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Today is presser day. As always, here are some suggestions for media questions. Thanks again to @ab_vax for the help!

1. The AMA section of EM sent a letter yesterday inviting the Premier and Health minister to an ICU. Will you be accepting this invitation? /1
2. NB has instituted a circuit breaker as restrictions on Thanksgiving gatherings. Why won't AB's gov't follow suit?

3. At home rapid test programs are being implemented in schools in ON, QC, and NS, but AHS is putting barriers in place for AB schools to do the same. Why? /2
4. The EPSB and ECSB will both be requiring employees be fully vaxxed. Will you be encouraging other school boards across AB to follow suit?

5. How will the contact tracers from the federal government be used? Will the be used for schools? /3
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A UCP caucus member just called me to ask if there was anything the UCP could do to address the concerns of workers in Alberta. I told him the UCP has lost the moral authority to govern and that the best thing they could do for Albertans is to resign & call an election. #AbLeg
I also told him that his government’s reckless COVID policies are literally killing more than 100 Albertans a week, with a COVID mortality rate 4X higher than the Canadian average. And I told him to listen to doctors and experts calling for a #FirebreakAB.
I also told him that it’s clear that the UCP caucus is hopelessly paralyzed by the fight between anti-vaxxers and those who actually want to listen to doctors and experts. I said if they’re incapable of taking action to save lives, they should step aside for someone who can act.
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Powerful and insightful interview with Alberta's former Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. James Talbot. To say he would have done things differently during the pandemic than Kenney and Hinshaw is an understatement. Watch! #COVID19AB #FirebreakAB #Ableg
Talbot says it has been "morally and ethically bankrupt" of the Kenney government to have been pursuing a strategy of basically letting the virus rip through the population without making any meaningful efforts to stop it.
He goes on to say that this strategy, which is not based in science, if putting "killing pressure" on our health care system.
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Trigger warning: COVID death.

Hi Jane. This is Dr. Bakshi calling from Edmonton. I am not sure if you're aware, but your mom Anne was admitted to the COVID ward about 2 hours ago. I'm calling because she is not doing well, and will likely not survive the day."
...deafening silence....followed by a chilling shriek.... Tears... Gasping for air trying to form words... Phone clicks. 5 minutes pass, and I call again.

"Hi, Jane. I know that was a lot to take in."
Through her tears, Jane responds: Yes. I'm so sorry for hanging up on you. I was shocked. I didn't even know she wasn't well, I spoke to my mom two days ago. I am in BC. I won't make it in time, will I?

"I don't think so, Jane. I am so sorry.... Jane, tell me about your mom."
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All I want for Christmas is…Christmas.

If we can bend the curve, then we would be in line for an open Christmas, with friends and family, and even Christmas parties!

We need a #FirebreakAB now to save the holidays.
We can’t have a good open Christmas if your friends and family aren’t around to enjoy it with you. Thanks @ElleBrandenburg for emphasizing that.
#FirebreakAB #SaveXmas
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This whole bloody mess in Alberta comes down to one thing.

Do they care if people get sick or die?

That’s what matters.

Do they care if Albertans are suffering?

