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15 minutes until we get started! Tune in to see PRH Board Member @unbossedmd, @TexanHispasian, and @michelebgoodwin testify before Congress! We'll be live-tweeting the action so that you don't miss anything. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
Three more minutes! Yall ready? We are so excited to hear from an abortion provider, an abortion storyteller, and an abortion rights expert. These are the voices we should be listening to. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
Let’s get started! Thank you Chairman @RepJerryNadler and Members of the Committee for organizing this important panel on the abortion access crisis we’re facing across the country. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
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Thoughts after yesterday's #BansOffOurBodies march: the current rhetoric aligned with the pro-abortion movement is overwhelmingly focused on self. I. Me. My body. My choice. My rights. My decision. All of it is completely focused on serving one's self before anyone else.
This is not new, of course: we've seen this type of rhetoric for a long time now. But after meeting multiple women this week (one became pregnant at 14) who chose to "die to self" and place their baby before their own needs, this obsession with self only stands out more strongly
This little lady is alive because her mother, who told me that she became pregnant at 14, was courageous enough to face her high school world as a teen mom and have her child. She’s a prolific rodeo competitor, so her daughter loves horses too 🐎 Image
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Offering “thoughts and prayers” after every mass shooting you co-sponsor with the NRA is not “standing up for life.”
By denying climate change and blocking the swift action needed to prevent it, the @GOP is guaranteeing “an escalation of infectious diseases” that “will spread to new regions”… “diseases that have never infected humans… may 'spill over' from animals.”…
The @GOP’s pro-life hypocrisy includes their callous disregard for the lives of women. Prestigious medical journal The Lancet says “women’s blood will be on their hands” if #RoeVWade is overturned. #BansOffOurBodies #WomensMarch Image
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An endless March for abortion rights is crossing the Brooklyn bridge right now.
Utterly massive march gathering in DC and heading to Capitol Hill.
Huge march moving through the streets of Chicago right now too
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To all the women and the men who support them, off to rallies today for abortion access, you are appreciated by those of us who are staying out of crowds because #COVID is surging. Your voices matter.
St. Louis shows up. #BansOffOurBodies
This is what DC looks like now. Monumental. #BansOffOurBodies 📸 Taso Katopodis @GettyImages and Josh Morgan @USATODAY A giant crowd of protestors at the Washington monumentWoman holding sign that says SCOTUS wants to kill women
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Made it to the #BansOffOurBodies protest in New Braunfels.

This ain't exactly a liberal city, but even here a fairly substantial crowd has started to form less than half an hour into the protest. Image
There's a voter registration stand set up here too, but it's not very busy. I would hope because everyone here's already registered.
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They all lied. #LyingGOP
Thank you to all the grassroots supporters who stepped up to make our work like this possible! If you have the means to chip in, consider doing so here to keep us going during this crucial midterm season. Every single dollar and retweet helps:…
Watch and share our #LyingGOP video across all platforms to help it reach as many voters as possible!




