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The UK is facing a “terrifying” “crisis point” in abortion provision, experts say, with rising demand & restricted access to care in many areas putting unprecedented pressure on struggling #NHS services.

Many anti-abortion Tories will be delighted.…
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All (Elected) Republicans are MAGA Republicans, by @danpfeiffer…

I don't need to read this, because it is obvious to me. The only people who don't see it are Democrats who still think bipartisanship exists. It doesn't. Not only is there no more....
bipartisanship, but the GOP no longer even pretends to care about real governance. Steal Social Security & gut Medicare, reduce women to #HandmaidsTale citizens, fight so that children can consent to sex, birth & marriage, and ensure that anyone....
that wants a gun can get one.

That, and their endless propaganda & lies about election fraud, trump victimhood, immigration boogymen & overall commitment to criming, the GOP is more a terrorist organization than a political party.

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That project turned out to be a guest spot on Louie.

Her episode, titled Model, aired on May 5, 2014. | via @YahooEnt

#YSDecadeInReview #YvonneStrahovski @Y_Strahovski… Image
That same night, Yvonne made her first appearance as Kate Morgan in the two-hour premiere of 24: Live Another Day.

Here's a video of the #24LAD team at their London screening event. | via @GettyImages

#YSDecadeInReview #YvonneStrahovski @Y_Strahovski
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I get it. The deeper we get into this @GOP #christofascist #HandmaidsTale #LARP, the more it feels like we are living in a dystopian novel and the more draw on stories to understand our experience. 1/ A Planned Parenthood clinic...
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The idea that a cyberpunk Red State sheriff - Boss Hogg meets Robocop - would use period-tracking apps for dragnet abortion surveillance is a great setup for a novel, but it's not very reflective of reality. 3/
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"God gave you a voice. Use it. If you can see the worth in me, then you can see the worth in everyone you meet. We are all called to serve, as an everyday act of humility, as a habit of mind. To see the worth in every person we serve."-- Elizabeth Bonker…
Gene Editing Can Change The Social Behavior of Animals in Unexpected Ways…
#GeneEditing, #VasopressinHormone, #AnimalBehavior, #UnexpectedOutcomes
Deep Visual Proteomics defines single-cell identity and heterogeneity | Nature Biotechnology…
#DeepVisualProteomics, #CellularPhenotypes, #ImageAnalysis, #ArtificialIntelligence
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In the early 1980s, I was fooling around with a novel that explored a future in which the US had become disunited. Part of it had turned into a theocratic dictatorship based on 17th-century New England…
Puritan religious tenets and jurisprudence. I set this novel in and around Harvard University—an institution that in the 1980s was renowned for its liberalism, but that had begun three centuries earlier chiefly as a training college for Puritan clergy.
The Bible was cherry-picked, with the cherries being interpreted literally. Based on the reproductive arrangements in Genesis the wives of high-ranking patriarchs could have female slaves, or “handmaids,” and those wives could tell their husbands to have children by the handmaids
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Very interesting data unveiled by the #WallStreetJournal, provided by @AntennaData.
To this day, ##WonderWoman1984, #Hamilton & #Greyhound still hold the records of spikes in daily new subscriptions for #HBOMax, #DisneyPlus & #AppleTVPlus, respectively.
But the data provided by #Antenna to the #WSJ also revealed an inconvenient truth: The Phantom menace of Churn is real. Almost 50% or more of the original subscribers of movies like #WW84 and #Hamilton are gone after 6 months in a streaming service.
The data provided by #Antenna also show how big series such as #Netflix #BigMouth or #Hulu’s #HandmaidsTale although not attracting as many subscriptions as big films, do a slightly better job in retaining most of subscribers attracted during weekend of release for longer.
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hey everybody! @gabbfern and @MKMetivier here (i’m taking the pic lol), live at the #Emmys2021 red carpet

do you have any qs you want us to ask? drop em in the replies⬇️
five seconds of #Emmys2021 red carpet

