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(sigh) Over 7,500 people have "liked" her first tweet and over 1,200 have shared her misinformation. Worse yet, she's apparently an MD.

It's time once again for...The Three-Legged Stool®!
I can't believe I have to explain this over 10 years later, but under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (the #ACA), INSURANCE CARRIERS CAN'T CHARGE HIGHER PREMIUMS TO PEOPLE BASED ON THEIR MEDICAL OR HEALTH CONDITIONS.
Here's how the #ACA's "3-legged stool" was designed (it's gone through a few changes over the years, most notably the federal individual mandate penalty being cut off & replaced with the World's Most Expensive Shim®):
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You almost got away with the neutral presenting bad faith "just asking questions" shroud popularized by the horseshoe left, but this tweet tips your hand. The 2020 election was not STOLEN on any level, and certainly not through the supposed suppression of the Hunter Biden story
This is how you can spot the bad faith shtick of the phony online left. Thier obsession w/ elite media & politics power games while ignoring or dismissing actual ongoing oppression and corruption of basic systems of government. Mostly white & white adjacent champagne socialists
Trump suppressed the vote through the USPS, intimidated secretaries of state, GOP legislators limited voting access for black people, a report drops this week of the MYRIAD ways Trump tried to undermine the popular vote - And you say hiding Hunter Biden STOLE the election?
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Hello @ninaturner:

We need to talk. I checked the #OH11 Special Primary Election results. You are just 6.1% behind. Let me say that again. Only 6.1%.

This is not a loss. It means you got to change the lane & keep hitting the Gas Pedal.

The Special General Election is on Nov 2.
I do not know what are #OH11's law, but you do @ninaturner.

Is it possible for you to run in a Third Party, whether it's the Green Party or People's Party, for the Nov 2?

Think about what I just asked. Is it possible? Because 6.1% is very easy to grab back & gain more.

Is it?
Why do we fall @ninaturner? So we can learn to pick ourselves up again.

Pick yourself up & fight back like you have never done it before. You've seen everything that happened. Learn the mistakes & change the lane by entering a Third Party for this Nov 2 General Election.
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"Pragmatic Progressives"
Let me repeat that:
Our Revolution is abandoning #M4All. Image
“They aren’t abandoning it! They’re just working to push it through in stages!”

Yes. Another word for that is “incrementally.”
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No one should die or go into debt because they can't afford to see a doctor or get medical treatment.

Insurance, pharma and medical lobbyists disagree— spending billions buying politicians and spreading lies.

Let's cut through their BS with some #MedicareForAll mythbusting:
Health insurance ≠ healthcare.

Having "access," to purchase health insurance doesn't mean you'll be able to afford it, or the out of pocket costs associated with using it. It also doesn't guarantee your insurance provider will cover your doctor visits or treatments.
If you're on a flight and get upgraded from coach to 1st class, you didn't just get "kicked off of air travel."

#MedicareForAll is a huge upgrade that guarantees high-quality healthcare, saves money, & expands your choices of doctors.

#M4A eliminates barriers to healthcare.
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Call these Progressives in Congress who ran on #M4A out. They must make a stand. The time has come for them to draw a line.

Now is the time. NOT next Election Cycle. Candidates who are running right now (Except @ninaturner) are speaking on 7/24 & they don't know?

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
Rep Raul Grijavia
202 225 2435

Call him & explain that #MedicareForAll is a human right & it's an emergency. There are Marches happening throughout the USA on 7/24.

Ask him if he will join in. Yes Or No.

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
Rep Cori Bush
202 225 2406

Call her & explain that #M4All is an emergency & is a human right & it's an emergency. There are Marches happening throughout the USA on 7/24.

Ask her if she will join in. Yes Or No.

#RallyForM4A! ImageImageImageImage
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Marches for #M4All is happening on 7/24 across the USA. Everyone must #KnitTheRevolution with @WholeWashington, @RedBeretsM4All & @M4M4ALL.

Together, let's fight for this Policy, which is a human right Policy & NOT a talking point.

Credit goes to @M4M4ALL & @SavageJoyMarie1.
So far, it's happening in 27 States & 36 Cities. Special thanks to @M4M4ALL who organized these Marches across the USA & @SavageJoyMarie1 who has booking Speakers in these Marches.

#M4All is the only answer & everyone must get involved.

30 M uninsured. 40 - 85 M under insured. There are horror stories each & every day with regard to healthcare.

32 Countries have managed to implement #M4All & D.C. cannot even figure this out. Enough is enough!

Let's March with @WholeWashington @M4M4ALL & demand this Policy.
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#M4All is a Policy that has been far long overdue. It first appeared on FDR's Second Bill Of Rights. It's not a pipe dream. It's a reality.

Everyone must #KnitTheRevolution with @WholeWashington & @RedBeretsM4All. Together, let's March all across the USA & fight for this Policy.
.@WholeWashington & @RedBeretsM4All are effectively fighting for #M4All in WA at the State level.

They have Ballot Initiative I 1362. Everyone throughout USA must get involved & follow. State By State can happen.

Single payer is the only solution.
30 M uninsured. 40 - 85 M under insured. There are horror stories each & every day with regard to current healthcare. Enough is enough!

