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Wrong! The incorrect citations in this 12th C. copy of the Commentary on the Psalms by Peter Lombard are indicated by illuminated versions of the authors themselves.

Cassiodorus says "I don't approve" pointing with a spear to a wrong passage. Trinity MS B.5.4 #medievaltwitter 1/
Not me! Points out St Augustine.

MS B.5.4 (and it's second-part sibling, @BDLSS MS. Auct. E. inf. 6) were commissioned by Herbert of Bosham, chaplain and confidant of no other but Thomas 'Richard Burton' Beckett himself in the 1160s. 2/
Here I would object!

The manuscripts are a true tour de force of mise-en-page, with a system of colourful lines and dots indicating the source of a particular expression. 3/
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The thing I love about the Lamb of God is that it *sounds* sweet in the abstract because lambs are cute.

But in its only physical appearance in the Bible, it's TERRIFYING. Seven eyes, seven horns, etc. And medieval art LOVED this. (BL, MS Add. 35166, fol. 6r) #MedievalTwitter
I love this depiction of the Lamb, because *everyone* is very alarmed by it.

(BL, MS Royal 15 D II, f. 124)
So cuddly!

(Trinity College Dublin, MS 64, f. 6v)
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Le prochain #AssassinsCreedValhalla aura lieu durant « l’âge viking ». Pour l’occasion, on a demandé à Lucie Malbos, historienne spécialiste de la période scandinave (@UnivPoitiers Poitiers) de décrypter le trailer. Un thread ⬇️ ! #histoire #medievaltwitter #AssassinsCreed
L. Malbos rappelle d’abord combien les « Vikings » (les historiens parlent plutôt des Scandinaves ou des Normands) sont à la mode depuis quelques années : séries (Vikings, The Last Kingdom), mais aussi jeux de société par exemple
La bande-annonce s’ouvre sur un parfait condensé des deux éléments-clés de l’environnement scandinave : des montagnes enneigées et des fjords glacés. La combinaison véhicule l’idée d’un environnement rigoureux forgeant un peuple « heartless »
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In the Early Middle Ages only the clergy could read and write, right? And if there were some lay people that could they were only men, right? It's impossible that there might be some document showing that women and lay people read and borrowed books, right? 🧵1/ #medievaltwitter
It's the end of the 9th century and the monks at Wissembourg abbey (today in Alsace, France) start to keep track who borrowed books from them. They do it on the last folios of a beautiful copy of Hilary of Poitiers' commentary on Matthew's Gospel, now HAB Cod. Guelf. 35 Weiss. 2/
I'm just going to pause here for a second, because we all need to appreciate the typographic perfection of this title page of Cod. Guelf. 35 Weiss. #medieval #manuscripts 3/
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#MedievalTwitter #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race This is a long thread that addresses Safety & Secret FB Groups: There are two separate things happening that Abby Ang has conflated as one thing. The secret FB group is separate from the scholarly activist org. Medievalists of Color.
2/ This is made clear in the Constitution. The secret FB group is there for different BIPOC scholars in medieval studies as a safe space to share safety information, safety resources, address potential violence or other harms targeting various group members;
3/it includes sensitive personal information in the group. In fact, the group often has multiple messages about potential fascist security issues at medieval studies conferences to warn other potential vulnerable group members.Moderators sponsor members; It is not open to anyone.
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Medieval marginalia of knights fighting snails have had a weird heyday on the internet, but did you know that the motif was mostly a brief 20-year fad from 1290 to 1310? They were a kind of medieval meme!

(BL, MS Additional 49622, f. 193v) #MedievalTwitter
Scholars have debated what they represent for 100+ years. In 1962, Lillian Randall wrote an article on 70 examples of the image & showed that they almost all came from the same 20-year period in France & England.

(Bod Lib, MS Lyell empt. 4 f. 008r; BL, MS Royal 10 E IV, f. 107)
The theme seems to have originated in northern French manuscripts, then spread to English and Flemish manuscripts. Snail combat was everywhere (in manuscript margins) at the start of the 14th-century. Then it just died out.

(Paris, Bibl. Sainte-Geneviève, MS 0143, f. 179v)
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So I promised you a big week at Historians At The Movies, and here we go. THREAD.

