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Okay... Let's talk about the decade in which I was born... [THREAD]
Now, you may well claim right from the get-go that I'm not properly qualified to talk about the 1980s in great detail, since I only lived through a little over 18 months of it in person, and much of my experience of it was second-hand at best.
Naturally, I'm not going to claim to be an unqualified expert on the decade - I'm not a professional historian (cultural, political or otherwise), and while I can claim to be the last generation to remember the #Berlin Wall, I don't exactly remember where I was when it came down.
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Thread: #BushFamily
Various articles of interest to read through. Use your own discernment; nonetheless, compelling

This story may seem difficult to believe at first, until one learns more about the social inter-relations that tied together these unlikely parties.
Specifically, we must focus on a fascinating woman named Pauline Pierce, born Pauline Robinson — whose third child was named Barbara.
Report: George W. Bush’s Grandfather Is The Most Notorious Satanist In Modern Times
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"Dimon’s statements disavowing responsibility show that #WallStreet firms will continue to funnel US money into Chinese companies regardless of the risks, collecting their fees with glee…"

Thread [Paragraphs worth pasting in full, 1/3] 🔥 by @joshrogin.…
[2/3] "Gensler’s response, in which he promised to push for more disclosure from Chinese companies, shows that the #SEC still doesn’t understand that #XiJinping has no intention of allowing that to happen.

The #CCP’s recent actions show clearly that the risks of investing…"
[3/3] "…in Chinese companies that have no real accountability & transparency are growing quickly—and steps to protect US capital markets must be hastened… #WallStreet firms & regulators who ignore this now are failing in their responsibility to protect the American people."
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(1\49) A Personal Memoir Perspective on my path and what I see for #Blockchain & #Crypto for the People?

I grew up in a cult religion. First exposure to mind-control & understanding of how profound belief structures were, due to the intensity of such an environment. $EGLD $CEL
(2\49) Upon reflection, while the magnitude was different much of the belief structures of the world were equally as harmful & deceiving. They could create a social construct that to everyone inside it felt like the most ideal way to live. They could make everyone stop
(3\49) questioning things. None of this felt right to me though. Even at a young age I had a skeptical mind, in part because my body was already sick and I hadn’t been on this earth very long, more on this in a future date but just understand the medical industry is full of
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☣️1/ Timeline proving UNC been constructing SARS #coronavirus chimeras since AT LEAST 2006 (!), bent on producing live attenuated vaccine (or offing us all, depends on how you see it). Thank you, Dr. #Fauci!

Please hold "Pandora's box" of public discussion wide open on this one.
2/ 2006:
a. Look at "we need a LAV because lab leaks of epidemic strains happen"
b. List of vaccine problems, including ADE (mentioning 1992 pub on fCoV)
c. Construction of pandemic-level chimeric icGDO3-S "challenge virus" with spike from 2003 SARS case… ImageImageImageImage
3/ This lab has a history of leaks. Like SARS mice escapes. Extremely humanised BLT-L were invented c. 2019, but we just don't know what those "simpler" 2014 mice were carrying - killler chimeras or live vaccine variants. Or if lab staff got infected.

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1/ While we await @coinbase's listing, #InvestmentBanks are having record earnings. 10x the revenues of Coinbase in Q1. By that metric, given Coinbase is expected to hit 100B, all the #banks have to do is setup #cryptoexchange & volia! Trillion $ Banks:)…
2/Lets take @GoldmanSachs first: GS stomping expectations on both its top & bottom lines: $18/share: 510% gain TYoY. Revenues of $17.7B, a 102% YoY & +51% sequentially, leaving in dust the $11.97B estimate

@psb_dc @amitTwitr @thepsironi @cgledhill @ronitA380 @charlesdhaussy
3/@jpmorgan has close to half Trillion $ valuation: Adjusted EPS: $4.50 vs. $3.05 est. Revenue: $32.3 billion vs. $30.4B est. Q1, earned $14.3 billion in net income, up $11.4B YoY. That is 30x coinbase revenues. Markets? Revenue hit $9.1B, up 25%!!
Shine Bright Like a Di(a)mon!!
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1/ #Coinbase $COIN- The Big Cryptocurrency Revolution,
The world watches as the largest #cryptocurrency exchange is now set to go public on NASDAQ through #directlisting. With 56M users, the platform is bigger than its traditional counterparts (#Robinhood, #Venmo , etc).
2/ Opening New Doors for Investors
The day will be marked as a historical event in the books of #WallStreet as it bridges the gap between legacy investors and the #cryptomarket.
The quarterly results have already shown a surge of 847% i.e. $1.8B revenue
3/ Why is now the right time to go public?
This move takes advantage of the current market conditions.

