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I am trying to recap what just happened with #MedicareForAll.
So media say you can't tax the rich because the plans taxing the rich will not go through Congress, right?
Our current healthcare system is very inefficient because the cost should be doctors +treatments +hospitals , but we also have to pay the enormous profits of the private insurance companies. It is projected that current system will cost 50 trillion over the next 10 years.
Sanders campaign& independent analysts eg. @MattBruenig have been shouting it from the rooftops that #MedicareForAll will save trillions for the American people. MSM pretend not to hear& keep asking "how will you pay for it".
How do you pay for something that costs less?
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📣 IMPORTANT: The Dem POTUS candidates seem to be bogged down in a #M4All vs. #PublicOption debate...but EITHER of those would take several years to get passed, signed, implemented & ramped up. In the meantime, the #ACA itself desperately needs to be protected & strengthened. 1/
Robust #ACA2.0 bills have been introduced by both @HouseDemocrats (#HR1868 / #HR1884) *and* @SenateDems (#S1213, aka #CHIPA), and either of them could be implemented almost immediately upon signing.

Yet there's been little movement on either of these since last spring. 2/
Therefore, as we enter the 2020 #ACA Open Enrollment Period, I'll also be launching my next Big Wonky Healthcare Data Project: How Much Would #ACA2.0 Save YOU?

I intend on running the numbers & posting tables & graphs for EVERY. SINGLE. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. 3/
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My personal guess is that *if* Dems hold the House, take the White House and retake the Senate, the best healthcare bill we're likely to see passed/signed before 2024 will be:
--If they kill the filibuster: ACA 2.0 + Public Option
--If they don't kill the filibuster: ACA 2.0 only
...either of which would still be a MASSIVE improvement over current status quo.

That doesn't mean I have a problem with pushing for #M4All or for #Med4America (as I'm doing). What to push for, what to settle for and what will actually get passed/signed are separate questions.
Obama basically campaigned on "ACA 2.0 + Public Option", was willing to accept "ACA 2.0 only" after Lieberman screwed us, but *signed* "ACA 1.0" after Kennedy died & Scott Brown won his seat, leaving the weaker Senate version as the only option left.
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Forgive me, I am no expert on #MedicareForAll, but it hurts me to see Biden, Klobuchar, ABC, etc. DISINFORM the American people to this extent! Until I was 26 years old I lived in countries with UHC and it looks like this makes me kind of an expert. 1/?
First thing that many Americans don't know is that UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, that is a system in which society treats healthcare as a right and therefore EVERYONE in the country is covered, exists in every other developed CAPITALIST country in the world. 2/?
Yet many Americans associate UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE with socialism. Why is that? US once was a PIONEER of worker's rights. FDR's New Deal was COPIED by other developed capitalist countries, mostly as a way as a reaction to Russian Revolution, to PREVENT the rise of communism. 3/?
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.#M4All alone wont completely close the maternal mortality gap. Poverty is not the only cause, which is why Bernie wants to support HBCUs & cancel debt to grow the ranks of Black Drs.

But expanding coverage IS the #1 way to close the gap according to the Ctr for Repro Rights.
Perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to close the maternal health gap is make sure all Black women are insured.…
We also must ensure Black women are receiving patient-centered care, which is why this campaign has committed to fully funding HBCUs, which graduate a disproportionate number of Black Drs, & also providing student debt relief so they can afford to practice in low income hospitals
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📣 Thanks to @paulkrugman for reminding me that I completely forgot to address @JoeBiden’s scaremongering factor in my write-up of his (pretty good) #ACA2.0 healthcare proposal:…
@paulkrugman @JoeBiden Something really important to keep in mind re. the #ACA2.0 / #M4All battle: The #ACA *itself* allows for individual states to go Single Payer if they want to, via the 1332 Waiver provision. Vermont and Colorado both attempted to do this. Both ended up failing...
@paulkrugman @JoeBiden ...but let's suppose both had been successful, and the other 48 states had followed suit. Now you'd have 50 states with Single Payer healthcare systems. Would that be considered "eliminating Obamacare"? Depends on your POV.
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Earlier today I was asked why I thought there was sudden interest around the issue of reparations this time around. Perhaps cynically, I think this is more about getting to the left of the most progressive candidate in the race more than it is commitment to #ADOS.
I also think that "it's not popular" is a bit of a cop out w/r/t reparations. It's true, but if politicians cared about the issue, they would do the political work to popularize it outside of the campaign cycle. Support for #M4All doubled among Republicans from 2016 to 2019.
22% of Republicans supported #M4All in 2016, compared to 44% now. What happened btwn then and now? Bernie Sanders ran a campaign centering the issue and didn't stop advocating for it once the campaign was over. Politicians should strive move poll numbers, not merely follow them.
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