Join us this Wednesday, March 25 at 8:30pm Eastern on @NetflixFilm @netflix as we partner with @SciHistoryOrg to live tweet the entire series of SELF MADE over the next four weeks. #HATM 1/
Then on Saturday, March 28 at 8:30pm Eastern on @netflix guest cohosts @KevinMKruse and @julianzelizer are questioning if history really does repeat itself when we live tweet GROUNDHOG DAY. #HATM 2/
Finally, y’all want some #medievaltwitter? #HATM has you covered. @prof_gabriele will be with us on Sunday, March 29 at 8:30pm Eastern on @netflix to talk ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES.
It’s an epic week so keep our community growing by retweeting and we’ll see you soon!
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1/ I'll try to regularly post new cartoons in the coming weeks and to re-upload my old ones. Mainly because I hope that they provide at least a short distraction/amusement. They're dedicated to all the people affected by the current crisis and those working on its front-lines.
2/ The first ones will take up the current recommendations on everyday behaviour, but in the style of my previous 'early medieval' cartoons. Not because I think that the matter is not serious, but rather bc. I consider a light-hearted approach essential from time to time...
3/ ... in the hope that we can all enjoy a pint again together soon than later!
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I'm too distracted by the news to focus on work OR to relax properly, so how about a #MedievalTwitter thread of The Durham Proverbs? These are some Old English proverbs of uncertain date from a 11th-century manuscript, and they are WILD. Witches, pigs, hell, etc.
I'm not aware of a translation of these, so I will do my own here. Apologies for any errors. Enjoy some proverbs from the first millennium!

(this project might take a few days, also)
Durham Proverb 1:
Geþyld byð middes eades

[Patience is half of happiness]
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Aujourd'hui, un sujet croustillant... ! Contrairement à ce qu'on pourrait penser, la vie sexuelle des médiévaux n'était pas forcément monotone. Mais où allaient-ils puiser leurs idées...? Un thread ! ⬇️ #histoire #medievaltwitter
La sexualité n'est pas condamnée par tous les théologiens médiévaux. Jean Gerson, par exemple, insiste sur l'importance de la recherche du plaisir entre époux : c'est une façon de renforcer le mariage, et donc la société chrétienne toute entière !
Sur le plan médical, les médecins théorisent dès le XIIe s. l'importance du plaisir sexuel féminin : sans orgasme pour la femme, pas de procréation, donc pas d'enfant ! Et du coup ils donnent des conseils... Un article de nous à retrouver sur ce point :…
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This morning, I'm #_Revisiting a 2009 essay from @monicaMedHist, "Integrative Medicine: Incorporating Medicine and Health into the Canon of Medieval History," History Compass 7/4: 1218-1245

#twitterstorians #medievaltwitter #lateantiquity
It's so useful, because it does three things: first, points out a lack in the field (namely, medical history hasn't been central to "medieval history" like law or religion)--as she says, we should recognize that "pursuit of health my have *itself* been a driving force in" history
Second, it offers a diagnosis for why that's the case, noting that scholars of medieval medicine have often been doing the work of collating MSS and collecting evidence that isn't already organized in an archive---an inherency argument, so you know it went right to my heart!
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For those who ask for #antiracist tips & recommended readings, I've compiled all previous threads with info in this meta-thread for easy access. Use as a resource. Bookmark to have them all together. Will continue to add more. #commit2change #antiracism #BlackLivesMatter
1. A thread which can be used as a resource to show misappropriation of medieval symbols. #medievaltwitter
2. Info on #whiteprivilege, how to be #antiracist and how to be a better ally. Suggested short readings, articles and videos found in this thread:
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[TW: racism, blackface] Prof. Howard Williams is trying to get Dr. MRO removed from Leeds by claiming she’s threatening him. But he’s not mentioned in the “threat.” At the same time, he’s using blackface gifs as jokes (I’ve blurred it). This field... #medievaltwitter
It’s appalling to see a professional medievalist using blackface images as “jokes.” It’s alarming to see him disingenuously present out of context screenshots so as to portray WOC as violent and threatening. And it’s disturbing that WOC’s careers are being targeted in this way.
Multiple sock puppet accounts have posted screenshots of private remarks from months or years ago (one from 2014) by WOC that are being used to paint them as prejudiced and aggressive. The same accounts have tagged their places of employment to try to get them fired.
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I’ve been thinking abt allyship lately & wyte ppl who genuinely want to be/do better. It can sometimes be hard to ask questions. I recently reread Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility: Why It’s so Hard to Talk to White People About Racism” & it got me thinking. 1/38
Linked here: Very often I hear that this person/that person are “good” people. It didn’t click until a few years ago that some wyte ppl think being liberal/democrat or being generally “good” people means you are an ally. That’s not how it works. 2/
MLK critiqued the “good” racism of his liberal allies. These types police our words & tactics like you know better what works. Believe me, we have tried all the polite ways & they don’t work.
Another point is, you don’t get to tell me as a POC (or other BIPOC) how we should 3/
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Donald Trump Jr.'s crusader gun "plays into right-wing fascination with the European Middle Ages, one built on fantasy and linked [to] imagined apocalyptic war between the West and Islam.'" With @prof_gabriele via @PostEverything #medievaltwitter…
@prof_gabriele @PostEverything "Its iconography, carefully documented in Trump Jr.’s photos, signals a commitment to a vision of a world defined by a clash between Christians and Muslims, thereby emboldening some of the most dangerous tendencies in right-wing America."
@prof_gabriele @PostEverything "Apocalyptic struggles are zero-sum, the ends justifying all means, the enemy worthy of nothing but earthly fury and fire from the sky. In the words of another shirt from the retailer of Donald Trump Jr.’s gun: “If God be for me, it matters not who is against me.”"
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Here's the round-up of my series on Indonesian Commodities in Medieval Europe with links to every piece written so far. There's some extra material in there too, including a bit on cloves in Sri Lanka & white sandalwood in Japan.

