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@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter Wow


I clearly need to spend time working on my English if you thought I'd mentioned the Constitution

Or maybe we're just divided by a common language

I mentioned Twitter marketing & advertising

Does your Constitution permit false claims & promises


Common Law..
@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter But as you YOU brought up your constitution

Isn't, like your Second, what it ACTUALLY says:

"Congress shall make no law.. abridging THE freedom of speech"

ie NOT EVEN Congress can abridge *THE* *RIGHT* TO *THE* *Freedom* of Speech
@RealBBFan @daynal @triology10 @UROCKlive1 @jack @Twitter Isn't therefore THE freedom of speech"

One of the unalienable rights in your Declaration of Independence

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"


Are you also against Article 19 Convention of Human Rights?

Do you think Hollywood had the right to Blacklist "liberals"?
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1/Today we filed lawsuit for former Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to challenge @DeptofDefense prepublication classification review that is blocking portions of his manuscript from being published.

Esper is highest-ranking official to ever sue.…
2/Formal statement from former Secretary #Esper on filing of federal lawsuit against @DeptofDefense for censoring of his forthcoming Manuscript. Image
Secretary #Esper's book is scheduled to be published in May 2022 by @HarperCollins. Copies can be pre-ordered on @amazon here:
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Trump lawyer Van der Veen gives reasons for acquittal:
1) jurisdiction
2) Rule 23 (each allegation as separate article)
3) due process
4) First Amendment
He doesn’t mention innocence as a possibility. #VoteToConvict
On reason 1) Jurisdiction: The Constitution requires a Senate trial. Trump was impeached while in office, for actions committed while in office, so that question is moot. The Senate voted to recognized its jurisdiction & ALL 100 SENATORS swore to serve as jurors.
On reason 2) Rule 23 - The argument that Trump did so many things wrong he must be acquitted because there is only one article is nonsense & shocking. The other crimes are provided as evidence of the core crime, both of Trump’s state of mind & ongoing intent.
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In the Summer of '19 @mastersonmv and the @CISAgov elections team started the #WarOnPineapple to raise awareness about how #disinfo campaigns work. Step 5, "Taking the Conversation into the Real World," is what we saw on Weds when incited insurrectionists stormed the Capitol.
The rigged election claims had all the hallmarks of a foreign influence operation. From identifying the hot button issue, mobilizing accounts, trolls & other high profile accounts beating the drum, & then hopping into mainstream media. Unfortunately, it was a domestic operation.
We saw the rigged election narrative forming over the summer and feared that left unchecked it could land us right where we are, physical violence. So among other efforts, we launched to debunk rumors like hacked voting machines & break the #disinfo chain.
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Dear @realDonaldTrump @DHSgov @VP @attorneygeneral & @PortlandPolice:

