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For every #SriLankan who saw protestors at #GGG being assaulted by the #military & said "if they are doing this in #Colombo, can you imagine what happened to #Tamils in the #North & #East?" ENOUGH! There is no need to imagine, we know! 1/8
There are enough videos, films, still photographs, eye witness testimony, survivor testimony #UN reports, & other expert reports to clearly lay out what happened in #Mullivaikkal & before, was #CrimesAgainstHumanity, #WarCrimes & #Genocide. You chose not to believe! 2/8
There are 100's of people who died getting that information of #WarCrimes out of the #WarZone. Too many #journalists & #activists were killed, attacked, jailed, #tortured & exiled trying to disseminate that information, because you chose not to believe. 3/8
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"Despite an overall, significant reduction in armed violence, between mid-August 2021& mid-June 2022, UNAMA recorded 2106 #civilian_casualties (700 killed, 1406 wounded). The majority of civilian casualties were attributed to attacks by the #ISKP.…
On 17 August 2021, TB announced an amnesty for former govt. officials&ANSF members. This amnesty does not, however, appear to have been consistently upheld. UNAMA recorded at least 160 extrajudicial killings of former govt&security officials by TB members in the reporting period.
UNAMA’s report highlights specific concerns with respect to 2 bodies within the TB govt.– the de facto Ministry of Propagation of Virtue&Prevention of Vice (that limit the human rights& freedoms, in particular of women& girls) and the de facto General Directorate of Intelligence.
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La ONU declaró el 26 de junio #InternationalDayAgainstTorture
Este día marca el momento en 1987 cuando entró en vigor la Convención de las Naciones Unidas contra la Tortura y Otros Tratos o Penas Crueles, Inhumanos o Degradantes. ¿Y qué hay de #Iran?… Image
En 1997, #UNGA declaró el 26 de junio como día de apoyo a las víctimas de la tortura. En este día internacional,
¿Cuál es la situación de las prisioneras políticas, que se encuentran entre las víctimas de tortura más oprimidas en Irán?…
¿Sabes que:
Más de 45 tipos de tortura practicados contra presos políticos en Irán
#InternationalDayAgainstTorture #Iran
Leí a la señora Hengameh ex presos políticos:… Image
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#IsraeliOccupation #ApartheidIsrael

Preoccupano le condizioni di salute di #AhmedManasra.
Nelle carceri di #Israel dal 2015, dove è stato sottoposto a #torture, da quando aveva solo 13anni. ⬇1/16

#HumanRights #Palestine #SanctionIsrael #16giugno…
"Il Centro palestinese per i diritti umani @pchrgaza segue con profonda preoccupazione le condizioni di salute del detenuto #AhmedManasra (21), incarcerato nella prigione di #Eshel a #Beersheba e condannato a 12 anni di carcere, ⬇2
dopo che lunedì sera, 13 giugno 2022, è stato trasferito all'ospedale carcerario di #AlRamla a causa del deterioramento della sua salute e delle sue condizioni mentali.

