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The martyrs are never dead, they are forever in our hearts. Here is a thread of the events that occurred a year ago that led to the massacre of hundreds of peaceful protesters. *Viewer discretion advised *#SudanUprising #BlueForSudan #SudanMassacre
These peaceful protests began December of 2018 in the city of Atbara when the price of bread doubled in price. Most of the public can barely afford to feed their families due to the dictatorship that Omar Al Bashir was running for 30 years.
After month’s of torture and civil unrest the dictatorship was toppled after a coup occurred. The Vice President and his colleagues took over power and stepped down in less than 24 hrs after the protestors called for a complete change of the government.
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@liberty_sudan @_hudsonc The whole of #Sudan (both the South & the North) lost “leadership”, “direction” & “vision” with the killing of Dr. John Garang De Mabior on the 30th July 2005.

John Garang was a unionist. He sought devolved self-governance away from the ruling-Arab elites in Khartoum for the...
@liberty_sudan @_hudsonc ...South & all of the other disenfranchised & socioeconomically oppressed regions of the #Sudan. He was not naive nor was he deluded enough to ever think that the current #SouthSudan independence was ever going to be pragmatically realistic in just 6 years of a CPA interim...
@liberty_sudan @_hudsonc ...period, without there first being “fundamental socioeconomic structures” in place to be able to run the South’s - or any of the other regions for that matter - own affairs. Just look at the state of #SouthSudan now for all of the evidence of that that you need; and now look...
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SPLM-IO welcomes 10 states but expresses reservations

*Justice For All South Sudanese*

*“Form the Hybrid Court for South Sudan Now”*

“Who Exactly is #TutKewGatluak ?”





It is understandable why Machar’s SPLM/A-IO will be uncomfortable with the unilateral creation of the Ruweng Administrative Area; if it remains in place.
The former Southern Liech State - which was one of the now defunct, 32 illegally created States by Kiir’s regime -...
...included the ancestral home of Riek Machar. The largely Nuer-populated former Southern Liech State, bordered the former largely Dinka-populated Ruweng State - now the Ruweng Administrative Area.

Now with the restoration of Unity State as one of the 10 states, minus Ruweng...
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*The Omar al-Bashir regime’s history with assassination attempts on leaders - Part 8*

Who are the other key Bashir & NCP regime’s allies that still remain influential around Salva Kiir & within the government of South Sudan, following Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s removal from power?
*Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol*

Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol is a Dinka tribesman from Malual of Aweil, in the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region of #SouthSudan.
He comes from a prominent family among the Malual Dinka clan of Aweil.
During the civil war of #Sudan from 1983 to 2005, Mathok was in Sudan studying. He was a student activist of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement.

Because of his uncle, Mathok rose to a position of importance after the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement; and after the...
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* تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء الثامن *

* من هم حلفاء نظام البشير وحزب المؤتمر الوطني الآخرون الذين ما زالوا مؤثرين حول سلفا كير وداخل حكومة جنوب السودان ، بعد إقالة عمر حسن البشير من السلطة؟ *
* ديو ماتوك ديينج وول *

ديو ماتوك ديينج وول هو من رجال قبيلة الدنكا من عشيرة الدينكا المالوية لعويل ، في منطقة بحر الغزال الكبرى في جنوب السودان.
إنه ينتمي إلى عائلة بارزة من عشيرة المالوال دينكا في أويل.
خلال الحرب الأهلية في السودان من 1983 إلى 2005 ، كان ديو ماتوك في السودان يدرس. كان ناشطا طلابا في الحركة الشعبية لتحرير السودان.

بسبب عمه ، ارتقى ديو ماتوك إلى موقع مهم بعد اتفاقية السلام الشامل لعام 2005 ؛
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@ctrlamb @JustinWelby @Pontifex @santegidionews

*Public Statement*

The South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) - a member of the SSOMA - is informing its entire membership, supporters, partners and the international community that yesterday at around 5:30 PM our forces were...
...attaked by heavily armed forces belonging to the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

The attack occurred in the areas around Chiombarow and Riaydeng villages. These are areas between Nhialdiu and Bentiu. The attack resulted into some injuries on both sides and the...
...field commanders are trying to monitor the situation in avoidance of further confrontations.

This attack occurred even after the Commander-In-Chief restrained the forces from any active combat.

