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Two non-controversial truths about #HowardSchultz' potential candidacy aren't getting much attention. Both are disqualifying and yet have nothing to do with policy.
The first is simple: we are living through a presidency of an oligarch who had no record of public service before his election.

Given the approval ratings of this president, why would any voter want to repeat that?
Examples abound in history of oligarchs leapfrogging into positions of power in republics and destabilizing them.

We are already in crisis; why deepen it?
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1/ #HowardSchultz says lot of silly things, but the dumbest of all is his claim to be a "self-made" billionaire. NO ONE is self made. He wasn't raised on an island by a porpoise. We all have help: family, teachers, mentors, and in his case employees who created value 4 Starbucks.
2/ This self-made conceit is at the heart of American inequality and our rationalization of it. If you believe where people end up is all because of their own effort and skill you'll rationalize racial and class and gender inequity as normal and do nothing to fix it...
3/ You'll ignore the way that luck and various head starts based on being white, male, etc have helped you. What America needs much less of is people like Schultz who lack the humility to admit the way systems favor some (them) and disfavor others...
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#HowardSchultz is not a serious candidate for President. He has no real desire to run, never mind win. The Presidency is not his goal. His goal is to control policy in @TheDemocrats.
Thread time!
.@HowardSchultz not a Ross Perot style billionaire setting out to rattle cages, naively thinking he can buy his way onto ballots in 50 states and have a credible chance of winning by appealing to the disenchanted. He's a hostage-taker. And his hostage is the Democratic Party.
In all his interviews, he seems fixated upon "extremists within both parties". His example for extremism within the Democrats? Support for a return to higher marginal tax rates, and expanded or even universal health care like you find in every other advanced democracy on earth.
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. @MTPDaily @MTPDailyTweets @MSNBC The discussion about #HowardSchultz missed the point. Schulz is running as an independent. That makes him an opponent to any Democrat. Given that the odds of Schultz winning are small, all he may do is siphon votes from a Dem. Dems aren’t.../1
...necessarily afraid of Schultz winning. They’re afraid of him losing & pulling votes away. Let’s face it. #JillStein (perhaps at #Putin’s request) sucked votes from #Hillary. We don’t need another 4 yrs of #Trump so #BillBurton can line his pockets. And Bill knows it./2
...Bill’s rationale & attempt to distinguish Stein from Schultz is RIDICULOUS. His Op-Ed didn’t split hairs. And he fricken’ knows it./3
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Yes, but Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz - The #WallStreet candidate who backs #China OVER American interests is the qualified one. LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Former Starbucks CEO @HowardSchultz is MORE CONCERNED about Wall Street and his bottom line than the middle class. Him and other #BigBusiness propping up #China is what DECIMATED the American middle class.…
I'll bet the CoC (US Chamber of Commerce), who also supports #China over American interests, will also support Schultz.

CoC, Wall Street, and China are DESPERATE to get their money back from the canceled & renegotiated trade deals.

They need a candidate, so he is probably it.
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