Secondo le informazioni disponibili presso il PCHR, ⬇3
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16 years ago, 3 of my friends were “found” dead in their cages on my cell block, hanging by the neck, hands and feet bound, cloths shoved in down their throats. Their names were Yasser, Mana, and Ali. The #Guantánamo camp admin called them suicides.
رحمهم الله.
This was 6/9/06 and we were in Camp 1’s Alpha block. Yasser, Mana, and Ali and I had been on hunger strike recently and were known by the camp for protesting our indefinite and arbitrary detention, constant harassment, and #torture.
Yasser was barely 17 when he was sent to #Guantánamo and had been sexually harassed by female guards and interrogators. He’d been told he was going to be released soon. He had the most beautiful singing voice.
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@ICARSBanRandS @NeuroClastic @unsilenced_now So this ONLY applies to children??? I'm still traumatized 8 yrs after being brutally manhandled & physically harmed due to my #EhlersDanlosSyndrome after going to a hospital for 'HELP' while having what I THOUGHT was a panic attack but I now know was a meltdown caused by ...
@ICARSBanRandS @NeuroClastic @unsilenced_now undiagnosed autism. I only discovered a year ago that I'm autistic & what's been happening to me are MELTDOWNS. After I got there, the bright fluorescent lights, painful hard furniture & COLD in the psych ER where I found out the hard way that, once u're there, u can't leave ...
@ICARSBanRandS @NeuroClastic @unsilenced_now until a psychiatrist gets around to seeing you, which was about 17 hours that time although nobody would tell me how much longer I had to wait & they take all ur clothes & shoes & have no pillows or blankets; just a one-ply hospital gown open in the back and non-slip socklets ...
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#LeFigaro #Censors Journalist Anne Laure #Bonnel's #Donbas Article | May 31
- “For over eight years, these left-behind people have lived in cellars without access to a job and other fundamental rights for the full enjoyment of a dignified life,”…
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Pls see our report on #stf #lka which cited #sinhalese insiders from the force describing their involvement in whitevan abductions in Colombo & executions in the East.…
#STF should at v least be Leahy vetted by .@USEmbSL & ineligible for @UNPeacekeeping
& it's not just us - UN bodies reported on STF involvement in #torture as far back as 2002: (P30 of report)
IN 2015 UN investigation cited #stf in connection with disappearance & #torture & mentioned their close links to #tamil paramilitaries in the East of #srilanka
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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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1/4 In the context of #Ukraine, I would like to draw your attention to 🇰🇿, where human rights defenders are under pressure. In particular for recording the facts of #TORTURE & the shooting of #kazakhstanprotests2022 in January of this year. @CoESpokesperson @MartinaMlinare1
2/4 @Ombudsperson_KZ, met with the @CommissionerHR,did not talk about the realities of the country. Today in court human rights activist Aidar #Syzdykov said that he was ready to go to #suicide.Because it's simply impossible to defend the violated rights in the system, @sturcalo
3/4 where all forces are used against the dissenters within the law. Civil society condemns the introduction of #CSTO forces & demands withdrawal from the military and economic union. @Verfassungsblog @MihraRittmann @OSCE_RFoM @freedomhouse @telegraaf @anceschistan @courtneywmh
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@VilleTavio #persut Olette jytkystä lähtien, vuosikausia näytelleet oppositiopuoluetta ja tuhlanneet äänestäjienne aikaa, varoja, työtä ja vaivaa, sekä pettäneet luottamuksen.
-Ja nyt vasta teette poliittisen itsemurhan, kun verenhimoinen #siionismi raaputettiin esiin
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Urgent thread:
We’re very worried about my father who called this morning and said he won’t be allowed to make anymore calls, and was chanting Free #Bahrain, Free #Palestine, and down with israels collaborators - they kept cutting the call and he kept trying to call back.
Yesterday during his call he named people who took part in and/or were responsible for his torture, and we’re worried about the retaliation against him - more so than what they’re already doing as I’ll mention in the following tweets
Due to my father’s chants in Feb about #Palestine, all treatment for the damage done by #torture he endured has stopped, as well as all access to medical appointments - some were urgent as he may be going blind in his right eye due to glaucoma, which is progressive & irreversible
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1/5 Valentina #Matvienko visited #Almaty & made a proposal to create a human rights committee for the #UIS. Does this mean that #Kazakhstan will withdraw from the @UN_HRC? The prototype of the @ECHR_CEDH created by #Putin will lead to a new repression of civil society. @Left_EU Image
2/5 #Tokayev already fails to comply with the Resolutions @eu_eeas. For example, the number of arrested civil activists has increased. The relatives of Nurzhan #Sembayev are being pressured and not allowed to use an independent lawyer. @EamonGilmore @rozathun @MihraRittmann @hrw
3/5 Punitive psychiatry methods were used against political prisoner Yerulan #Amirov. He has never been released, there are more, more civil activists in the penitentiary institutions. @CiudadanosCs @nnienass @ilirmetazyrtar @NikollaLindita @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorLeahy @Quirinale ImageImageImageImage
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@Romualddu13 J'avais vu aussi hier soir des images montrant des faits de cette nature (ne comprenant pas la situation, je n'ai pas relayé), mais ils se multiplient et ça devient inquiétant.
@Romualddu13 #Ukraine À #Kiev, un voleur présumé a été "attaché" à un arbre et forcé de chanter l'hymne national ukrainien…
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Ukrainian #Jewish #mma fighter tortured in #Ukraine.
Matched tattoos on his knee to confirm it is Maxim Ryndovskiy. #OSINT #Ryndovskiy
Open source info = 2 versions:
1/ He was Pro-Chechen visiting DPR regularly
2/ Far right Ukrainians (Nazi supporters)
No solid intel yet.
#Facebook ID:100026417802478, so far, no Pro-Russian or pro-Chechen views have been found which would corroborate Version 1. His FB profile has friends in Ukraine and Russia, mostly female, no Chechens, no open source Pro-Russian propaganda. #OSINT #Ukraine #Ryndovskiy
His #Twitch account, he can be seen playing war games…
His videos:
*Note the Star of David on his logo, the only thing found so far in regards to Pro-Russian or Pro-Chechen views is nothing, just a love for #judaism and his roots.
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"The unenthusiastic reception at @hmpbelmarsh cd not deter me, but it certainly contributed 2 my rapidly declining of perception of #Britain as a reliable partner in the area of #HumanRights".