However, we are informing our supporters, partners and the international...
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Remembering CPA Day: John Garang speech - Eye Radio

”With this peace agreement, the SPLM and the National Congress Party government have brought half a century of war to a dignified end – congratulations.”…
”With this peace agreement, there will be no more bombs falling from the sky on innocent children and women. Instead of the cries of children and the wailing of women and the pain of the last 21 years of war, peace will bless us once more with hearing the happy giggling of...
...children and the enchanting ululation of women who are excited in happiness for one reason or another.”

”At the political level, this agreement affirms the right of self-determination for the people of southern Sudan and the right of popular consultation for the people of...
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* تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء السابع *

* من هم حلفاء نظام البشير وحزب المؤتمر الوطني الآخرون الذين ما زالوا مؤثرين حول سلفا كير وداخل حكومة جنوب السودان ، بعد إقالة عمر حسن البشير من السلطة؟ *
* تور دينج ماوين *

تور دينج ماوين هو ابن عم سلفا كير من جانب والدته ، وهو من رجال قبيلة الدينكا من ولاية واراب السابقة بمنطقة بحر الغزال الكبرى في جنوب السودان.
خلال 21 عامًا من الحرب الأهلية في السودان من 1983 إلى 2005 ، كان ماوين عضوًا مهمًا في حزب المؤتمر الوطني لعمر حسن البشير.

تم تعيين ماوين مفتشًا للحكومة المحلية في غوغريال من قبل البشير. قوقريال هي مقاطعة سالفا كير المنزلية.
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*The Omar al-Bashir regime’s history with assassination attempts on leaders - Part 7*

Who are the other key Bashir & NCP regime’s allies that still remain influential around Salva Kiir & within the government of South Sudan, following Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s removal from power?
*Tor Deng Mawien*

Tor Deng Mawien is a maternal cousin of Salva Kiir; and a Dinka tribesman from the former Warrap State of the Greater Bahr El Ghazal region of #SouthSudan.

During the 21 years of civil war in the #Sudan from 1983 to 2005, Mawien was an important member of...
...the National Congress Party (NCP) of Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Mawien was made a local government inspector in Gogrial by Bashir; Gogrial being the home County of Salva Kiir.

When he was a Commissioner of Gogrial County: Mawien had a Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA)...
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*The Omar al-Bashir regime’s history with assassination attempts on leaders - Part 6*

As Omar Hassan al-Bashir and other senior National Congress Party members of the former ruling regime, such as Salah Abdallah Mohamed Saleh (also known as “Salah Gosh”) are being arrested...
...and charged with crimes against the #Sudan-ese people; why does Salva Kiir still continue to keep several diehard Bashir and NCP regime allies, so prominently close and within his current transitional government of #SouthSudan?
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* تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء السادس *

* نظرًا لأن عمر حسن البشير وغيره من كبار أعضاء حزب المؤتمر الوطني في النظام الحاكم السابق ، مثل صلاح عبد الله محمد صالح (المعروف أيضًا باسم "صلاح غوش") يتم اعتقالهم ووجهت إليهم تهم بارتكاب جرائم ضد الشعب السوداني ؛
لماذا لا يزال سلفاكير يواصل الإبقاء على العديد من حلفاء نظام البشير وحزب المؤتمر الوطني ، متقاربين بشكل بارز وداخل حكومته الانتقالية الحالية في جنوب السودان؟ *
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* تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء الخامس *

* ما هي العلاقة والصلة التاريخية بين سلفا كير وبونا مالوال ومارتن ايليا لومورو وعمر البشير؟ *
* بونا مالوال مادوت ريينج *
* سوداني مخضرم وسياسي جنوب سوداني *

تمامًا مثل سلفا كير ميارديت ، بونا مالوال مادوت ريينج عضو في قبيلة الدينكا من تويك من قوقريال ؛ ينحدر من منطقة بحر الغزال الكبير في دولة جنوب السودان.
لقد كانت مالوال هي القوة الاجتماعية السياسية وراء رئيس جنوب السودان سلفا كير حتى اليوم. حاليًا ، هو رسميًا مقرر الحوار الوطني لجنوب السودان. مؤسسة أنشأها الرئيس كير في عام 2017 ،
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*The Omar al-Bashir regime’s history with assassination attempts on leaders - Part 5*

*What is the relationship and the historical link between Salva Kiir, Bona Malwal, Martin Elia Lomuro, and Omar al-Bashir?*
*Bona Malwal Madut Riing*
*Veteran Sudanese and South Sudanese Politician*

Just like Salva Kiir Mayardit, Bona Malwal Madut Riing is a member of the Dinka tribe from Twic of Gogrial; hailing from the region of Greater Bahr el Ghazal in the country of #SouthSudan.