This is the longest piece I've written in a while - Medium says it's a 15-minute read. It's full of links to (what I hope are) interesting pieces, though, and I'll update it whenever I add relevant posts to the blog.
There are a couple of other long-ish sections I was hoping to include in the round-up - on what life was like in eastern Indonesia at the time, and on what Europeans knew about these islands in the Middle Ages - but I ran out of space. So I might post them separately later on.
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Thread: On the 12th day of Christmas, the Middle Ages gave to meeeee

Twelve sinners sizzling!

(Praha, Knihovna Národního muzea, MS III B 10, f. 47r) #MedievalTwitter
Eleven riders riding!

(BnF, MS Français 403, f. 9r) #MedievalTwitter
Ten claws a-tearing!

(BL, MS Sloane 1975, f. 80v) #MedievalTwitter
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Dame Judi Dench as Old Deuteronomy
Robbie Fairchild as Munkustrap
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They Didn't Go Down In History: a thread of Santa's medieval reindeer. #MedievalTwitter

Bludolph was more confident but less useful than his descendant Rudolph.

(BL, MS Add 42130, f. 296r) 1/9
Dunder was just extremely grumpy.

(BL, MS Arundel 299, f. 4v) 2/9 #MedievalTwitter
Blixem was more of a snake than a reindeer, honestly.

(Beinecke Library, MS 404, f. 119v) 3/9 #MedievalTwitter
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TGIF, #twitterstorians! @paularcurtis here with more on premodern #Japan #history. Today let’s talk a bit about documents & forgery. For fun here’s an image of a will by Emperor Go Uda (1265-1324) supposedly signed with his handprints in blood. 😱 #Japan #history #medievaltwitter
Documents took on many different forms in premodern Japan, and bureaucratic ones of course often had set stylistic conventions. Certain types of documents were written certain ways, and paper specifically selected for each type too.📜
A good example of this distinction is the use of shukushi 宿紙, a kind of recycled paper. The grayish color is from the ink left in the fibers. Shukushi was used for rinji 綸旨, imperial decrees. Compare this 1331 Emperor Go Daigo decree to the left doc!…
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@jnlamstudies Forum, “#Shakespeare and #Black America” before the 2020 print publication if you have access to the
@CambridgeCore platform. Just in time for our #RaceB4Race discussions on appropriation! Buckle up--Tweetstorm a' comin' #LitPOC #MedievalTwitter
2/ These essays are short and, not just accessible, but actually enjoyable (IMHO). I’m always tweeting stuff for you to check out, but this time you don’t have to listen to just me. (Although y'all most def should listen to me) + #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC
3/ Look at this referee comment. Now you KNOW you need to read these if you are interested in #appropriation #pedagogy #theater #Activism #archives #BlackHistory! Thanks generous and insightful reviewer!! #ShakeRace #RaceB4Race #LitPOC #ShaxCultApp
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How tired are you, on a scale of medieval owls? A #MedievalTwitter thread:

1: Honestly too awake. That last cup of coffee was a mistake.

(BL, MS Additional 42130, f. 52r)
2: Not tired at all

(BL, MS Additional 16997, f. 63) #MedievalTwitter
3: You will be fine after you've had coffee.

(Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 764, f. 73r) #MedievalTwitter
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you've heard of Bear in the Big Blue House but what about Blue Bear in the Big Bayeux Tapestry Replica A photo of a blue bear in the Bayeux Tapestry.
i am blue bear
my tail is gold
i'm really cute
and really old
The Bayeux Tapestry's margins are filled with fantastic beasts.

And with our replica made with the same techniques and scale as the original, we are precisely where to find them.
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#MedievalTwitter h/t to @DanielleGAllor for reminding me of the critical medieval studies bibliography on rape culture. Let's look at the titles of these texts to make clear the utter disingenuous/libelous and/or badly researched comments of @Real_HistoryGuy et. al. 1/
@DanielleGAllor @Real_HistoryGuy #MedievalTwitter We can begin w/ Kathryn Gradval's 1991 book Ravishing Maidens: Writing Rape in Medieval French Lit. and Law. Hmmm, so are you saying Kathryn Gradval's title is also an indication that "she wants to ravish maidens". 🤔
@DanielleGAllor @Real_HistoryGuy #MedievalTwitter Then we have Suzanne Edwards 2015 book The Afterlives of Rape in Medieval English Literature. Which is on sale at the Palgrave sale for $9.99.
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