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📣 ⚠️ MAJOR UPDATE: How much will @CoveredCA’s expanded/enhanced #ACA subsidies reduce YOUR premiums? THREAD:…
@CoveredCA In October, I posted an analysis of @CoveredCA’s expanded subsidies, showing how they’ll reduce 2020 premiums for both those who didn’t previously qualify for subsidies *and* those already receiving them. However, I was using the wrong table for my calculations! 2/
@CoveredCA The ACTUAL expanded subsidy formula is even MORE generous! Therefore, w/apologies to @CoveredCA, @aewright & @healthaccess, I’ve re-run the numbers & graphs to show how much different households in Sacramento, CA will save if they #GetCovered for 2020! 3/…
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📣 IMPORTANT: The Dem POTUS candidates seem to be bogged down in a #M4All vs. #PublicOption debate...but EITHER of those would take several years to get passed, signed, implemented & ramped up. In the meantime, the #ACA itself desperately needs to be protected & strengthened. 1/
Robust #ACA2.0 bills have been introduced by both @HouseDemocrats (#HR1868 / #HR1884) *and* @SenateDems (#S1213, aka #CHIPA), and either of them could be implemented almost immediately upon signing.

Yet there's been little movement on either of these since last spring. 2/
Therefore, as we enter the 2020 #ACA Open Enrollment Period, I'll also be launching my next Big Wonky Healthcare Data Project: How Much Would #ACA2.0 Save YOU?

I intend on running the numbers & posting tables & graphs for EVERY. SINGLE. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. 3/
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📣 HEADS UP: House @EnergyCommerce Committee to grill @SeemaCMS on #ACASabotage this morning starting at 10am:…
Here we go: Opening statement by @RepDianaDeGette; overview of Trump Admin actions attempting to sabotage the #ACA. Ironically, it sounds like she might have a bit of a cold herself.
Opening statement by GOP ranking member @RepGuthrie; needless to say he's gushing with praise for Verma. As I explained yesterday, the "4% drop in premiums" for 2020 is a) misleading and b) is basically just a correction of carriers overestimating costs in 2017 & 2018.
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It took me all day to write this up, but here’s the short version: *subsidized* #ACA enrollment is *up* 1.7% since 2016, but *unsubsidized* is *down* 40%. #KillTheCliff #HR1868 cc: @LaurenUnderwood…
See how the big manilla section in the middle has shrunk? Those are the 2.25 million unsubsidized enrollees (+250K unsubsidized on-exchange) who've dropped out of #ACA plans over the past 2 years as premiums have shot up. 2/
Avg. premiums jumped around 23% in 2017 & nearly 28% in 2018. The 2017 hikes were largely due to the federal #ACA reinsurance program sunsetting (it's since been reinstated in nearly a dozen states), but the 2018 hikes are mostly due *directly* to Trump Admin policies. 3/
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I'm glad to see @RepUnderwood's #HR1868 back in the news. Here, again, is my explainer of how much it'd save #ACA enrollees...and, just as importantly, how MILLIONS OF PEOPLE not *currently* eligible for tax credits would become eligible:… #ACA2.0
#HR1868 is a remarkably simple bill which solves the single biggest complaint people have about the #ACA, by opening up tax credits to millions of *middle class* Americans while also strengthening the formula for those currently receiving them. Here's what the bill does. #ACA2.0
How much would this save? Well, right now, on average, a single adult earning $49,960/yr pays no more than 9.86% of their income for premiums, while the same person earning $49,961 (just $1 more) has to pay full price...which could be as much as *three times* as much.
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“Nurse and freshman member of Congress introduces important bill to significantly improve ACA until universal coverage can be passed in the future”

#ACA2 isn’t an *alternative* to MFA, it’s an important stopgap to improve things in the short term.
#ACA2 is desperately needed for the next few years REGARDLESS of whether we eventually move to MFA, Med4Am or some other universal coverage program.
ACA2 could be fully implemented pretty much immediately, possibly even retroactively for some provisions. MFA or even Med4Am (which I support) will take several years to ramp up, so at least some ACA2 provisions would still be needed in the meantime.
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