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In honour of my recent appointment to education minister by @cymrocarn I'm going to lob a LOT of info your way about a prince of Powys.
Introducing Owain ap Cadwgan, Powysian badboy
#Wales #medievaltwitter #medieval #powys #History
11th and 12th century Powys was an absolute mess. Following the death of daddy dom Gruffudd ap Llywelyn, his half brothers Bleddyn and Rhiwallon inherited Gwynedd and Powys, having colluded and helped in their brothers destruction and eventual murder.
Rhiwallon died early and it was the descendants of Bleddyn who would continue to rule in Powys for the next few centuries. After the death of Bleddyn in 1075 Powys collapsed into an incoherent mess of competing princes and branches of the royal dynasty fighting for the crown
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THREAD. I fell in love with landscape history in 1984 when I read this book: the author explained, through worked examples, how maps (on rainy days like today) & explorations on the ground can reveal the history of our familiar landscapes. For example...
2. Here’s a modern (1980’s) map of Pockley in N Yorks. which, Taylor explained, had previously been described as ‘an unplanned village of elongated form’. He took a closer look and came up with a quite different interpretation...
3. The modern map, he argues, is belied by the evidence on the ground of abandoned house sites & property boundaries. When they are added to the modern map they reveal (a) that ‘the N part of the village is a planned [medieval] settlement of typical* form’

*of which more, later
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In the Early Middle Ages only the clergy could read and write, right? And if there were some lay people that could they were only men, right? It's impossible that there might be some document showing that women and lay people read and borrowed books, right? 🧵1/ #medievaltwitter
It's the end of the 9th century and the monks at Wissembourg abbey (today in Alsace, France) start to keep track who borrowed books from them. They do it on the last folios of a beautiful copy of Hilary of Poitiers' commentary on Matthew's Gospel, now HAB Cod. Guelf. 35 Weiss. 2/
I'm just going to pause here for a second, because we all need to appreciate the typographic perfection of this title page of Cod. Guelf. 35 Weiss. #medieval #manuscripts 3/
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THREAD on two of my passions: #medieval settlement history and #computergames

Since many of us are working from home in these trying times, it seems safe to assume that more people than ever are indulging in playing the occasional computer game.
A city builder is a specific kind of computer game in which you design a city, extract resources, set up production chains and ensure the growth of your city. City builders are much akin to strategy games, rewarding patience and strategy
The city builder has its origins far back in the 1990s in the combination of the strategy genre and the management genre, leading to games such as Sim City (1989), Caesar (1992) and Age of Empires (1997). (Screenshot = Sim City)
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THREAD. The East Anglian #fen basin was one of the richest and most populous areas of #medieval England... this thread explores how local communities managed the #landscape that produced the wealth that built huge parish churches - like this one at Terrington St Clement
2. There were more people making enough in the early 14thC to be liable for tax than almost anywhere else in England, and the average community was among the wealthiest n the country. So where did their money come from?
3. Their money came from the dairy cattle that grazed the fen wetland in huge common herds. Almost every household had 4 or 5 cattle &, even if it had little or no arable land, was often wealthier than an upland farmer with 30 acres of arable. How did they achieve this?
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Good morning! It's @tlecaque, starting my takeover for the week with some #medieval southern France leading up to the First #Crusade. I want to take today to lay out some differences between southern Francia (s. of the Loire, w. of Alps, n. of Pyrenees) and northern Francia. 1/
The 1st difference is language--the south is the land of the langue d'oc (from whence we get Languedoc), as opposed to the langue d'oil, which becomes modern French. Our oldest surviving texts in it are 11th c., this is a 1st half of 12th c. Gospel translation: 2/ Text page of a passage from John’s gospel in Old Occitan, Harley MS 2928, f. 190r:
The First Crusade leader from southern France, Raymond of Saint-Gilles, uses Old Occitan in at least one charter (…) as does his older brother, William IV, count of Toulouse (…), so it's used for business and official documents. 3/ Paris, AN J 239 no. 22, oldest charter in Occitan in the ARchives Nationales
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1) What was "hurling" like in medieval Ireland (...or what game did Cú Chulainn play?). A twitter 'lecture' with images, texts and weblinks, during the Covid-19 lockdown #camogie #hurling #medieval #Ireland If you're interested, more detail and sources at: ……
2) Who am I? Prof Archaeology @ucdarchaeology son of Clare hurler, once upon a time Wicklow hurler (I like to mention that often) from @ValleymountGAA & now @KevinsHurling member of @UNESCO @officialgaa @DeptAHG team that secured #ICH for hurling/camogie…
3) Hurling & Camogie (both were inscribed by @UNESCO as global Intangible Cultural Heritage) are modern field sports, codified, organised by @officialgaa & @OfficialCamogie associations, using distinctly modern sports equipment. But, descend from games of early medieval origins.
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Spices, Easter cooking, early medieval world. How important it was to spice up your meal in the 8th century (if you could afford it) and what does it tell us about the relationship of Western Europe with spices? Plus spices as a medieval fad. A thread. #Medieval #Foodie 1/
We start here, in Corbie, Northern France. In 716 a Merovingian king Chilperic II (they had the best names) confirmed the privileges granted by Chlothar III (652–73) to the abbey. They included an exemption on tax on certain goods in the royal toll station on the Rhone in Fos 2/
Now it's a bit of a ride from Fos to Corbie so the privilege stipulates also a whole set of provisions for the transport of the said goods. Carts, escort and so on. You don't want to take any chances. 3/
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The illuminations in bestiaries were a little bit like the medieval memes - often standarised images that could mean many things to different readers and having many versions. And they had cats, my friends. A thread on the distracted cat meme 1/ #medieval #CatsOfTwitter ImageImageImageImage
The basic idea of this illumination is simple: there is a cat, holding a mouse just caught and another one, who does not pay attention! Why? Well the cat has spotted a different mouse just outside of the frame! 2/