Legal Scholars confirm #1stAmendment right to the commons grants citizens UNLIMITED USE of public areas for #freespeech using REMOVABLE SIGNS! (thread!) Image
Apparently, since 1789 #USCitizens have had the constitutional right to use public property nationwide to post REMOVABLE political (non-commercial) speech!
And thanks to the precedent set by flags on overpasses after 9/11 & #BrownvCalTrans, this extends to freeways! (cont.) Image
The ramifications of this are HUGE! For Portland & Federal Govt. No messy, time-consuming clean-up! Say Goodbye! to strenuous clubbing, stinky #teargas, crowd-control & endless litigation! Say #Hello! to #Art, more interesting commutes & good old Civic Participation! (cont.) Image
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@slowtotruth Its #1stAmendment right 2wear what they want in #America, b #Ready 4reply2 #Public speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. Guy streaming Is Wrong u can b an #American & wear #Naziflag c During #WW2 #Bund=#Nazi symps ala #Trumps Daddy=#Klan @NYPD & #MAGA Traitors…
@slowtotruth @NYPD 2/5 #1stAmendment #PublicSqare Speech #WildWest #HighNoon style. See #Trumps Daddy=#Klan 1000 beatup of 100 mainly irish @NYPD & stopped Catholic AlSmith from being @Potus 1927 .This #NightRiding is why #AntiFa arose c #Receipts c… &…
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Cory Elia was charged with 2 felony counts of assault on a police officer. Thankfully it's all on video, livestreamed and witnessed by hundreds and that absolutely did not happen. There's a reason for this 1/3
This is a commonly used tactic against activists to chill free speech and to send a message. Even more galling is to see it happen to an actual credentialed journalist. Cops were mad tonight, perhaps because they wanted to send a message a bout the sanctity of their union. 2/3
Cops will come up with the most outrageous trumped up charges just to mess with people, it's not likely these will stick. It's also a way to punish people by making them have to pay hefty bail. Another abuse of power. Donate to his venmo/cashapp #1stAmendment #ACAB 3/3
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(1) THREAD: As I review the Govt's TRO/PI Motion against #Bolton in its civil lawsuit, I will share my thoughts. I have represented countless govt officials in prepub review matters & litigated more cases than anyone. I was also recognized by a Federal Judge as an expert.
(2) Quick analysis: this is unprecedented, meaningless Govt end-run attempt of SCOTUS Pentagon Papers decision to block publication of a book that has countless copies already in public domain. No way media outlets will be blocked from publishing further excerpts.
3) I can think of only one prior successful injunction. In 1979, in US v. Progressive, govt initially blocked art detailing how to build hydrogen bomb. In granting injunction, Judge basically said 1st Amendment of no use if everyone dead.

Turned out, info was already available.
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No @jimgeraghty this issue is not that @DavidAFrench disagrees with @realDonaldTrump!

The issue is that his way was losing and wouldn't have worked. @JebBush was never or no other establishment @GOP was going to win any other elections!

...had found THE key to keep the young and progressive on a perpetual readiness to wage war. SOCIAL JUSTICE was broken down & replaced with @washingtonpost @nytimes validating 1 sides thoughts over the other!

The issue with @DavidAFrench is he is ready to throw away his...
....principles when his sensibilities are hurt. @judgeroymooreAL was a God sent and the best test for true conservatives!

The purity tests! All those who failed are easy to list. Suddenly the constitutionalists like @JonahDispatch @jpodhoretz @DavidAFrench @stephenfhayes...
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In 2004 at age 27, I ran for office against my opponent’s support for the PATRIOT Act.
I'm concerned the CR extends provisions of the #PatriotAct for 90 days. Too often, we’ve wrongly surveilled activists, immigrants & people of color under the guise of defending ntl security 1/
Without reforms to major mass surveillance laws, Congress must oppose reauthorizing Section 215 & the two other expiring Patriot Act authorities. Over the next few months, I will work to ensure that any long-term authorization will include major surveillance reforms. 2/
I signed a letter led by the @USProgressives & @freedomcaucus calling for these key surveillance reforms that must be included: 3/
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House #GOP investigating contact btwn FBI General Counsel James Baker & reporter @DavidCornDC who 1st broke the #SteeleDossier story.🤬

Baker ALSO believed to be one of the FBI officials w/whom @Comey shared details of his Trump meetings.🤨
Three FBI officials — Andrew McCabe, Jim Rybicki & James Baker — previously ID’d as being able to corroborate Trump's loyalty pledge to @Comey before he was fired.🤨

Now, they’re ALL being *attacked* by Republicans‼️🤬

Baker was reassigned w/in the FBI, but the reason was unclear.🤨

Corn DENIES that Baker was a source: "I'm not going to discuss my sources. But in order to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information, I will say that James Baker was not my source for this story.”🤔
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1/ #9thCircuit unanimously (3-0) upholds lower court's stay of travel ban. Per Curiam = unsigned opinion
2/ #States have #standing to sue based on interest of state universities in their #students', #faculties' and #researchers' travel.
3/ Rejects #Trump administration's argument that #President has "unreviewable authority to suspend the admission of any class of #aliens."
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