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Good morning from D.C.
The impeachment trial reconvenes at 1PM ET.
Here are the broadstrokes of what we can expect:
When trial resumes, WH defense and impchmt mgrs get 2 hours each to make presentations Then, a vote on witnesses expected in early evening, 5-6PM ET.
There's a couple ways this could shake out.
If GOP manages to block new witnesses, McConnell could push forward to vote on the articles of impeachment.
If that happens, that opens the floor to amendments.
As it was when the resolution was adopted, expect a lot of them.
Another possible scenario is a deadlock 50-50 tie.
Chief Justice Roberts, as the presiding officer, has the authority to break the tie, but doing so would put him in a politically charged situation.
What will he do? We'll see.
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A) I am currently a defendant in three high-profile civil cases all directly tied (in my opinion) to Trumps, the Oval, and possibly AG Barr. I have never been a defendant before. I’m extremely invested in this topic. All 3 suits are available as part of the public record...
B) NOW... let’s get to this completely different suit that naturally caught my eye.

The article referenced in A) the Tulsi Gabbard v. Sec. Clinton has the full 14 page suit. It’s a sort of fun and disturbing and illogical read, IMHO...
C) The common law defamation distinction is that slander consists of merely "spoken" defamation whereas libel is "written" or defamation otherwise rendered in a more permanent form. With the constitutionalization of the common law of defamation that began in the 1960’s...
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Fifth Circuit judge has updated his opinion in a case against DeRay McKesson, a lawsuit brought by a cop for injury he incurred by a *random* protester at a protest DeRay helped organize. Why does it matter for the First Amendment? See 👇…
Judges very rarely change written rulings. This almost never happens! The fact that, regardless of substance, a judge withdrew and reissued an opinion is, in @Profepps words, "stunning."
@Profepps The 5th Circuit originally issued a ruling earlier this yr in the case, which was a damning take on the First Amendment, which supported allowing a suit to proceed when there was no evidence that DeRay (the defendant) did anything but plan a protest.
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@atensnut @POTUS
It is said "their desire to publicly show-off their symbols will be their downfall"
#cabal #babylon #aleppo #egypt #cult
Troilus TROYlius "beautiful youth murdered" Notice #motif upon ancient art.
#bathhouse in #aleppo matches cf. #isaackappy "dead man's switch #USA
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It’s the @DNC, Stupid: Democratic Party, Not #Russia, Has Delegitimized the Democratic Process…
@DNC Clinton’s comments to the effect that @TulsiGabbard is being groomed by Russia & that @DrJillStein is a #RussianAsset were echoed by #DNC-friendly pundits, externalizing what Gabbard called the “rot” in the Democratic party onto domestic critics and a nation across the planet.
@DNC @TulsiGabbard @DrJillStein Establishment #Democrats and those who amplify them continue to project blame for the public’s doubt in the U.S. election process onto outside influence, despite the clear history of the party’s subversion of #electionintegrity.
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A @MotherJones interview w/my client @GuySnodgrass about his book, officially published tomorrow, recounting his time as speechwriter & Director of Communications for Secretary of Defense #JamesMattis.

We had to sue @DeptofDefense to ensure publication…
@MotherJones @GuySnodgrass @DeptofDefense Disappointingly, Secretary #Mattis uses same tactics as President Trump to belittle my client as some "coffee boy", which is simply absurd, as well as hypocritical given he just published a book and gives public speeches about his own experiences.…
@MotherJones @GuySnodgrass @DeptofDefense Lawsuit against DoD was needed bc of unlawful attempt by Govt to censor @GuySnodgrass' #FirstAmendment rights. We were completely victorious but rest assured I will be suing @DeptofDefense again to extinguish their restrictive policies.…
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What if I told you that #BigTech and #SocialMedia platforms are manipulating you, steering you toward #Health information that they think is right, rather than letting you evaluate content for yourself?

Commentary by @MaryamHenein (Thread 👇)…
Accredited professionals, meanwhile, who stand for #Health freedom and who criticize Big Anything, are losing posting privileges, getting banned, being buried, finding themselves deranked, and getting digitally assassinated.
Content is literally disappearing from the Internet along with our #Health choices.

It sounds conspiratorial because it is. Independent #Journalists and health experts are blowing the whistle. But it’s become a silent one.
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Why are Rep. Adam Schiff (D) and Sen. Martha McSally (R) introducing more "crime bills" to fight terrorism, when White Nationalists and other domestic terrorists can be prosecuted under existing law?

#FreeSpeech #FirstAmendment

Rep. Schiff's HR4192 targets anyone who "obstructs, delays, or affects interstate or foreign commerce" or uses "any facility of interstate or foreign commerce" to "influence the policy of a government" (ANY government) and creates a "risk" to a person or property.

In plain English, "commerce" can be roads, the US or international mail, and especially the Internet.

That's broad enough to include exercising your right to free speech in public or on the Internet.

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THREAD- Domestic Terrorism has always been a big threat, and it’s a good thing that the media is finally using this language. Dealing with it will take all levels of government of civil society. /1 #domesticterrorism #domesticterrorist #domesticterrorismlaw
Terrorism is social and political activism using violence or credibly threatening it. It is designed to create mass fear, and often has massive financial and logistical support. /2 #terrorism #domesticterrorism
Due to the potential for damage and mass casualties, the tremendous resources terrorists often have, and the exorbitant costs to society, Terrorism is in fact different than crime. Municipalities can predict murders over the course of a fiscal year, they can't afford bombs. /3
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@realDonaldTrump has placed a pause in the infliction of a military response to #Iran's #unlawful and #unprovoked attacks on #ships in #internationalwaters and a US #drone in #internationalairspace.

