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12 Sep
@fascinatorfun @mikarv It looks like the SI for the 2nd six-month extension of the retention of #DNA & #biometrics powers for National Security Determinations, under s24 of the #CoronavirusAct2020.

The statutory guidance for NSDs is here:…

If they are using NSDs (which must...
@fascinatorfun @mikarv in writing, and signed by a senior police officer in each individual case) for any purpose OTHER than those laid out in the relevant counter-terrorism laws, then they're truly fucked.

Maybe ask the Biometrics Commissioner how many NSDs have been made under COVID?
@fascinatorfun @mikarv Extending 'em a further six months is worrying for reasons other than just the extraordinary powers themselves, though: it's an admission from Government that police forces' capacities are as limited as they were at the peak of the first wave, for matters of #NationalSecurity...
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30 Aug
So let's be clear: @ICOnews began a formal investigation into "#DataAnalytics for #PoliticalPurposes" in May 2017:…

putting out an "update" in July 2018:…

and a report to Parliament in November 2018:…
And in January 2019, @ICOnews was still 'chasing' the (now insolvent) SCL Elections Ltd, i.e. Cambridge Analytica, for failure to respond to an enforcement notice on a DSAR:…

while clearly stating that its 'investigation' was still ongoing:
Through 2019, @ICOnews handed out a few more related fines 👇 & even managed to get @facebook to cough up... £500k:…

It consulted (briefly) & "reminded" political parties to behave in #GeneralElection2019:…

But has pretty much...
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3 Apr
So, let's take a look at the latest #ContactTracing effort to emerge: - not an app, but 'components' to build apps & systems.

(There's so many tracers popping up now, it's getting like the rash of #COVID19 #SymptomSurveys that broke out last week...)

Nice to hear that @PeppPt "embrace a fully #privacy-preserving approach". So what exactly is it? (The devil, of course, is always in the detail...)

Ah! Here we are, "a brief description of our #privacy enforcing flow":

First, #AnonymousIdentifiers. Good. (And precisely what we recommended:…)

This really is a no-brainer; anyone proposing to use persistent #deviceIDs at this point is plainly a clueless numpty. Or actively seeking to #surveille.

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5 Aug 18
"#OrganDonation is an altruistic act that should be celebrated..." (p6)

So why not do that, and devote more resources to making donation easier - an approach that has delivered measurable results - instead of a regressive move to #OrganHarvesting?…
Describing a *significantly narrowing* shortfall (cf. graph, also p6) in available organs is not a justification for a change to #OrganHarvesting; nor are emotive appeals. This reads like #PolicyBasedEvidenceMaking.
"We want... to change the culture around organ donation in this country in the longer term." (p7)

Stopping it being a gift, freely given, and instead the State 'deeming' you to have given permission will certainly change that! Presumption ain't 'donation' and will erode trust.
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