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FFC discloses the “Plan B” efforts of the Bashir-NCP Deep State, meant to derail the #Sudan Revolution.

*Statement from The Field Action Committee of the FFC on the attempts of the former regime & their shadow battalions to drag the country into a cycle of violence.”*
“The efforts of the former regime & its shadow battalions to infiltrate the groups of revolutionaries; & to plant some members of the former regime into their midst. The Committee also learned from its sources that the regime had distributed firearms to some of these groups.”
“This dirty scheme comes from the former regime to incite violence on a large scale by pushing these groups to fire live ammunition at the citizens & the regular forces. An attempt to drag the country into a cycle of violence in order to block the great revolution of our...
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@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites It is NOT about ”glorification of The Army”, as you may like to put it - we are South Sudanese, so why would we EVER “glorify” the “Northern Sudanese Army” that killed over 2 million Southerners for decades? It is about “reality” & about “emotionless pragmatism”.
Any Army &...
@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites ...Police uniforms that were “witnessed” participating on the 3rd June, were there “just for that reason”; i.e. to be “seen & witnessed participating” as part of the subsequent cover-up propaganda drive to protect the RSF, (some) NISS & the TMC.
Bottom line - as...
@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites ...Northern Sudanese”, you must NOW CHOOSE “Who you trust & need in your Security Sector; & who you do not?”
You have at least “8 discrete ARMED ENTITIES” in North Sudan; & NOT EVERYONE in your Army & in your Police Force are “Enemies of The People”. Because if they were...
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So what exactly are the details of the agreement that’s been made between the Opposition “Forces of Freedom & Change” (FFC) and the “Transitional Military Council” (TMC) in #Sudan?…
How did it happen? What guarantees are there that the TMC (& the FFC) will honour the agreement?

Dr. Amjad Farid of the SPA & the FFC, answers:

• The agreement states that 5 civilians (members of the FFC) & 5 military persons (not conditionally members of TMC, but could be...
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Burhan probably went to Uganda at this critical time for the TMC, including skipping the final negotiations with the FFC towards a Civilian-led agreement, to try & “learn just how Museveni has managed to stay in power in Uganda for over 3 decades; without having to hand over...
...power to civilians?”
Something that Museveni has managed to do for some of his rule since 1985, with International Community “military support” from even the USA?”

Short Answer - Museveni did it largely by creating “a distracting artificial threat of insecurity” in certain.. of Uganda. He then perpetuated & ratcheted-up that threat “whenever it was needed”; by using the “name” (& the mystique) of an alleged “warlord” called Joseph Kony. Someone who then became labelled as “a terrorist” in more modern-day parlance.
Kony being (allegedly) a...
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The FFC & the TMC Reach Agreement on the Composition of the Civilian-led Transitional Government in #Sudan; following AU & Ethiopian mediation.

“The inevitable is ALWAYS inevitable.”


A Sovereign Council (to replace “The Presidency” during the Transitional Period) to be made up of 5 civilians & 5 military personnel. One extra civilian is to be decided upon by both the FFC & the TMC. This 6th civilian could be, but not necessarily, a retired...
...military officer.

The military will have the Chair of the Sovereign Council (SC) first for 18 months; then the civilians for the final 18 months of a three-year long Transitional Period.

An Executive will be established to run the country day-to-day, & it will be made-up...
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Thirty years ago today, on the 30th June, former Sudanese Dictator & President, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, was sworn into office in 1989; after a Military coup that elevated him into power.

On April 6th 2019, a popular “peaceful” civilians’ uprising & protest march...
...towards the Sudanese Army’s Military Headquarters in Khartoum, following increasing displeasure with Bashir’s failed rule for 3 decades, became quickly transformed into a mass sit-in site for the now popularly-known #SudanUprising.
Five days later on April 11th, Omer Hassan... was ousted from power by the now notorious, “Transitional Military Council” (TMC).

Amid increasingly more frustration within the TMC, who quickly began to violently show The People of Sudan that they DID NOT WANT TO HAND OVER POWER TO CIVILIANS as was demanded &...
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If al-Burhan, Hamadan Daglo, Kabbashi, or any other individual within the TMC, REALLY does so desperately NOW want to enter into “Mainstream Politics” & “Nation-State Leadership” in North #Sudan, something that they have clearly wanted to do since ousting Bashir on April 11th,...
...judging by their actions afterwards (although they STILL continue to pretend that they do NOT want to do that), then why-oh-why do they NOT JUST NOW RETIRE from the Military?! They can then “formally enter into Politics”, so that this charade can stop?