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Protest at the Utah Capitol in response to the leaked draft opinion that suggest the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade #utpol #utleg
Hundreds of people are at the Capitol building, some carrying signs emblazoned with messages like “Mind your own uterus” and “I will not go silently back to the 1970s”
Back in October, the same site played host to a similar rally:…
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Last night a draft opinion of the USA Supreme Court was leaked and would pave the way for abortion rights to be overturned in the US. This major attack on fundamental rights can have global implications for women, girls, and people who can get pregnant. A group of activists holdin...
The year is 2022 and we are STILL fighting against decisions that retrogress governments’ obligation to protect the rights of girls, women, and people who can get pregnant. Our right to decide is under attack. #RoeVWade #legalabortion #BansOffOurBodies An activist stands in front...
It could not be clearer: the right to access safe abortion is a human right. If the Supreme Court in the US decides to ban abortion, it is Black, Indigenous, and lower-income people who will suffer the most. Activists stand in front of...
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For years, we in this country have warned about the end of abortion. That day has arrived tonight, when learned that at least five unelected and unaccountable SCOTUS justices decided they just don’t care about us, precedent, the Constitution, or about the institution they serve.
Tonight, the Supreme Court isn’t just on the wrong side of history—it’s on the wrong side of the present.
This is a worst-case-scenario come to life. If and when this decision takes effect, the consequences will be unbearable—and for many, lethal. That is no exaggeration. But it’s also no exaggeration to say that we will fight back like we always have.
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I heard "why not just stay pregnant" multiple times this week
I'm abt to make this #Thread
While there are multiple reasons why people may want an #abortion not risking being murdered or harmed by their DV partner is a frequent one
It's not irrational either
ICYMI-Murder is the number one cause of death for pregnant women.
Now if you go to an anti-abortion website their take on this is "men tried to force their partners to have abortions or forced/coerced an abortion thus abortion access is the problem".
Yet anti-choicers do nothing to work on policy that can reduce domestic violence including anti poverty progs since we know financial stress increases risk of DV/IPV
These are the same ppl who make policies claiming a woman being abused who has a child present makes HER an abuser
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The NOW 2022 Racial Justice Summit is starting NOW! We are livestreaming this event on our Facebook page. You can also follow along as we live-tweet on this thread! #RacialJustice #RJS22
Today we will hear from three powerful panels:
🏠 The Housing Crisis
🏩 Reproductive Justice
🗳️ Voting Rights
Let's get into it!
National NOW President @ChrisFNunes is opening the NOW 2022 Racial Justice Summit with a big THANK YOU to all of our attendees, members, and panelists. Let's talk about how each panel is connected to #RacialJustice.
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Last night was a new low for the elected leaders working to attack our rights. Not only did the Florida House of Representatives pass a cruel abortion ban in the cover of darkness — student activists making their voices heard were also targeted by law enforcement.🧵
Abortion rights supporters were not even allowed to remain in the gallery as the vote occurred. Yes, you heard that right. They've taken their undemocratic tactics to a whole new level.
Florida's House leadership did this on purpose: they know that Floridians do not support this
abortion ban. They never have. The only strategy they have left is to silence our voices — in the legislative process and beyond.
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This morning, #IDleg introduced a 6-week abortion ban with a vigilante enforcement mechanism. This is copycat legislation from Texas that would ban nearly all abortion in Idaho. Here’s what to know about the bill ⬇️ #BansOffOurBodies Graphic with light gray background, a map of Idaho on the le
A 6-week abortion ban is a near-total ban, making abortion illegal before many people even have the opportunity to seek care. This bill would create a chilling effect on providers and directly attack pregnant people’s support systems. #IDleg
Like #SB8, the Idaho ban outsources enforcement to private citizens. It’s more narrow, allowing only family members to sue abortion providers. But don't be fooled — this isn't a compromise. It's still an all-out attack on abortion intended to make an end-run around #RoeVWade.
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Why are we on the road for Roe?

B/c a lot of people don't know that we could lose the basic right to legal abortions in just a few months.

After all: SCOTUS solidified the constitutional right to abortion in the Roe v. Wade case nearly 50yrs ago.🧵
Our message is simple: our bodies, our futures, our abortions.

We need to expand access to abortion. And that means we have to start by defending the right to abortion, period. #BansOffOurBodies
Millions of people in 26 states could lose the right to legal abortion if Roe is overturned. Stay tuned the next few weeks to hear from some of the people working fearlessly to get you the health care you deserve ❤️
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Jewish tradition recognizes abortion as essential health care that is not only permitted but in some cases required by our tradition.

Some examples: (thread)

#Jews4AbortionAccess #WHPA #BansOffOurBodies #AbortionIsEssential #AbortionJustice
"The Torah has granted the physician permission to heal, and it is a religious duty which comes under the rule of saving an endangered life. If he withholds treatment, he is regarded as one who sheds blood.” (Shulchan Arukh, Yoreh De’ah 336:1)
The great physician and rabbi Maimonides stated that “if a woman is in hard labor…her life takes precedence over [the fetus’] life.” A woman is forbidden from sacrificing her own ... #Jews4AbortionAccess #WHPA
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🚨OVER 100 DAYS🚨 That is how long most Texans have been without access to abortion care.