His own explanation?

As his tweets explain, proposed targets for such response exceeded #proportionality. Setting aside damage to ships in international waters, loss of our drone inflicted between 120 and 180 million $$$$ in loss. Proposed strike might have caused up to 150 lives.
Trump correctly concluded that such a response lacked proportionality. That consideration is important.

Limiting our response to inflicting proportionate damage demonstrates both #wisdom and #justice.
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Equador: Swedish national #OlaBini arrested for connections to #wikileaks.

Johannes Wahlström:

#JulianAssange's "human rights are violated on a daily basis"

"#JulianAssange is imprisoned for #journalism."

#MikePompeo on lying:

"When I was a cadet, what was the cadet motto at West Point? 'You will not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do'? I was the CIA Director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It was like - we had entire training courses!"
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Facebook advertisers are trolling me today. Within minutes I received ads to donate to Donald Trump and to watch the Hail Satan Film. @hailsatanfilm For shits and giggles, I'm going to weigh the 2 options.
Ok. The Satan film appears to be a documentary about the 1st Amendment favoring the separation of church and state. Trump called the press the "enemy of the people" and asked his team to boycott the Correspondents Dinner. I favor the 1st., so 1 point in the Satan column.
Ok, so it appears the Satanists have unveiled a statue of Baphomet at a capitol building. There's a creepy factor here with the kids, but I can't help but noticed they seem well cared for and are DEFINITELY not in cages. Two points for Satan!
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#Islamaphobia ... a term created to stultify #FirstAmendment #freedomsofspeechandpress.

-phobia added to a prefix doesn't refer to well-grounded and sensible concerns or fears.
You know, like the fear that might fester in your mind if you see a person in an airline pilot's uniform throwing back three or four shots before walking into the airport?
A sensible passenger hopes for a sober pilot, and evidence that the pilot is on a bender makes the rational person rightly fearful for their safety.
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BREAKING: We’ve sued ICE to stop the unconstitutional detention & deportation of activist #ClaudioRojas following the debut of “The Infiltrators” @sundancefest, which depicts Claudio’s immigrant rights organizing.
Press release:…
You’ve probably heard about Claudio’s courageous activism. In 2012, Claudio, a father of two, was detained in Broward Transitional Center. He organized with activists from the inside, as described in @ThisAmerLife & @thenation:… &…
Immigrant rights activists then successfully advocated for Claudio’s release. He returned to his wife and sons, with the permission of ICE, who in 2012 granted him an order of supervision that authorized him to live and work in the U.S.
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A couple of thoughts on @IlhanMN and the Israel lobby...

1. Lobbying is protected by the #FirstAmendment. There's no exception for American Jews....
2. The various pro-#Israel lobbying organizations function no differently than any other lobby. There isn't a shred of evidence of any inappropriate behavior. And there are a lot more lobbies which spend more money in DC....
3. Jews comprise just 2 percent of the US population. There's no way they could influence US policy toward #Israel without the support of vastly larger numbers of non-Jews...
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1. #Qanon is exposing the involvement of the cabal/elite in human trafficking/pedophilia; Mark compiled the evidence from the Q posts in this thread.

*Mark may deactivate his account. Epic thread on #HumanTrafficking

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Portland Mayor/Police Commissioner @tedwheeler & @ChiefDOutlaw want to imprison Eli F Richey (@HightowerPDX), an innocent man of color, simply for exercising his first amendment rights - all on publicly available video for sane humans to view at will.
Dirty Multnomah County D.A. Rod Underhill’s alleged lethal-weapon-packing victim is none other than paranoid shut-in agoraphobic Portland Police Bureau Chief Danielle Outlaw.

Placing black men in jail is an American tradition - alive and well in Portland, Oregon.
All eyes are on new commissioner @JoAnnPDX (Joann Hardesty), to see if she quietly allows the railroading of an innocent black man - or if she is the one city council member with the courage to stop the anti-constitutional Wheeler/Outlaw cabal. #FreeEli
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[Incoming Tweet Storm]
1. We are now just 91 days from the most important midterm election of our lifetime.

Leftists have brazenly exposed the anti-American sentiment that lies at their core.

From the hateful racism of #SarahJeong to the fascistic rants of #MaxineWaters.

2. More than 500 supporters of President Trump have been assaulted since he declared.

We saw the lawless Hillary-campaign-coordinated Chicago riot.

We saw the coordinated assaults on Trump supporters in San Jose.

We saw the bigotry of #KinoJimenez attacking a young teen.
3. The #FakeNewsMedia has largely ignored these attacks, including the explosive truths uncovered by @JamesOKeefeIII and @Project_Veritas in their #AmericanPravda series of reports.

The bias of the #MSM is now incontrovertible to fair-minded people, their cover is blown.

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Breaking: Possible Hand-Over Of Julian Assange To The UK May Be Imminent…
For any idiot with a blue checkmark who might claim that only Russian media is reporting this story, that is far from the case. In the last few days, award-winning journalist @ChrisLynnHedges wrote:…
.@WSWS_Updates reported in June:
"Ecuador’s foreign minister has indicated moves are underway to force the WikiLeaks editor out of Ecuador’s London embassy, where he was granted political asylum six years ago."
#ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange #Unity4J
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We have seen the challenges facing members of the military over the last few years when it comes to #religiousliberty.…

#freedom #FirstAmendment #liberty #religiousfreedom
We must be steadfast in the defense of our soldiers and their ability to express and practice their faith.
If we will not protect that right for the brave men and women who fight for our freedom, it will vanish for the rest of us in a blink of an eye.
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