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1. Achatius [Acacius], a Christian, was from Cappadocia and as a youth joined the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, attaining the rank of captain. He was thrown #StAcacius #FourteenHolyHelpers Image
2. into prison, then placed on the rack, bound to a post and scourged, because he refused to offer sacrifice to the idols. Achatius suffered death for Christ on May 8, 311.


Achatius manfully and without fear confessed the Faith amid persecutions and sufferings.
3. We, too, are often placed in circumstances where the profession of our Faith and the practice of the virtues inculcated by it cause us trials. But so deplorable are the effects of sensuality, avarice, and ambition, and such is the laxity and spiritual callousness of many
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1. St Eustachius [one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers] was a martyr under the Emperor Hadrian, in the year 188. His feast is on 20 September; his emblems: a crucifix, a stag, an oven.
#StEustachius #Sep20 #FourteenHolyHelpers Image
2. Eustachius (before baptism, Placidus), a Roman general under Trajan, while still a heathen, saw a stag coming towards him, with a crucifix between its horns; he heard a voice telling him that he was to suffer much for Christ’s sake.

He received baptism, together with his
3. wife Trajana (after baptism Theopista) and his sons, Agapius and Theopistus. The place of the vision is said to have been Guadagnolo, between Tibur and Praeneste (Tivoli and Palestrina), in the vicinity of Rome.

For refusing to sacrifice to the idols after a victory,
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1. St Giles lived in the 7th century. Originally from Greece,he went to France to live in a cave as a hermit. He was sustained by prayer and the milk of a deer. One day the Gothic king Wamba pursued St Giles’ animal companion #StGiles #pets Image
2. as part of his hunting expedition. The deer fled towards St Giles’ cave, and thus the king’s arrow aimed at the deer hit St Giles instead. As compensation, King Wamba gave St Giles a piece of land in the Provence, on which St Giles founded a monastery.

Grant, we pray, almighty God,
that the revered intercession of StGiles
may bring us heavenly aid,
just as his wonderful life
is an example of humility for all.
Through our Lord Jesus..

St Giles is one of the #FourteenHolyHelpers and patron against contagious diseases.
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1. The Fourteen Holy Helpers are a group of saints invoked during the plague in the 14th century. They still have a devoted following today. Lately, during the coronavirus pandemic, #FourteenHolyHelpers #coronavirus Image
2. their intercession is particularly keenly invoked; the Fourteen Holy Helpers' prayers to the Lord can be relied upon for an abundance of spiritual and physical graces.

Here is an ancient prayer: "Almighty and merciful God, who didst adorn thy Saints
#COVID19ireland #covid19
3. George, Blaise, Erasmus, Pantaleon, Vitus, Christopher, Denis, Cyriacus, Acacius, Eustace, Giles, Margaret, Barbara and Catherine with special privileges, so that all who in their necessities implore their help, according to the grace of thy promise, #CatholicTwitter #Aug8
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1. St Pantaleon was physician to the Emperor Galerius Maximianus, and a #Christian, but fell by a temptation - for bad example, if not shunned, insensibly weakens, and at length destroys the strongest virtue.
#StPantaleon #FourteenHolyHelpers Image
2. Pantaleon being perpetually obsessed by it in an impious idolatrous court, and deceived by often hearing the false maxims of the world applauded, was unhappily seduced into an apostacy. But a zealous Christian called Hermolaus, by his prudent admonitions awakened his
3. conscience to a sense of his guilt, and brought him again into the fold of the Church.

When Diocletian’s bloody persecution broke out at Nicomedia in 303, he distributed all his possessions among the poor. Not long after this action he was taken up,
#Diocletian #persecution
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1.Her mother died soon after her birth and St Margaret was nursed by a pious woman five or six leagues from Antioch. Having embraced Christianity she was disowned by her pagan father and adopted by her nurse.
#StMargaretOfAntioch #Christian #Jul20 Image
2. She consecrated her virginity to Christ.

While she was one day engaged in watching the flocks of her mistress, a lustful Roman prefect named Olybrius caught sight of her, and attracted by her great beauty sought to make her his concubine or wife.
#Christianity #JesusChrist
3. When neither cajolery nor threats of punishment could succeed in moving her to yield to his desires, he had her brought before him in public trial at Antioch.

Threatened with death unless she renounced the Christian faith, the holy virgin refused to adore the gods of the
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1. St Vitus appears in early lists of Christian martyrs, and probably died during the persecution of Diocletian, which reached its climax in 303.

He is a patron saint of Prague, actors,

#StVitus #Christianity #FourteenHolyHelpers Image
2. and his intercession has been invoked against snake bites and sleeplessness. Chiefly, though, he has been associated with St Vitus’s Dance.

Historically this term has been used to describe nervous disorders involving rapid, jerky, involuntary movements;
#insomnia #sleep
3. it has also been applied to epilepsy. Today, St Vitus’s Dance is more austerely defined as Sydenham’s Chorea, a disease which induces grimacing and jerking in children and pregnant women, and which is often linked to rheumatic fever.

Tradition relates that Vitus
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