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My experience: #Covid_19 ICU rotation at #SGPGI #Lucknow

1. All patients were >35 years of age with majority being males

2. Apart from the usual comorbidities, central #obesity without over #diabetes or #hypertension also predisposed to #SARI
3. #Lymphopenia was a great marker of severity and a rising trend predicted clinical recovery

4. #recoverytrial further reiterated the use of steroids for patients with severe disease which many centers including ours was already practising
5. Although initially we had a guarded approach towards it, but #NIV with low pressures worked wonders avoiding intubation

6. Once intubated, outcomes aren’t great. Multiple reasons: severity of disease, nursing care and feeding becomes suboptimal, bradycardia associated with
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Story 1: Got a call from a family friend. They followed all social distancing norms so far. Went through all #lockdown hardships even after relaxation
Except they allowed domestic help/driver after relaxation & took a few more liberties in grocery shopping

Spouse ill now. Running temperature & not eating at all. Tested +ve yesterday. Luckily not breathless


We are praying for their rapid recovery.

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An important thread from a #Covid19 recovered patient X who is only 26 years old and might be helpful to anyone facing symptoms:

I developed slight throat irritation, weakness, muscle aches and unusual tiredness in the first two days of symptoms. Developed fever and headache
On the 3rd day, along with lightheadedness(the feeling that you will get fainted). The 3rd night was very unpleasant, couldnt fall asleep, and felt mild shortness of breath. However, I began my proper treatment from day 3 when I finally contacted my senior(medicine specialist)
working on duty in COVID19 ward in KTH, and he told my that my symptoms are typical COVID19 and I should get myself isolated, and managed. Starting 4th day, after I began my treatment, fever began to come down a little, muscle pains subsided, headache got under control but the
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The #COVID__19 pandemic is real and has claimed over 349,273 lives worldwide. Let me help you put that into context. That's enough people to fill 4 world class stadiums to the rafters.

1. San Siro Stadium - 80,018 capacity Image
2. Wembley Stadium - 90,000 capacity Image
3. Nou Camp Stadium - 99,354 capacity Image
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based on true story

A thread by @YessyListryani

Dilarang sendirian di kontrakan!!!

#ceritahorror #threadhorror #horrorthread #bacahorror #StayHomeStaySafe @bacahorror
Cerita ini gw dapat dari seorang narasumber yang gw kenal dekat beberapa tahun ini. Akan ku coba ceritakan dengan serapih mungkin.

Enjoy the story ya sob.
Aku memutar otak agar bisa meminimalisir pengeluaran akhir-akhir ini. Tinggal di apartemen bisa jadi sesuatu yang tidak sepadan untuk saat ini. Pengeluaran harus benar-benar di pangkas.
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~ वर्तमान मधुशाला काव्य ~

मंदिर-मस्जिद बंद कराकर,
लटका विद्यालय पर ताला ।
सरकारों को खूब भा रही,
धन बरसाती मधुशाला ।।


डिस्टेंसिंग की ऐसी तैसी,
लाकडाउन को धो डाला ।
लोगों के व्याकुल हृदयों पर,
रस बरसाती मधुशाला ।।

बन्द रहेंगे मंदिर-मस्ज़िद,
खुली रहेंगी मधुशाला।
ये कैसी महामारी है,
सोच रहा ऊपरवाला।।
नशामुक्त हो जाता भारत,
तो कैसे चलती मधुशाला।
काम बंद है उन लोगों का,
जो नोट की जपते माला।।
नहीं मिल रहा राशन-पानी,
मगर मिलेगी मधुशाला ।
भाड़ में जाए जनता सारी,
मस्त रहे पीनेवाला ।।
मेरी विनती है तुम सब से,
गर जाए कोई मधुशाला।
वापिस ना आने दो उसको,
तुम बंद करो घर का ताला।।


दुनिया हुई बरबाद और
इनको चहिए मधुशाला।
घर में पडे रहो दीवानो,
ना बचा पाएगा रखवाला।।


#शिवदत्तसर्वज्ञाचार्य_राष्ट्रयज्ञ ImageImageImage
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The PM and his ministers are telling us that if you aren't fit enough to survive Corona- you may as well die anyway. It is not his problem- nor his ability to deal with it.

Let me just give all of you a little perspective of whats on ground and you may realize the idiocy +
of easing the lockdown instead of enforcing it even more.

