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We don't need Socialism to fix the environment.

AOC's Green New Deal (nice of #JillStein to let her use that name w/o mentioning that it was "her" idea back in 2016) would cost $100 TRILLION over the course of 10 years. When asked how we'd pay for it, she said "Take it out of...
... the Defense Budget."

Which is less than $1T/yr.

Never mind that she's a Congresswoman, I thought bartenders and waitresses could do better math than that!

$100T / $1T/year = 100 years.

Her objective has NOTHING to do with the environment - Her goal is Socialism...
Since #Bernie fizzled out, they became "Progressives" and "Justice Democrats" (as opposed to...?).

So the "half-a-loaf" option kicked-in: If you're all working on the same $100T program for the same employer, what's the difference between that and Socialism?

No difference...
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@dallasnews @PressHerald @IdahoStatesman @JournalStarNews Here is an observation of the #SenateIntelReport this information was known by the intel committee & @RepAdamSchiff during the impeachment trial presented this yet
who are up for re-election acquitted a person that was known to have lied to federal investigators which proves once again @GOP including @senatemajldr who is also up for re-election who has his own entanglements with Russian oligarchs (#OlegDeripaska) choose to have a rule of
law for them and another for the people of America. THe swamp is in Washington and it has been proven by there own report the swamp is the 5 people above and then you must include the rest of the members of that committee who all voted to acquit someone they knew was GUILTY of
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If you read one #book before November's contentious, horrifying #election, "We #Recommend" you check out this seminal, groundbreaking one on #democracy and #voting by #RollingStone and #Guardian reporter Greg Palast!…

#Vote #Votes #Elect #Fraud #Theft
In his inimitable, rousing, feisty fashion @Greg_Palast within chronicles past & present weaknesses & vulnerabilities of #voting in America & provides crucial instruction on how to assure yours gets counted and is not thrown out.

(Real possibilities you might be unaware of!)
The short, highly readable, artfully #illustrated work also contains an informative treasure trove of excellent research and #information regarding deceptive practices and unnerving implications, from willful #purging of #blacks, #seniors and #collegestudents from #voter rolls...
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Please look at this picture.

It's a kick-off meeting of the people PUTIN selected for the 2016 Election.

I've identified some of the people who have since demonstrated TREASON, yet only MANAFORT is in prison.

Key point to note: PHIL "But her EMAILS!" GRIFFIN runs #MSNBC, STILL Image
Also, please note that TAD DEVINE was #Bernie's $1M/month Campaign Advisor is sitting next to MANAFORT, and, yes, they worked together undermining Ukrainian democracy since this photo was taken.

When the 2016 Election started, they worked together vs Hillary, but SO DID #MSNBC!
You may recall that #MSNBC gave Trump an hour/day during "Morning Joe's" daily show.

PHIL GRIFFIN was their boss.


Their main shows STILL support "Justice Democrats", who are just PUTIN PUPPETs.


#Bernie split Hillary's support. ImageImageImage
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As a Brit looking in on #American politics with some interest and concern for the environment, peace and human rights there are presidential candidates pr potential candidates that have drawn my attention.
#TulsiGabbard #AnfrewYang #AlexandriaOcasioCortez #JillStein #BernieSanders #MarianneWilliamson So I have some democrats & a Green Party candidate now could they all work with each other in a cabinet? So here i go with my suggestion for a potential #USA 2020 government cabinet:
President #TulsiGabbard
Vice President #BernieSanders
Secretary of State #AlexandriaOcasioCortez
Secretary of the Treasury #AndrewYang2020
Secretary of Health & Human Services #JillStein
Secretary of Education #MarianneWilliamson
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. @MTPDaily @MTPDailyTweets @MSNBC The discussion about #HowardSchultz missed the point. Schulz is running as an independent. That makes him an opponent to any Democrat. Given that the odds of Schultz winning are small, all he may do is siphon votes from a Dem. Dems aren’t.../1
...necessarily afraid of Schultz winning. They’re afraid of him losing & pulling votes away. Let’s face it. #JillStein (perhaps at #Putin’s request) sucked votes from #Hillary. We don’t need another 4 yrs of #Trump so #BillBurton can line his pockets. And Bill knows it./2
...Bill’s rationale & attempt to distinguish Stein from Schultz is RIDICULOUS. His Op-Ed didn’t split hairs. And he fricken’ knows it./3
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#JillStein 📣 Retweet if you want to see JILL STEIN investigated, indicted, convicted, and incarcerated.
"Money Stein raised to recount votes in 2016 swing states is being used by her campaign to pay for legal bills stemming from the investigation of Russian interference." | @charliearchy @thedailybeast…
"And the new financial documents only raise new questions about how the money was actually allocated." | @cjcmichel @ThinkProgress…
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#HillaryClinton won the popular vote by 3M, but lost the Electoral College by less than half a percent--77k votes--in PA, WI, MI.

Votes for #JillStein totaled more than 250k votes in those states.

#VoterSuppression is a huge threat.
The refusal of the Sanderses to fully support #HillaryClinton after Sanders lost the primary in a landslide created a schism among Democrats that was perpetuated by false claims that somehow Sanders was cheated.
Instead of calling for his supporters to vote for #HillaryClinton, three days before the election, Sanders was--inexplicably--giving cover to Trump supporters.

20% of those who supported Sanders in the primaries voted for Trump in the general.
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When I wrote a column asking what kind of receipts folks were getting and where,
in writing, there would be an accounting of the money raised and how and where it would be spent, I was called a naysayer who didn't want Hillary to be POTUS.

Also, votes for #JillStein were more than #HillaryClinton lost by in PA, WI and MI--the three states that decided the election.

Jill Stein's Recount Cash Pays for her Russia Legal Fees.…
Also, like Trump, Stein never filed tax returns for 2016 or 2012. So we don't know her worth. Or her husband's.
But we do know she has run for some office since 2002 every other year and won none.

That's a lot of campaign money.
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1/ Did you wake up on Nov 9, 2016 with a gnawing disquiet in your gut?

Me too.

Something wasn't right. It still isn't.

2/ Did you seriously question how in the hell election "results" could vary so widely from poll results?

Me too.

So did @mikefarb1.
3/ While the gov't was doing whatever it was doing, in a quagmire of political bullshit, @mikefarb1 + his Unhackthevote team stepped up.
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