The last two quarters have seen investments of $7B in #Bitcoin. Major companies like $TSLA and @elonmusk have also shown keen interest in Bitcoin & Crypto
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Mega hilo de celebración de 1000 seguidores:

Aquí va un "resumen" de la estrategia de investigación e inversión que me dio resultados top en Coinbase en 2020

También explico cómo la pienso aplicar a medio y largo plazo en 2021.

Menciono proyectos muy atractivos para 2021
A principios de 2020, tras varias malas experiencias con diferentes exchanges operaba casi exclusivamente con @Coinbase, que es el Exchange entry-level para la mayoría de personas nuevas en el mundo crypto.
Observé que los proyectos listados generalmente experimentaban un aumento inmediato de valor y también funcionaban bien a medio y largo plazo ya que Coinbase normalmente solo respalda activos que cumplen con sus estándares técnicos, regulaciones y pagan una tasa astronómica.
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(1/8) Aquí tenéis las empresas que creo que lo puede hacer /seguir haciendo bien durante las próximas semanas 👇

#WallStreet #wallstreetbets #StocksToWatch #StocksToBuy #Bolsa
(2/8) $FUV: Rotura de la tendencial bajista con punto de resistencia clara en los 21$-22$ (antigua resistencia) de superarla podríamos ir a tocar los 25$. Sigue siendo una empresa que me gusta a título personal y que tiene un potencial de crecimiento increíble.
(3/8) $RSI ya la comenté en el análisis que hice de su ER. Tiene un técnico bastante similar al de $FUV donde tras la presentación de resultados rompió la bajista y en este caso vemos como hay una resistencia en los 20$ que de romperla la próxima parada estaría entorno a los 22$.
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THREAD: Urgewald & partners just published an analysis of the financiers & investors behind the *entire* coal industry for the 1st time.

One of the shocking results:
Banks provide more money to coal than in 2016🤯

Read the full analysis:

Banks provided $US 543 billion to the coal industry in 2019, likely at least as much in 2020. A sobering reality check on banks’ climate commitments.

The vast majority of banks’ coal exclusion policies have too many loopholes for their impact to be meaningful.
US investors account for 58% of the global coal industry, holding bonds & shares worth $602 billion!

@JoeBiden must address #WallStreet as a huge driver of climate pollution. Its massive investments in the coal industry are driving us ever deeper into a climate crisis.
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THREAD: Zum 1. Mal decken wir gemeinsam mit Partner*innen Geldgeber & Investoren der *gesamten* Kohleindustrie auf.

Erschütternd: Seit dem Pariser Klimaabkommen haben Banken jährlich MEHR Geld in die Kohle gesteckt.🤯

Die Ergebnisse:…

In den letzten 2 Jahren haben Banken Kohlefirmen mit über 1 Billion $ unterstützt. Ein ernüchternder Augenöffner für die "Klimaambitionen" der Geldhäuser.

Zu viele Banken haben riesige Schlupflöcher in ihren Kohleausschluss-Richtlinien - so bewirken sie fast gar nichts.
Deutsche Banken sind für rund ein Zehntel (31 Mrd. $) der gesamten Kreditsumme (315 Mrd. $) für die globale Kohleindustrie verantwortlich. Ganz oben: @commerzbank & @DeutscheBank. Auch die @sparkasse|n-Gruppe gehören zu den Top deutschen Kohlefinanzierern. #banksagainstfuture
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Best Stocks and DDs from Reddit 👇
⌚️ 22/02/2021

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets #wallstreet #wsb

🟡 Expected to post a blowout quarter in Thursday 💣
🟢 Announced 1 billion buyback 💸
🟣 Interest rate of short in 30% 🐻

Full DD 👉…

🟥 Regional malls
🟧 Good management
🟨 Collection rate is good
🟩 Is a short interest 🤷‍

Full DD 👉…
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Another day, another list of stocks Down pointing backhand index

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets #WallStreet
$HYLN is a EV-EV Hybrid company working on powertrains in Class 8 vehicle…
Without $USDA passage of the Farm Bill us retards from the rural/disconnected areas would be behind the NYSE.…
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🟥 Diabetes tech
🟧 Competitor $DXCM has a crazy valuation
🟨 Better products…

🟥 Stock downgraded to sell
So, WSB says buy…
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Positions being tracked today!