It’ll bring an end to all of these kinds of ridiculous, Bashir-esque-style, 20th Century sideshows, which they are now “farcically” engaging-in more & more regularly.
Let them NOW show all 40 million Sudanese, & the larger watching World too, that they REALLY DO HAVE “lots of...
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Dear @TMCSudan Members, Other Sudanese, & All of the Foreign External Actors who are STILL ROOTING FOR Omer al-Bashir & his “ruling-Arab-elites” NCP deep state,

“Fool me once (Bashir & your NCP deep state with Salah Gosh & his NISS), shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
“I do NOT need you anymore Omer & your NCP deep state. I can now make new allies out of all of those other ARMED rebel groups throughout the whole of Sudan. I can make allies of all of those who have detested your rule for decades. I can make allies of all of those who have...
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Dear @TMCSudan Members, Other Sudanese, & All of the Foreign External Actors who are STILL ROOTING FOR Omer al-Bashir & his “ruling-Arab-elites” NCP deep state,

“Fool me once (Bashir & your NCP deep state with Salah Gosh & his NISS), shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
“You will NOT double-cross & betray me ONCE AGAIN like you did before in 2008, Omer al-Bashir & Salah Gosh. You will NOT double-cross & betray me again after all of the “very dirty work” that I’ve done for you & your NCP over many years since 2006.”
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Since Bashir’s ousting in April, this is one of the most “practically” sensible & insightful analysis from anyone, on the current crisis in #Sudan.
All individuals & organisations (both those engaged from inside #Sudan, & those engaged from outside) would do well, & be wise,... heed its content; & the warning from @_hudsonc. The consequences of NOT doing so, have already been seen via a “smaller”, but bloody, “taster” back on the 3rd June. The upcoming “main event” on the 30th June, will be even more bloody; if it is not addressed NOW in advance.
Very desperate people always do very desperate, & usually very stupid, things - & the TMC & RSF are NOW “very desperate” people.

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If the FFC, with the @AssociationSd & @SCP_Sudan, show any semblance of weakness, & NOW provide some wiggle room to the TMC within any proposed “co-share” agreement, then the TMC will grab it with both hands, & then later on, widen that gap to make it more substantial... their favour. It will have put the months of sacrifices made by millions of peacefully-resisting Sudanese - who have now been killed, raped & abused by the Bashir-NCP deep state - at risk. It will be very difficult to see how the FFC will then be able to maintain their...
...legitimacy, when they say that they have the much-needed “human-resource capacity” now at hand at this critical time. That doubt from “The People” in its self, is what the TMC will then pounce upon too; & then turn it into a self-tied noose around the FFC’s own neck. That’s...
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South Sudan has reiterated its interest to mediate the political stalemate between the Sudanese TMC & the group representing the protesters.

On Thurs, President Salva Kiir sent a delegation to Khartoum headed by his Security Advisor, Tut Kew...…
The team met with the military leaders and officials representing the Freedom & Change group.

Speaking to the press in Khartoum after the meeting, Tut Kew (Gatluak) said Kiir’s interest is to help restore stability in the Sudan.

“He [Kiir] said we are part of Sudan & that it is important for us to intervene & help find solutions to the current problems in Sudan, just like Sudan also helped resolve problems in South Sudan,” Tut Kew (Gatluak) said.

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Very predictable....

It is strange how so many people are now beginning to ignore the shameful complicity of the Europeans & the United Nations in all of this murderous & bloody Hemedti - Janjaweed - Rapid Support Forces Mercenary - Militia mess?!
Overlooking it whilst we all point our fingers fully upon Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates & Egypt. Yes, the Arabs are certainly responsible for much that is now happening; but before them, it was the Europeans who planted & watered the seed with their other Western...
...allies in the form of the United Nations.

