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Between 2017 and 2018, the #Oscars, #Grammys, and #GoldenGlobes lost 14 million viewers around the world, and there is a lot of shocked questioning in America on why this is happening. The reason is simple, though it would be hard for America to accept it. For a long time, the
rest of the world accepted Western culture as the epitome of artistic achievement and took at its cues from Western culture. But slowly and subtly this has changed. The West, especially America, does not charm people by its lifestyle anymore. In fact in the East a lot of people
now feel that the lifestyle that American-style capitalism triggered is harmful not only for individual lifestyles but also for the world (for instance in energy consumption). Also, American values are no longer seen as the ones that people want to emulate, especially in Asia
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1. Was Fiji Water girl Kelleth Cuthbert serving at Golden Globes random? You won't believe what I found!

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #FijiWater

@findtruthQ @martingeddes @intheMatrixxx @LisaMei62 @prayingmedic @qanon76 @WeAreOne_Q @MagniFieri @Anon_decoder @andweknow @cordicon @maccloskey1
2. I had some help on this. @O_I_l_l_l_O provided some great info on defining Cuthbert's dress, designer, color and more. Many thanks!

So what's the big deal? A chic photo bombs the biggest names on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Did you stop to ask, how is this possible?
3. The only actress that has really been upset about the whole deal is Jamie Lee Curtis. She was furious and released a statement: "'The sponsors of events need to get permission from people before they try to take their picture with them,'" Curtis wrote."…
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1) Who's in the mood for a midnight thread?
2) Clearly the storm is here.
It's a lot to process.
3) I literally don't even know where to start.
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Someone at a #GoldenGlobes party last night:
Hey are you from China?


Are you Korean?

Um no, sorry.

*a group nearby*:
The issue isn’t about being recognized or “known.” Not everyone watches the Olympics just like not everyone sees every movie.

And there’s definitely nothing wrong with (politely) asking someone who they are, or where they’re from.
The issue is the assumption that a person isn’t _____ if they don’t fit your preconceived notion for what a _____ looks/acts like.

People’s views are shaped by their experiences, but they are also shaped by the books/magazines they read, and the movies/shows they watch.
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White Squall clip played at the Golden Globes including the #WWG1WGA bell

How many coincidences before something becomes mathematically impossible?
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #MEGA #GoldenGlobeAwards2019 #WhiteSquall #DarkToLight
This was played right before Christian Bale thanked Satan for his award

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #WhiteSquall #GoldenGlobes2019
“Normally at this point of the show, the host would do something fun and spontaneous to show how we are all just ordinary people, like ordering pizza for everyone”

Pizza and flu shots, the classic combo
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #GoldenGlobes
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Right now, like RIGHT NOW, an 18-year-old Saudi woman is being dragged to a @KuwaitAirways flight in Bangkok to be sent back to the family she fled last week. She has requested asylum and fears she will be killed if she goes home.
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If you are new to my timeline and think it's nothing but politics and cats, please know that a long time ago, it used to be fashion and cats.

Tonight is the #GoldenGlobes.

You may wish to mute me.
One hates to begin with a wrinkled nose It's weird to be weird. A simple Grecian column would have been divine; this is the napkin folded at the out of town relatives table at the Bat Mitzvah.
I know I'm going to appear churlish but now this is too boring. If a dress is going to be this simple, the shoulders must fit perfectly. These do not. There was a beautiful column dress between these two women.

Do love the color, though.
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It's a banner year for LGBTQ inclusion at the #GoldenGlobes but trans writers say Foreign Language nominee "Girl" is "the most dangerous movie about a trans character in years." Read what trans and queer critics are saying. @TheAcademy @NetflixFilm

“Girl isn't a ‘deeply humane’ or ‘arrestingly empathetic’ drama about the trans experience…It's sadistic exploitation made for uneducated cisgender audiences to feel like they get it…It's the most dangerous movie about a trans character in years.” @THR…
"A sickening sense of alienation swept through me in that screening as I watched cis men distort the intimate facets of my life in order to flex their artistic muscles." @BFI…
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Marvel's Black Panther won Original Score, Album, and Song at the Hollywood Music In Media awards. Congrats @ludwiggoransson @SZA & @kendricklamar @SounwaveTDE Al Shux.…
Russo Brothers show their support for Director Ryan Coogler and Black Panther cast. Oscar season 💖. Seeing other Marvel Cinematic Universe directors show support is awesome.
Great piece about Stan Lee by Rise of The Black Panther comic creator @EvNarc "Wakanda was the way Stan Lee spoke to me"… via @Polygon
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The Times sent a Pulitzer-winning political photographer to shoot the #GoldenGlobes red carpet, and the results are really something:…
And this one:
And these:
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On a very special night, as long as everyone wears black, if one industry of rampant perversion lectures another industry of rampant perversion super self-righteously, all the perversion is solved.
Gal Gadot is a perfect human. We don’t deserve her protection. #goldenglobes
Oh, hi, @TheRock! There are two perfect humans on stage. We don’t deserve their protection.
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Today I am going to try and cook for the first time since I was paralyzed.

I used to cook most nights for me and The Wife. After Mass on Sundays, I would make brunch.

I made every holiday meal for 17 of our 18yrs together. I did the #Christmas baking.
I started cooking as a child. I grew up in a chaotic household. Great politics but a chronically ill mother. I was the oldest sibling & the maternal stand-in.

I became a vegetarian for political reasons at 14, so I had to learn how cook that diet cheaply since we were poor.

In college I cooked for everyone. I knew how to stretch $.When I was in the domestic Peace Corps I taught people how to cook with next to no money.

I love feeding people.
I think food is an evocation of love for many folks.

I haven't been able to cook since I was paralyzed.
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It’s #GoldenGlobes Sunday. Four years ago, at the Globes in 2014, Woody Allen was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. Four years ago I decided enough was enough and wrote an open letter detailing the abuse I sustained at the hands of Woody Allen. /1
I thought it would make a difference. I thought things would change. I learned quickly (and painfully) that my optimism was misplaced. His time wasn’t up. /2
Today, four years later, it is Globes Sunday again and many, if not most, will be wearing black on the red carpet in solidarity with the #TIMESUP movement. They will stand against sexual harassment and abuse in their industry and all others. Good. I stand with them. #metoo /3
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