Malwal has...
...been the sociopolitical power behind Salva Kiir, the President of South Sudan, up to today. Presently, he is officially the rapporteur of the South Sudan National Dialogue; an institution that President Kiir set up in 2017, in which it called upon some retired South...
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*The Omar al-Bashir regime’s history with assassination attempts on leaders - Part 4*

*What is the relationship and the historical link with Salva Kiir Mayardit, which now makes Tut Kew Gatluak indispensable to him?*
After unequivocally pledging its full support for the then embattled regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir and his National Congress Party (NCP) in March 2019 - just before Bashir’s overthrow in April - the regime of Salva Kiir in Juba, #SouthSudan, then immediately expressed its...
...strong “interest” to “mediate” the subsequent political stalemate between the former North #Sudan-ese regime’s remaining military elements (which were represented by the Transitional Military Council - TMC) and the civilians (who were represented by the Forces for Freedom...
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*تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء الرابع*

*ما هي العلاقة والروابط التاريخية مع سلفا كير ميارديت ، والتي تجعل توت كيو غاتلاك الآن لا غنى عنه له؟*
بعد أن تعهد بدعمه الكامل لنظام عمر حسن البشير الذي كان محاصرًا آنذاك وحزبه المؤتمر الوطني في مارس - قبل الإطاحة مباشرة ببشير في أبريل 2019 - نظام سلفا كير في جوبا ، جنوب السودان ، ثم عبر على الفور عن قوي " مصلحة "في" التوسط "في المأزق السياسي اللاحق بين العناصر العسكرية...
... المتبقية في النظام السابق في شمال السودان (والتي مثلها المجلس العسكري الانتقالي - TMC) والمدنيون (الذين مثلتهم قوى الحرية والتغيير - FFC). تم تجاهل طلب الوساطة هذا ؛ وتولى الاتحاد الأفريقي ورئيس الوزراء الإثيوبي المسؤولية الرئيسية عن تحقيق استمرار ثورة الشعب في الخرطوم.
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*تاريخ نظام عمر البشير بمحاولات اغتيال القادة - الجزء الثالث*

... "الناس قلقون للغاية وأولئك الذين سمعوا عنها سيشتبهون في أنها ليست حادثًا لأن جون قرنق توفي في حادث تحطم ولا يزالون لا يصدقون نتائج التحقيق ،" ...
*أخبار عاجلة - مقتل وزير جيش التحرير الشعبي السوداني في حادث تحطم طائرة في جنوب السودان*

May 2, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — أفاد التلفزيون السوداني اليوم أن وزير شئون الجيش الشعبي لتحرير السودان دومينيك ديم دينغ و 19 مسؤولًا عسكريًا آخرين قتلوا نتيجة تحطم طائرة بين واو وجوبا.
كان جوستين ياك ، مستشار الأمن الرئاسي لحكومة جنوب السودان ، من بين المسؤولين الذين قتلوا في تحطم الطائرة.

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“Why did Salva Kiir Mayardit receive almost $4 million US Dollars in cash from Omar Hassan al-Bashir just before the death of Dr. John Garang de Mabior?”





@SudanPMHamdok @AssociationSd @AUC_MoussaFaki @AU_PSD
“It is not only time to talk, it is time for the truth. Time for the truth to be disclosed in order for justice and accountability to finally be served for the people of both the Sudans. It is the very least that they now deserve; before they can genuinely ever...
...begin to rebuild their devastated lives - and take back their full and rightful ownership and control of their countries, with any trusted hope and belief for the future - from the still deeply- entrenched, and...
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FFC discloses the “Plan B” efforts of the Bashir-NCP Deep State, meant to derail the #Sudan Revolution.