Overnight we struggled with a patient dropping his saturation. He needed oxygen. What we have are stone-aged oxygen cylinders which a weary chacha rolls out of an old closet and drags to the bed side.
Anyway, he uses one cylinder.
Now we are out.
So we write to the surgical ICU that he is not well and fits your criteria. Kindly take him in.
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Last call for the Thames Clippers RB1 service #VirtualTour! We're setting sail in this thread in one hour so take a seat, grab a hot drink from the onboard bar and get ready to sail through London in style (virtually) #VirtuallyLondon
As our service is currently suspended, all content shared has been captured prior to lockdown. #StayHomeStaySafe
As we depart Woolwich, on our way towards central London, we’re passing the Thames Barrier. One of the largest movable flood barriers in the world – it even has its own visitor centre! Image: Bill Green
#Woolwich #ThamesBarrier #RiverThames #VirtualTour
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@adamfleming @bbclaurak Governments roadmap to ease Covid-19 restrictions will be set out in 5 Phases.
These phases will be on 3 week review process, the current phases would commence on the following dates:
Phase 1 - 18th May
Phase 2 - 8th June
Phase 3 - 29th June
Phase 4 - 20th July
Phase 5 - 10th August

If coronavirus cases begin to increase, we will revert to the restrictions set out in the previous stage.

Phase 1 - 18th May
Phase 1 of the roadmap will lift the following restrictions:
- Construction workers, landscape gardeners and other outdoor workers may return to work
- Garden Centres, repair shops and hardware stores may reopen
- Fitness & Sport activities (non-contact) in small groups (max of 4 people) may resume (golf included)
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#COVID__19 #FlatteningtheCurve Isolation is a key strategy to limiting transmission. It's important we remember that the virus is in the throat & noses of people positive for the infection and this is the major source of transmission. @Fmohnigeria @FMICNigeria @FMEnvng @NCDCgov
#COVID__19 people understanding this is critical. Isolation is not just for the sick, it is for anyone positive even if having no/very mild symptoms. Bcos as long as one is positive, even while talking, the person sheds the virus & exposes others @nighealthwatch @DailyPostNGR
#COVID__19 This is also the reason why physical/spatial distancing is critical. You don't know the status of the other person. S/He may be shedding the virus, so gatherings are discouraged, was why everyone was requested to #StayHomeStaySafe @NigeriainfoFM
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As an ER doc in Michigan seeing @realdonaldtrump encourage protestors in our capital, I'm deeply concerned about the impact it will have on my patients. With hundreds gathering in close quarters, the potential spread of #coronavirus puts my community at risk. Here’s how: (1/14)
Over 300 people were there & it's estimated that 5-10% of the population are infected. If just 30 were infected (with an R0 of 2.5 and a 5 day incubation), those 30 people could result in nearly 11,000 newly infected Michiganders in 1 month - all thanks to these protests. (2/14)
The protesters donning TRUMP signs & MAGA hats say they were there to fight @GovWhitmer’s #StayHomeStaySafe order & extension of emergency powers. Well, gathering in the way they did is exactly how to ensure we'll be living under *stricter* #shelterinplace in coming weeks. (3/14)
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Covid Act Now is releasing new modeling for 3 metrics critical to help America Reopen *Safely.*

📈COVID Case Growth
🧪Testing Capacity
🏥ICU Safety Margin

#ReopenSafely #CovidActNow #StayHome
Crucial Reopen Metric #1 = *Case Growth*

In order for a state to reopen safely, the number of #COVID cases should be decreasing.

That means the R-effective has to be less than 1.0
Crucial Reopen Metric #2 = *Testing Capacity*

In order for a state to reopen safely, we must test a sufficient % of the population.

➡️High % of ➕ tests = likely not testing very many people.
➡️Low % of ➕ tests = likely testing a wide swath of the population.
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So here is a thread compilation for post relating to:
Webinar this...
Webinar that...
Webinar here...

Webinar that...

Webinar here...

You better keep kwaqeit and Zoom in.

Best still, take out the content and leave the container.

Thanks to
for helping in this pandemic stay home moment.

*Minus Day 16 of the lockdown
Webinar this...
Webinar that...
Webinar here...

A show off of IoT in Nigeria, most especially in this moment.

What will you be featuring when this is all over?

*Minus Day 17 of the Lockdown
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#PhysicalDistancing, but #SocialSolidarity - a thread on our call today on Caste, Gender, Communal identity and Covid-19 crisis in #India👇 #IndiaFightsCoronavirus 1/n
Sumi Das, transgender activist from Cooch Behar, West Bengal, asks how can trans folk in villages #stayhomestaysafe, when they don’t have food on their plate? 2/n
Sumi - Trans and gender diverse communities outside metro cities already marginalized - earn from begging, dancing in weddings, sex work - don’t have documents or ration card, nor bank accounts to receive govt relief 3/n
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Welcome to today's session of #HRwithEM, a weekly #TwitterSession #TweetChat to connect, learn and share career development tips and employee experience practices.


#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #interviewtips #HRwithEM
Thank you for joining us this evening.

Please identify yourself and the location you are joining from, so we can acknowledge you properly.


#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #interviewtips #HRwithEM
Don’t forget to RETWEET all tweets for the benefit of your friends in order to extend this #KnowledgeSharingSession. You can also tag your friends to join this session.


