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FABULEUX article interactif du @pewresearch sur la composition ethnique de l'électorat US en âge de voter.
Déclin uniforme de la part des Blancs non hispaniques (76% en 2000, 67% en 2018). La part des Hispaniques a quasiment doublé de 2000 à 2018. MAIS...…
2)... l'électorat US en âge de voter n'est pas celui qui accomplit les formalités d'inscription et encore moins celui qui participe à l'élection. Et le taux de participation des Blancs, socle électoral de #Trump, est bien supérieur à celui de toutes les minorités... Image
3) Pour les démocrates, il faut faire remonter le taux de participation des Africains Américains au niveau record de 2008-2012 avec Obama sur le ticket et travailler 1 mobilisation plus forte de cet incroyable réservoir hispanique en croissance, surtout dans les Etats clefs...
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Foreign Hackers Cripple #Texas County’s Email System, Raising Election Security Concerns

The #malware attack, which sent fake email replies to voters and businesses, spotlights an overlooked vulnerability 1/2…
in counties that don’t follow best practices for computer security. 2/2
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The 'Texas Paper' is getting sensationalist headlines. Remember:
- D614G is same mutation we've known about since spring & been in media all summer
- It happened in ~Jan & most of Europe & much of US had it
- Great to confirm previous work, but not 'breaking'

Worth noting that the authors of this study sat on 5,000 sequences *all summer* meaning they couldn't be used by other scientists to explore any findings in these sequences. Or to better understand Texas's epidemic during its biggest spike.
The author laments the low sequencing rates of #SARSCoV2:

“I think we need to be doing this pretty aggressively in multiple locations on a real-time basis,” Musser said. “I think it’s shameful that we’re not doing that.”

/It's shameful to sit on sequences that could be public./
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.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

.@PILFoundation, an #Indiana-based #ElectionIntegrity group, conducted a nationwide study to identify the hundreds of thousands of deceased individuals on voter rolls.

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

During its analysis, @PILFoundation also found that nearly 40,000 likely duplicate registrants "appear to have cast second votes in 2018 from the same address."

.@FreeBeacon #VIP2020

#NewYork, #Texas, #Michigan, #Florida, and #California—accounted for 51 percent of the total number of deceased individuals on voter rolls, according to @PILFoundation.

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1. Jose Garza, Democrat Socialists of America member, is running as a Democrat, for Travis County District Attorney in #Austin, #Texas. He beat incumbent Margaret Moore in a runoff election in July. He won by 44,266 votes.
2. In his announcement, he declared his intent to abolish cash bail and protect illegal immigrants. Also on his platform:
3. He is endorsed by Bernie, Warren, Austin EMS Assoc, Austin Fire Assoc, Democratic Socialists of American, as well as Workers Defense Action Fund, the polictical arm of the Workers Defense Project, in which he is Executive Director.
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Several new southern state polls from Tyson Group (some are a bit old though):

Trump 48% (+4)
Biden 44%

Trump 44%
Biden 46% (+2)

Trump 48% (+6)
Biden 42%

Trump 50% (+10)
Biden 40%

Trump 44%
Biden 48% (+4)
The #Alabama number is the most surprising to me. It marks nearly a 24% swing toward the Democrats from the 2016 results:

Still, no other polls have shown this close a race there so we'll see if anything else comes close.
The #Louisiana number is also very surprising. Trump won it by 20 points last time. There have been 3 polls there this year:

Trump +6
Trump +16.4
Trump +7

Trump's still the heavy favorite to win (93% chance), but he's only up 8% in the average.
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Important Request:

If you live in #Texas and recieved a voter registration form addressed to your minor child who will NOT be 18 by the general election please let me know.

My daughter did. Going to be investigating this.

Please RT.

Thank you!
#Election2020 #ElectionFraud
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🙌🗳 Let’s vote these hypocrites and enablers out of the U.S. Senate and #FlipTheSenateBlue!!


