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How do we explain to the #idleg and #idgop that gender changes begin in the womb as moms drink from water bottles. Our entire food supply is delivered with gender disrupting phthalate packaging. Little girls (my daughter) start periods at age 7. It's in our food supply.
We cannot pump hormones into our children bodies prenatal in our food supply then punish them as sinners we did this. Our food supply did this. Endocrinologists have been trying to warn us and we don't listen as we munch on our phthalate packaged snacks.
The “Granolas” we right all along and we mocked them.
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I had hoped that some were right and that Winder’s bills SB1187 and SB1188 were just a gambit to give the RW something they wanted and to get to Sine Die. I am wrong. /1 #idleg #1stAmendment
After thinking about SB1187 and SB1188 and rereading them and after evaluating them, are far worse than I had initially thought. /2 #idleg
Let’s look more closely at the dog’s breakfast Sen. Winder has served up “because things changed” in SB 1187 /3 #idleg…
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House Ed is about to consider two bills on how to handle "harmful" materials in public and school libraries #idpol #idleg
The first from Rep. Jaron Crane would allow parents to sue a library for up to $10,000 each time a library lends their child a book, movie or other item deemed "harmful" #idpol #idleg
The second from Rep. Jack Nelson would require all libraries to develop policies by October to sort books and other materials by age appropriateness or grade level. Also, have a process in place by which parents could restrict which books their kids could check out #idpol #idleg
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We have a slew of harmful bills coming. How do we know? Because despite best efforts to hide #HateLeg with covert titles, these bills are being presented in other states. We’ve already read them. They are unoriginal and they certainly weren’t written by Idahoans.
Senate State Affairs 8AM MST - Hearing for SB 1056 repeal of statute which clarifies who is a militia in this state. This bill should have protected us from the vigilante occupations of CdA & Sandpoint in June 2020.

More from @GeorgetownICAP:…
Sen. Teows has an intro in this meeting too. We are watching him closely due to his pledge to make biblical laws at the Altar Church in Kootenai Co. before he was elected... We are classifying him as a Christian Nationalist going forward. #idpol #idleg…
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RE: Idaho ESA Bill & Homeschooling!!!

There've been concerns raised about ID S 1038 & its potential impact on nonpublic schools & homeschooling. So I wanted to address these concerns...

🧵 1/12

#idpol #idleg #SchoolChoice #IDFreedomCaucus
S1038 expressly states that the program does not authorize state control of nonpublic schools (33-6604)... This means that no government agency can exercise control or supervision over any nonpublic school or homeschooling.


#idpol #idleg #SchoolChoice #IDFreedomCaucus
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Good morning! I cannot seem to wake up on time but that's ok. Today will be difficult to keep track of because many meetings are happening at the same time. We hate when this happens. Makes it hard to follow. #idpol #idleg Click for agenda and rooms.
Some things potentially helpful this morning in House Ed are Rep. Mathias RS 30134Abuse of School Employees, and Rep. Lantings RS 30139C1- No school on election day – Student Safety. We really love our teachers and students and want them safe. Stay tuned! #idpol #idleg
Potentially new crappy things to watch for are-
House State Affairs Rep. Skaug's RS 30172-Indexing unemployment benefits to the state’s unemployment rate.
Rep Alfieri's HB 75- VOTING – Amends existing law to revise provisions regarding voting by absentee ballot.
#idpol #idleg
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Good morning, late start, sorry!

Happening right now in Senate State Affairs-
Senator Foreman trying to expand militia presence in Idaho.

RS 30243 Relating to Military and Militia; Repealing Section 46-802, Idaho Code…
#idpol #idleg
RS32046 -Relating to the Protection of Minors; Amending Title 48-these people really think they can mandate a filter on juvenile devices and internet networks to keep them from watching porn LOL. This failed before. Its never going to happen, and thats intrusive AF. #idpol #idleg
Sen. Foremans Militia RS repeals the list of those who may parade around in public with firearms. Says armed militia groups go back to the days of George Washington and his concept of having many small militia groups for defense still holds true today. #idpol #idleg
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HB1038 - Freedom in Educ. Savings Accounts (ESA). Takes money from public schools to give to students to enroll in "qualified schools" defined as "nongovernmental primary or secondary schools." Broadly defined, but does not include public schools. (thread below) #idpol #idleg
Puts participating students' parents under contract to use money transferred to ESA in nongovernmental schools (meaning, no public or charter schools), and releases school district from all obligations to educate the participating student(s). #idpol #idleg
However, participating parents can STILL utilize the ESA money for "services provided by a public school, including individual classes and extracurricular programs," even though the student is not enrolled and the school is released from all obligations. #idpol #idleg
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RE: Boise State, Ibram Kendi, and... RECEIPTS

@BoiseState had Ibram Kendi speak at their 2023 MLK Living Legacy Celebration. He's thought by many to be one of the most divisive, racist people on the planet.

