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Thread - Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry by Dr. Sue Arrigo… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #SexSlaves #CIA
3. Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry 3 by Sue Arrigo MD… #SueArrigo #DrSueArrigo #CIA
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Enjoying my twitter silo today. So many clowns in our movement. If I know who they are, so does Q. Efforts to slow information are futile.

👊🏽 #Q2442

History is being made.
You are the saviors of mankind.
Nothing will stop what is coming.

Are they connected?
Was the Finders release yesterday setting the stage?


We have it all.
Re_read re: stage. (okay, I will)
The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].
[Impossible to defend].
[Toxic to those connected].
@KJBBeliever has a theory

Not enough sauce for conclusions, but oy vey, I like his line of thought.

▶️Set stage 5:5 (Finders release).
▶️Child porn — pill public can swallow.
▶️Toxic to those connected.
▶️Arrests come after public is horrified.

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@rlefraim wrote, "INTERESTING QUESTION
The Democrats in Congress have decided to characterize Trump's efforts to get foreign cooperation to investigate corruption of US politicians in the past, as "illegal",....
1) #criminal #corruption #illegal
though there is nothing illegal about finding out about past possibly criminal behavior.

But, let them be consistent.
2) #illegal #corrupt #Democrats
What Presidents of the USA (and other high officials) have used their influence on foreign nations to get cooperation to find information about American politicians and their activities? Let's See. 3) #Presidents #foreigninfluence
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I did a bit of research on the Catacombs of Paris.
You will not believe this. The cemeteries were supposedly getting too full and a basement next to the cemetary had a wall collapse, so the powers that be enacted a lawy banning burials in certain areas.
What they didn't tell you was, Napoleon had gone into Egypt in 1898 and stolen all of the documents relating to electricity generation. He took 150 #savants with him which were scientists.
When he came back he began the excavations needed under Paris.
Tunnels were quarried under the city in the limestone and the stone was used for building. Of course they likely left the artesian wells in place. This tube will be an artesian well. They have it covered in bones. This makes the well resonate better.
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Human Hunting Thread. 1 of 4: A Most Dangerous Game – Human Hunting… #TheHunt #HumanHunting #CathyOBrien #GeorgeBush #DickCheney
Human Hunting Thread. 2 of 4: Brice Taylor was Hunted by George Bush Senior… #GeorgeBushSnr #GeorgeBush #BriceTaylor #TheHunt #HumanHunting
Human Hunting Thread. 3 of 4: Hunting Children in Kent… #CliveDriscoll #TheHunt #HumanHunting
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1. Today's 🧵 is inspired by/focused on one of the smartest people I have encountered, Dr. Len Horowitz. His presentation is here from which this thread is entirely based:

👉 👈
(ignore subtitles - other links on YT)

Kindly wait to unroll until I say 👍
2. If you don't want to watch it on YouTube, you can find it on Amazon too. Im sure there may be other places but this is my references for those of you reading this thread. Here is what

#DNAPiratesOfTheSacredSpiral by #DrHorowitz looks like on Amazon

3. Before I go into the presentation slides that I am literally posting from the above referenced material, all credit goes to this genius and honest man.

God bless him every day for his courage, his time, his life work. There are not many like him. 🙏💗🇺🇸 Thank you Dr. H 🙏
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