@UN Special Rapporteur on #Torture, @NilsMelzer (first visit to see #Assange) 🧵
@hmpbelmarsh @UN @NilsMelzer @CraigMurrayOrg @johnpilger @medialens @caitoz @Jonathan_K_Cook @ggreenwald @jimmy_dore @johnmcdonnellMP @StellaMoris1 @wikileaks How thoroughly depressing: the #UK's "#Guantanamo" gaol treated @UN official, @NilsMelzer, investigating torture, WORSE than he's experienced in #Ukraine provincial prisons and in #Turkey.

Let that sink in 🤔 Deeply shameful for all UK citizens...


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Read "Liddle' Adam Schiff's coded message.

Looks like "WE the PEOPLE" have a lot of EXPOSING to do today!!!
Alice Liddell?
#StadardHotel #Bear?
#Haiti #Sacrifice
#PizzaRelated #FBIfile?
Define: Hank? ImageImageImageImage
What did [AS] COVER-UP?
What did the FBI Cove-up?
Confronting signs of spring in our Garden?
Paint the [R]ose [RED]?
Grandma's Flower Garden?
"SLAVE" Garden?
Hillary Clinton Foundation
James 8 Corney?
No leaks? ImageImageImageImage
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Begin thread 🧵: Update on repression in #Bahrain on the 11th anniversary of the Pearl Uprising, courtesy of @hrw:…
Sheikh Ali Salman was unjustly imprisoned in December 2014 after leading a protest rally in #Bahrain. He is a @DefendingFreedoms prisoner of conscience who should be freed immediately and without conditions. @USEmbassyManama…
Naji Fateel, a blogger and #HumanRights activist, was unjustly detained in #Bahrain in May 2013 and tortured in custody. He is a @DefendingFreedoms prisoner of conscience who should be freed immediately and without conditions.…
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I appreciate & take the concerns of @NBPactueel very seriously. I have investigated & provided training & advice for police & military operations in contexts of war & violence for 20+ years & personally experienced their often very difficult & dangerous working environment. (1/7)
Throughout my career, I have also seen more than enough to be able to immediately distinguish allegations of #PoliceBrutality that require careful contextualization from cases that are plainly obvious & primarily require immediate correction. (2/7)
My two statements of 3 January 2022 may be harsh, but they are neither biased nor premature, but respond to well-documented facts that are clearly incompatible with international standards irrespective of any contextual factors & that require urgent & decisive remedy. (3/7)
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1/10 The recently released @HBO documentary “The Forever Prisoner” ignores the ongoing brutal harms against Abu Zubaydah, the focus of the documentary, and all victims of the “War on Terror.”
2/10 The shortcomings of filmmaker Alex Gibney’s documentary remind us that justice delayed is justice denied and acknowledging harm should be a goal worth pursuing in and of itself.
3/10 Ultimately, Gibney’s film falls short of this goal.
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6 UN rapporteurs & the working Group write to #srilanka president saying prevention of terrorism act (#PTA) is not compliant with #lka's international law obligations:… - Government response at…
They complain about vague legal definitions - esp. regarding INTENT to cause communal disharmony & say language needs amending. Also say PTA might allow 4 unlawful detention, confessions thru #torture + concerned about who can arrest and if law can be retrospectively applied.
Also that official recognised places of detention need to be used with proper registers & families informed.
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Key facts #AssangeCase

- #Assange’s legally privileged conversations have been extensively spied upon by the US.…

The key witness in the US case against Assange is a convicted paedophile & fraudster who admits to fabricating the evidence in exchange for FBI deal.
#InternationalHumanRightsDay #AssangeCase

#Assange faces 175 years in a US supermax for revealing 100% true information. He will be tried under the Espionage Act which has no public interest defense & won’t be allowed First Amendment protections. This criminalises journalism
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