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I delivered the welcome remarks today at the Steering Committee Meeting of the @EU_Commission/@UN's Joint Spotlight Initiative held at the UN House, Abuja.

(1) At the meeting, I decried the gruesome rape and murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa and Barakat Bello, and commended the @PoliceNG authorities for swinging into action and pledging to bring the perpetrators to justice.
(2) I stated that incidences such as these make it imperative for all stakeholders to do everything possible to ensure that women and girls in Nigeria live in a world safe for them, and the @EU_Commission /@UN's Joint Spotlight Initiative, therefore, represents a - [cont'd]
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1st Anniversary (2nd Term) of @MBuhari Administration: A Year of Momentous Change:

Being The Text of The Press Conference Addressed By The HMIC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, To Mark The First Anniversary (Second Term) of The Buhari Abuja on Friday, 29 May 2020
Good morning gentlemen, and thank you for honouring our invitation to this press conference. It's been a while. Of course, the #Covid19 pandemic has left us all either locked down or engaging in social distancing and avoiding mass gathering, part of the overall safety and survival strategy in the face of the virulent virus that has taken the world by storm. I urge you all to continue to stay safe.
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Why is it important to have a mentor in Buddhism? A thread.
If you want to excel at something then you need a great teacher or mentor. We see this throughout history.
Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. along with Socrates and Plato.
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Some hours earlier....

Starboy : Good evening your Excellency sir

Bubu: able Veefee ! Osunbade, how are you?

Starboy : Very well sir.

Bubu: Torr. Madalla! I hope you are not still annoyed over that Customs man I reflaced? What is his name again.? Baba something...
Starboy: Babatunde Fowler sir and it's FIRS not customs.. No I have moved past that. It's all water under the bridge.

Bubu: Which bridge?

Starboy: I don't get your meaning sir.

Bubu: Which bridge is under water? Was it included in the budget?
Starboy: I mean it's all in the past sir.

Bubu: Toor. Fery good. We need to be together to deliver this #Change agenda

Starboy; We are now on #Nextlevel sir . Change was our slogan for the First term.

Bubu: That's why I like you. You are fery fery intelligent.?
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As the Resident Pastor, C. E. Onyolu, rounds off today's session of 'Good Morning Jesus', I receive divine empowerment as the Balm of Gilead rests upon my head in the course of tomorrow's CelebrationofGrace, here in #GraceHouse
I exempt everything that concerns me from all the surrounding decay, corruption and sudden demise.
In the remaining 31 days of 2019, my hands shall never know any firm and shape of doubt. I prophesy to thou hands of mine, you will never know a better yesterday. I call forth resources to finish well. Come FestivalofWonders, I will come forward with my Thanksgiving Seed 🙏🙏🙏
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Maiden FEC Meeting of the #NextLevel kicks off with an Address by President @MBuhari #FECBrief
President @MBuhari: To improve service delivery and efficiency we have decided to restructure some functions, which has led to the creation of new ministries:

#FECBrief #InauguralFEC
PMB: We have merged Finance and Budget & National Planning.

We have also created a Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs to institutionalize our various interventions that support some of our poorest and most distressed citizens.

#FECBrief #InauguralFEC
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What exactly is it with Buhari, FX & CBN?

Am I the only one who sees the dangers in the Nation's Central Bank taking direct orders from The President, regardless of the negative economic impact such orders may bring about? Is the CBN now an agency of the presidency?

Before I address this particular new order 👆, I would like to provide a historical perspective to this matter by presenting the documented, destructive & dire consequences of Buhari's past ill advised incursions into the running of CBN's FX policies

The time is 1984. Buhari,...
..upon taking over power instituted many draconian economic policies that made life hellish for the citizens of this country. I'm not talking about soldiers whipping & forcing Nigerians to frog jump at bus stops.

He decreed product prices, restricted FX, and changed the Naira
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Q: Now that Ministerial nominees have been screened & confirmed, what next?

A: Good question. Before they are sworn-in & allocated portfolios by the President, they have some reading & studying ahead of them. And then a 2-day Induction, to be presided over by PMB.

