits especially in children. Before and after meals, while touching unclean objects or objects touched by others such as doors, handles, windows and aisles. Stay safe. Image
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#Kuwait's young foreign minister @anmas71 is back in #Pakistan for the first time in 16 yrs (I met him back then). This interesting relationship spans military+strategic issues (#Afghanistan #Iran #Iraq #oil), & a forgotten attempt to save a Pakistani premier from execution. /1
#Kuwait helped #Pakistan withstand international sanctions after the 1998 nuclear tests (with KSA+UAE); was one of top 5 aid givers (with #SaudiArabia #UAE #US #EU) after #Kashmir earthquake 2005. And remains a key oil supplier (along with #KSA). /2…
Former #Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed (who passed a way in 2020) enjoyed a close relationship with former #Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and landed in #Rawalpindi in May 1977 to show support to embattled #Bhutto just before a military coup toppled him. /3
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A consecutive third 'Night of the Knives' in #Pakistan's capital, #Islamabad. The city truly outdoes itself in ruthless politics as a cornered & paranoid PM Imran Khan fights for political survival, scared of his own shadow & party, #PTI, which he built but can't trust now. /1
A cornered Prime Minister Imran Khan is now so paranoid & suspicious of his own party that he banned his lawmakers from leaving the city, forced them to have breakfast with him first thing today, & warned them in a letter published by opposition leader!/2

So bad is #PTI's ability to defend its prime minister on the eve of a vote of confidence in Parliament that opposition leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif embarrasses the PM by publishing an internal party letter that reeks of paranoia. Better media management could have preempted this./3
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Meanwhile, in #Pakistan, the capital #Islamabad undergoes a Night of the Knives, with conspiracie, boxes of cash exchanged, daggers out, as Prime Minister Imran Khan fights for political survival in today's #SenateElections2021. A SC judge on record: "We're living in a gutter!"/1
Basically, the run-up to #SenateElections2021 exposed PM Khan govt's weaknesses. He spent the last 48 hours scurrying around to secure his base of lawmakers with intelligence reports suggesting some sort of a mini-rebellion. So he moved fast. /2
A war of leaked videos ensued (vote-buying deal making). The viral clips embarrassed opponents but also deterred shady #PTI lawmakers. Khan's party even struck secret deals with political enemies to adjust seats, where possible. /3

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With this hotline, #India and #China are growing closer, not apart. India has benefited from last year's border skirmishes: It saw the West come to the rescue, saw China ready to deescalate & strengthen pol+mil ties; and the border drama took some heat off #Kashmir crisis.
When #China-#India border flared up, conventional thinking in #Pakistan was: this is good. Pak strategic community was largely ecstatic. What was missed missed is that a Chinese push against India hurt the newfound international scrutiny on #Kashmir. Timing hurt Pak interest./2
#India's domestic & #Kashmir policies were never under as much intl scrutiny as they were in 2019-2020. #Pakistan govt failed to seize the opportunity. Islamabad was distracted by #Malaysia summit, anti-#OIC/#KSA/#UAE/#France/#Israel push and toy-projects like IslamophobiaTV. /3
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#Pakistan-#Egypt FM-level talks.

Issues: #Libya-#Yemen-#Gulf-#Ethiopia-#Gaza-#Kashmir.

Robust military ties but overall weak political exchanges between #Cairo & #Islamabad.

Yet @ImranKhanPTI-@AlsisiOfficial governments have recently been in contact to upgrade cooperation.
#Pakistan & #Egypt revive stalled ties. Pakistani foreign minister meets President Al-Sisi. Agreement to launch high-level political consultations next month. #PakMilitary will participate in drills in Egypt in summer. /2

#Pakistan & #Egypt are often considered two players with imp roles in ensuring #Gulf stability, along regional & intl partners; can help in Mideast peace, in Yemen, in fighting extremism & extremist groups. These are recurring themes in discussions:
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"We welcome #India's emergence as a leading global power and its role as a net security provider in the region."