And just last week, #SCOTUS failed to put a stop to the state’s egregious abortion law, #SB8.

Here are the facts ⬇️
❗The average one-way driving distance for a Texan seeking an abortion is estimated to have increased by nearly 240 miles, a 14-fold increase.
❗A Denver abortion clinic saw a 520% increase in patients traveling from Texas following the enforcement of #SB8 in September. And just nine days after the law’s implementation the Oklahoma City @TrustWomen clinic had a significant increase in appointments from Texans.
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🚨 #SCOTUS BREAKING NEWS: The U.S. Supreme Court has endorsed Texas's bounty hunting scheme in a case challenging Texas's abortion ban, #SB8.
While allowing the case to move forward on narrow grounds, the Court has NOT blocked the law, meaning abortion remains mostly inaccessible in TX. #BansOffOurBodies #AbortionIsEssential
In our case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, #SCOTUS once again failed to block Texas’s draconian abortion ban, which has decimated access in the state for the last 100 DAYS.
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We won.
A lot more legal hoops and appeals before people can get abortion care.
But for today, we won.
where's @AngryBlackLady with the highlighter function???
I do DECLARE that SB8 is unconstitutional
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Navigating an already complex and traumatic immigration system here in the US, (im)migrant pregnant folks, women, and families also have to deal with a restrictive reproductive health care system.…
“We have to think about the cultural terrain and context that we live under. Celebrating abortion as a liberating personal freedom is alienating in the social and religious context of most immigrant families." @SSFTexas #BansOffOurBodies #AbortionJustice
.@NationalNOW reported that nearly 50% of immigrant & undocumented women experience violence from an intimate partner, 3x times the national average.
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Let’s get started! Thank you Chairman @RepJerryNadler and Members of the Committee for organizing this important panel on the dangerous consequences of medically unnecessary abortion bans like Texas’s #SB8. #BansOffOurBodies
@RepJerryNadler: "communities and families in Texas have been devastated." #SB8 #BansOffOurBodies
@RepJerryNadler: "In the last 20 years, TX has passed some of the most extreme antiabortion laws in the country." #SB8 #BansOffOurBodies
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Good morning! We are just waiting for the HJC hearing to start - it is delayed. Follow along here or watch at . #BansOffOurBodies
Still waiting y'all. Keep checking back, but it probably won't start before 11:30. #BansOffOurBodies
It's looking like another hour or so. Please keep checking back with us! #BansOffOurBodies
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🚨 #SCOTUS CASE UPDATE: We just filed our opening brief in advance of Monday’s arguments when the U.S. Supreme Court will hear both our case and the DOJ case challenging Texas’s unconstitutional abortion ban, #SB8.
#BansOffOurBodies #AbortionIsEssential
This radical ban has been in effect for nearly two months, during which most Texans have been denied access to abortion care. On Monday we will represent abortion providers before the Supreme Court in our ongoing fight to restore abortion access in Texas.
“States cannot nullify rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Today the issue is abortion rights, tomorrow it could be free speech, the right to marry, the right to vote, or any other constitutional right...” —Nancy Northup, Center president and CEO
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🚨 #BREAKING: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear our case challenging Texas’s abortion ban #SB8 & the Department of Justice's case challenging the same law in JUST TEN DAYS.

#SCOTUS has declined to rule on the request to block the unconstitutional ban until after oral arguments.
“The Supreme Court’s action today brings us one step closer to the restoration of Texans’ constitutional rights and an end to the havoc and heartache of this ban...” —Nancy Northup, Center president and CEO
“We are enormously disappointed that the Court has left the law in effect for now, forcing those with means to leave the state to access constitutionally protected abortion services and leaving others with no options at all...” —Nancy Northup, Center president and CEO
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