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All (Elected) Republicans are MAGA Republicans, by @danpfeiffer…

I don't need to read this, because it is obvious to me. The only people who don't see it are Democrats who still think bipartisanship exists. It doesn't. Not only is there no more....
bipartisanship, but the GOP no longer even pretends to care about real governance. Steal Social Security & gut Medicare, reduce women to #HandmaidsTale citizens, fight so that children can consent to sex, birth & marriage, and ensure that anyone....
that wants a gun can get one.

That, and their endless propaganda & lies about election fraud, trump victimhood, immigration boogymen & overall commitment to criming, the GOP is more a terrorist organization than a political party.

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13 Bills Passed By Democrats in The House but blocked by Republicans in The Senate.

Share this w/ everyone.

1.“The Women’s Health Protection Act”: Should women have a right to have an abortion in America?

Dems: YES 218, NO 1

Reps: YES 2, NO 208

2. “The Right to Contraception Act”. Should Americans have a legal right to purchase contraception?

Dems: YES: 220, NO 0

Reps: YES 8, NO 195

3. “The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act”. Should the oil industry face penalties for price gouging?

Dems: YES 217, NO 4

Reps: YES 0, NO 203

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If you don’t want a government that can force you to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term— #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

If you don’t want a government that can deny you contraceptives—

If you don’t want a government that can tell you with whom you can make love and whom you can marry—

If you don’t want a government that will do nothing to protect your child from a troubled teenager with an assault rifle—
If you don’t want a government that can ignore the people at the polling place—

If you don’t want a government that will do nothing about rising temperatures & the danger they pose to all of us—

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1\Again, if you think that getting rid of Roe has anything to do with religion, or constitutional law, you are mistaken. Those reasons are what get fed to the masses.
2\What they are doing is holding on to the slim majority that white people have in this country using any means necessary, except for those that would also benefit minorities (providing positive support to mothers, etc.).
3\Go look at your conservative "majority" states and look who is having the most abortions:… - they want more white babies to indoctrinate into the GOP cult.
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Today the partisan theocratic hacks on the Supreme Court, ruled that all American women are second class citizens, forbidden from making their own decisions regarding their health & bodily autonomy. #GOPWarOnWomen #NoFreedom4Women #RoeVsWade #GOPDeathCult
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