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I remember the one my ex attended during our separation. Another man there called to ask if I would meet the returning men at the church “to motivate” his resolve to be a “more godly husband & father” & “encourage the continued change he experienced” while on the retreat.

It was the first time I felt free to tell the truth.

I told him I had been trying to encourage my then husband for over a decade. I did everything to motivate him be a more godly husband & father, encourage him to get help, support him financially, emotionally, and spiritually.
I had tried everything, read every Christian marriage book I could find, asked 4 help and advice from pastors and spiritual mentors 4yrs, attempted xtian counseling and yes, went on men’s/women’s/& marriage retreats with him too. But I recognize I could never motivate him.

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@naomiosaka dedicated her life to tennis from a young age and, upon reaching a long imagined first grand slam, she was booed in front of a crowd of many thousands. A goal of recognition lost, together with a very public rejection/disapproval
She told of #depression that followed this loss, and of intense #socialanxiety, the latter focused around press appearances and being publicly questionned: an entirely understandable experience. I have met many other top athletes who share this perception of 'doing media'
Social anxiety is a recognised disorder that causes persistent, intense fear or anxiety about specific social situations: distressing thoughts about being judged, embarrassed or humiliated.
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“Violence,” you say, “is the last refuge of the incompetent.”
I can only agree. It’s a great saying. Whose is it?
“Isaac Asimov, I think. I’m not sure.”
The science fiction writer?
I love the guy. He said a lot of great stuff. Have spacesuit. Will travel.

“No, that was Heinlein.”
Ah. Right-wing libertarian Heinlein. I loved a lot of his stuff, too. Starship Troopers. Stranger In A Strange Land. Shame he was a right-wing libertarian.

“He was probably ok with violence, too.”
Shifting back to the topic of violence….
“Shall we?”
Why not? I agree with you.
“With me or Isaac Asimov?”
Either. Both.

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The Anatomy of an Ultra Smear

H.G. Tudor claims, in his smear campaign against Meghan Markle, that sugars (empaths) don’t want to confront him with counter arguments, instead running away at his and his rapinae supporters sight - and we simply are disgusted (fuel fumes) ...
confronting rabid rapinae feeding off of the smear campaign is a triggering experience for empaths (sugars) who were subjected to similar smear campaigns by their abusers - - Tudor promised to weaponize against..

here is one sugar confronting his lies, and smear discrepancies:
this will be a long thread, as long as the smear campaign lasts - - it will reveal an ultra calculating, ultra hate-filled mind..

The Anatomy of an Ultra Smear
by H.G. Tudor:
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So much of the progress of #MentalHealthAwareness gets cancelled out by the culture of #ToxicPositivity. More than many people realize.

Your “just take it, and work harder” memes aren’t helping, or “inspirational.”

They’re #gaslighting.
Not only that, but for those that have been traumatized, you are often literally *promoting* an unhealthy type of trauma response known as fawning - which is FANTASTIC for predators, especially in toxic workplace situations.
The fawn response - BOLSTERED by the toxic positivity movement - tells you “well everyone has job issues...if you just stay quiet & keep working HARDER, the people abusing/bullying/excluding/threatening you will notice your hard work, and stop.”
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Dear @cafreeland, let me save you four years, at least a thousand lives and $12,000,000 in 6 tweets or less.

Your going to commit $12,000,000 for discussions on how to include the most people possible and what to provide in a #Canada #disability benefit. It REALLY is #simple 1/6
In fact, it's SO simple that I'm using up extra words in my promised six tweets or less to highlight JUST how easy it is.

YOU'RE going to ask around, maybe get.. 200 or 300 opinions.. 80% will be from organizations. 70% of those will kiss your ass. half of the individuals 2/6
you ask will ask an opinion from, will ask for so much because they've had so little (for SO LONG) you'll discount them anyways. Here is what you need to do and how to do it. The next three tweets are simple. it's "How to do it" and "What to give" 3/6 #PWD #ODSP #SAID #AISH #CPPD
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April 14 2021: "Toronto's SickKids ER has seen a 25% increase in visits involving #suicidal ideation...

Financial stress in families has led to #housing & food insecurity in children. #Children in dysfunctional families have suffered neglect & #abuse."…
"Because of these adverse experiences [] there has been a decline in #mental #health, social & emotional devt, #cognitive devt, & to a certain extent, delays in language devt.

'I must say that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg'"

#Children as #CollateralDamage
"skyrocketing" # of cases involving anxiety, #depression, suicidal thoughts, inattention, obesity, eating disorders, obsessions & compulsions in children.