(it actually took one full minute to walk all the way down lol)
follow us on tiktok 😌
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I don't recall where I read this, but the #surrogacy story of a famous rich single man managing to exploit three different women just came back to me vividly: First the egg donor, then the "surrogate" mother and finally the nanny, because he's not doing the childcare...
Egg donors tend to be chosen for genetics, so they're catalogued to genetic father by looks, intelligence, family health history. They're usually poor university students who need money to keep studying. Egg donation carries significant medical risks incl. infertility and death.
Women who do modern surrogacy (where the baby is not genetically related to them, back in the day surrogacy also meant prostitution to/rape by the genetic father) also strongly tend to be marginalized. The industry likes to outsource this "job" to women in impoverished countries.
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"My body, my choice, my life."…
Yesterday, a law banning abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy went into effect in Texas after the Supreme Court took no action to stop it.
Both #HandmaidsTale — based on the popular novel about a totalitarian society that treats women's bodies as reproductive vessels and property — and #Texas were trending online, leading many to express their opinions about the state of our nation and its treatment toward women.
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Handmaid’s Tale season 4 has gone off the rails from a story telling perspective. I am all for suspending disbelief when I am watching sci-fi but not when I am watching something that should still apply the laws of common sense.
Or at least common Gilead sense. There is so much going on that simply would not occur in Gilead or in any society that behaves the way Gilead does. June’s own actions also defy belief considering what she has been through over the last few years.
It’s always been the case that June should have been on the wall in season 1 and that is true but the fact that she is not on the wall early in season 4 along with Lawrence is beyond belief.
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Jay Sekulow is in the Council for National Policy (aka America’s Taliban), a networking & umbrella group for Religious Right zealots and billionaires. He’s as radical as they come. 1/
I wrote about the Council for National Policy here. I’m pretty sure someone else came up with the phrase “America’s Taliban.” It fits. 2/…
3/ The CNP has ties to many of the #HandMaidsTale freaks trying to take over the US.
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I want to believe that #HandmaidsTale is building up to a commentary of race and privilege via June's ability to remain unscathed while women of colour suffer and die around her and often, because of her.
There's an interesting contrast in the way Ofmatthew/Natalie is treated by the other Handmaids for colluding with Aunt Lydia, and how Janine, a pet of Lydia's, is treated. Both are fragile. Ofmatthew is attacked and bullied, while Janine is treated with affection and kid gloves.
Is Ofmatthew the means by which the show tries to confront the racial issues that a society like Gilead would surely have? That women of colour will be treated kindly so long as they toe the line? If so, I would have liked to have seen more of her history. The actress was superb.
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These images from the #HandmaidsTale have stayed w/me all week. They've stayed w/me b/c it wasn't too long ago, that we'd see images like these in a movie & just view them as fictional portraits of an unrealistically dystopian future.

Now I can't help but view them as a warning—
These images warn us of what's to come if we don't change course.

Exaggeration? Wed in AL, a woman was arrested for miscarrying after being shot.

“The only true victim was the unborn baby."

A woman was shot, miscarried & SHE was arrested. America,…
We've lost our way. Women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, minority rights—they're being chipped away right before our eyes.

We're separating families & locking kids in cages. We're denying soap, sleep & toothpaste to refugees fleeing violence—…
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You have to understand the system to dismantle it.

Walk with us through the hierarchy of Gilead, from top to bottom. #HandmaidsTale
Commanders. The highest-ranking Sons of Jacob who shape and control the government.
Eyes. The secret police who find and punish traitors to the regime.
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Friendly reminder, in this time of evangelical Christianity dominating popular conceptions around what it means to follow Jesus —

The actual “end of days” that the Bible talks about is not about violence and mayhem, but peace with justice.

I have some receipts, fwiw.
Revelation, that Biblical book over which fundamentalist Christians love to (piously) orgasm, lays it out:

“See, the home of God is among mortals…death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more” (Rev. 21:3-4).
The prophet Isaiah sketches out a vision of a “peaceable kingdom” at the end of days:

“The wolf shall live with the lamb…” (Isa. 11:6)
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#HandmaidsTale really taking the oppressiveness and fear of little sounds in the midst of silence to a new level
(Livetweeting the first two #HandmaidsTale S2 episodes. Don't want spoilers, blacklist the tag...)
Repurposed Boston landmark alert.
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