But... who paid for it?

1/ #idpol #idleg #idedu
I emailed BSU and they told me this:

"Monday’s keynote address by Dr. Ibram Kendi at the 2023 MLK Living Legacy Celebration was organized, planned, funded and executed by students. No appropriated dollars were used for the event."

2/ #idpol #idleg #idedu
When I asked who paid for it specifically they said:

"The fee was $25k plus $2,500 for travel expenses, paid from student fees and not appropriated funds."

Now I have the contract btwn "Boise State University" & Kendi's agency, it appears to be illegal

3/ #idpol #idleg #idedu
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Here's what to expect in the upcoming #idleg education policy debates. As I outline my predictions and share some personal anecdotes, please bear with me for a moment. Without further delay, let me delve into the specifics...#idpol #idedu
I've noticed a number of promising bills that promote education freedom through the use of Education Savings Accounts (ESA). AZ, WV, and FL have all implemented successful school choice models. Ultimately, it's about empowering PARENTS with more control over their child's edu.
Beware! The educational elites, special interest groups, and media will fiercely oppose anyone who wants to give parents more freedom in education and allow children to escape failing government schools. In fact, the attacks are already underway.
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Investigating the ultimate Education Freedom plan that will increase per pupil spending & decrease class sizes. 2 things that should satisfy union & @reclaimID desires if they are truly honest about who they serve. #IDLeg #IDPol #IDEdu

Time for…
A Thread 🧵
Much attention has been directed at what the 67th Idaho legislature will be doing with the "historic" increases in state education funding that have been passed over the past several years, including the special session in Sept of this year.
But the biggest news in education funding and freedom in this country happened earlier this year down in Arizona. With AZ's proven success, Idaho can bypass the trial period and implement a similar program for all Idaho families.…
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🧵 Thread Time.

This report is intended to expose some disappointing actions, to put it mildly, by two different titans of Idaho politics.
1) Former State Senator Patti Anne Lodge
2) The mainstream Idaho press
#IDLeg #IDPol #IDPress

Here we go...
During the 2022 legislative session, House Bill 693 was passed in the House with a 37-33 vote on March 7th. On the Senate side, the bill was assigned to Senator Patti Anne Lodge’s State Affairs Committee on March 8th. ImageImage
This bill was simple, it added one line to the Idaho statute on absentee ballots. Lines added to existing code are inserted and underlined as seen here.…
“The use of drop-off boxes or similar drop-off locations to collect absentee ballots is prohibited.” Image
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See, this is a lie.

A 🧵

Reps Burns didn't say that at all.

They're brazen liars empowered by a lack of accountability.

