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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵

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Timothy's Bitchute…

The High Command Bitchute…

PPTF on Telegram
Actionable Intelligence…

Timothy's Website


Everything Everything 🎵
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People literally leave him voice-mail prayers... People pray for him in comment sections of his videos and articles... When will the persecution, torment and slander end for Timothy Charles Holmseth? When will his high level gangstalkers, killers, pedos & traffickers be
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The #Deepstate composes of various factions subfactions and subvertivfactions.
Need to know basis keeps all out of the loop.
Noone knows what to do.
If they dont offer up blood to the beasts below.
The frog king is not an idol or fiction.
Not everyone is against humans, #OnlyMost Image
Not like I would have too large an understanding of what kinda shitshow they are running down there. I barely exist on paper, the hospital I was born in no longer exists, and they lost their records of my birth. So im just a nobody. Kept inside a small box, so I cant be heard.
Song "Concrete" earlier in this thread. Is a reminder/warning.

Fresh clones of, any of us, tossed in a grinder.
Used in almost everything.
#clones human body so cheap to produce
They even feed it to us


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Family Courts & Child Protection Services are meant to protect children. Why do many protective mothers find the opposite takes place?
Wilfred Wong says family courts & social services have been infiltrated by satanists. 48:50 time mark.
Family Courts have been corrupted so they are now working to abuse children, not protect them.
Not every worker in the system is a satanist, but the Family Court is run by satanists.
Wilfred Wong gives UK examples, but the problem is worldwide.
"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.” – Flannery O’Connor
Wilfred Wong's Website on #SRA:
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Satanism, Jimmy Savile, and Battling Darkness: interview with Wilfred Wong.
Wilfred Wong has been investigating SRA in the UK for 27 years.
#SRA #satanicritualabuse #JimmySavile #EdwardHeath #necrophilia #satanism #RitualHumanSacrifice
"There's a unique cultural dimension to Satanic crime: the perpetrators want to CHANGE SOCIETY.
The pedophile is interested only in satisfying his lusts and otherwise wishes the world to continue as it is.
The Satanist wants to undermine the institutions & morality of society."
..."In a democracy they are entitled to pursue such goals so long as they have the guts to openly declare their objective, but they [Satanists] are cowards who lurk in dark corners, determined to engineer their objectives secretly."
— Chasing Satan (1991) by Dianne Core, 1991.
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With #Pizzagate trending, I thought I would create a thread of insightful documentaries and videos for people heading down the rabbit hole.

#SatanicElite #TheGreatAwakening (0/11)
1. Out of Shadows

A documentary exploring allegations of child abuse within the #HollywoodElite and links to #Satanism.

2. Hidden Shadows

Documentary inspired by Out of Shadows focusing on the UK elite and allegations of child abuse, coverups, and potential of a VIP paedophile ring. Incredible sources, all from @shaunattwood

#HiddenShadows #UK (2/11)
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This electronic version of Eyes Wide Open is being distributed at no cost because the truth and healing ought to be free. Victims have paid enough.…
"I am confident President Richard Nixon and his good buddy Billy Graham were named in the Watergate pedophile records. I am confident of this because I was sex trafficked by CIA head psychologist John W. Gittinger to both men as a young child." – Fiona Barnett.
"I am not the first to publicly accuse Billy Graham of being a CIA agent, Freemason, and rapist. MK-ULTRA victim Kathleen Sullivan, who wrote 'Unshackled: A Survivor's Story of Mind Control', said he raped her." – Fiona Barnett
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For those who care to learn more about how #SatanicRitualAbuse and #MKultra tie into #ChildSexTrafficking this👇🏻is worth your time.
@1Stevendkelley asserts something nefarious is going on at Getty Center. I think it’s odd that my “mother”
Dr. Diana Hiatt-Micheal who lives in Malibu close to Getty Villa volunteered as a docent at Getty Center which entails a 21 minute drive. Is this the new site for rituals?🤷‍♀️
@1Stevendkelley Diana is a busy Pepperdine Ed/Psych professor emeritus who publishes and travels to present her research globally.
Given her past involvement in Satanic rituals, ritual abuse and mind control it’s more than suspicious she found time to docent at the Getty.
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History will not remember @RudyGiuliani kindly:
Nov 1987 – US Army received allegations of #childabuse at 15 of its day care centers and several elementary schools. There were also at least two other cases at Air Force day care centers, and another one at a center run
by US Navy. In addition to these, a special team of experts were sent to Panama to help determine if as many as ten children at a Department of Defense elementary school were molested and possibly infected with AIDS.
#CSA #SRA #CrimesAgainstChildren
Another case also emerged in a US-run facility in West Germany. These cases occurred at some of the most esteemed military bases in the country, including Fort Dix, Fort Leavenworth, Fort Jackson, and West Point.

#CrimesAgainstChildren #CSA #SRA
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Jenny Moore gave me hope, for the first time in my life,
that I and my fellow survivors might see justice in regards to the crimes committed against us when we were children.
Jenny Moore was taking on an ancient serpent created by Allen Dulles, and others, which had grown into a giant poisonous octopus which has contaminated every facet of our society.
Jenny Moore was going fearlessly straight for the heart of the beast.
What JEM was working on was much bigger than the awful crimes of “elite” #pedopredator parties, #ChildSexTrafficking or even #SatanicRitualAbuse and the practice of human sacrifice and cannibalism.
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