The answer our government gave yesterday is a resounding NO. They don’t care…at all.
The Alberta government could care less about the number of people who have died since they opened for summer, the people who died over the weekend, or the 18 Albertans who died yesterday. Not once did our premier show any signs he cares that his citizens are gone.
Our government only cares about maintaining the perception of being in charge, and keeping power. The press conference was a circus of self congratulation, and deflection. They have done all they could, and it was our fault that covid is killing our neighbors.
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SOME REFLECTIONS about my 3rd tour of duty on the COVID Ward this past weekend at FMC. Compared to Jan (2nd wave) / May (3rd wave) the #COVID19AB patients on FMC COVID Medicine service this weekend were much sicker, and yes, unfortunately vast majority were unvaccinated...[1/8]
Three quarters of my patients were on high flow O2. Previously, many of these patients would have been in ICU and not on a medical ward...I don't believe my patients on OPTIFLOW were included in the 265 patients now "in an ICU", but they probably should be... [2/8]
As a Hepatologist, I was paired with a Respirologist. ICU outreach was Peds ER doc. We did our best, under a lot of stress, but this is not optimal care. We "triaged" those sickest to see ICU 1st...fortunately we are not yet rationing who gets a ventilator... NOT YET ANYWAY [3/8]
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Hi @jkenney,
I hear you don't want to put a hard lockdown in place because you don't want to punish the vaccinated. Can I let you in on a not-so-secret secret? The vaccinated are being punished either way. It's not really safe to be out an about. There is no room 1/
for car accidents, sports injuries, or illness in our hospitals. We are being told to stay home in the midst of a predictable 4th wave. Seriously, the only people not being punished under your leadership are the unvaccinated who you continue to whip into a freedom frenzy. 2/
So can we stop pretending that you have any consideration for the lives and livelihoods of the vaccinated. WE ALREADY DID the right thing. We keep doing the right things. This wave is all about the last 20% of the province who are all willfully unvaccinated 3/
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Whew. Ok. Took me a long time to decompress tonight
You see amongst all if it, I have a mother who is at the greatest risk. She is both immunosuppressed AND she has severe COPD. Even after a 3rd dose...COVID would likely mean certain death. So there's that. We
had to have a pretty ugly discussion again tonight around risk and what her wishes would be and THAT is excruciating. So on the heels of swabbing all's what I can tell you:
What I saw today (in themes and patterns cuz that's how I roll)
What Alberta has is a massive problem with utter confusion. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has attempted to ABIDE by the absolute abomination of PHOs and mandates and "suggestions" we have been presented with by a government that is hellbent on not upsetting the
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Hinshaw and UCP MLAs are quick to bemoan the ‘harms’ from restrictions (while they brag about how few restrictions we’ve actually had) Surely there has been more long term harm in 1.5 years of inadequate half measures and relying on ‘personal responsibility’? 1/4
In October last year and again in the spring when doctors said we needed a circuit breaker to slow the spread and UCP did nothing, they only succeeded in making the problem drag on and get worse, and then inevitably eventually having to impose restrictions. #FirebreakAB 2/4
Retailers lost their Christmas business, kids lost their graduations, and everyone suffered emotional, mental and financial harm because of their inaction. It is even worse now than it has ever been. #FirebreakAB 3/4
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Thread time.

Are we doomed?

How did we get to this point - where our ICUs are at over 170% capacity? Where were are preparing to fly pts 1000s of km away?

Where were are not only talking about triaging adult ICU care, but pediatric ICU care? This makes me feel sick. /1
HCWs think about COVID every waking hour (if we are managing to sleep), whether we are at work or not. This is consuming us. We are seeing our system collapse before our eyes. Everyday, a step closer to doing something we never thought would be asked of us. /2
When we dedicated our careers to healthcare, we thought we would be saving lives, not choosing who lives and who doesn’t.

The moral distress is sometimes debilitating and it will only get worse as we have to make these choices.

We did not sign up for this. /3
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1/5 ***66 dead Albertans from #Covid19AB in 3 days and many more to come !!! New ICU beds created by increasing ICU #Covid19ab deaths. This is beyond ridiculous 🤬 #ableg #yyc #yeg @Alberta_UCP @CMOH_Alberta @Albertadoctors @jkenney
2/ #Covid19AB spread continues unabated despite @Alberta_UCP restrictions & REP card. Our acute care system is collapsing ! @AHS_media cannot provide much needed care amid record #Covid19AB Admissions. #yeg #yyc @Albertadoctors @CMOH_Alberta @jkenney
3/ I know that most Albertans have played by the rules of masking, distancing and double vaccinating and public health guidelines. #yyc #yeg #ableg @CMOH_Alberta @Alberta_UCP @Albertadoctors @jkenney @AHS_media
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