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The #TTP occupation in #Swat is significantly more than is being reported in the domestic media.

Many villages are under TTP control, and search operations have been on-going for more than 5 months.

It is no surprise that the TTP has returned to Swat for us @commandeleven.
For the past 3 years, we have repeatedly informed and warned that the TTP presence was growing and their influence was increasing.

Deaf ears.

We have repeatedly argued against the negotiating table, because it is a sign of weakness.

Why should we negotiate?
The news of Gen. #FaizHameed's deal to hand over parts of #KPK to #TTP, in return for peace for the country - that is accepting defeat and emboldening the enemy.

Is it any surprise that there was a significant uptick in violence from December onwards, when TTP walked away again?
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ISW & @criticalthreats are tracking the latest developments in #Pakistan, where hostility between former Prime Minister Imran #Khan's Tehrik-e-Insaf Party (PTI) and the Pakistani military had led PTI protesters to target military and police infrastructure across the country. 🧵⬇️
2/ Demonstrators set fire to multiple police stations in #Islamabad and exchanged small arms fire with #Pakistani security forces outside the Frontier Corps’ headquarters in #Peshawar on May 10.
3/ The #Pakistani government may choose to expand its crackdown against the PTI in response to attacks on the military, which could exacerbate the protests and open new security gaps that Salafi-jihadi groups could exploit.
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I went to #Islamabad #PIMS a day earlier and asked for rabies #vaccine, #rabies is a deadly virus and there's 100% chance a person will die if vaccination isn't administered on time. However, the person in the picture, at #PIMS's pharmacy,
@IslamabadPims @nhsrcofficial Image
told me very arrogantly to buy and administer the vaccine somewhere else. When I asked for his name, he hesitated, but when I insisted, he said I'm the director and there is no one you can go to and complain.
I requested him that I can afford the vaccine but what about those who may not afford the same, and that I am a citizen of #Pakistan and I am aware of my rights, thus let me lodge a formal complaint to the relevant department so the problem may soon be resolved.
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It's really disappointing that no one has developed Islamabad's most scenic locations into cafes or well-maintained public spots.

Other than Monal and the "Top 10 Restaurants" lists, we have three no-brainer locations that can become our city's "hero shots".

1. Rawal Lake.

The Lake View public park is a huge improvement and tourist magnet but there's an abandoned building that's designed as an eatery and is most probably languishing because of some CDA red tape. It's right next to the lake with a huge outdoor area.
The decades-old viewpoint and tea stall on the other side of the lake were also blocked due to "security reasons" and never reopened and the random spots towards Bani Gala are too far for most people to make a spontaneous plan.

Imagine Karachi without Kolachi.
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Happening now: dozens of journalists posted on top of shipping containers outside the Federal Courts Complex in #Islamabad awaiting the arrival of ousted #Pakistan PM #ImranKhan, who’s due to appear for a hearing in his Toshakhana case:…
Fun fact: cannabis grows wild behind the federal court complex in #Islamabad, #Pakistan
Some 4,000 cops here from #Islamabad, #Punjab, Frontier Constabulary, etc. Multiple arrests of #ImranKhan supporters for “blocking traffic,” per LE. Huge show of force, cops being heavy handed with people who don’t seem to be doing much other than standing around in the road
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A lively #Hindu #Holi festival celebration at Quaid-e-Azam University, the largest university in #Pakistan's federal capital #Islamabad. Felicitations to Pakistanis celebrating #Holi2023 and to friends worldwide. /1
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15 yrs after her assassination, today, 27 Dec 2007, I want to come clean on the organized smear campaign that intensified in the lead up to #BenazirBhutto's murder, a campaign in which I inadvertently joined. Which is why she was going to see me at 10 pm that night. /1
I received a call from Dr Asif Khan, #BenazirBhutto's quiet operator in #Islamabad and a friend to ex-PM @RPAPPP around 4 pm to reconfirm a meeting with her at Bilawal House. I was at state-run PTV, in a suit, making cuts to my weekly show, ready to leave for the meet at 10 pm./2
I was in the editing room at around 6:30 pm when a media liaison offcr frm Pres #Musharraf's office dropped by, opened door, & said, 'Did you hear? My info from a source at hospital confirms she's dead.' There was silence. He left. I checked the time, thought about my meeting. /3
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A shocking number of 519 people have tested positive for HIV in Islamabad during the last 10 months – between January 01 to October 31, 2022, and their alarming majority comprises young men in the age group of 18 to 25 years of age being categorized as men having sex with Image
men (MSM) in addition to transgenders, officials said on Wednesday.

“Around 519 new HIV patients have been registered at the treatment centre at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Islamabad who were tested positive for HIV in the 10 months of this year so far.
On average 51 people are being tested positive for HIV every month in Islamabad”, an official of the National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination (NHS,R&C).