Check 'em out! 👇🏼

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets #wallstreet
RBC Capital Stick to Their Buy Rating for $COTY…
Plan to dissolve my other investments at a loss and have my portfolio consist of only $PLTR.…
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I love the hashtag #silversqueeze. It awakened a young generation to Silver. But at the risk of drawing fire, is it time for a rebrand? @S_Mikhailovich called me out on this, quite fairly pushing for #realpricediscovery. My logic to follow
People joining #wallstreetsilver and the movement very quickly understand that this is about ending price suppression. In a shortsqueeze, forcing the shorts to buy higher is a temporary thing, before the shorts cover and price comes back down. Perhaps slightly higher.
For silver it's about multiple claims on the same asset. It's about overly leveraged positions. Perhaps a desire to keep the price down to make inflation seem under control. As a commodity it's clearly underpriced with more demand than supply. Low prices create this deficit.
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We are tracking a ton of stock positions from reddit!!
All positions are backed by $DD and are not 💩 post

#PoolsApp #finance #stocks #investing #trading #StockMarket #investors #wallstreetbets #wallstreet
Weed Stock
Short Position
Price: $45…
Ford (Boomer Stock)
Price: $11…
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For the hedge fund companies, Wall Street, the media, and/or anyone else that doesn't agree with the #Retail investors buying #amcstock and saying #AMCtothemoon. In 2020 @AMCTheatres celebrated their 100th year Anniversary, as they were founded in 1920, and are the second biggest
share holder of the American market after Regal Entertainment Group! They have approx 1,000 theaters and approx 11,000 screens! In Feb. 2020 they paid their 24th consecutive quarterly dividend! This company has been successful for 100 years, as we all love to go to the movies
with our friends and families! Why do people like @jimcramer think it isn't our right to determine what a company is worth, who is Wall Street to tell us, we are wrong for buying into a company that we want to save because we believe in it! We will continue to hold our shares
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It only cost me $7/share to become an $AMC stockholder. How is that a bad thing?
@AMCTheatres have bars in them, that serve Margaritas!
After this pandemic is over and you take your kid to see a movie you'll really appreciate that. Image
Just wanted to pass on that I was able to book a whole theater as a Birthday Present and it went perfectly....and made me look really good.
Thanks @AMCTheatres @AMCHelps
I'm gonna have to hold on to my $AMC stock and earn those #AMC Stubs now. Image
All eight of the New Vision Theatres will be re-branded as part of the AMC family of theatres. The first change you will notice are the new, branded signs on the interior of the building. #AMC @AMCTheatres Image
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Understanding $GME & the movement that’s going on #wallstreetbets vs #WallStreet Billionaires. People were buying $GME for a few reasons
1. To make money
2. Stick it to a bunch of Billionaires & insiders
3. B/c everyone is tired of holding the bag
What does 3 mean?!?
The #wallstreetsbets are avg Americans who have lost a lot from Govt lockdowns in 2020 to collapsing home prices in 2008. Americans are pissed who constantly see headlines of trillions being printed & only get $600 stimulus check and realize where the other Billions are going?
Now why was the #silver short squeeze a bigger deal then $GME b/c there are enough intelligent people out there who understand that we are in a fiat debt based system & owning all the precious metals & sending the price higher exposes the #greatfiatponzischeme ultimately..
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1# THIS IS BS!!! Please LISTEN REAL clear. Who cares if #Citidel $BAC #bankofamerica $MS #morganstanley $UBS #UBS $WFC #wellsfargo R the largest owners of $SLV. It DOES NOT matter AT ALL! The VERY little they own in #Silver can NOT save them! All banks do business with each other Image
#2 Buying #Silver is a for sure way to take down ALL of the corrupt banks!! $JPM & $GS & many others R #short #Silver. The #FederalReserve is short #Silver. If we all buy Silver the corrupt banks will #FAIL! Buy ALL THE $SLV $PSLV & #Physical U can. Please be CLEAR #silversqueeze
#3 it DOES NOT matter that some of the banks, market makers or brokers own $SLV!! They don’t own enough to save them from their own demise. So what if they are long $SLV , they are short in the futures markets , options & the biggest is loaning out Silver IOU paper contracts that
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@AOC che critica #Robinhood perché non lascia comprare #GameStop ai piccoli investitori è l'ultimo nonsense di un sistema impazzito. Comprare #GameStop oggi è come spendere 4 m. euro per 20mq a Tor Bella Monaca ("per far perdere gli speculatori") e volerci anche fare dei soldi
Le trading app come #RobinHood o #eToro usano le commissioni zero sul trading azionario come specchietto per gonzi. In realtà sono molto costose su derivati, leva finanziaria, trading di crypotovalute (dove indirizzano gran parte degli utilizzatori)
Le trading app come #RobinHood o #eToro non sono il riscatto dei piccoli sui titani di Wall Street o gli hedge fund, ma l'opposto: un sistema ben dissimulato per aspirare soldi dal basso della scala sociale verso l'alto. Dai piccoli risparmiatori a #WallStreet. Perché? Semplice..
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What happened with #GameStop this week is basically unprecedented. At one point, there were 38% MORE outstanding claims to GameStop stock than stock that actually existed! Good news: we can fix this with #blockchain
If shares of stock were issued on a #blockchain, #MainStreet investors would own their own shares of stock (currently, just a claim on your broker), #WallStreet can be more efficient and regulators like @SEC_News can more accurately monitor the market.
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