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So at exactly what point "over the weekend" did @GavinWilliamson realise the system for which he is responsible, which should have been checked thoroughly, was not "fair and robust"?…

The Minister (who's clearly fond of his whips) is far too cavalier. Image
This ain't over by a LONG way, and while there are no right answers right now - cf. this and rest of [Thread]: - @10DowningStreet would do well to reassure (future) voters it has people with a proper sense and appropriate grasp of detail in place...
...#data, #AI and #algorithm-obsessed Governments that avoid #accountability and treat their own citizens as just so much '#GarbageInGarbageOut' don't have much of a future.

Mark. My. Words!
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If you woke up this morning hoping that someone out there had created an #ArrestBillGates retweet bot, your dreams have come true in the form of @kuusevana. #SundaySpam

cc: @ZellaQuixote
Almost all of @kuusevana's recent tweets (2970 of 2975, 99.8%) are retweets of #ArrestBillGates tweets. These retweets are sent via a custom app called "kickstarter_engagement_mku" and the bot retweets round-the-clock, provided that new #ArrestBillGates tweets are available. Image
What other hashtags occur alongside #ArrestBillGates in tweets retweeted by @kuusevana? #ExposeBillGates, #ArrestFauci, #Plandemic, #Obamagate, and #WWWG1WGA are the most popular, with various other QAnon and anti-Soros hashtags also turning up. Image
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Little story about land value. The short house just sold.

Description: Calling All Investors, Developers & Renovators. Land Value. Downtown. Near Subway. Property Was Damaged By Fire. Property Sold "As Is"

Picture on right is how it looked during 🔥🚒 on Dec 31, 2015. /1 ImageImage
Since fire it's been listed 6 times, asking as much as $850K. I love how a burnt-out building just sitting there has fluctuating basement bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. #garbageingarbageout /2 Image
Just sold for $680K.

Predicted BlogTO headline: "Burnt-out house sells for nearly $700K!"

Anyway, land value. Just a block north of Bloor and 19' wide with detached 🏠on it prior doesn't seem so unreasonable. Unless environmental fees add ton to demo cost.
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I'm frequently asked why we quantify the NAD metabolome in whole blood & not in PBMCs, plasma or serum. The 4 NAD coenzymes are intracellular metabolites & almost entirely found in the cellular fraction. When ppl prep plasma, they are literally throwing away >99% of the NAD+ /1
in the discarded cell fraction. They are also breaking ~1% of the cells, spilling NAD+ & NADP+ into plasma. The longer before you snap-freeze blood, the more you break cells & degrade metabolites. There is nothing to be gained & everything to be lost by prepping PBMCs /2
Plasma NAD+ is meaningless unless you want to use it as a measure of cell breakage /end #garbageingarbageout
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Sorry guys, the business case from AIMCO has so many errors that it will take me some time to deal with.
The Peter principle edition; or friends helping friends. #handsoffmypension
Let us start again with the (unsigned) TBF summary:

"Experts reviewing pension investment management, particularly in the Canadian context, find that pooling
investments reduces duplication costs"
Again, I hate to go back to this. This is a misstatement of what unnamed "experts" in Canada think. The sentence is true. But, it is inapplicable to funds that are extremely large (>$100 billion) as I pointed out yesterday.
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