*Statement from The Field Action Committee of the FFC on the attempts of the former regime & their shadow battalions to drag the country into a cycle of violence.”*
“The efforts of the former regime & its shadow battalions to infiltrate the groups of revolutionaries; & to plant some members of the former regime into their midst. The Committee also learned from its sources that the regime had distributed firearms to some of these groups.”
“This dirty scheme comes from the former regime to incite violence on a large scale by pushing these groups to fire live ammunition at the citizens & the regular forces. An attempt to drag the country into a cycle of violence in order to block the great revolution of our...
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With just this quote on the “negotiation process”, Malik Agar may have lost some “informed & trusted credibility” that they have accumulated for his SPLM-N faction over the past few days & weeks of their talks with the SPA & the other “non-armed members” of the FFC....
...Of course, he was PERSONALLY always going to be “asked by someone in Juba” to “return that favour” given to him wrt the TMC’s detention of his 3 SPLM-N “comrades” in Khartoum...comrades who were then deported back to Juba at “the request” of Pres. Salva Kiir; & who have now...
...been “based” in Juba ever since - hence the word “leverage”.

Incidentally, & regarding the “association & relationship” between the regimes in Khartoum & in Juba - Just WHO EXACTLY is that ever-present, & ubiquitous, “facilitator” called Tut Kew Gatluak?
What was/is his...
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@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites It is NOT about ”glorification of The Army”, as you may like to put it - we are South Sudanese, so why would we EVER “glorify” the “Northern Sudanese Army” that killed over 2 million Southerners for decades? It is about “reality” & about “emotionless pragmatism”.
Any Army &...
@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites ...Police uniforms that were “witnessed” participating on the 3rd June, were there “just for that reason”; i.e. to be “seen & witnessed participating” as part of the subsequent cover-up propaganda drive to protect the RSF, (some) NISS & the TMC.
Bottom line - as...
@fizzy_limes @AlbertoMiguelF5 @moehash1 @ReemWrites ...Northern Sudanese”, you must NOW CHOOSE “Who you trust & need in your Security Sector; & who you do not?”
You have at least “8 discrete ARMED ENTITIES” in North Sudan; & NOT EVERYONE in your Army & in your Police Force are “Enemies of The People”. Because if they were...
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So what exactly are the details of the agreement that’s been made between the Opposition “Forces of Freedom & Change” (FFC) and the “Transitional Military Council” (TMC) in #Sudan?…
How did it happen? What guarantees are there that the TMC (& the FFC) will honour the agreement?

Dr. Amjad Farid of the SPA & the FFC, answers:

• The agreement states that 5 civilians (members of the FFC) & 5 military persons (not conditionally members of TMC, but could be...
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Burhan probably went to Uganda at this critical time for the TMC, including skipping the final negotiations with the FFC towards a Civilian-led agreement, to try & “learn just how Museveni has managed to stay in power in Uganda for over 3 decades; without having to hand over...
...power to civilians?”
Something that Museveni has managed to do for some of his rule since 1985, with International Community “military support” from even the USA?”

Short Answer - Museveni did it largely by creating “a distracting artificial threat of insecurity” in certain.. of Uganda. He then perpetuated & ratcheted-up that threat “whenever it was needed”; by using the “name” (& the mystique) of an alleged “warlord” called Joseph Kony. Someone who then became labelled as “a terrorist” in more modern-day parlance.
Kony being (allegedly) a...
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The FFC & the TMC Reach Agreement on the Composition of the Civilian-led Transitional Government in #Sudan; following AU & Ethiopian mediation.

“The inevitable is ALWAYS inevitable.”


A Sovereign Council (to replace “The Presidency” during the Transitional Period) to be made up of 5 civilians & 5 military personnel. One extra civilian is to be decided upon by both the FFC & the TMC. This 6th civilian could be, but not necessarily, a retired...
...military officer.

The military will have the Chair of the Sovereign Council (SC) first for 18 months; then the civilians for the final 18 months of a three-year long Transitional Period.

An Executive will be established to run the country day-to-day, & it will be made-up...
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Sudan's amazing pro-democracy movement persists despite immense violence (hundreds of deaths & rapes) from genocidal military govt, and internet blackout. They had huge protests yesterday. 1/
"Scores of protesters wounded and seven dead on Sudan's streets"…
I sent #BlueForSudan and you should probably too. If you were in the Sudanese pro-democracy movement, you'd appreciate some internet stranger solidarity right now - sort of the least we can do. 2/…
And if you don't know what this is about, have a look at @hasanminhaj Patriot Act episode on it here. Guardian also has decent coverage. 3/3
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