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So what exactly are the details of the agreement that’s been made between the Opposition “Forces of Freedom & Change” (FFC) and the “Transitional Military Council” (TMC) in #Sudan?

How did it happen? What guarantees are there that the TMC (& the FFC) will honour the agreement?

Dr. Amjad Farid of the SPA & the FFC, answers:

• The agreement states that 5 civilians (members of the FFC) & 5 military persons (not conditionally members of TMC, but could be...
...chosen by the military establishment), & an 11th member elected by the FFC & decided upon by both sides, shall make-up the Sovereign (Presidential) Council that shall replace the Presidency.

• There will be the formation of a Legislative Council (a Transitional...
...Parliament); 67% of whom shall be nominated by the FFC (not only made up of the FFC’s members, but chosen by the FFC), & 33% nominated by the other “parties” that participated in the Sudan Revolution - this will EXCLUDE the National Congress Party (NCP) & the other...
...political parties & political entities that were allies & part of the former Omer al-Bashir regime, up to his removal from power on the 11th April 2019.

• There will be a Prime Minister who will be elected by the FFC; & that Prime Minister will then nominate the...
...Ministers of the Executive for the 3 year Transitional period. All Ministers will be qualified technical professionals.

• There will be the formation of an Investigative Committee to fully investigate all of the attacks that took place against civillians since the 12th...
...April 2019; when the TMC was formed. The Investigation Committee will have International Community & African Union oversight, so as to ensure transparency & independence.

How did this agreement come about?

• Before the 3rd June massacre & when the FFC were negotiating...
...with the TMC, there were several demands made, but not all of the demands have been made part of this final agreement. The TMC, before the 3rd June massacre, were adamant on a Sovereign Council headed by a Military leader; & it was to be part of the Military establishment,...
...with a Military majority in its membership. The FFC refused this, & it informed the TMC that the Sovereign Council must have a Civilian majority; & that the Head of Sovereign Council could then be chosen by both sides (i.e. by the Military & by the Civilians via a consensus).
• The TMC agreed to this, & the old agreement had already been put onto writing. It was supposed to have been announced on the day before the 3rd June massacre took place; & before the Eid celebrations began at the end of Ramadan.

• After the 3rd June massacre, the FFC...
...refused to have anymore direct negotiations with the TMC; & the Prime Minister of Ethiopia entered to offer mediation between the two sides, on condition that both sides agreed on the conditions already agreed upon from the original agreement before the 3rd June massacre.
In addition, he asked for the TMC to reconnect the internet & to permit the resumption of Civil freedoms; including freedom of speech, freedom of the press & media, & freedom of peaceful civilian protest - all of which were demanded by the FFC as pre-conditions to resume any...
...negotiations with the TMC.

• On the 3rd of July after the TMC had released some political prisoners, negotiations with the TMC resumed under the AU & Ethiopian mediators. It took two rounds of talks on the 3rd & the 4th July; with the final agreement being announced in...
...the early hours of the morning on the 5th July.

What are the guarantees that the TMC will not try to get out of this agreement?

• The Sudanese Revolution will not stop, & the “Sudanese Street” has a final say in the case of any side not sticking to & honouring this...
...agreement. That’s whether it is the TMC, or it is even the FFC.

• Revolutionary Committees & Neighborhood Committees will continue their work in assuring the success of the Sudanese Revolution.

• There is International oversight on the TMC.

• Civilians will have the...
...majority in the government (i.e. the Prime Minister & the Executive, the Transitional Parliament, & Six out of 11 will be Civilian on the Sovereign Council - giving Civilians the majority.

What are the duties & Powers of the Sovereign (Presidential) Council?

Its duties...
...& powers shall be Honorary in nature. For example:

• The Signing of international treaties after their agreement from the Transitional Parliament.

• The Declaration of war after the Prime Minister & the Executive have approved.

• The calling of States of Emergency...
...after Parliament has approved.

What will be the main institutional bodies & entities of the Transitional Government?

• There will be a Prime Minister & an Executive, as the Executive Branch.

• The Transitional Parliament, as the Legislative Branch.

• The Sovereign...
Council, as an Honorary Presidency for overall oversight.

Is the government ready to be named from the FFC's side?

• Yes. The names for the Sovereign Council (the FFC's Civilians) are already chosen.

• The Prime Minister is already chosen.
The PM, together with the FFC,...
...will then choose the Ministers for the Executive.

• The Parliament will be formed in no less than three months (67% from the FFC; 33% from the other political & revolutionary entities, excluding the NCP & former Bashir allies).

What will be the representation of Women...
...in the coming Transitional Government?

• The agreement states that in the coming government there will be no less than 40% women in the Executive Branch of the Government, & in the Parliament.

• Women have already been chosen as a part of the FFC's 5 names for the...
..Sovereign Council.

• And the FFC, the Sudanese Professionals’ Association (SPA) & the Sudanese people, will continue to work to fix the political establishment to include more women in all branches of the government’s civil service, & in its other public service branches.
• A number of women were nominated for the PM role & for the Ministries within the Executive Branch.

• The Sudanese Professional establishment, including the SPA & FFC, do appreciate that they have an issue with a lack of proper female representation; & they hope to fix this..
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