The federal health ministry official, who requested anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the
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Well that escalated quickly.

@OpIndia_com and @HinduHate have picked up the revelation that a New York Diwali event was linked to Pakistan's radical Jamaat-i-Islami.

It's not the first time American orgs have skipped due diligence.


Here is the @OpIndia_com piece on the Diwali event. They've gone for the Hamas angle.

Jamaat have a history of funding terrorism and extremism.

Their charities are amazing, but they do skim.
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President #Biden's remarks on #Pakistan

Apparently casual remarks on #Pakistan by President #Biden at a Democratic Party event have been highlighted in 🇵🇰 media. Ousted ex-PM #ImranKhan is trying to use them to destabilize the Govt; promote anti-Americanism.

Some facts. /1
President #Biden's remarks came while talking about his relationship with President #XiJinping and #Russia when he made two references to #Pakistan, one in the context of China's ties to #India + 🇵🇰, and a remark on Pakistan's stability and the safety of its nuclear weapons. /2
#Pakistan is not taking #Biden's remarks out of context, recognizing this was not a policy statement, and has given the #US Amb Donald Blome in #Islamabad a chance to explain the context and position of Biden Admin while denying the perception of instability of the state. /3
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Boys misbehaving with foreign tourists on the occasion of #Pakistan's #IndependenceDay in Shakarparian, #Islamabad. Authorities must identify and punish the culprits. @ICT_Police
Video posted on this Tiktok account
sexual harassment*
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1. #MaxHastings needs to bone up before sketchily declaiming ‘#histrionics in the #West’ about #ChineseBeltandRoad #lending, @thetimes 30 July 22, p 33. Becoming, like that #LeCarré, another raging '#nationaltreasure' discharging disaffected drivel.
2. Surmises of #moralequivalence between #Chinese and #Western rapacity by #MaxHastings are tenuous. #Pakistanieconomists, long critical of the #BRI, would remind him how 27% of #Islamabad’s #externaldebt, $90bn as of April 2021, is now owed to #Beijing.
3. #Pakistan, since 1988, has been bailed out 12 times and in talks for a thirteenth reprieve as it requires at least $41bn to sustain #foreignexchangereserves. #IMF suspicion of #dodgyChinese #powercompanies borne out in recent #reports.
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Story of one of the most expensive hospitals of #Islamabad, situated on main Margalla road and owned by @DGPR_PAF. How they are making money but offering pathetic services. 75 years old Kaneez Begum admitted in ICU of #PAF hospital on 8th June 2022. If you admit somebody…. 1/4
..then Intensive Care Unit means “a service for patients with potentially recoverable conditions who can benefit from more detailed observation and invasive treatment than can safely be provided in general wards or high dependency areas.” 2/4
It is usually reserved for patients with potential or established organ failure. Patients should be referred by the most senior member of staff responsible for the patient—that is, a consultant. But what happened with Kaneez Befum on night of 20th June.. 3/6
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Just in

#Pakistan's top security forum, the #NSC, attended by top Govt, military, and intelligence officials, chaired by PM @CMShehbaz, concludes there is no "foreign conspiracy" behind ex-PM #ImranKhan's exit from power after he lost parliamentary majority and was voted out. /1
Ex-PM #ImranKhan's conspiracy claim debunked by #Pakistan's top security forum:

"NSC discussed telegram from 🇵🇰 Emb in 🇺🇸 (...) informed by premier security agencies they found no evidence of any conspiracy (...) The NSC (...) concludes there has been no foreign conspiracy." /2
Today's National Security Committee of the Cabinet is more credible than the Mar 31 meet that ex-PM #ImranKhan politicized. This meeting is strengthened by the presence of Amb @asadmk17, ex-Washington, the Amb who wrote the cable and briefed the NSC. /3
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The letter that PM @ImranKhanPTI showed at #Islamabad jalsa are minutes of an important meeting between extremely important officials of a country and our diplomats in that country. The message was conveyed on behalf of the highest officials in that country.
The message mentioned a regime change as "eminent" in Pak. The conversation entailed as seeing PM @ImranKhanPTI as problem between a cordial bilateral relationship between the countries. The highest official sent the message that if VONC is overruled, there will be consequences.
In the transcript that consists of more than four pages of this conversation, carries the words "VONC" and "Imran Khan", multiple times. The message is clear ,that one man is the problem and he must be eased out. The letter was sent a day before VONC was filed.
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PM #ImranKhan sets the stage for his legacy in a huge, impressive rally in #Islamabad, characterizing himself as a living martyr facing off international conspiracy to unseat him. He did not offer evidence but waved a document as proof. The rally achieves its two targets.. /1
PM #ImranKhan achieves two targets: to try impress power centers within the country that he remains popular, which he partially does (with diehard voters); and to engage those voters in a larger foreign policy issue beyond electoral accountability of performance & governance. /2
Aside from the secret document that PM #ImranKhan is not revealing (yet) to protect national interest, it is not a secret that his biggest foreign policy confrontations occurred with the #KSA #UAE #France, and misunderstandings with #China. /3
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Envoys of 22 #EU member states in #Pakistan issue a joint statement in support of #Ukraine. @EUPakistan posts this symbolic #IStandWithUkraine photo with EU representatives in #Islamabad.
The representatives of the @EUPakistan, #Switzerland, the #UK, #Australia, #Canada, #Norway, and #Japan urge #Pakistan to join them in condemning #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine at the #UNGA
#Australia's mission in #Pakistan joins @EUPakistan in seeking #Pakistan's support in condemning #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine.