#COVID19 #WorkFromHome #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe #interviewtips #HRwithEM
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YSRCP LEADERS - Contribution to Corona & Their Role in fighting the Pandemic


To Please their High Command - YSRCP MLA arranges a Possession

11 Govt Officials tested positive for #coronavirus

Chittor District Tally 53 Cases Dated 21 April
YSRCP Leader says Center Targetting one community
Spreading Fake Information through SM

Government requests to come forward and take tests voluntarily.
But with the Political Support, this is the response

Kurnool - Unofficial Capital of Corona in AP
Cases - 184

Follow this thread for clarity

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Paid a visit to the designated #COVID19 Hospital, amidst claims and counter claims in regards to the preparedness of the Hospital. Concluded that, the tall claims of the Govt is not in synced with the ground reality vis-a-vis the preparedness to treat COVID19 patients 1/-
The number of ICU beds with ventilators are just a mere 4 Nos. There is a shortage of PPEs even for working Doctors which makes it a challenge to equipped the nurses.Regarding the substandard and poor quality of the available PPEs, the government promptly replaced them. 2/-
The quick response in this regard is much appreciated, however the question remains if all the hospitals in other districts have also been replaced/provided with quality PPEs. Also quality WHO recommended N-95 masks is yet to be made available for use. 3/-
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MHA issues revised consolidated guidelines on the #Lockdown2 measures to be taken by Ministries/Departments of Govt of India, State/UT governments & State/UT authorities for the containment of #COVID19 in India. (1/2)
Consolidated Revised Guidelines for containment of #COVID19 (2/2)

#StayHome #StayHomeSaveLives #StayHomeStaySafe
Press Release 👇
MHA issues Consolidated Revised Guidelines for the Containment of #COVID19 epidemic in the Country.


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WARNING: As an ER doc in a rural hospital, I’m seeing the number of #COVID19 cases here *rise* as we start to plateau in NYC, Detroit, etc. Though @realdonaldtrump anticipates fewer new cases in so-called hot spots, I’m more concerned than ever. Here’s why: (1/11)
Rural hospitals run in a resource-limited environment on a daily basis. While we have most of the equipment we need, what we lack most is personnel. We frequently use traveling RNs to fill our needs, and many doctors travel from at least an hour away. (2/11)
At night we have one doctor, often me, in the whole hospital & one respiratory therapist. Normally, we manage just fine with the occasional night that feels like it will never end due to volume and acuity. But a surge in #COVID19 cases could reach crisis mode very quickly. (3/11)
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One day a man stood on the roof of his house during a flood, and prayed, ‘God, please save me.’


#TakeResponsibility #StayHomeStaySafe #PhysicalDistancing #Accelerate #BeDeliberate #HRwithEM
Soon a rowboat came by and offered to take him to safety. But he said, ‘No, God will take care of me.’


#TakeResponsibility #StayHomeStaySafe #PhysicalDistancing #Accelerate #BeDeliberate #HRwithEM
The waters kept coming up until they were almost at his waist. Suddenly a helicopter appeared overhead and a rope ladder was lowered down. ‘Oh no, God will take care of me.’


#TakeResponsibility #StayHomeStaySafe #PhysicalDistancing #Accelerate #BeDeliberate #HRwithEM
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Some personal thoughts on the path forward with #COVID19 recovery. Please follow if interested. 1/10
We’re not out of the woods yet with the first wave of the #COVID19 pandemic, so maintaining #socialdistancing continues to be critical. #stayhomestaysafe 2/10…
At the same time, we must accelerate planning at the state and national level for how best to reopen the economy so we can begin to recover. But how? And how do we ensure it’s done safely? 3/10…
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Important official contact numbers to help the citizens during the lockdown period.

#RanchiFightsCorona #StayHomeStaySafe
#thread Image
For home delivery of essentials:

Note: Whatsapp/SMS only. No calls.

#Ranchi #RanchiFightsCorona ImageImage
For home delivery of cooking gas cylinders:

#Ranchi #RanchiFightsCorona Image
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A day in the life of a #COVID-19 #healthworker in India. A #Thread.

#indiafightscorona #healthwarriors
What does it mean to be a frontline warrior amid the #Coronavirus ( #COVID-19 ) pandemic? It means being away from home for weeks, staying awake for days and nights,
dealing with emotionally vulnerable patients and a sense of timelessness – when the clock ceases to exist and the patients’ recovery is all that matters.
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Dear Lagosians, yesterday I announced the discharge of one more patient from our Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba.

Today, I am happy to inform you that five more patients comprising two males and three females including a 10 year old girl have tested negative twice to #COVID19
These 5 patients have been discharged to reunite with their families. This brings to a total of 29, the number of patients who have fully recovered and have been discharged from our facility at Yaba.
Although, there is a strong indication that the State is winning the battle against #COVID19, it is imperative that we remain steadfast to curtail the spread.

I strongly advise that we continue to observe #Social_Distancing. Let us #StayHomeStaySafe to #SaveLives
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