Recall that in March 2019, after the elections, Pres @MBuhari set up an Audit Committee on Federal Government Policies, Programmes and Projects, chaired by VP @ProfOsinbajo, with CoS, SGF, HoCSF, and a number of Ministers and other senior govt officials
That committee worked between March and May to produce a detailed report on the first four years of the Administration, taking submissions from MDAs (who were given a submission deadline of April 24):
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So, 56 days after Inauguration day for his 2nd Term, @Mbuhari finally sent his #MinisterialList to @NGRSenate yesterday, which has with alacrity begun the #ministerialscreening today. #TheList can be mined for all kinds of data but some of its demographics are quite interesting
The combined age of the 43 on the #MinisterialList is 2,552 yrs. In a country with median age of 19 & lifeexpectancy hovering around 51, the average age of #TheList is 59.35 yrs. At 73, Kano's Sabo Nanono is the oldest nominee. He's one of 5 #MinisterialNominees aged 70 or more.
In addition to Nanono, Dr. Osagie Ehanire (Edo, 72); Gen. Bashir Magashi (Kano, 70); Alh. Mohammed Abdullahi, former SSG of Nassarawa State (70); & Sen. Tayo Alasoadura (Ondo, 70) are the other septuagenarians on #TheList.
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NextLevelGist -> Rail Up Nigeria -> A Thread

■ The #NextLevel plan is to develop the Lagos - Ibadan Rail Line from Iju to Ebute Metta and then to Apapa...Inside the Apapa Port Complex a 5km of Standard Gauge Rail will be constructed.
■ Train Stations along the the entire journey from Apapa Port to Ibadan will be completed.
■ There’s going to be an Inland Container Terminal around Moniya in Ibadan (where Lagos - Ibadan Rail Station will be) in effect cargo from Apapa will be carried by rail to Ibadan and processed there.
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Good afternoon Sirs @dawisu & @BashirAhmaad
I should be congratulating you both on the victory of @MBuhari & @ProfOsinbajo.
The unfortunate thing is that you chose the period of celebrating the success to send forth your DIVISIVE tweets attacking the South West.
There is something called the #PriceOfWisdom & it is not proper ib the hands of fools because they will not have heart to contain it, it is call CAPACITY.
Did @dawisu choose the outcome of 2019 Presidential election to attack the entire South West & @BashirAhmaad did same? SHAME
This is not the 1st time that @BashirAhmaad will embarrass yhe same @MBuhari he is an SA to, so I'm not surprised at that.
But that this foolishness started from @dawisu is my own personal issue here.....
I think I overrated you Sir.
You actually tweeted that??
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All these people, including several high-powered delegations, "begging" Atiku Abubakar to accept this brazen subversion of the wishes of Nigerians seem not to understand that the issue has gone beyond @atiku.

As it stands now, @atiku is a mere representation of the collective aspiration of the people for a #BetterNigeria.
These people/delegations should channel their "beggings" to the appropriate quarters. They should go and beg the millions of Nigerians @MBuhari screwed up. The dozens that were tragically killed in the mad quest to retain power.
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UPDATE on progress of work on Second Niger Bridge (1.6km Bridge + 10.3km Highway).

1,129 personnel on site. Construction work ongoing in Oko Amakom (Asaba side), Atani (Onitsha side), and in the River itself.

Completion Date as previously announced: Q1 2022.
UPDATE on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Expansion: Work involves Construction of new drainage systems; new underpasses; FlyOvers; Toll Plazas and Pedestrian Bridges.

Work ongoing. These photos are from the Lagos-Sagamu section. #infrastructure
UPDATE on Progress of Kano-Zaria-Kaduna-Abuja Road:

- Rehabilitation of 165.5 km long carriageway from Abuja to Kaduna
- Rehabilitation of 73.4 km long carriageway from Kaduna to Zaria
- Rehabilitation of 137 km long carriageway from Zaria to Kano
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APC = 131
PDP = 20

Kwara Laf ward 2 pol 003A house- rep
APC 137
PDP 21
#Nigeriadecides2019 #APCSitRoom
Maiduguri, Borno state

PU Fuguri ward
APC 411

#NigeriaDecides2019 #APCSitRoom
Polling Unit EC 30 A(ILUPEJU LAGOS)
Presidential Votes


#NigeriaDecides2019 #APCSitRoom
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The EFCC has begun a crackdown on Atiku associates - they started this evening with Uyi Giwa-Osagie, his lawyer, after searching his house for 7 hours, finding nothing, they took him away - no warrant to search, no warrant to arrest.

This is the #NextLevel of #TyrantBuhari
Said it before that as #TyrantBuhari gets more desperate, the rights of citizens would be further trampled upon and its starting already:

Targeting Atiku’s Lawyer without any warrant and probably getting ready to go after more people who support Atiku.

Desperate. Jittery.
I hear more people around Atiku will also be arrested tomorrow via the DSS and the EFCC - four days to Elections.