Everyone must join @WholeWashington & @RedBeretsM4All.

Let's fight & demand #M4All because it is a human right Policy & not a talking point.
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Everyone desperately needs, wants & must have #M4All because it is the right Policy.

In WA State, @RedBeretsM4All & @WholeWashington are fighting for this Policy at the State level.

@TheRagtagBand & many others have endorsed them; except the elected Progressives. Call them.
Call them all. Call them every day. Call them until they give a Yes or No answer. Make them to give an answer.

Explain to each of them on who @WholeWashington & @RedBeretsM4All are, what they do, how far they have reached & so forth.

Call them. Call them all. Because:
Enough is enough. These Progressives in Congress who ran on #M4All have to make a stand. The time has come for them to pick a side.

Either they're with @RedBeretsM4All & @WholeWashington & give an endorsement OR they're not what they are.

Because we are tired of waiting.
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Do you care about the #GreenNewDeal ? #M4All? #FightFor15? #JobsGuarantee?

If so, read these Five Facts about Modern Monetary Theory, or #MMT. Its what we need to make it all happen.

#MMT also has Ozzy, the fluffiest mascot in the history of economic policy: Image
1: Ozzy's human there is #MMT champion @StephanieKelton, an economic advisor to @BernieSanders. Stephanie's latest book cuts through all the stale bullshit about government spending.
2. #MMT destroys that stupid question ``bUt HoW WiLL wE PaY fOr iT?". Is even better than the retorts we already know. Proves that normal economics is nonsense to make rich people even richer.

IMO the best short explanation of #MMT is @SamAdlerBell's.…
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Is the *left's* position that the only way to change hearts & minds is to knock millions of doors & have 30 min conversations with each person abt Medicare for All? Or might high profile events that draw attention to the failure of our healthcare system in this moment be helpful?
Organizing is important. But Biden didn't knock doors or even have field offices in many key states until late in the game. What he did have was the total support of the corporate media, & a solid narrative for them to push: "I am the only one who can beat Trump."
Biden also had the support of every corporate interest group in the country.

It's hard to compete with that. But it given how much bipartisan distain for this type of behavior there is, you can endeavor to make taking this money politically toxic.
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To tax or not to tax... that is not the question.

Thread 1/x
The issue is not whether the rich should be taxed more... of course they should... for a host of reasons from income and wealth inequality to access to scarce real resources that should serve the public and to mitigate their influence within the public sphere.
But the real question is why do folks attach tax wars to programs that save lives? Like #M4All or #CancelStudentDebt. It is allowing people to die fighting a tax war to pay for life saving progs when taxes dont fund those progs at all. I call those who do that murderers by proxy.
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(1) Please join us for a Tweet Storm this Tuesday anytime between 4pm & 5pm ET. Hashtags will be #ReplacePelosiJan3 & #ForceM4ALLVote (please don't use the hashtags until Tuesday 12/29 at 4pm ET)
(2) Initial goal is 2 put pressure on Squad 2 vote 4 persons other than Pelosi & McCarthy 4 Speaker until she withdraws from Speaker race. At that point other Democrats will enter the race & whoever wins will need 2 do so with the support of the Squad & other Dem factions.
(3) So, Squad & other factions will have an opportunity 2 negotiate deals w/Speaker candidates. Our goal at this point is 2 get multiple floor votes, among them #M4ALL, as well as other priorities, rule changes such as #nopaygo,
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THREAD: So...Newsom appointed @AlexPadilla4CA to be our next Senator.

We were part of a campaign pushing for a progressive appointment. Part of that campaign was sending prospective candidates questionnaires, and Padilla (well, a surrogate), filled his out

Here's what we got:
Padilla claims to support decisive climate policy such as #GND2030, banning fracking, ending development of the fossil fuel infrastructure, and direct emission regulation. Padilla views climate change as ‘an existential crisis’.
What did @AlexPadilla4CA say on voting rights? Priorities include: a constitutional amendment to overturn #CitizensUnited, reinstating the #VRA, banning photo ID laws as well as dramatically expanding early/vote by mail options.
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This is stupid.

"Change" could mean whatever sort of change the voter wanted it to mean.
"Yes We Can" was a similarly generic call for taking action. It wasn't tied to any one specific policy.

"Defund the Police" taken on its own would appear to mean...defunding the police.
"But it doesn't LITERALLY mean removing all funding from police departments!"

OK, but:
1. If you have to explain've already lost.
2. There actually are some DTP activists who really do mean literally that, and they muddy up the water for the rest of the movement.
Bernie has been using the phrase "Medicare for All" for years...yet huge chunks of the population still assume "Medicare" means "current Medicare w/premiums, co-pays & deductibles" and that "...for All" means that it'd be voluntary, not mandatory.
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Obviously it could hurt #M4All Dems...but it could also help Biden.