BL Royal MS 12 C XIX, early 13th century Image
There is a lot of playfulness with this format: the breaking of the image frame by the little rodent, the look outside. And the ever so slightly disappointed face expression of the cat on the left! 3/

Getty Museum Ms. 100, mid 13th century Image
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Happy #WorldHistoryWednesday, it's time for some more #medieval Iowa and today we're going to talk about a place none of us can visit: Hartley Fort, a private preserve in NE Iowa somewhere around the confluence of French Creek and the Upper Iowa River. 1/
So the fact that it's private makes it interesting--you can't visit, from Google Maps you can't search it, and it means there have been limited archaeological digs. The Iowa State Preserve description says that: "Hartley Fort State Preserve features the remains of a prehistoric
fortified village. This 2-acre, privately owned preserve is located along the Upper Iowa River in Allamakee County. Early archaeological investigations of this area date back to the late nineteenth century. The site was studied by the Office of the State Archaeologist in 1964 and
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Please RT #AcademicTwitter:
Let's not lose the #research & #opportunity of @KzooICMS & @MedievalAcademy since #CoronaCrisis cancelled them.

We have the #technology.
We have the #skills from @QMUL_HSS & @stuffofwar.

Let's make a date in May! cushingmediaeval at gmail dot com
Please note both WMU Medieval & MAA have confirmed that they do not endorse any virtual event in lieu of their #conferencecancelled.
Yet so many people have worked so hard, having work +/- contracts +/- funding in peril, that I can't let it go right when we need it most.
S/f 😎
So please take a look at #WTOStc (symposium) + Prof Todman's blog (below) & consider joining the #medieval #History #twitterstorians
because - #QuarantineLife aside - we all face financial, family, medical, or other barriers to 20th-century ways of work.…
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🎙️Vous ne pouvez pas aller à l'expo Regards sur la vie quotidienne au Moyen-Âge au @museecluny? Nous vous offrons un regard sur cette exposition. Retrouvez Isabelle Bardiès-Fronty ici:… et une description des oeuvres ci-dessous [THREAD] #podcast #medieval
L’Antiquité tardive et le Moyen Âge ont laissé de nombreux objets témoignant du souci des hommes et des femmes de l’époque d’embellir leur corps et d’en prendre soin. Ici, un peigne en ivoire (XVs.) Crédit: RMN-GrandPalais-©JGBerizzi
Autre objet étonnant révélant la volonté de prendre soin de son corps: ce cure oreille représentant un personnage masculin, l'ancêtre de notre coton tige! Crédit: RMN-Grand Palais-©JGBerizzi
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THREAD. Here’s the story of the reconstruction of the layout of a small #medieval town in 1249-5 - including who was living where: #CanYouBelieveIt? It’s March, in fenland like many of my examples, but the methods are straightforward & can be applied anywhere.
2. Altho the one I’m interested in (around the crossing of the R Nene) is called March today, it was called Mercheford in 1249-50 when it was 1st recorded. The 13thC place called March lay about a mile to the S around the church near the bottom of the OS map.
3. Here’s the 1900 OS map of Mercheford. It’s believed to have been a planned settlement, laid out between 1222 (when it wasn’t mentioned in a list of the Bp of a Ely’s estates) & 1249-50 (when it was). Was it planned? How can we tell? The rule is..
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Today I have the honour to present you this work of art from Ralf Langer. "Magnum Opus Fachwerkus - come with me"…
#historysbricks #legohistory #medieval
Ralf also known as ranghaal on Instagram presents us a medieval representation of a section of a city. The issue at stake is death, more precisely the pest. Everyone understands that right away. The model is designed in a way that basically there can be no other interpretation.
The model is very special because of the unique building techniques. An attempt to represent a scene so realistically is not often found. Personally I am so incredibly fascinated by the floor. Yes, it is made of real LEGO bricks. Unbelievable, isn't it?
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It's all about transgression! So bring your best examples of #medieval sex, sin, #spying, schemes, & personal/political/#Military #sabotage to @IMC_Leeds using Twitter! Info below.