#US returns to #Obama era's tight embrace of #India. Under #Trump, US tempered tech-related Indian immigration, and twisted India's arm on unfair trade practices.
Resumption of close #US-#India ties under #Biden administration means the #Pakistan-#America relationship will undergo a readjustment. #Afghanistan will anchor ties. But long-term outlook is up in the air, again. /1

#Pakistan failed to deal with #Trump admin which came close to Pakistani position on #Afghanistan; engaged it on #Kashmir. Under PM #ImranKhan govt, Pak showed reticence in engaging the US beyond Afghan peace process. Pak analysts routinely framed #CPEC as part of anti-#US bloc/2
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Watched #Homeland
Thread :
The series has Arabic, Pushto ,Hindi ,Persian & Urdu all messed up. On signboards . And in dialogues.
All pathans are dark skinned & there are women in saris in KPK . Also many African American walking around on the streets (the Islamabad scenes were shot in Cape Town ,South Africa)
#Islamabad in homeland and Islamabad in real
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#DanielPearl murder is linked to several debates inside #Pakistan: from safety of journalists to the murky story of the former War on Terror & the intelligence #USPakistan tug of war under #Obama admin, to #FATF antiterror steps. And how this will impact relations under #Biden WH
#US embassy in #Pakistan releases a statement quoting @SecBlinken on #DanielPearl case, recognizes past #Pakistani actions on terrorist Omar Sheikh, notes Attorney General's positive statement to recall release order & offers to prosecute him in #America:…
As a #Pakistani journalist, we stand by @yudapearl & #DanielPearl's family in their quest for justice. #Islamabad's commitment to recall the decision to release his killer is commendable, must be ensured. Good work by Pakistani journalists & @arabnewspk:
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#Pakistan #Japan #Islamabad #Investment

Japanese investors have been invited by Pakistans Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to invest in Pakistan in various fields. Talking to the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, Kuninori Matsuda, in Islamabad on Thursday,
he said investors would be provided with all possible facilities. The Minister claimed that there are numerous opportunities for fostering bilateral relations in the fields of agriculture, industry, low-cost housing and conservation of the environment.
The Foreign Minister said Pakistan was making every effort to promote the country's tourism. He said that Pakistan will welcome visiting Buddhist tourists to their holy sites.
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#Pakistan #China #Islamabad #Investment

In the midst of rising corruption and militant attacks on Chinese engineers, China appears to be backing its initial financial commitments to Pakistan under the Beijing-financed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),
a $60 billion infrastructure development programme. According to the Asia Times, in an attempt to convince Beijing that its investments will be more secure despite militant attacks on Chinese engineers and others facilitating infrastructure projects,
the Pakistan Army is expected to take nearly complete control of the CPEC. The new bill comes at a time when reports indicate that China is withdrawing steadily from its commitments.
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An aerial, reconstructed view of Taxila (Takshashila) University, which existed in ancient #Pakistan 🇵🇰 2700 years ago near today's #Islamabad. Over 10,500 students from 16 countries studied 64 different disciplines of higher studies taught by scholars like Panini.
📸 @hannan021
Dear neighbours! Here are some more details about ancient #Pakistan 🇵🇰.
Some more details of ancient #Pakistan for my well-educated neighbours.
#Peace #Love #Tolerance
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#Pakistan #Islamabad #Coronavirus

In view of the increasing number of corona cases in Pakistan, hospitals there are reaching their capacity limits. "We are in a critical situation that is getting worse every day with new infections,"
said the Secretary General of the Pakistan Medical Association, Sajjd Qasier, the German Press Agency. The clinics are overcrowded with seriously ill Covid 19 patients. “A new patient gets a bed if he is lucky or if a patient is discharged,” said Qasier.
There is also a shortage of ventilators and, in some places, of oxygen bottles. Pakistan reports in total 416,499 (+3,308) #coronavirus infections and 8,361 (+58) deaths. 355,012 are estimated recovered. 2436 cases are critical. Pakistan tested 5,979,315 times,
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PAF FLEET - 2020 (thread)

F-16B from No.19 Sqn aka "Sherdils" Image
3 JF-17A ready to Take off Image
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#Pakistan #France #Islamabad #Boycott

Has the Pakistani government given in to the demands of fundamentalist Muslims and will now boycott French products and expel the French ambassador?
Leaders of the Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) claimed this success on Tuesday in the dispute over the "Mohammed cartoons" as well as statements by French President Emmanuel Macron.
The government in Islamabad has signed a pledge officially in favor of a boycott of French products, a TLP spokesman said on Tuesday. An official confirmation from the government was still pending on Tuesday afternoon.
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