'& the list just goes on'

... physicians say the #psychological & social consequences will be long-term for young people." Image
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Also, btw, any woman who has been in c-suite in NYC has literally worked with/around people with mob connections.

I take a lot of stands & speak on things that people want to keep hidden.

If there were “dirt” on me to find, it would have been found & used against me already.
I’m super annoying that way (in many ways) to folks who align against me.

When you are Muslim, activist, female, not seeking anyone’s patronage or protection, you are always exposed, surveilled, at risk - it is unavoidable.

Protection is in transparency, ethics, standards
These are life’s trade offs, I avoid certain shackles or cages and in doing so, carefully check off certain boxes to stay protected. I have worked in #compliance vs #fraud & #abuse, and I have seen every tiny detail that gets people caught up in the system. Stay out of harm’s way
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Those who:
do not touch patients & never have
who maintain no clinical licenses
who feel free of any commitment to #ethics

are put in charge, by administrators, to control, often via fear & shame, clinicians.

This harms on many levels.
It is anti-#safetyculture.
We have lost >500,000 Americans to #COVID19 alone. Preventable deaths. These are mostly the marginalized, vulnerable.

Either document measurable work to save lives, or get out of the way and out of budgets that could be used to save lives.
I’ve seen SO much over the years, in the name of #compliance consulting to siphon off money to block &, ultimately, harm.

No this does not save money.
It harms families.
It monetizes coded racism.

There are a multitude of such vendors & consultants.…
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Opening what I suspect will become a very long [Thread] on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (#PCSCBill) which, having been introduced last Tuesday, gets its #SecondReading *next* Tuesday - #precipitous, to say the least...
While it is all too often merely lip service, the Ministerial statement of #HumanRights compliance on the cover of this Bill 👇 is particularly #hypocritical, given its actual contents...
Many have been writing about the impact of this proposed legislation on lawful #protest, notably @IanDunt...…

...who, critically, picks up on the extraordinary #HenryVIII power @pritipatel is trying to grab.

(Let's hope THAT one gets struck quickly!)
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This cartoon portrays what happens too often in the Church in general and Christianity as a whole.

#churchtoo #abuseawareness #exvangelical Sheep scattered, slaughtere...
This happens in businesses, universities, politics, families, and so many places.

But we’re talking about the church because it boasts being so good to and for people. Too many highly respected spiritual leaders leave victims in their wake...
I’ve experienced this and I know so many others who have as well.
I have stories and I hear stories every single day.

It’s not rare. It’s rampant.

More stories will emerge as people no longer settle for silence.

I have a few conclusions:
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1/ MichaelYeadon3
🙏🏻 for sharing these thought-provoking words by @emmakennytv

Watch this 3-min film made by a teen in 🇨🇦, Liv #McNeil, on how isolation and school closures can effect children

Children are largely #asymptomatic thus #NON_infectious>>

2/2 WHY are we collectively mistreating our children if science #cannot even prove that they contribute to #infectious_outbreaks in the 1st place??

(NB 1st tweet is in my thread on #asymptomatics -18 ref’s)

More on #abuse of children #InTheNameOfVirus
3/3 The thread on asymptomatics, with 18 links including articles by

Beda #Stadler

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This is not a definition of your character but of those who hurt didn’t & don’t deserve this type of abuse ever...especially when you don’t know why. How you handle this is your strength...just know you are amazing to have come through it & stand tall.
Sending love & hugs to anyone that needs that extra tlc today or just to say we’re all strong & amazing 🤗❤️
#abuse #narcissisticabuse #strength #Survivor @HiboWardere @narcissistabus1 @PAlienationuk @Southerndas
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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This Summer I wrote a paper on ADHD comorbid w/AUD. This article mentions that #addiction is more common in those with ADHD. BUT it’s only more common if the ADHD goes un-dx, causing greater chances of “risky behaviors” early-on, leading to addictions.…
I felt it important to discuss this so we don’t reinforce stereotypes. While addiction can be common in those with #ADHD - it is, sadly, much more common when DX/treatment wasn’t given early-on or if never a dx/treatment was never given. #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
The reasoning for this is that in adolescence those with un-dx ADHD are have an increased chance of engaging in “risky behaviors” earlier- leading to substance abuse and subsequently addiction.