Pls RT/share #CFP link widely! @SydneyHistoryPG @suss_sg @SNU_AsiaCenter @upsystem @Eng_Univ_Tokyo
Twelve-Tweet #teaching removes barriers to participation. Now accepting your 100-word abstracts / 2020 #CFP.s for #History (#Military/#espionage/#medieval)
Send to: cushingmediaeval at gmail dot com
Example #conference: @stuffofwar #WTOStc
Example format:…
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Had a great time today working with students to understand the materiality & textuality of #medieval Japanese documents! 📜Often we only see flat, scanned images, so I made replicas of some different doc types for them to physically hold, unfold, even flip over! #medievaltwitter
It was a fun exercise- first in pairs with a single document, then coming back together to compare & contrast what they saw. I can't recreate all the different types of paper, but I tried to more deeply weather those that would have been thinner, lower quality, more fabric-like.
Where is there text? How much of it? Is it large? Dark ink? When they opened it did they have to unfold it? Once? Twice? Vertically? What directions did the text go in? Are some bigger than others? What might that mean? 🤔
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Please RT #CFP: #BreakingBad in #medieval style! Submit your 12 Tweet papers on any #history of breaking the #border of #trust, from local #baddies to #spy pros... all while avoiding jetlag! Due 29 Sept to me
cc @KzooICMS @MedievalAcademy @IntlSpyMuseum
So let's skip the trip to England along with our colleagues in #Australia cc @WarintheFuture @covetweet (pls RT!)

Et on invite nos colleagues de l'Amerique du nord @ForcesCanada @HMedievale (veuillez RT svp!)

Y nuestros colegas de América del Sur @Armada_Arg @RinhaUniv (RT pf!)
نرحب بزملائنا الذين يدرسون عالم العصور الوسطى من الجواسيس للتدريس عبر الإنترنت
أيضًا - الإنجليزية أو الفرنسيه

우리는 온라인, 영어 또는 프랑스어를 가르치기 위해 중세 스파이 학자들을 환영합니다 #Korea #대학생활

#Africa & #medieval #Diaspora welcome too!
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Two letters have been found in which the Sengoku warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi recognizes the wife of warrior Munakata Ujisada as lord. The letters, addressed to the lord "Munakata Saikaku," include one with Hideyoshi's monogram and a red seal letter. 📜 #medievaltwitter #medieval
Ujisada died just before Hideyoshi's Kyushu campaigns. One letter praises obstruction of the opposing Shimazu family's progress north within Kyushu & confirm lands, so are likely from 1586. The other orders for consultation with Asano Nagamasa when the Munakata dispatch troops.
Ujisada appears as lord in other records, and other evidence also shows the bestowal of land to his wife-- since the letters are in agreement with these other records, it's likely that the wife herself was "Saikaku" and that she ruled after his death.
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#kzoo2019 well @WestPoint_USMA were so anxious to talk, they just started on their own at 1328 sharp! Prof Rogers explains his cadets' "mission control center" or laboratory for #Military #History, working 8+ hrs/day on #medieval chronicles' paleography to #data mine 100yrs' war
Specifically looking for artillery information in skirmishes and sieges, to find what on the "laundry list" of sieges leads to #failure vs #success according to the #Database the cadets @WestPoint_USMA built collaboratively for the late #medieval & early #Renaissance. #kzoo2019
A small sample of the +90,000 #data entries - first up is Cadet Liam Kane with his findings on waging war by sieges vs by battles... taking #medieval #Military #History from generalizations to specifically-defined quantities... 47 battles to 134 sieges! #kzoo2019
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Please RT! 12-tweet #teaching topic "When #Military #History was changed by the #environment" - all eras welcome!
Part of @esehtweets parallel sessions 21-25 Aug, #CFP due 30 Apr.
cc @stuffofwar @SMH_Historians @WarintheFuture @Army_Leadership @madpadre1…
Remember after ESEH #military #history vs #environment, @MedievalAcademy 2020 is up next!
Can't make it to California?
Not a problem, we can do #medieval #espionage on Twitter too. Here's those details, reply to me by 15 May so I can meet their deadline:…
Due to the disaster the deadline is extended to 30 May...and please remember to mark Medieval Academy, Kalamazoo medieval, SMH military history, and Leeds medieval 2020 on your calendars & send your submissions asap! Possible pop culture spy and KGB history events as well.
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Sometimes, when working with manuscripts we get really, really close to people from the past. This is a story of a letter from a schoolgirl to her teacher, written probably sometime in the last three decades of the 9th century. A thread #medieval #manuscripts /1
The manuscript in question, Düsseldorf B.3 is a collection of texts, written probably around 820 in Corbie in Northern France. It contains a number of works, ranging from Alcuin through Bede to hymns. It was perfect for school use. /2
(The table of contents pictured above is much later, 10th and 12th C. As a small digression: yes, medieval people used tables of contents) /3
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Please RT my #CFP! The "When #military #History was determined by the #environment" parallel sessions for @esehtweets using @stuffofwar 12-tweet format. All eras & disciplines welcomed! Email dana dot cushing @ alumni dot utoronto dot ca by April 30th.…
Example of format (on the topic of fauna and the Baltic crusades)

Also seeking traditional and socialmedia presentations for "breaking borders by betrayal" sessions in #medieval #History of #espionage, #military operations, #intelligence & #code studies for @MedievalAcademy @SMH_Historians and @IMC_Leeds 2020 😎 due May 15th
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