These people are determined not to play fair and the more they see that Nigerians are against them, the more they become authoritarian but Nigeria will win.
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Hello everyone. What a run it has been!
Our Presidential Campaign has run its full course. From North to South, East to West, we have taken the #NextLevel message to all the 36 states and the FCT.
In every state we visited, in every region, our projects (completed & ongoing) and programmes made the people extremely receptive to our message.
Be it road construction/rehabilitation, rail construction, electricity generation, housing projects, Social Investment Programmes, etc, every state is experiencing one or more of these projects & programmes.
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MUST READ THREAD: What #Nextlevel means: Four years ago, we promised Nigerians real change – in what we do and how we do it. Nigerians sent a clear message in the last election, and our platform offered a new, ambitious plan for a secure, prosperous and corruption-free country.
We have worked hard to fulfil our promises - and while the road may have been difficult, over the last three and a half years, we have laid the foundations for a strong, stable and prosperous country for the majority of our people.
Foundational work is not often visible, neither is it glamorous - but it is vital to achieving the kind of country we desire.
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I decided to play with INEC data as regards #NigeriaDecides2019


1. 80% PVC collection rate
2. 50% votes will be cast (Voter apathy etc)
3. 2015 voting trend & present realities

Based on the above, this is my forecast

APC - 21,354,041
PDP - 12,247,592

Breakdown 👇
This is how things MAY possibly play out in the South-South region of Nigeria. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel
This is how things MAY possibly pan out in the South-West region of Nigeria. #NigeriaDecides2019 #NextLevel
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Welcome to our #NextLevel Infrastructure plans. This is what Team PMB/PYO have is stock for Nigeria. In the next four years (2019-2023) Team PMB/PYO will:
1. Review Public Private Partnership (PPP) enabling environment to address the legal, regulatory & operational challenges...
2. Complete the 2nd Niger Bridge
3. Legal/Regulatory Framework for the Presidential Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) designated for specific investments in critical road/power projects
4. Modernise and bring the Nigerian Railway Corporation on par with global counterparts.
5. Create a National Infrastructural Development Bank (NIDB) to provide loans at nominal interest rates to help ongoing work of rebuilding infrastructure
6. Make budgetary provision for the completion of ongoing rail projects, & initiation of new rail projects. #NigeriaDecides
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1. Today we focus on Infrastructure development under PMB/PYO & review the past, the present & #NextLevelNigeria
Where we were:
Nigeria had huge infrastructure deficit. Decades of underinvestment & inadequate allocations led to underdevelopment of backbone of a modern economy-
2. In 2014, the GEJ Govt spent these sums on the following sectors: Transport (N14 billion), Agriculture & Water (N34 billion), Power, Works & Housing (N106 billion). Grossly inadequate, a lot of infrastructure projects were left abandoned and contractors unpaid. #NigeriaDecides
3. PMB committed to initiating & completing key infrastructure projects &demonstrated this through budgetary allocations & fund-raising & ensuring the plugging of leakages & cutting out waste, the government has been able to re-direct money into infrastructure & capital projects
Read 13 tweets… Tax Evasion thru transfer pricing recorded its peak during Pdp years. Transfer pricing occurs when multinationals establish subsidiaries & use them to transfer profits from locations of operation to low tax jurisdictions. Denying host countries due tax.…. Is an example of transfer pricing. Global trade has created mechanisms promoting predatory profiteering, widening economic|social|opportunity inequalities & sowing conflicts. France is presently embroiled in a 12th wknd of street protests rooted in these.…. Multinationals have rigged Trade Agreements allowing them profit & exploiting countries with weak governance structures even when they’re part of a dispute that stalls a projects progression. It’s a known corporate trick advancing predatory profiteering.
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Good morning SANE citizens of the world all over.
In this thread, my focus is to chronicle why I personally believe that #PMBdeserves2ndTerm & that #PMB4Plus4 is not hallucination.
I have tweeted some of them as a response yesterday, now I will Chronicle them here:👇👇
I will categorize those who will read this:
1. Those who believe PMB for no reason
2. Those who are against PMB for no reason
3. Those who will agree #PMBdeserves2ndTerm for these reasons
4. Those who will STILL be against PMB DESPITE these reasons
Una all welcome.....
If you know #PMBdeserves2ndTerm & such reasons are not part of these thread, kindly add yours at the end of this thread using the same harshtag #PMBdeserves2ndTerm
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Good morning Ibadan #PMB4Plus4
Music is a brutally effective messaging tool. KWAM 1 on the beat in Ibadan. #PMBinIbadan #PMB4Plus4
Awaiting PMB & PYO. #PMB4Plus4 #PMBinIbadan
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Dear President @MBuhari, welcome to #Anambra - your state of campaign rallies

If everything happens as planned Mr. President, you will set your feet in Anambra - your state of campaign rallies - today.

Your Excellency, before you came back to become an elected president of the Federal Republic, there were dozens of events that offered you compelling reasons to pay visit to the Light of the Nation, but you found excuses to stay away.
Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu died and was buried. Leaders from all over the world poured in to Nnewi, Anambra State, to pay their last respect. You were nowhere to be found.

We lost our very own erudite Prof. Chinua Achebe, you couldn't care less, Your Excellency.
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