#ADHD #adhdtwitter #ADHDers
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On this "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women" (#IDEVAW), we urge the int’l community to pressure the #Iran-backed #Houthis to stop their various & vicious #crimes perpetrated against #women in #Yemen. 1/3
Indeed, any fundamental investigation by the intl media & key reporting agencies will easily ascertain how #women have been unjustly subject to #abductions, #arrests and #abuse by the #Houthis in #Yemen. 2/3
And if #IDEVAW stood for [“Intimidation Deprivation Exploitation Violation Against Women”], this too would accurately reflect the other types of abhorrent mistreatment that #Yemeni #women have faced from the #Houthis. 3/3
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1-Latest #COVID19BC Testing graph from @CDCofBC Nov. 20th Surveillance report. It shows how they can continue the fear propaganda to "justify" violating #BChumanrightsCode & #Charterrights through meaningless "orders." #psychologicalwarfare #COVIDpsyop
2-I worked in #childprotection in #BC. A major, valid complaint from "clients" of #MCFD was that the goal posts kept getting changed arbitrarily. I didn't practice like that, but saw it. Its actually a strategy of #psychologicalwarfare #institutionalabuse & #torture. #COVIDpsyop
3-I've been blocked by some of "#COVIDZero" "advocates." This campaign is population-based #psychologicalwarfare bc this is impossible to achieve. #COVID19 is a cold/flu virus that's endemic now. Moving the goal posts sets us all up. They just keep moving them. #torture #MKUltra
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ATTN #CBD stakeholders: @US_FDA today holding scientific conf. on CBD/other #cannabinoids. I'll be live tweeting throughout. Not sure we'll get much insight on immediate path forward for consumer products but I'll share noteworthy observations. Agenda:
I'll be paying particular attention to @DrAbernethyFDA's remarks at 9:05a (head of #FDA's #CBD Policy Working Group) and @DThrockmortonMD's keynote at 9:15a (one of Agency's principals for regulating R&D, manufacture & marketing of #cannabis & cannabis-derived #drug products).
And we're underway! First up is Kaveeta Vasisht, MD, PharmD. Associate Commissioner for Women’s
Health and Director, Office of Women’s Health, FDA. She's noting ubiquity of #CBD products in marketplace, many of which are targeted to #women.
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#IICSA #CofE - from a heavy heart & troubled mind, some unfinished thoughts on #risk, #leadership, #abuse & #church.
1. "I am sending you out as lambs among as wise as serpents & as innocent as doves." Too many in #church manage the doves part - high above, unable to imagine such horrible things could be or that X could possibly be guilty. Ignorance is not holiness.
2. Holiness is more knowing, more robust, more active than that - it is the balance of the #dove & the #serpent.
Serpents crawl on the ground, taste the air, sense vibrations, they know when all is not well. If our leaders are truly humble this is the space they will occupy.
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I never ever blocked anyone. Even worst abusers

Today I blocked 8 pakistani jurnolists because they failed me

These jurnolists kept Twitter hostage saying it is fine to critisise them but not abuse.

It reality these jurnolists are against critisism 👇

#attackswontsilenceus ImageImage
It's not about blocking. This is quite normal for me. I keep on getting blocked from many jurnolists & people.

This is case of @Benazir_Shah has annoyed me.

a. I was her fan / admirer
b. Last few weeks she kept #TwitterDown hostage for online #abuse

I ran to other Jurnolists complaining about her. I was turned down & insulted by them.

None of them even bothered to listen to me. Infact they blamed me that I have unhealthy obsession with Benazir. Totally forgetting about #attackswontsilenceus campaign and there promise
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2020 is a year no one will ever forget due to the #COVID19Pandemic and it’s more important than ever that we have people to talk to when we need too.

I myself suffer with my #MentalHealth due to a part of my life as a #teenager
I’m not ashamed of my #MentalHealth issues and what caused my #MentalHealth issues so I will share my story with you and I would like to ask that my #twitter followers to please #RT as far and wide to help me raise awareness of this issue. Thank you in advance.
My #MentalHealth story:

I was 17 and naive I had just come out as being #gay to my family and I started talking to a man on a app, we hit it off however that was just the start. We spoke for a while and he was saying everything I wanted to hear
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#Abuse #Ticket Opened
Countdown started @Namecheap
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Today the German Supreme Court published its #facebook decision!
Here is a (long!) THREAD with a quick summary after a first read:
1st impression: despite its preliminary nature (re interim suspension of @Kartellamt 's prohibition) it likely is a landmark decision that will shape the application of #competition law & #abuse of #dominance rules in Germany for the next years.
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