#Kentucky 🐎 @AmyMcGrathKY
🙌🗳 Please vote for Jaime Harrison @harrisonjaime for U.S. Senate in #SouthCarolina 🌴
🙌🗳 Please vote for Doug Jones @DougJones for U.S. Senate in #Alabama 👨‍🎓🏈
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If I'm reading the @BLS_gov report correctly from for the month of June 2020:
1. Gov Employees averaged $52.36 / hour in total comp
2. Civilian Workers $38.20 / hour
3. Private Industry $35.96 / hour
So public "servants" are making 37-46% more than private sector? aka our tax $ Image
@SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @JoeBiden
On a serious note, why are Americans suffering more than Public "Servants", who based on the June 2020 report are making 35-46% more than the private sector. Are y'all going to fix this issue?…
@tedcruz @JohnCornyn y'all are my Senators in the great state of #Texas. [See above] Why is this allowed to be the case that government employees, who are paid with our money (taxes), are making more per hour than working #Americans?
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En la #mañanera desde #PalacioNacional el Presidente @lopezobrador_ declaró que ya están las denuncias contra los agricultores de #Chihuahua por los daños a la hidroeléctrica y a la #CFE procederá el Gobierno de López penalmente contra la gente de #Chihuahua y aplicará mano dura
Ya les mando a la #UIF para que #SantiagoNieto les congelará las cuentas de los agricultores y de quienes están defendiendo a #Chihuahua

Les mandó tanques con la #GuardiaNacional para rodear la presa de la boquilla

Ahora va por convertir en criminales a los chihuahuenses
@lopezobrador_ no conoce a la gente de #Chihuahua #GuardiaNacional en abuso de la fuerza, asesinaron de 5 balazos en la espalda a Jessica Zamarripa de 36 años madre de 3 niños que hacía pasteles para ayudar a su marido y juntos sembraban alfalfa
ella fue 1 de los manifestantes
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Sigue #EnVivo la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial. 📺 14.1 📱#Mxplay ⏯️💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | @lopezobrador_ informó que los festejos por el 210 Aniversario de la Independencia transcurrieron sin ningún tipo de problema, además, dijo que varios hospitales del país y escuelas resultaron ganadores del sorteo del #AviónPresidencial. Image
#ConferenciaPresidente | El presidente @lopezobrador_ dio a conocer que "ya existe una propuesta de adquisición del #AviónPresidencial", también dijo que se hará dos licitaciones de poco mas 2 mil mdp cada una para la adquisición de equipo médico. Image
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. @EpochTimes #VIP2020

Nearly 350,000 #DeadRegistrants remain on voter rolls across 41 states, according to an audit conducted by the @PILFoundation.

. @EpochTimes #VIP2020

The number is a major improvement over the last time an assessment of similar scope was performed in 2012, when a Pew Research report turned up 2 million deceased voters on the rolls.

@EpochTimes #VIP2020 . @realDonaldTrump

In the 2016 and 2018 elections, states credited 14,608 registrants for voting after death, the @PILFoundation report found.

#DeadVoters #BigData @IvanPentchoukov
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. @PILFoundation #VIP2020

Critical Condition: American #VoterRolls Filled with Errors, #DeadVoters, and #DuplicateRegistrations

. @PILFoundation #VIP2020 #DeadVoters

An independent, nationwide analysis of voter rolls in 42 states has identified thousands of probable deceased and duplicate registrants, as well as cases of individuals credited for voting more than once.

@PILFoundation #VIP2020 #DeadVoters

PILF has launched the Safeguarding America’s Votes and Elections (SAVE) Database as an analysis tool to track voter roll deficiencies and potential problem areas across America.

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Evicting people in the midst of a pandemic is not the answer. Homes now act as both offices and schools. Losing a home puts a child out of school and places an undue burden on those already struggling to make ends meet.…
In these unprecedented times empathy and common decency are key to protecting all Americans. Such despicable actions from a public servant simply serve to show the lack of compassion exhibited for everyday Texans.
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Shots fired last night near an AMC theater in Mesquite Texas

Fight in front of theater before gun fire in the what appeared to be the parking lot.
Same person who uploaded the gunfire video did this one as well

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1. Is #Austin's BIOMASS purchase the largest in #Texas?

It’s a billion-dollar boondoggle.