So, is there not NOW A NEED FOR THAT FULL & PRACTICAL ACCOUNTABILITY FROM THE EUROPEANS & THE UNITED NATIONS in stopping Daglo & his Mercenary Militia? Should they not be doing everything that is possible in their military power...
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#AU has demonstrated strong regional leadership. We strongly support what the communique of yesterday’s @AU_PSD on #Darfur called ‘imperative for the Republic of Sudan to ensure full protection of civilians & respect for human rights & freedoms’

-USG @UNHumanRights,Mr @GilmourUN

Adopted by the Peace and Security Council at its 856th meeting held on 13 June 2019, on the activities of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) and the situation in Darfur,.....
4. Rejects the TMC Decree Number 102 issued on 13 May 2019, which calls for the UNAMID to hand over assets to the RSF....Calls on the TMC to immediately, without conditions, rescind this decision & allow UNAMID to handover identified assets to civilian entities;.....
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The FFC & the @AssociationSd, you MUST GET @Yassir_Arman & the SPLM-North team IMMEDIATELY BACK INTO the NEGOTIATING TEAM vs the TMC as a matter of utmost urgency; & before the Ethiopian PM returns to Khartoum for his follow-up. You are being manipulated & being coerced by the...
...TMC & their domestic, regional &... international allies/backers.

The SPLM-North & the other armed-Opposition Groups have the years of experience in being able to deal with the TMC & the Bashir-NCP deep state in such “dirty political negotiations”; & they know their full...
...modus operandi inside & out - they know how to obviate it. They also have the only “real leverage” that’s now left towards a Civilan-led transition being attained quickly as is demanded by The People of #Sudan. This is the only real leverage now left, once the SPA’s Civil...
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“Donald Booth, a seasoned former ambassador with extensive experience in Africa, is expected to rejoin the State Department, current & former officials said, to serve as senior advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump’s top diplomat on Africa, Tibor Nagy.”…
Is former US Ambassador & Special Envoy to the Sudans, Donald Booth, really the right person for this deeply critical role at this incredibly important time? Is he really the knight in shining armour from the US that all Sudanese & Africans were hoping for? Surely there are...
...other better alternatives with the genuine knowledge & productive experience of the Sudans who would NOW suit this role...If one looks back critically, & objectively, at his previous tenure just before his retirement from the US State Dept, much of the current mess that NOW...
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*What is NOW happening in North #Sudan, is a real & genuine “destabilising” existential threat to other countries in the region too.*

The exposé of just how far (practically-speaking) that the Bashir-NCP deep state has extended after 3 decades, is now beginning to be seen, as...
...the Bashir-NCP affiliates, including Omer al-Bashir himself, are “turning up” in rather “surprising” locations in certain neighbouring countries. All because everyone was seemingly outmanoevered by a mere “cattle-herder’s son” (Hemedti) & his almost 2 decade’s long domestic...
...& foreign-funded, & materially & diplomatically supported, Western Sudanese & Chadian-Sahel mercenary militia outfit. His very own personal ethnocentric army largely loyal to him, which was also partly funded by the @EU_Commission, & NOW occupies @UNPeacekeeping bases in...
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“Arman, the deputy leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North under the leadership of Malik Agar (SPLM-N Agar), was released and deported to South Sudan’s capital, Juba.”…
“The opposition leader was sent to Juba along with the opposition movement’s secretary general Ismail Khamis Jalab and its spokesperson Mubarak Ardol.”

With this release & deportation of the SPLM-North’s representatives, Hemedti is on a drive to recruit the rebels that were...
...against Bashir & his regime. This is to consolidate his position & base. The decades & decades of the traditional, sociopolitical Sudanese “Establishment” Elites' rule, is being “tangibly” purged.
By inviting in the Janjaweed into Khartoum "willingly & freely" to help him...
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@jnbptst Absolutely! And why the AU is giving them another week, makes no sense at all at this critical point in time?! Especially when they have already begun to just compound & consolidate their brutal intransigence within less than an hour after the Ethiopian PM left Khartoum from...
@jnbptst ...meeting with them. What exactly did @PMEthiopia achieve? Did he go to only then fly back with his very own Ethiopians who were being held in Sudanese jails? Was it a mere “political exercise” for his very own domestic population’s consumption back in Addis & Ethiopia at...
@jnbptst @PMEthiopia ...large? Hemedti has everything to lose & everything to gain; & he will not stop now without direct action being applied upon him. He must NOW be the Primary target of all those who are aspiring to “save Sudan from the brink of total breakdown”. The TMC’s members are only...
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