Expressions of support by other missions in this #thread below 🔽

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Army chief #COAS General #QamarBajwa meets @eu_eeas's second top diplomat @SanninoEU in #Brussels and says "🇵🇰 values its relations with #EU 🇪🇺 countries and earnestly looks forward to enhance mutual cooperation based on common interests." /1
#Pakistan Army chief #COAS General #QamarBajwa also meets in #Brussels with the Chairman of #EU Military Committee #EUMC
General Claudio Graziano. /2

#Pakistan's Military Diplomacy played a key role in restoring frayed ties between #Islamabad 🇵🇰 and the #EU 🇪🇺, helping temper a confrontational government policy toward #France in 2019-2020 that led to violent protests and resurgent extremism. /3

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A court in Rawalpindi has sentenced to death a 26-year-old woman for blasphemy.

The woman, a resident of Islamabad, was accused of spreading blasphemous messages through WhatsApp.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
She also sent a "blasphemous message" to the complainant on his WhatsApp number, according to the detailed verdict issued by a cybercrime court in Rawalpindi.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG #cybercrime #Rawalpindi
According to the detailed verdict, the woman told court that she got in touch with the complainant after he joined her PUBG group and asked her to be "friendly" with him "because we were Pakistani" but she refused.

#DSTV #Pakistan #Blasphemy #DeathSentence #Islamabad #PUBG
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🎙️This is a part of my interview to #Greek channel #AlertTV

⏩ ''The #Indian Navy must immediately come to the Aegean for military exercises - #Greece and #India must cooperate and stop #Ankara and #Islamabad!

⏩ ''Nowadays, both countries are facing the exact same common enemies, #Turkey and #Pakistan. We need to work together in the field of intelligence, as well as in the field of defense.''
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#Pakistan Security Report -2021:

The incidence of #terrorism in Pakistan has increased by 42% in 2021 as compared to 2020, including five suicide bombings. A total of 335 people were killed and 555 injured in the attacks. That's 52 percent more than in 2020.

A total of 128 terrorist attacks were carried out by Tehreek-e-Taliban #Pakistan (#TTP), local Taliban groups and Islamic State of Khorasan, killing 236 people. In 2020, the number of such attacks was 95.

As many as 97 people were killed and 255 injured in 77 attacks by various Baloch, Sindhi nationalist and insurgent groups, compared to 44 attacks in 2020. Last year there were two attacks of sectarian terrorism in which 22 people were killed.

#BLA #Karachi #Sindh #Quetta
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Who is Zara Haider and why is she trending on Twitter?

- An acquaintance of both Noor Mukaddam and Zahir Jaffer who gained popularity after the murder, for calling out problematic boys/ harassers/ predators currently living in Islamabad.
Having lived there herself, she began identifying her childhood bullies and was approached by a multitude of women who too wanted their stories of abuse at the hands of these men, heard. Naturally, her public writing account became popular for her activism
She used it to not only give interviews about Noor, but later created a GoFundMe account asking people to fund her “Call Out Campaign” saying she had started receiving threats of defamation. She raised $1400 dollars out of her 5k goal
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Next is "Raees Ahmed Standard Biryani House" in #Landhi #Karachi which was made to register on a Previous complaint and issued a show cause notice for Penalty so inquired what happened to that notice is it finalised #TaxChoriBandKaru

741/n ImageImage
Complaint 16 Nov, Reply 24 Nov

Restaurant was fined for Rs 10,000/= which is abysmally low for the sale and running of it.
And they are still being non compliant to which they know soon again :)

742/n ImageImage
Next "Javed Nihari" #Sharfabad branch in #Karachi issuing non compliant invoice with no SNTN# mentioned #TaxChoriBandKaru

743/n ImageImage
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