In fact, it might even *help* the M4All candidates--some voters who hate Trumpublicans but are jumpy about voting for a M4All Dem might be reassured by being reminded that he opposes it anyway.
I realize most voters aren't aware of (nor do they care) the intricacies of Senate rules, the filibuster, etc...but the bottom line is that even if every M4All-supporting House & Senate candidate wins, I'm pretty sure it'd still fall far short of majorities in either body.
Actually...does anyone have a definitive list of which NON-INCUMBENT House/Senate candidates are on the record as supporting M4All? This list seems to be outdated:
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“Cori Bush is the future of the Dem Party, & I say that not bc of her policy positions...but bc the next generation of Dems are going to [have come] out of the wave of activism over the last 5 or so yrs.” - @PodSaveAmerica

He rightly cites @sunrisemvmt & BLM, but omits Bernie. Image
Favreau goes on to anticipate lefty backlash against minimizing policy, but argues that something more was at stake given that Clay was for the GND & #M4All.

I agree in so far as credibility matters. As do the volunteers drawn to the ground effort bc of that credibility.
One of the hosts (I’m sorry I can only ID favs & Lovett) goes on to make the good point that none of these qualities is sufficient — you need progressive policies & credibility etc. When lefties say centrists dismiss policy, it’s when they pretend being young/non-white is enough.
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You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
According to @loujacobson of @PolitiFact, if a President promises NOT to do a thing, then TRIES to do a thing but fails because Congress shot it down, that means they "kept their promise." 2/
So if I promise NOT to commit murder, and once elected I *attempt* to commit murder but I'm stopped by the police before I can pull it off, I guess that means I get credit for "keeping my promise". 3/
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This isn't intended to be glib. I really want to know. Because there's a gap between the "vote blue no matter who" rhetoric coming from mainstream Dems, and the (appropriate) desire to extract concessions from a candidate who, in many ways, doesn't represent the electorate.
It can't both be that "Black people are a firewall who always come through no matter what," and "you need to listen to us or else."

Or else what?
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This is why I am feeling so defeated. I promised my friend I wouldn't stop fighting until #M4ALL was a reality.

Robin was a very dear friend of mine. I met her at one of my first protests and her eyes lit up when she noticed my "BERNIE: because fuck this shit" button. 1/12
She was stuck with me. Robin served as the Delaware County Iowa Dem Chair and was very politically active in Iowa. She was a 2016 Bernie state delegate. We attended many rallies, protests and events together and she was always just so thoughtful, composed and passionate. 2/12
She was in a viral video a few years ago when she confronted Sen. Grassley for voting to repeal pre-existing conditions protections. She then appeared on Lawrence O'Donnell to speak about her confrontation and activism. MY GIRL!! She was my activism mentor. 3/12
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📣 THREAD: Since Bernie's "Who the hell knows how much #M4All would cost" clip on #60Minutes is causing such a stir, here's why his answer, while terrible, is actually accurate. Let's look at the much-discussed "Mercatus Analysis" which received so much attention in July 2018: 1/
Back in July 2018, Charles Blahous of the @Mercatus Center, a *right-wing* think tank which isn't a fan of #M4All, came out with a 10-year projection about how much Bernie's #M4All bill would cost *assuming it was implemented exactly as worded* 2/…
There were a TON of headlines screaming about how Bernie's #M4All proposal "would cost $32 Trillion!", which isn't surprising..but there were *other* headlines, including from Bernie himself, noting that the same analysis projected M4All "would *save* $2 Trillion!". Huh?? 3/
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#DemDebate: OK, here's write-ups on all 6 candidates' healthcare plans. Remember, ALL OF THEM would vastly EXPAND coverage, REDUCE enrollee costs and PROTECT coverage of pre-existing conditions!

First up, of course, is @BernieSanders' "pure" #M4All:…
#DemDebate: Here's @JoeBiden's healthcare plan; basically a robust ACA upgrade with a Public Option added (#ACA2wPO):…
#DemDebate: @Ewarren was "with Bernie on healthcare" for awhile and still wants his ultimate "pure" M4All in the end, but she's since decided to split it into a 2-part process:…
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Again: The ACA succeeded where "HillaryCare" failed in large part because the Obama Administration learned not to try and take on EVERY PART of the health insurance industry SIMULTANEOUSLY. This led to a law which is far from perfect but which still made major improvements. 1/
The ACA took on and won SOME battles, but not so many as to guarantee that it would go down in flames...and even then it BARELY squeaked by, and only in a watered-down way. If they had insisted on going after EVERY player at once, it would never have happened at all.
The insurance lobby had mixed feelings about the ACA. It stopped most (not all) of their ugliest practices, forced them to stop discriminating against "undesirable" enrollees, and put a cap on their profits. On the other hand, it also provided a flood of enrollees & subsidies.
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I am trying to recap what just happened with #MedicareForAll.
So media say you can't tax the rich because the plans taxing the rich will not go through Congress, right?
Our current healthcare system is very inefficient because the cost should be doctors +treatments +hospitals , but we also have to pay the enormous profits of the private insurance companies. It is projected that current system will cost 50 trillion over the next 10 years.
Sanders campaign& independent analysts eg. @MattBruenig have been shouting it from the rooftops that #MedicareForAll will save trillions for the American people. MSM pretend not to hear& keep asking "how will you pay for it".
How do you pay for something that costs less?
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