Former Goldman Sachs partner Mark Green refers to it as the “#Austin biomass disaster.” No matter what you call it, it spelled trouble for Austin taxpayers.…
2. “Under the repayment terms of the bond, Austin is on the hook to pay $43,000,000 a year until the end of 2032 and gets nothing in return — no energy, no other service from Southern Co and is stuck with a white elephant non-operating plant in Nacogdoches."
3. Somehow City of Austin got the appraisals of the property lowered to less than $500k for 2020.

“Nacogdoches may very well sue Austin Energy and Austin — they should,” he said.
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Rumbo a las elecciones de EEUU en 2020, para mí no hay estado más fascinante que Texas.

Ningún demócrata ha ganado una presidencial ahí desde que Jimmy Carter derrotó a Gerald Ford en 1976: hace 44 años. ¿Por qué se habla entonces tanto del estado en 2020?

Primero: contexto.
#Texas es el estado más grande de EEUU después de Alaska. Es más grande que Francia y equivale a un tercio (sí, dije un tercio) de México.

• No SIEMPRE fue republicano. El ascenso del “Great Old Party” (GOP) vino tras los 60s: Derechos Civiles y Vietnam. Y protestas.
Primero hay que entender que antes de cualquier cosa (republicano o demócrata), Texas es texano. TX ha tenido seis banderas: la española, la mexicana, la francesa, la confederada, la de EEUU y la de la República de Texas.

Por eso Six Flags se llama así. Fue fundado en Texas.
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If you don’t want to wear a mask on a flight, don’t fly. I’m flying back to #Houston #Texas from #Chicago for work and all passengers had to sign this contract. The airline requires face coverings be worn over both mouth AND nose. Let’s see how many comply. #MaskUp #CovidIsReal
2/ In #Wisconsin I’ve noticed folks not wearing masks in Subway with their kids, at hotels and restaurants where elderly people crowd around groups of small tables outside. Eating outside doesn’t protect you - ask @BillPlaschke…
3/ I’ve seen people this trip with masks under their noses. I’ve heard complaints that masks are uncomfortable; that they have trouble breathing. If that’s true, see a doctor. If it’s not, you need to see a ventilator. I saw a man placed on one. The next day, he died. #COVID19
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Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Nationwide

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica

States Below 👇🏻👇🏻🚗🇺🇸🚗🇺🇸🚗🇺🇸
Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Alaska

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica
Thank you to all Patriots who came out and made our event a YUGE success! #Arizona

Next: Oct 3rd & Nov 1

#MAGADragTheInterstate #WeAreTheRally @NRNplus #KAGCoalition #GodBlessAmerica
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9 yo #sophielong is being sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend #JACOBWAYNEBELLINGTON of #frisco, Tx. Sophie has disclosed to #CPS, healthcare, and leo that she and her 2 younger brothers are being sexually abused by boyfriend and other unknown males at home. #SaveSophie
#saveSophie was given a diagnosis of sexual assault by bodily force at @dellchildrens Hospital in #austin. She has stated that #JACOBWAYNEBELLINGTON has nude porn of children on multiple devices in the home.
@DanCrenshawTX @tedcruz
#SaveSophie was shown pics in an effort to intimidate and silence her. She stated that it was a young boy whose "nose and penis were decomposing".
Her father #MichaelLong was forced to return her to her mother on 8/25/2020, putting her and brothers back into hands of abusers.
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The Birth of a Political Party: A largely Black Party - (Texas)

"In July 1867 twenty whites and 150 blacks attended a Republican convention in Houston, where they endorsed free common schools and free homesteads from public lands for blacks and whites."

Thus began a decades-long tradition of black Republicanism in the state. Despite widespread violence and intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan and Democrats, ...…
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1/5 Thread: Many thanks Jim @Acosta for hosting me today @CNNSitRoom where I explained my concerned about EUAs for #COVID19 #vaccines.

Here's why:
2/5 Thread:

1) We don't do EUAs for #vaccines reaching large segments of the US population...

2) ) because it's an incomplete and substandard review
3/5 Thread:

3) Rightfully, American people don't trust EUAs after FDA implemented and then revoked an EUA this year for hydroxychloroquine, and then the EUA for plasma Rx was poorly explained
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