But, since I was paying attention, let me disect their advocacy for just a minute. Image
First and foremost, a piece of this is common sense. School Choice is an effort to eliminate public education. Period. Taking money away from a poorly funded service will further erode that service. Now, money is not a panacea, and reforms are needed.
Let's examine the environment. A mostly rural state, with good ISP options in urban areas, and poor, sometimes non-existent options in rural communities. So, the schools with the biggest gaps and deficiences will be the first to close, and those are rural communities..
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On Friday afternoon, all University of Idaho employees were informed that any discussion about abortion or birth control that was not completely neutral could result in immediate dismissal, a permanent ban from working for the State of Idaho, a felony charge and fines.
This is the result of the Dobbs decision dusting off an old "zombie" law from 1972 that is still on the books:…
Hard to imagine what could make it clearer that laws are often tools of the powerful to control people and views they dislike.
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1/ During the pandemic, alternative treatments for Covid were pitched as part of an ongoing misinformation campaign to stir anger towards Republicans who were not part of the #IFFNetwork. Was it all another big lie?
🔥🧵 #idpol #idleg #idgop #grafreceipts
2/ Elected officials including Idaho State Legislators promoted alternative treatments like Ivermectin. This aligned with national far-right propaganda networks that promoted this "treatment" to attack mainstream medicine.
3/ This led to a rush on an untested and unverified treatment that was potentially harmful. Some far-right followers caught up in the hysteria went so far as to get this from local farm supply stores and used a drug packaged for use in treating animals.…
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1/ I warned Rep. Hanks not to block me on Facebook and she did anyway. I called her out on her dishonest statements and she violated my constitutionally protected right to public participation in policy discussion on her official Facebook page. #idpol #idleg
2/ This is not just a normal block on a page, this is a hard block, which means either she or someone who manages her official page submitted a false complaint to Facebook to prevent my profile from viewing or engaging with her page. #idpol #idleg
3/ I have a few options: file a public records request, contact the legislator and demand a reversal of the block, or contact my attorney. I may do one or more of these to ensure my rights are not trampled by this fake conservative who pretends to support the constitution. #idpol
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1/ Did Idaho Freedom Foundation Board Member Bryan Smith admit to being a "dirty debt collector" in his speech? Let's learn more about congressional candidate Bryan Smith. 🔥🧵 #idpol #idleg #idgop #GrafReceipts
2/Smith and his medical debt collection business were featured in an East Idaho News investigative series in 2019. #idpol…
3/ The alleged victim stories were so bad, legislation was created to cap the fees a firm like Smith's could collect. #idpol…
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1/ A constituent asked Rep. Christensen about Rodriguez and Bundy’s calls for protests at private homes.

Christensen says he “…does not support going to their homes and never will.” Is this true? 🧵 #idpol #idleg Image
2/ In 2021 the Targeted Picketing Bill (HB 195) came before the house. This bill would have added penalties for targeted political harassment at private residences.

Rep. Christensen voted against it.
#idpol #idleg…
3/ In the fall of that same year a group of protesters went to the home of the mayor of Victor, Idaho to voice their opposition to the towns mask mandate. (Notice the paper bag hood.) #idpol #idleg ImageImageImage
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1/ Watching Idaho legislators cave to “solution in search of problem” bills because they are scared of a hit from the IFF is frustrating. When are they going to realize they are going to get a hit from IFF no matter what and voters won’t care? #idpol #idleg
2/ A lot of people have sacrificed too much to prop up Republicans who are too chicken 💩 to stand up to those who plot to sell out our state to extremists. The tolerance for failure is drying up. #idpol
3/ Many of us have kept our powder dry, giving the far-right enough rope and watching them show us who they really are.

They are a paper tiger and their messaging no longer has the reach and impact it used to have. #idpol
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This morning, #IDleg introduced a 6-week abortion ban with a vigilante enforcement mechanism. This is copycat legislation from Texas that would ban nearly all abortion in Idaho. Here’s what to know about the bill ⬇️ #BansOffOurBodies Graphic with light gray background, a map of Idaho on the le
A 6-week abortion ban is a near-total ban, making abortion illegal before many people even have the opportunity to seek care. This bill would create a chilling effect on providers and directly attack pregnant people’s support systems. #IDleg
Like #SB8, the Idaho ban outsources enforcement to private citizens. It’s more narrow, allowing only family members to sue abortion providers. But don't be fooled — this isn't a compromise. It's still an all-out attack on abortion intended to make an end-run around #RoeVWade.
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Powerful statement from the Idaho Female Veterans Network regarding Idaho Rep. Priscilla Giddings, who has abused, shamed, and doxxed a 19-year-old rape survivor using her state email newsletter and server. #idleg #idpol #expelgiddings
You can read the statement on Facebook and in this thread.…
On behalf of the Idaho Female Veterans Network board of directors we release this statement regarding the situation involving Major Priscilla Giddings:
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A few more thoughts on HB389 after reviewing some additional budgets for taxing districts last night #idleg
There will be a fight on the 8% cap, is it a cap on budgets, is it a cap on property tax increases for budgets? Those are not the same and the cap is poorly drafted. #idleg
Let’s assume that it is only a cap of 8% on property tax increases for budgets. #idleg
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So three of the most conservative anti government members of the #idleg House, Scott, Barbieri and Moon object to not getting their per diem while they are recessed? #GOPHypocrisy
Scott - “The rent down here is super high.” Why yes, yes it is. #idleg #gohome
And note the irony, that Rep. Scot wants taxpayers to pay her rent whole recesses because “I don't like to have to use my campaign finances just to be able to live down here” #ironyisdead #idleg #GOPHypocrisy
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